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oh yea they fired a couple of people for sexual harrassment and breaking into mt's computers.

Posted By: nm on 2007-02-05
In Reply to: What about the Entry Level Computer Support Specialist.....sm - Me


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Well, Medivoxx's HR people need to be fired
it sounds like. That's CRAZY. No company in my 20 years has made me jump through hoops like that & transcribe that many 'test' documents. You can tell from a couple of reports & maybe a multiple choice questionnaire if the candidate has experience or not - not to mention checking references... I guess I will cross Medivoxx off my list until they learn how the MT hiring/testing process works.
I know people there who need to be fired and they won't fire them. That just simply sm
is not true.  They are a very nice company.  They have benefits which include PTO and sick time. 
CBay fired more people via conference call.
...including one that they tried to get rid of in December but felt compelled to keep. 
Not Lee. She doesn't come here anymore. Too hard to read the lies from people who were fired fo

poor quality, poor work ethics, cherry picking, disappearing for days on end, not covering their shifts or line counts, crazy HR people (both were nuts and evil). 

Good and bad at every company including KST, MQ, Spheris, Transcend, etc. 

In my opinion what you make is confidential and I have seen people get fired for discussing rates.
That all goes along in confidentiality agreements. I am in agreement with you though..it really is not anyone's business. If they want to know, they need to ask the company. The company will probably tell them.

I threatened harrassment when she
me after I left SS. And, in the email she had sent to me, she was condemning her employees for their lack of attention. So, I e mailed her back and condemned her for HER lack of attention and inability to remove e mail addresses. IT WAS QUITE COMMICAL, I must admit.
I actually know a couple of the happy people who post...sm

I actually know a couple of the people who regularly post positively on this board about Transcend. I email with them quite regularly. They aren't management. There's one theory down the drain.

And, no, I'm not management trying to create a story, either, although you probably suspect that I am.

Try to accept that people can be happy and supportive of their employer. It's better to be part of the solution than part of the problem.




they have a couple of people in the office that couldn't tell if you -
it was day or night or their hand from a foot - real idiots - yet, if you work there, they will be supervising you. Best of luck.
Noticed it was Borderline Sexual Harassment
If that's what you're referring to...
Any happy Transcenders out there? I know a couple people have left, not sure why. nm

what helps me is breaking up my day
in 2 and 3 hour shifts. I can just keep my head above water this way and some days I may go above that point.  I have heard a few others here share this same strategy.  It is hard to sit here for 8 hours straight, day in and day out. I can produce more in shifts that are broken up. Also find the time of day you feel you are most productive. Good luck! 
breaking into the business

I agree, the best way to to become a good Transcriptionist is to have some medical background.  There is so much slang on top of the terminology.  I too am self-taught, but worked in hospital's and nursing homes before I started doing transcription.  Maybe she could work while she is taking the course.

This breaking news just in.
We already are. You got nothing of importance to offer to anybody but yourselves.
Is breaking the law okay if it is a sweet deal? (nm)

Only if you are doing a lot of breaking when your're supposed to be working. sm
I don't think bathroom breaks should take that long to make that big a difference :)
No back breaking here. Trying to empower sisters,
Thats Right its not breaking any codes to tell the hospital that you didnt get paid for the work. nm
in addition, while the office staff are partying, visiting with each, breaking whenever they want to
with pay, we are struggling to pound those cold keys with our cold fingers with our break drinks, meals at our desk . . . no time to take off due to no pay for any time taking off for a break or lunch.   We are grabbing all the work we can get now before another MT gets it, as our paychecks continue to dwindle due to VR/ASR and leads and others taking the easier dictators from us (those who have ever transcribed a word in their life) and passing all the other down to the piecemeal worker, the MT.
Try calling the Corporate office for Foxboro and see what you get. I worked in New Jersey and the site closed and corporate there is where you have to call for things. Hope this helps.

What type of computers do most of you prefer to do transcription? Laptops or desktops? And if you do use laptops do any of you travel and take your work?

Some of us use our own computers, though.

TT computers
They will lease one for a pretty reasonable fee, $9.00 a pay period. Plus, they are go out of their way to help their MTs, speaking from personal experience.
I know just about enough about computers

to be dangerous.  Mostly when things go squirrely I just close down everything I can, reboot and cross my fingers.  Amazing how many problems are solved that way.  But I guess I should not even own the computer at all, by some people's reasoning.

I had a courier job once, briefly.  I used my personal car to deliver packages from point A to point B.  To me a car is a thing with four wheels on the ground and one in my hands.  I don't really know much about the internal combustion engine, don't really want to know much.  (I do know how to open the hood and stare at the engine - which is all most guys know too - then jiggle a wire or two, shake my head, close the hood and call AAA.)  I can do a jump start. I know what to do if it's flooded.  I know where the various fluids go.  End of my automotive expertise.

If I were really stranded somewhere, I might try the bent-hairpin trick, but there are people whose sole area of expertise is diagnosing and fixing cars!  Others whose duty is to haul you there.  There are people whose area of expertise is to fix computer problems.  If I think my efforts might mess things up worse, you bet I'm calling tech support!  Don't get between me and the phone.

Doubt they'll remove any software but they will quit paying for the antivirus so you won't be able to get the updates anymore once the switch to Triton has taken place.
Get a KVM switch and you can tie your computers together with (sm)

one keyboard, one monitor and one mouse.  Try Circuit City they have them.  Good luck.

Yes they do lease computers
spheris computers
When I worked for them the computer crashed enough on its own...it didn't need any help.  The screen would go blue and it would say something like beginning dump of physical memory.   I was told it wasn't a problem until it did it several times per shift..then they would replace it.
Spheris computers
I have had several lemons too. It is not the computers that are lemons, it is the management and the company who are lemons.
those new spheris computers
Has anyone noticed how they log on to your computer and rearrange your desktop if they don't like how it looks?  Or how they block you from using normal, everyday websites on the brand new computers? LOL  We are trusted with private medical information but the company has nothing better to do than to spy on everyone and make them feel belittled.  I don't think that is very good for morale.
OSi used to supply computers - not sure if they still do
3 computers 1 connection
Does anybody work on 3 computers at the same time with only 1 DSL connection? Could you tell me how to do it so each is secure from the other and compliant? Thanks in advance for any information.
They do provide computers, but there is a
charge per pay period, I think about $9 or so. You cannot use the new Window Vista. Everything else they will download if you use your own computer. I took a pay cut to go there but am very happy, and they do have bonus incentives. The accounts are pretty decent. Staff is extremely friendly and cooperative.
I also know a QA with 3 computers for 3 companies
Also on salary not paid by the line.
Focus Computers
I believe that you have to own your own computer.  I work as an IC so I do use my own equipment and write it off at the end of the year for tax purposes.  They supply the software that you need to complete the dictations (EditScript).
do they supply computers?
Actually, with computers, it's a standard to only
Two spaces were used with typewriters to make a document easier to read, but computers have proportional fonts, so the extra spacing after punctuation is no longer necessary. One space has been rule in desktop publishing and it's actually easier to read, IMO, than 2 spaces. It's definitely hard to get used to at first, but it's actually easier once you do and saves keystrokes. Of course, if you've been using 2 and getting paid for the extra space, you'll lose out, but most places seem to prefer one space now. You can sometimes set grammar checks to watch for 2 spaces and alert you so you can change it to only 1. I know Word has that option and it does help when you are transitioning.
KVM switch is used to connect 2 computers....sm
your home computer and the computer from a company so that you can use use 1 keyboard and 1 monitor.
any companies supply computers for ICs? - nm
I've had 2 computers in 5+ years and SM
The only reason I got the new one was because they were sending them out to every one - no problems with the old one.

It's like cars - sometimes you get a lemon. LOL!
which companies provide computers?

Needing to know which companies provide computer equipment

What kind of computers does Precyse use?
I realize this also, but MOST newer computers..sm
do not even have the 15 pin serial ports (game ports) any longer. I had purchased a 15 pin game port pedal and used it less than 6 months because my sound card went out and I had to get a new one. I could not find ANY that had a 15 pin game port any longer and ended up having to buy a whole new pedal (usb) in order to work. USB is what is mostly used these days. If she needs a 15 pin footpedal I will gladly sell her mine... been there and did that.
Do they supply/lease computers? NM
Which companies provide computers? TIA

part time computers
Thank you very much.
have you tried Medquist? they provide computers
Not sure about satellite Internet.  medquist.com
Question about company computers

Does anyone know if a company like Diskriter sends out a computer, do the company monitor this at all times?  In other words, can they see what you are doing, where you are surfing, etc?


Would this apply to personal computers
used for MT work as well? I work on EditScript. If I am waiting for jobs to come in, would the company I'm logged in to be able to track me just because I am logged in to EditScript?
When I worked for a hospital we used their computers

I could chime in anytime to see what we were doing.  They did it to me several times.  Plus, they could read our e-mails even though we were at home.  They were more worried about us minding our own business and working and not snooping into medical files.  

When we were connected to the VPN, internet was blocked.  We could surf without the VPN.   We could not put any software or any extras on it except what the hospital wanted. 

I am using my own computer now but I wonder if I would be better off with a company that provides the equipment for more structure.  

Does TransTech provide computers for their MTs? nm
NetMed in Cadillac provides computers. At least they used to.nm