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okay it's a computer thing - "one to three years"

Posted By: NM on 2007-02-05
In Reply to: should read ŕ-3 years experience" - NM


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I think the two computer thing
is only for one account. I only have one computer and it is all I need.
And only "one" can get herself out of bad situation.
I think the only thing they are strict on is downloading things to the computer. sm
General surfing the web and stuff isn't a problem. I surf the web all the time for medical references, etc... and I haven't ever had a problem. I know that they are strict about not downloading anything to the computer because it may cause a conflict with the software they use.

Hope that helps.
I went through the same thing with over 25 years ..

experience.  What was explained to me by a few companies that posted on this site and I applied to, is that they were inundated with resumes and the application process was actually a lot more difficult for the company than expected.  Two companies actually told me that within just a matter of hours of posting they had received over 300 resumes.

My point is, I do not imagine that it has anything at all to do with you or your abilities.  I believe that there are so many experienced MTs (as well as newbies) in the market today looking for jobs, whether a primary or a secondary, that it is bogging down the more reputable companies. 

Hang in there and I really wish you and anyone else looking the best of luck!! 

You mean, he's still at this type of thing? About 5 years ago....
I had to go to the Labor Board in my state to get my money from him. He always has more excuses than anyone I've ever known, and he's slippery about communication, too. If this is a new problem, you'd best get on it. Hopefully he'll pay up, but I wouldn't give him ANY more chances!
Same thing happened to me, but it's been years.nm
I have been an IC for 15 years, and I have never heard such a thing.
How would the IRS know what my schedule is or was. I just submit 1099's with income, take my write-off's, and pay my self employment tax. No where do I submit my scheduled hours or am I asked when filing my return.

Same thing happened to me about 3-4 years ago
Company ended up filing bankruptcy so no one got paid
I did the same thing 3 years ago!!! They are AWFUL!
I worked for them for only a couple of weeks and ended up quitting because it was so bad. Everyone you will deal with, except for the recruiters, are in India and it's awful! My trainer even got mad at me because I couldn't understand a word he was saying while he was training me! I quit right away! I would totally avoid them at all costs!
I envy you. 5 years ago at my company I would have said the same thing
Now they are using such unfriendly software, can't fix any of the problems, it seems, and I'm seriously thinking of moving on.  The owner hires her friends, and I really don't think anyone is qualified.  JMO, of course.
Some states/companies have a noncompete thing going on. It took years for Diskriter to be able to
I tell people the same thing, that was told me....and you 5 years in a hospital setting to be able t
I left them over 4 years ago. Best thing I ever did. Moved to Webmedx. Quite happy. nm
I've been posting the same thing for a couple of years. I don't understand

why people feel like their company has to provide insurance and they may take a job they hate just for insurance.  Getting your own policy is almost always cheaper and then you aren't tied to a job/company you hate.

If you have pre-existing conditions situation may be different. 

I have 19 years experience and was told the same thing. I think their test is incorrect.
The same thing happened to me 2 years ago. That Indian creep gets people to work

for him. He gives this scale of how you are supposed to be paid, but it NEVER, EVER is the high range that you KNOW you are owed and deserve.  So, then your production and earning come up and they are WAY off base.  On top of that, he either pays you late or not at all.  This is fair warning...DO NOT WORK FOR CALLSTREET! 

I wanted to use my own computer and get rid of the RENT on TT computer, but Vista is not compatible.
Good way to make them money.  Not have to upgrade software so that Vista is compatible with Vista.  Huh?
One more computer question. I got my computer today and
trying to set it up.  Man unpacking the box and setting everything up is a major undertaking; more so for me because I used a laptop before and my desk isn't tower friendly.   Anyway, no info came with the tower and I don't yet have the password to get in (paperwork says to call M-F).  Is the tower WiFi compatible?   My DSL is hooked to a different computer and I wanted to know if I can setup new computer as WiFi or if I need to move modem to new computer and set other computer up as WiFi. 
Debate is one thing, and posting is one thing,
but this is getting absurd. I think it must be the same person, otherwise multiples who cannot stay on topic?? Why can't you STICK with the subject? The subject of my post was NOT what your cent per line rate was or is - I could care less- and not how much money you made last year, this year, or in your life, but how silly the comment was that your cents per line rate means NOTHING, that its up to you - some fluff like that. That is just so silly. Again, working for the same company, same account, is one going to make more money being paid more per line? OF course! This is so frustrating and really makes me so tired of reading this garbage let alone posting. Its like a nightmare. And also makes me completely believe that the original company must pay peanuts.
good thing it is a temporary thing sm
because people with your attitude don't stay in anything very long anyway. Nobody has to listen to that crap to keep their job.

You don't know me either. you can say old fart all you want (when did 53 get to be old fart....too funny) but at least I am a valuable employee who can get a decent job!
I talked to them today. They want 3 years in a hospital or 5 years combination sm
hospital and at home or clinic and at home. For radiology, they want 3 years full time radiology. I thought they were very nice and I have a few friends that work for them and are happy. The pay seems average to high for what I am seeing now. I think they are 0.08 per line or 1.08 for radiology. Beats what I will have with the new MQ program.
Honda is 11 years old, 190,000 miles . Toyota was 15 years old and 279,000 superb
I worked on site for many years. I've been doing this for 10 years... sm
I've worked on site, at home, for small MTSOs, for nationals, for hospitals. I've been paid per line, per minute, and per hour. I've been an MT and a QA. I have ALWAYS worked weekends and ALWAYS worked nights for the shift differential because MTs can't survive on 6 or 7 cents a line. At least I can't and I type 105 wpm.

I've BEEN dedicated from day 1, sister, so you are barking up the wrong tree.
15,000 lines per pay period. 8 years with KS, 6 years on this account! nm
Not going anywhere else!
30 years - this WAS my career. The last few years you guys have ruined it.
You work 9-5? Big deal. I work more than you do. I bet I work harder too. Treat US with respect, lady!

Don't talk to us like that and don't expect us to kiss your feet. Kiss ours for a change!
See if you'll be producing more after 30 years of MT'ing and at 50+ years old.
I don't think so. My income increased every year also, until I reached age 50 and 30 years of MT'g, been downhill ever since.
Well for one thing, it would not be a professional thing
to do for any MTSO to have a board to do this as part of being an MTSO involves the ability to identify and hold on to confidential information. Even if a person is a job hopper (which in this business rather than go against you can make you a stronger better MT if you can do just about anything thrown at you), if a person is looking for a job, a company needs to have the MT's permission to contact their current employer. Where one has worked or has not worked is something that is very unprofessional being discussed on a board by MTSOs.

Being a business owner of any kind comes with it possessing what it takes to maintain ethical practices.

No, I had to use their computer. Yes,
the accounts were full of ESLs.  I was off QA really quickly, though.  My team leader wasn't strict about the time schedules, but I always felt as if "big brother" was watching me.  If I had to pick the kids up early from school, I had to make up my time.  Understandable.  It's not a bad place to work.
If you are using your own computer,
you can have on it what you want and have attached to it what you please. Only if you are using their computers can they ask this.
buy computer
You have to have $300.00 deducted from your pay checks in increments and if you stay with them for 3 years they will refund the money; that is what I was told when I was thinking about working for them
Do you still have their computer?
It is my understanding that when computers are sent out, the understanding is that if MT leaves final paycheck is held until equipment is returned. Which does not seem unreasonable to me.
Do you have to have their computer? Can you use your own? nm
use own computer, or theirs?
I was wondering if you get a company computer...I don't think Extext works on my computer, but If I had theirs, I could hook up my keyboard/monitor/mouse with a KVM switch to their towr
thanks!  I get the drift!  I won't be downloading anything. 
What is the RAM. on your computer.
I was told when I first started that if I did not have 512 RAM on my computer it would cause the programs to lock up.  I tried updating my computer to 512 RAM so I bought memory card after memory card  but my computer is stubborn and won't go for it.  So I have been typing on Merit on 384 RAM and so far so good.  I was just thinking maybe that statement was for the Dictaphone. 
you have to use their computer - sm
A lot of companies want you to use their computers because you will be transcribing directly into the hospital system. There are other reasons that companies want you to use their equipment only, i.e. virus protections, spyware, etc. If you take the position with Diskriter, please note that you cannot do anything personal on their equipment. They do monitor it. This means no personal emails or looking at sites that are not work related. I'm not sure if they emphasize that any more, but they did when I worked for them. And yes, they definitely monitor it.
yes, you need your own computer.
I've only been there about 6 months.
No. Take a look at your computer and see sm
if maybe you have too much running in the background. That definitely slows everything down. I only have my virus scan running, nothing else, in my startup group. Works fine. It's not always the company server at fault.
Why would you need to buy a computer?
ouldnt you just upgrade if you needed to?
TT Computer

I can answer the question about the computer.  You can either use your own computer or rent one from them.  If you use their computer, the cost was around $9 a pay period (every 2 weeks).  It comes with everything you need. 

TT computer
You have to pay a rental fee, approx 9.00 a pay period.
No you don't have to use their computer
Using Mac computer
Does anyone out there know if new Mac computers will work on Word accounts?  I am told by the Apple store that they have Word you can install so will it work?  I'm getting tired of viruses and am told Macs do not get them.  Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Can you use your own computer? sm
They say they provide equipment at no charge, does this mean they provide a computer that you have to use? 
ANY new computer?
use your computer you have now
and once you start for them, you can buy a new one.
TT computer
It costs approx 9.80 or so a pay period to rent theirs
Gloria...you didn't step on my toes and I will be happy to answer your question. TT will lease you equipment for under $10 a pay period. It's okay equipment, too. Has all the programs they use downloaded in it. I rented mine for a while. Never had a problem. Got my own though and use mine now. TT is an excellent company to work for. These message boards are full of negativity and the negative comments are usually posted by those who are not good workers anyway. They complain about what they're being paid, cost of insurance, hard to meet line counts, QA, everything. I take into consideration EVERYTHING. I have worked for TT over a year now and it's simply the best company I've ever worked for. They are kind and treat you like a human being, they DO expect a quality product and you WILL go through QA in the beginning and periodically throughout the year. It's only reasonable to know that you will consistently be graded. I know personally a QA person and I know how rigid they are in demanding a perfect report. Luckily I never have more than 2 blanks in any of mine and even 1-2 blanks is rare for me. She has told me of people sending in reports with 5, 10, 12 blanks. To me if a person has to leave 5 blanks they are not a qualified Transcriptionist and I would never even consider keeping them on. When I look at the amount I am being paid per line (currently 8.5) I also take into consideration that they pay my internet when I consistently make my line count, I don't have to drive in rush hour traffic back and forth to go and come from my job, I save money in make-up, work clothing, I don't miss an average of 1.5 hours a day commuting to my job, I am not constantly hammered by the office to make MORE lines than what is asked of me to begin with and I receive little extras from TT throughout the year recognizing me as a human being (Christmas AmEx Gift Cheque for 25 bucks and MT Week 25 gift Cheque) not to mention being treated professionally. Yeah, the group insurance went up, but EVERYONES did. My husband had a BIGGER increase than I did and a few friends who work for other companies had a larger increase than ours did. It all turns out that I am making MORE money when I consider ALL things. I love working from home and I work well independently without someone peering over my shoulder every minute of the day. THAT in itself is worth countless $$$. TT is a good move...the best I've ever made and I would recommend them to anyone who is willing to work and not complain and moan all the time. Oh yeah, plus you don't have to deal with all the gossip that a hospital or in-house/office transcription position has. Women are constant bellyachers and most of them on this board that complain and spread negative thoughts about TT are simply the ones that would do it irregardless of the company they worked for. You work hard for TT and give them the lines they/you agree upon when you are hired and you will be richly rewarded, not only monetarily, but mentally as well. I love it and would not change for anything in the world right now. All the best and good luck!
MDI-MD, you use your own computer. nm

Don't let the others get you down.  If you want to work for MDI, then do so. I have just cleared QA myself and started working on it at full throttle all week.  I must say that I have had work all day long Sun through Thursday.  I have been working mostly in the afternoons, evenings and into the night and when I finish my two weeks with my old company I will make it just nights again with some afternoon work.  They started me with just one account and when I could not finish the five jobs each day due to lack of work, 06/02/2008 through 06/06/2008, they immediately set me up with two other accounts to get work in.  They are serious about making sure you have enough work.  I have had work all week, 10 hours worth easy.  So, even if this is a sparse time in some accounts, it may be that others are needing help.  They will try to put you where you will fit the best, based on your experience and skills. 

As for the computer (I bought one for this job), I got one with XP in it.  Vista still has to many bugs in it and XP just seems really easy to use.  I bought a computer so that I could work for more than one company, if needed, on the same computer.  Can do that with a company provided computer.  If you want particulars, you can e-mail me.


Good luck in you search for a computer and/or job.

Anyone know if JLG provides computer? nm