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Lets see.... they outsource to India, just cut holiday pay..

Posted By: Anon For Now on 2006-03-17
In Reply to: Info on Transcend please.... - Carly d

they change their policy manual so much that there is no way to keep up, the teamleaders are often rude and very sarcastic... I could go on and on.

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Do not outsource to India, outsource a small amount to Phillipines.
They outsource to India and..
when the recruiter was asked, she said she didn't know that for sure even though it is posted on their website.  When this was pointed out, I still couldn't get her to admit it.  I turned them down because I prefer straight answers and dont' work for companies who outsource to India.
I know they outsource to India sm

Whatever is not done by a certain point at night the send to India so that it is ready to edit in the morning.  I am surprised they are allowed to advertise for MTs on this site, but they DO outsource and I have this from the current recruiter.  They pay their American MTs pretty well, but on the backs of the outsourced stuff from what I can tell. 

For the record, I had an offer at the end of last year, didn't take it because it is outsourced.  As long as we support this sort of thing it will continue.  The minute we all refuse to work for a place like that, the sooner it all comes home.

So are you saying they don't outsource to India?
How long have you worked for them?
3 of the top 5 are companies who outsource to India
Companies who outsource to India
Include All Type Transcription in the group that outsource to India; they won't tell you up front but if you do QA you will find out immediately; all the work from India have to be 100% re-listened and re-QA'd - I wonder if All Type realizes a profit from this, after all they are paying India and the US MTs (sounds like double your money spending to me)...just my opinion.

All Type management isn't easy to work with, either. The owner hasn't been an MT for over 10 yrs and her right hand has never done transcription; dontcha just love someone who has never transcribed and only worked in our field for less than 5 yrs, telling you that 100 reports (from India MTs) have to be QA'd daily keeping in mind these are re-listened 100% voice to text!!

Sorry for the rambling, evidently I needed to get that off my chest...LoL
They outsource to India. Broken down
a lot of times. Management stinks. Its better now with team leaders, but the top dogs are really low class nasty and payroll person is worst there is. Support from office and from the computer end of it is horrible. And don't count on 9 cpl. My friend and I got stuck at 8.5 and now they will not give raises. Accounts are horrible.

They'll outsource to India. nm.
I refuse to work for pay that low. I'm worth more than that.
Does MDI-FL outsource to India? I saw something a while back on here about MDI-FL MTs
not having enough work to keep them busy because when Transcend took over, the work got outsourced to India.  Is this still the case?
Does Transcent outsource to India? nm
yeah...if you like the fact that they OUTSOURCE to India..hence their name. nm
offshore (out of country) to India ... not outsource.
Jobs being sent to India - good companies who don't outsource
I've been working for a company for a few years now.  This company has started to remove several job types with greater turnaround times to India from our exiting accounts.  There was not enough work over the holidays to get in all of my hours (I know work is normally slow then), and this trend is still continuing.  We used to have a primary account and a secondary account as a back-up, but now I'm working on at least 5 or 6 accounts just to have enough work to complete my 8-hour shift. 
outsource to India; not enough work, ran out of constantly; some really nice people, though (nm)
probably because they OUTSOURCE OVERSEAS...perhaps that number is reserved for the India account...?
Good luck to you...
offshore to India, it's OFFSHORE (off shore), not outsource to India.
Lets put it this way.....
I have worked for 5 nationals, only quit because if I started making money they would change everything so I would be reduced to practically starting all over. Either reassessing hospitals so they could lower your line rate to 1 to even 1.5 cents. Putting you on an established account where the old timers got premium dictation, to sending the easier dictation overseas so you were stuck with junk, to using VR that took longer to correct than to type. That is what I went through with 5 nationals. I am not saying there are not good companies out there, but I can tell within one week of being with a company if I being taken advantage, lied to about how they set up dictation, etc., and I have not found that with Keystrokes. That is all I am saying.

They leave me alone to get my work done, don't take advantage of my 16 years experience and they DO NOT outsource. Everyone wants to make a profit but they seem to make it without taking it from the transcriptionists.
TT lets me do it sm
Now, you'll understand that I am VERY flexible about what I do. I have four accounts that are pooled to me in order of TAT and I get their OPs and their cardio. I was told that if I only wished to have one account, I'd probably run out sometimes. I DO get asked to type DS, Consults and H&Ps, but not often.

If you aren't willing to do more than one account, refuse the cardiology stuff or if your quality is not 99% or better, they might not allow you to do it that way.

In a way, I bend over backwards to avoid anything other than OPs, but because of my willingness to be flexible, they bend over backwards for me. Of course, I have made my lines since DAY ONE and I was off of all QA in matter of a couple of days and that is ALL my accounts. I know they are extremely good to me and it is always...honey just tell me what you would like to do and you'll have it, but there are reasons I get treated that way.

I'd talk to them about your concerns and see if you can't work something out. You could also ask them why you don't have what you want and they are so straight forward, they will tell you.
lets not get nasty.......
1. I am not management.
2. I have been on DocQScribe for about a year and a half.
3. I do not count the headers and footers since obviously they would not copy and paste into the Word Document. Since we don't get paid for them, why would I count them?
4. Not getting paid for headers and footers is wrong - but we are caught in this predicament - the only way to force the issue is to stop filling in the headers and footers and since I am not management and not even remotely interested in leading a revolt, I will not be the one to start this whole issue.

Sorry. I better get back to work. This board is one of the many reasons I don't meet my line count - too much internet surfing when I should be working.
Lets try again. Any info on......
Lets keep talking about KS
Ready for truth. Have a nice day:)
Lets not start this again
I think it would be best for any KS MTs, managers or otherwise to stay away from this board. Others are taking advantage of it as their forum to promote whatever agenda they have. As far as potential KS employees, the very best thing to do is to contact the company for FACTS.
I liked the ad. Too the point and lets you know
up front not to try to fake it. Probably a very good person to work for, tells it like it is.
Okay, lets do some figuring (sm)
Lets say there are 20 MTs working for a company. The company charges the docs 0.16 per line. The MTs get 0.08 per line. The MTs each do 1000 lines per day, 6 days a week.

1000 x 0.08 = 80 per day

$80 x 20 MTs = $1600 a day.

$1600 x 6 days a week = $9600 a week.

$9600 x 52 weeks in a year = $499,200 a year.

Okay, lets get something in the open. (sm)
I am so not stressing about it. It was a random question because I have been lied to in the past about having to take a pay cut. Was it really a true need or a true greed?

Lets not fight about. There is nothing wrong with wondering.
Verizon lets you do all day Transcription? sm
I thought Verizon would not let people use the unlimited for work like transcription. Do they? Is it megabucks? Thanks.
ok lets suppose you make
9 cpl - and I'll average that on 1200 lines a day, that amounts ot 13.50/hr. Thats not worth sitting in your chair for 8 hours now is it? 10 cpl - 15/hr. and I seriously doubt you make more than that. Thats a lot of busting butt for such a low wage. On a good platform with fair counting system an experienced MT should be able to type 2000 lines per day, thats with breaks, and going along at an even pace.
ok lets all get serious then no more funnies on the board please
I am sure the poster meant no harm and I am certainly not going to get all serious about something as crazy as this. Aren't we made to wear enough straight jackets as it is on a day to day basis, geesshhhh!!!
No...I'm not one that lets work flow through.

I do take the time to correct my reports and research terms, physicans' names and addresses, correct facility names, etc.  That is exactly WHY I take offense at your post.  It is getting harder and harder to maintain quality while still being able to do this job at 99% accuracy along with all the additional nonpaid responsibilities some of these MTSOs require without having additional stress added to it with punitive compensation policies. 

I'm most definitely NOT advocating that MTs should hurry through their work, I'm taking the side of the MTs that have enough stress as it is without having more garbage piled on top of our backs.  I'm appalled at the fact that you have such a high and mighty attitude against your fellow workers at the same time bragging about your situation, yet admitting that you're scared you may end up in the same situation.  Hey...at least your honest about not having qualms sticking the knife in your colleagues' backs.  Like you say...it would be stoopid for you to give up the name of where you work to help others out because then you would end up in the same boat.  Things are a lot different than they were in the 70s and 80s, but your attitude shows that you could care less about what your colleagues are going through NOW because you're done with it and set to retire.

MQ lets you accrue PTO if you're PT
Lets all work for free
VR is awesome to fly thru reports and if your good, you could make a great pay check...but the more peeps who take 3 cents, the more the companies who pay compenative rates thin they can get away with it...when i started to do VR i was paid 9 cents a line, 6 yrs ago...now they try telling us 3 cents a line is good....BULL..give us our work back and stop offshore..cuz they get less and like it so it brings our rates down lower
My hope would be that as we all get called about this new pay plan that everyone lets them know
about Amherst and whatever offices are running everyone out of work and expecting them to have 8 backups or more. What good is an incentive plan going to be with this situation.
You're right, lets be fair. Do you remember how
long it took to get your first check?  Was it 6 weeks like everyone else.  Is your check total from work done 1 month ago or 2 weeks ago? When I worked there the SW they used to count lines did not work properly.  If you're going by what THEY say - then you are correct - your pay will never be off.  Besides, if I wasn't correct in my pay amt. and line count, why did the owner try to rectify the problem and accounting as well? 
If IC lets co. use her as employee, setting sched,
I posted this the other day as well ......lets hope lots
Inflammatory remarks? Lets see, stand up for your
Yep, then guilty of inflammatory remarks made in attemtp to get MTs to see they are only victims if they ALLOW themselves to become victims.  I dont mind when others strike back at me, it shows they at least have the backbone to do that.  Now if that would channel that backbone to do something about the situation they are whining about, they might get somewhere. 
lets call it 50/50 .... bad/good MT/company
Lets just hope they are not overhiring lately and we will find we are all going to be out of work
especially after Summer.
Of course lets not forget all our little offshore MTs that they can fall back on if a lot of SEs
leave. They waited until they had all this in place before they dumped on us dont worry. Why do you think they hired a lot of new corporate people that work with overseas companies. Go figure.
Ummmmm, yeah and it just lets you search by number..
If TT lets wrong line counts continue, regardless of
Must be your manager 'cause mine lets me off at the drop of a hat. sm
You should ask again, saying that you have extenuating circumstances. Offer to work extra during the pay period to make up any missing hours, if possible.

As for slowness, it is MUCH IMPROVED since earlier this year.
India, Michael. The MT world is going to India. Wonder why? nm
??? Doesn't one get fired if 'one lets quality go out the window????' ...nm
holiday pay
Do most companies provide holiday pay?
No holiday pay?
I do not work for Spheris, but that is the most selfish/ crasiest thing I have ever heard. I hope I don't sound like an idiot here, but is that even legal to have to work on a holiday without getting extra pay (apparently, it must be) ..but, I tell you what, I would be taking off every single holiday. I can understand if you were IC or SE or if they offered different incentives... but EMPLOYEE?
holiday pay
Does anyone who works for DRC/Acusis remember if there used to be paid holidays or has it always been just premium holiday pay?  I've only been here since March, but I was under the impression when I hired on we had 8 paid holidays???
no holiday pay at DSG. nm
holiday pay
well, i'm not sure where people on here are getting their information. the new policy states you have to make your line quota 6 out of the last 8 pay periods and be employed there at least 6 months. it isn't that unreasonable
So what's their big holiday?
What holiday?