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offshore to India, it's OFFSHORE (off shore), not outsource to India.

Posted By: what is Transcent? come on. n/m on 2009-09-01
In Reply to: Does Transcent outsource to India? nm - DD


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offshore (out of country) to India ... not outsource.
They offshore to India.
MQ is a large company & is most definitely not secure for US MTs. They've already reduced their number of US MTs drastically & are sending more accounts every day to India. Cbay eventually laid off ALL US MT and QA employees. Bigger does not mean more secure. The bottom line is that if a company will stoop to offshoring work to India, they don't care about patient safety or the welfare of their employees. We all have to do what we have to do, and if that means no other choice than working for a company like that, then that's part of it. But there are companies out there who don't offshore, and I feel nothing but resentment for companies that do.
They offshore to India, if that bothers you.
plus I understand they offshore to India...
at least that is what they told me when I interviewed with them a few years ago.
All India, all the time... 99% goes offshore. nm
They offshore...not about abuot India, but definitely to the Phillipines....
ad - "multispeciality clinic" - the acct they offshore to India
offshore overseas.... not outsource .... correct term is offshore.
Focus doesn't offshore to India, they are an Indian company
that offshores to the U.S.  They have an office front in MA, I think.  
Do not outsource to India, outsource a small amount to Phillipines.
I understand they off shore to India and
may even have a company over seas as well. Not for me.
Correct --did NOT off-shore work to India sm
The rest of the post was **...SENT WORK TO INDIA A FEW MONTHS AGO** making it sound like MTs were laid off BECAUSE their work went to India.

If you have any familiarity with this company, you know that the none of the DRC/Acusis accounts are allowed by the clients to be typed outside of the US.

So YES, there was a lay-off, but NO it didn't have anything to do with India.

PS: Offshore and outsource are not the same thing. But you know that, too, right? ;-)
They outsource to India and..
when the recruiter was asked, she said she didn't know that for sure even though it is posted on their website.  When this was pointed out, I still couldn't get her to admit it.  I turned them down because I prefer straight answers and dont' work for companies who outsource to India.
I know they outsource to India sm

Whatever is not done by a certain point at night the send to India so that it is ready to edit in the morning.  I am surprised they are allowed to advertise for MTs on this site, but they DO outsource and I have this from the current recruiter.  They pay their American MTs pretty well, but on the backs of the outsourced stuff from what I can tell. 

For the record, I had an offer at the end of last year, didn't take it because it is outsourced.  As long as we support this sort of thing it will continue.  The minute we all refuse to work for a place like that, the sooner it all comes home.

So are you saying they don't outsource to India?
How long have you worked for them?
3 of the top 5 are companies who outsource to India
Companies who outsource to India
Include All Type Transcription in the group that outsource to India; they won't tell you up front but if you do QA you will find out immediately; all the work from India have to be 100% re-listened and re-QA'd - I wonder if All Type realizes a profit from this, after all they are paying India and the US MTs (sounds like double your money spending to me)...just my opinion.

All Type management isn't easy to work with, either. The owner hasn't been an MT for over 10 yrs and her right hand has never done transcription; dontcha just love someone who has never transcribed and only worked in our field for less than 5 yrs, telling you that 100 reports (from India MTs) have to be QA'd daily keeping in mind these are re-listened 100% voice to text!!

Sorry for the rambling, evidently I needed to get that off my chest...LoL
They outsource to India. Broken down
a lot of times. Management stinks. Its better now with team leaders, but the top dogs are really low class nasty and payroll person is worst there is. Support from office and from the computer end of it is horrible. And don't count on 9 cpl. My friend and I got stuck at 8.5 and now they will not give raises. Accounts are horrible.

They'll outsource to India. nm.
I refuse to work for pay that low. I'm worth more than that.
Does MDI-FL outsource to India? I saw something a while back on here about MDI-FL MTs
not having enough work to keep them busy because when Transcend took over, the work got outsourced to India.  Is this still the case?
Does Transcent outsource to India? nm
yes, they still OFFSHORE (not outsource), otherwise
Do you mean outsource as in offshore? (NM)
They DO NOT outsource/offshore.
TT does not offshore or outsource
TT has to do whatever Dictaphone-Nuance says to do. It would be great if TT would get their own accounts that Dictaphone-Nuance had no control over.
offshore, not outsource.
Lets see.... they outsource to India, just cut holiday pay..
they change their policy manual so much that there is no way to keep up, the teamleaders are often rude and very sarcastic... I could go on and on.
yeah...if you like the fact that they OUTSOURCE to India..hence their name. nm
Jobs being sent to India - good companies who don't outsource
I've been working for a company for a few years now.  This company has started to remove several job types with greater turnaround times to India from our exiting accounts.  There was not enough work over the holidays to get in all of my hours (I know work is normally slow then), and this trend is still continuing.  We used to have a primary account and a secondary account as a back-up, but now I'm working on at least 5 or 6 accounts just to have enough work to complete my 8-hour shift. 
Would never go back there...do a search (Outsource Offshore too) (nm)
 QA and managers more important than MTs...
How about this? In a nutshell, which companies DO NOT outsource OFFshore?

They have told us they absolutely do not outsource or offshore

E-mail came from big boss explaining trying to clear up rumors saying they do not do this.  I have no reason not to believe them.  They are great people to work for.  No job is perfect, but TT makes me very happy.

outsource to India; not enough work, ran out of constantly; some really nice people, though (nm)
probably because they OUTSOURCE OVERSEAS...perhaps that number is reserved for the India account...?
Good luck to you...
This seems to be pro-offshore board. Messages against offshore often just disappear.
India, Michael. The MT world is going to India. Wonder why? nm
I was told by their recruiter that they outsource off-shore.
If the transcribed files go to India, are sent out from India to be transcribed, sm

then the transcribed work is sent BACK to India to be pasted into the GEMS platform and then sent back to the clients in America, how on earth can the company claim to be US-based because its Indian owner has a home in Kentucky?


...or from India. nm
so done with india
so done with india.... they can't make it w/o us americans
It all went to INDIA....
Spheris over-hired all right.  All of your work went to India to the Combitore office they opened up.  Look into some websites and you will find it.  Indiadaily. com or something like that.  It talks all about the nice growth they are experiencing in India with the new Spheris office.  They immediately hired like 300 or some MTs.  Now that is going to take a bite out of your work isn't it.  Get out of that place and find a place that is not giving all of our work to India.  Plain and simple!!  Let them have all India workers for a while and when the quality gets so bad and they have to come back to US MTs, well then you should ask for a better rate of pay as well.  Spheris does not deserve to have even 1 good US MT to work for them.  They are biting the hand that feeds them.  As a matter of fact, people should not even use the hospitals that use Spheris as an outsource.  There is more than one way to skin a cat!! 
Not ALL of it goes to India.
I do not work there, but I have a friend who does and she works on an account for C-Bay that does not allow the work to go to India. 

Just wondering, do these MT companies actually give computers in India to those people like they do for their employees in US?  At one point does the Editor know their editing a foreigner's work?  Just a question I had.

India says? Says where?
yes to India
Can it possibly be worth it to these companies by time the pay someone out of the country and then QA. Wouldn't it make more sense to just have an MT who could do the job correctly in the first place! Guess not - since they are all going this route.
As the owner of DIT, I can assure you that we most certainly do not outsource to anywhere. All of our work stays in the U.S., always has...always will. We subcontract with MTs all over the U.S.

Donna, Owner, DIT Transcriptioj
I posted something a few days ago after the acusis/DRC buyout.  I said I would have to tighten up the budget until I knew what was going on.  Today I tried to call a company about an account I have, thinking I would close it out.  After speaking with a gentleman for a few minutes I wasn't comfortable with the answer I got from him because I had remembered something different when I signed up.  I asked him where he was located.  He named some city in India!  I then said I wanted to speak with someone in America.  He said that was not possible!!  He kept asking me, Is something wrong with my answer?  I asked his name - he said Mark, which I doubt.  I don't know, if it wasn't so sad it would be funny.  Maybe this belongs on the comedy board.  I was speaking with a friend today who owns a small transcription company, and he says that pretty soon the Indians will be having the same problem we are becuase they will be undercut by China.
In India
I believe it. The same for India.
Lost two small accounts completely that were okay.  Now getting primary, but they are the worse dictators in the pool - not seeing any of the halfway decent dictators.  These are all ESL.  I'm lucky if I get 80 lines per hour because they are SO BAD.  As usual, can't get a response from PS or WFC. I looks like the same situation here that the decent doctors have been shipped to India.