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diskriter phone interview

Posted By: need some insight on 2005-11-28
In Reply to:

Please provide some insight on what the phone interviews are like with this or any other company. Any other info on this company is also appreciated.

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Phone Interview
She will give you a test by phone. I think it's 15 questions. The pay range is 7-9 cpl. I'm sure there are probably exceptions on both ends of this range.
phone interview
it is an over the phone interview, just like you might have face-to-face with a job interview. don't be nervous...they cannot see you sweat...lol...only thing is OSi outsources their work to India. I found that out after I applied with them. They have USA TX too, but most of their work goes overseas....just thought I would throw that in there, in case it matters to you.
The phone interview at MDI
was actually fun. I really liked Carlotta and found myself thinking that if I didn't live on the opposite coast, she is the kind of person I would like to invite over for a cup of coffee--very approachable and nice. She was very willing to take all the time I needed to get my questions answered and was very kind and courteous.
The phone interview at MDI
was actually fun. I really liked Carlotta and found myself thinking that if I didn't live on the opposite coast, she is the kind of person I would like to invite over for a cup of coffee--very approachable and nice. She was very willing to take all the time I needed to get my questions answered and was very kind and courteous.
I had a phone interview.
Was completely underwhelmed by the recruiter and did not pursue it any farther.
I'm very nervous as I have a phone interview with (sm)
Transcend Services for part time work tomorrow.  Anyone out here had an interview with them?  How is it?  What do they ask you?  I haven't interviewed in 7 years and am a tad bit nervous.  The last one I had I was not exactly altogether (won't say why), but they hired me anyway.  Any insight on this company would be extremely helpful.  TIA  
Webmedx phone interview
The Webmedx phone interview is painless. Just some questions, I interviewed for acute care, so I think there were 20 questions. They were easy, though. I also took a transcription test which was not bad either. I'm hopeful I have found a place I can be for awhile.
....and I have a phone interview Monday!
That was fast!!!
Amphion phone interview
What is the Amphion phone interview like? What kinds of questions do they ask?
Interview by phone. Tests are on line. NM
phone interview with transportal tomorrow.... sm

If anyone has any info before I interview tomorrow, please let me know.  My biggest concer is the platform.  I can type 1200 lpd with no problems, but every platform I've tried in the past seems to produce nothing but dinking around all day instead of $$$.  Hopefully this one will be different.  The test doctors sounded great.

Thanks much,


Upcoming interview with Diskriter.

I got a phone call from the Human Resource department at Diskriter.  After talking with the lady, I was told that I would get an interview tomorrow.  That is all the information she gave.  I would like to know if anyone had a phone interview with them and what can I expect? Thanks.

Diskriter interview/test sm

Can anyone tell me how the interview is with Diskriter.  How is the test?


Interview with Diskriter tomorrow...

Hi all,

Can anyone please share their experiences with Diskriter good and bad of how they are to work for, how flexible their schedules are, pay scale, benefits, communication, etc. If you wish to me e-mail, please do so.

I have a phone interview with them tomorrow and they are sending me their test via e-mail tonight to do. I am currently looking into other companies because there has got to be something better than where I am at!


I had the phone interview. I did the report part of the exam with Express Scribe (sm)
last week, but haven't heard back from them. Does this usually take this long? tia
I got 100% on the phone interview, and thought the on-line test was easy, but they still didn't h
Diskriter interview takes 1-1/2 hours? sm
How can an interview take so long?  Or is this the testing process? Thanks
Does Diskriter still have a 2 hour test over the phone? sm
I remember last year when I was interested in them the HR lady said the test was over the phone and was 2 hours long?! Is it still like that?
Worked on C-phone for 10 years with 1 phone line
C-phone - I purchased a c-phone from someone in Oklahoma but never got it. *sm*
First she told me her grandmother died. Then she told me she mailed it. Then she told me her daughter was having chemotherapy. Call me naive, but I thought she was sincere and cannot imagine anyone using their daughter as an excuse. If this is the same person from Oklahoma, I sure would like to know about it because now I want my money back.
I don't have a second phone line ... cable modem for the internet, regular line for my C-phone.

If anyone wanst to get through to me while I'm working, they have my cell phone number.

And, as I said, some accounts are using wav files -- no doubt soon all of the accounts will convert.  Hope so ... would make it easier (less expensive) to work when traveling.  :-)

Lots of good companies out there -- hope you find one that fits :)



C-Phone = Connexions Phone

Dictaphone is a company and one of their many products is a C-Phone.


Your interview.......sm

It depends on so many things.  Will you be working as an employee (with benefits) or IC?  Your post makes it sound like you'll be an independent contractor, as employees are usually not given the option to determine their own pay scale.

It also depends on what kind of work you'll be doing.  If it's just x-rays, i.e., short reports, you're better off charging by the report.  Try to keep in in the $1.25 per report range and make sure you get paid for links; two separate reports on the same job, like shoulder and clavicle would be two reports, CT of the abdomen and pelvis would be two reports.  On the other hand, if you'll be doing long reports like MRIs, Special Procedures, etc.,  then you'll do better charging by the line.  65 character line with all spaces included.  I would ask for 9 cpl at the least.  Maybe 10.  They'll probably try to chew you down anyway.  And most importantly, walk in there with confidence and professionalism.  Don't be intimidated by them.  You are a professional.  Don't ask them what they are offering.  Tell them, in a polite but firm manner what you expect to be paid, and see how they react.

Well, that's my advice.  Good luck.  Let us know how it turned out.


Your interview - sm
Just my opioion, but for those hours you should get shift differential and weekend compensation too, and you're right, they do stink....also, I've worked that shift and there are times when there is no work..some docs don't dictation for 4-5 hours, and then dictation all the reports at once, so find out what the story is if you have NO work for a length of time...why sit around waiting for work during those hours for nothing? Be sure they can guarantee that you will be busy the whole shift...and if not, get something out of it. Good luck.
Your interview.......sm

Sounds like it went well.  Give it a try.  If you're not happy with them in a month or two, start looking for other opportunities.  Good luck!


My interview just consisted of general employment info.  Not a lot of questions to me, mainly just telling me about the benefits, pay, etc. and discussing what kind of schedule you want, etc.   

I've had interviews in the past that were more like a test, but this was not one of them.

I work for Diskriter on a SmartSource account where I am actually an employee of the hospital itself.  They also have accounts where you are employed by Diskriter.  I have no complaints at all.  My lines counts are much higher  than when I worked at MQ.  Although the pay is pretty average, if you are a high producer the incentive really makes a big difference.   There have been postings on this board in the past about hospitals/QA being extremely picky, but I have not had that problem.

Good Luck in your interview!       


The interview
was actually the offer of a job. They asked me what my favorite specialities were, what I did not like to type, etc. The recruiter was very nice. BUT...the platform is horrible and keeps going down. Lotsssssss of problems. Not staying myself.
Interview was no big deal.  Just basic interview questions about your experience and what you are looking for, what they offer, etc.  There was no test over the phone that I remember.   
When they interview you why don't you ask them
how many times they have been investigated by the labor board. THIS IS NOT A LIE OR A NASTY REMARK. THIS IS THE TRUTH!! They have been in trouble with the labor board on a couple of occasions!
What was the interview like? TIA NM
I might add that I did not interview for
a recruiter position, but an MT because I do MT on the side. Because recruiting takes up so much time, I am literally thinking about going back into full time MT and if I do that, this would be the company that I would work for.
Interview? sm
What did the interview consist of, Nelli? Just curious. Know some who interview over phone and that is not acceptable to me. Some use their books but I would draw a total blank! Would rather test online.
The interview
was over the phone and was just an interview... No testing of any kind whatsoever. I visited with my then immediate supervisor about my past work experience, etc. I didn't actually have to prove my knowledge, which I thought was a little weird, but whatever I guess. Pretty low key. I honestly do not know if they called my past employer or not. She offered me a position at the end of our conversation and emailed me a job offer after our conversation, which I had I think 7 days to respond to. We discussed pay, hours, benefits, etc., during our phone interview. Does that help?
Just had interview
I was offered 50% ESL. Pay/bene's seem same as MQ. Sounds like MT support is better, and Webmedx was 2006 AAMT Employer of the Year. But now with everyone jumping ship at MQ, things may open up for me more there!
I do too. I am nervous also, but telling myself I have nothing to lose after MQ, at least I hope so!
If you don't ask anything else in a job interview

Insist that they tell you much your line rate will REALLY be.  Some companies that use Dictaphone EXText take a flat percentage off the top to allow for headers and footers, no matter that not all headers and footers are the same, they are different for different hospitals but they are greedy and take anywhere from 10 to 17% (that I have proof of) off the top so if you are told you will get 8 cpl you will have to deduct the percentage from that.  I'm sure that other companies that use different software do the same thing.  Ask them to tell you what their flat percentage is.  If they refuse to tell you stop the interview!!!!!!!!!!!   

I know for a fact that one company takes 17% off and their president went in one day and changed all the headers to have hardly any lines in them at all but they still take that 17%.  I worked very closely in the home office and saw that with my own eyes and that greed made me find another job.  I did not want to be a part of any company like that which would cheat the employees that way. 

Remember, if they refuse to tell you the flat percentage that they skim off the top of EXText or other software (the magic number) STOP THE INTERVIEW!

also at interview ask
1. The platform used. Is it MS Word. What Expanders work on it. Can you use the Expander you are knowledgeable about.. be it Autocorrect, Shorthand, Instant text, etc.
2. How many steps are there in setting up a report to begin typing... And then how many to send a report.
3. How long from date of hire until you actually start on the account.
4. People currently on the account... what is the range of lines per hour that people are doing..

Good luck!  They expect 1200 lines/day for full-time, 8 cpl, employee status with 90 days' probation.  I actually just heard from them again and have another interview Monday...Sounds good/legit; I've been doing this for 8 years and have worked for a lot of people.  They said there's never a lack of work, either!

My husband had a fit when the only interview time they gave me available was for 10:15 or 10:45 p.m. on a Sunday.  Needless to say, that didn't go over and the interview was abruptly cut short. 
MDI interview
They're fine. Work is plentiful. Platform is okay. Don't overcommit your daily lines, be conservative and when you go over they are very grateful.
I have an interview! sm
One of the girls on the board here helped me out by forwarding my info to the recruiter, and she put me in for an interview on the 2nd. I've never worked IC, but this is what I've been wanting, so I hope the interview goes smoothly and I'm offered the position. If so, I look forward to working with you. :)
During my interview....
Person stated they pay 7.5 cpl for clinic work with minimum 1200 lines/day.  Insurance was with Aetna.  I didn't take the job.  Dunno much else.
I would call. There are some who use the tactic that the person who calls gets the job. I have always followed up, especially when I was told I would hear something. Call and ask if the position is still available. Can't hurt and they will know you are really interested.
My recruiter was nice also, in fact from your description, probaby the same one; however, nice doesn't pay the bills. In fact, if the recruiters are being so blatantly honest about the lack of work, what the hell are they doing hiring in the first place?
MDI interview
Hey there...to anyone currently working for MDI...any news? Good? Bad? How is the interview?  I don't currently have any equipment other than for the company I work for; I have an interview in a couple days, do I need a foot pedal or anything? Do you take a typing test during the interview?  I have not taken a transcription test for 15 years as I have been with my company for that long and am now looking for supplemental income.  Any information would be greatly appreciated! TIA!!
Re: interview
The interview is very casual. They don't quiz you or test you. They have seen your resume and obviously that is enough for them. I think the main purpose of the interview is for them to see what you are looking for in the job and for you to see what they are looking for and for you both to determine if you are a good fit.

The equipment you will need depends on what kind of account you are hired on. You will have to talk to the recruiter about that at the interview if you are offered a position.

I have been there for 3 years and am happy. No work being sent to India, no speech recognition to mess with, just straight typing, good communication, and everything is fair and professional.
MDI Interview
Hey there!

I was hired on this past summer, and I don't recall doing any testing. There was a detailed phone interview (wouldn't hurt to have your resume on hand during the call for easy reference) in which I felt they were checking to make sure it would be a mutual fit for the position. The recruiter was very nice and very professional, and really listened to everything I had to say.

I was initially placed on one of the internet accounts, so I only needed an Infinity foot pedal since I already had everything else.

I got the impression from the interview call that they are very selective in who gets chosen for a certain position, and I was impressed with that, particularly after quite a few impersonal You passed the test, would you you like the position? offers I'd had. It was nice to know the recruiter was actually listening to my needs as an MT and not just looking to fill a position ASAP.

Good luck with the phone interview and keep us posted on how it goes. I think you'll be impressed with MDI, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!
MDI Interview
Thanks to both for your informative responses! Makes me want to work for the company because of your positivity! I am nervous about change, but my company is changing and will be going ASR, which we have never done before, plus to an offshore company, which is really scary for me, so hopefully this will be a great fit, and thanks again for responding!
Did you have your interview yet?
I had an interview scheduled with Kristal and she never called. Very unprofessional in my opinion.
I had an interview with them sm
last week and the recruiter and the person who interview tell you something totally different.  The recruiter was very nice but the person who actually called you and offered the job is very nasty and condescending like she knows it all!!!!!!!!!  She made the omment to me right off the bat that she did not like to babysit MTs.  What is that suppose to mean?  I have never had to be babysat.  To me she sounded like she had an exaggerated idea of her own importance.  Also the recruiter didn't tell me you had to transcribe for months before you ever could be a QA person (which is what I applied for).  Before the interview was over I told this person I was not interested and then I wrote the recruiter back a note and told her why.  The recruiter again was very nice and said she was sorry that things got messed up.  I figure if they will lie in an interview they will lie when you start working for them!
How did the interview go?