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sick of being screwed

Posted By: well put! on 2009-09-24
In Reply to: honestly if you have nothing nice to say - who needs your kind of empathy or compassion

I feel the same exact way and with all the continuing education and experience our profession requires it is completely unfair.

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Man did I get screwed!
I worked for one of the transcription giants for 6 years and left there making $12.61/hr and that was after a raise after nearly 4 years of begging for more $$$
To screwed over
What was the drug? Have you brought this to anyone's attention at your company?
SS also screwed me..
I have 10+ years experience as MT, worked almost 6 years with SS, 3 of them being QA. I felt like I was probably targeted due to my pay rate. I couldn't make the line count as FT, so I changed to PT status, but still worked 40 hours, just couldn't make the 40-hour line count. They hired a bad bach of MTs and expected us to basically re-type reports. Anyway, just letting you know I feel your pain.. and I feel totally screwed by SS. A company I once felt was the best company ever, and I was so loyal to.
Are we going to get screwed if we are MT/ME? I wind up
doing about half transcription and half ASR, so I might have 800 lines of each. I wouldn't get 1200 transcription lines done because of the ASR work, wonder if that will screw me out of a bonus all the way around or if they have some other complicated formula figured out for that scenario?
Do not go to PMT Kentucky. They are all screwed up.
LOL well I screwed up that sentence but you know what I mean nm
Sounds like you are being screwed.
How is she holding your count? Are you getting paid?
May be the same company I used to work for, and they screwed a lot of us over. sm
My old company is hiring again, I see. They gave us this same crap story of why they were going to production, and pretty much everyone on this board heard it then. But what they didn't mention was that line counts weren't being met because they had us on 5 different accounts, training other editors and practically jumping thru hoops. If this is the company you're thinking of joining Kat, then run fast.
Dang. I take it you were screwed by Focus?
don't yell, I know I screwed up....too early..lol..nm
I worked for Monrovia (poster below who got screwed)
Don't know anything about Santa Ana, but stay away from Monrovia.
They were an awful fit for me. And their DQS software screwed up my harddrive. nm
Yeah I was hired by Wedmedx but I screwed up.

They had even sent me the equipment. I was so excited..it was an ortho position and then I have family medical issues and just one thing after another. There was a misunderstanding. I guess I was supposed to get ahold of them with my new start date and I was waiting for them to contact me once I got all of final paperwork in etc. In any event, when I got ahold of them, they said I was supposed to have followed up by now and wouldnt give me a chance. I was so bummed. I havent found a decent place to call home since then. This was like 2-3 months ago. Good luck to you. The insurance was the main reason I was going to go there too.

Thanks. I think it would hurt even more to be screwed by someone I considered a friend. sm

I had that happen a long time ago.  Fortunately, at the time I didn't need the money. She had called me and was panicked because she was snowed under and wouldn't be able to make TAT.  I worked myself to death all weekend long, but when it came to pay me, there was one excuse after another, and finally she gave me a check ... and it bounced. 

On a happier note, or at least I hope it turns out happy, I wrote to the woman in Virginia again and she finally answered me saying that she had taken care of it and not to bother her again as she had clients to take care of ... whatever.  Maybe this time the old squeaky wheel theory works.

I am sure that not all people without direct deposit are cheats, and I am glad you have found someone you can rely on.  It will just take awhile to get this bad taste out of my mouth and learn to trust again. 

Short on hours - screwed on holiday pay. My fault (sm)
I didn't educate myself better on how to qualify for holiday bonus. If i had known I would have butted in (outside my scheduled shift) and picked up those hours to make sure I did qualify.

I saw a memo stating no more PTO for Xmas and reminded us about the total hours for holiday pay.

If more and more of us pick up that extra 5 hours a week to be FT what the heck is going to happen.

Happy with the company overall, just grumping cause I feel like I got cheated out of the holiday pay. New employees should have been reminded IMHO.
I guess if I got screwed out of my paycheck or got lied to by an employer I'd have a rotten att
This board is a great way to find out about an unsavory company before those things happen to you. If you think warning people about scheisters, liars, bottom feeders, and rip-off artists is amusing, time to double up on your meds, sweetheart.
SD apparently screwed up by hitting "reply all" to an email that was meant
Indians they were using as outsourcers. She accidentally let the cat out of the bag when OSi was denying all along that they used Indian MT's.  I'm sure her "stepping down" was more of a "quit or you're fired" thing, but that's just my take on it.  She was a b*tch, that's for sure, and an incompetant unqualified one at that. QA manager - what a joke.
Merit is what is screwed up. As usual. New managers couldn't care less.
Plenty of kids of stay at home moms are screwed up SM
I am a single mother whose child was in day care from age 20 months until kindergarten. She is turning out a lot better than most of the kids in her school. She is a teenager now and does not drink, she is an honor student. Come on now.... it depends on each individual case. You cannot make a blanket statement like you just did. That is ignorant.
Working is actually a good example for your children.

What the ____? He sent you a picture - what a psycho!

Tell me more!
LOL, sick!
They said they have sick time. What's up with that?

I think MT work is seasonal anyway....people will always get sick, but the time of year can affect how often and how quick people decide to go to the doctor.  Plus, if it's surgery or other procedures, if people can plan when to do them, they probably haven't picked June or July - when many people are on vacation, or grandkids are coming to visit....



What is sick is that there may be SM

about 15 total people in the QA world doing this, but they hold a minimum of 30 jobs and it could be up to 50 jobs between those 15 people and that is just working for nationals!

For all of you QA people out there wondering where the jobs are, that's your answer.  I wish these companies could cross-check with their competitors to match names, they'd be really surprised at what is going on out there. 

so sick of seeing these ads....
It makes me wanna vomit after a good laugh. All these IC positions, stating you MUST work this. You MUST do that. I'm so glad I have 2 jobs that are true IC positions. Of course I need to work to live, and I'm not lazy, but other than that, I do what I want, when I want, and how long I want. I am asked to help if can-NOT told. I do not get threats of being let go. These companies make me so sick.
And I'm getting really sick of
some of the people on this board (some, not all) jerking my emotions around. I have a conference call looming on my schedule for less than 4 hours from now, and I haven't got a clue what it will be about. And after reading this board this morning I am all but sick to my stomach with worry that it might mean I have to start job-hunting all over again.
Me too, sick of getting ripped off by SS
on a daily basis.  My lines at Softscript for the last 3 weeks since the server issue have dropped drastically.  I guess they think we cannot do math and only type.
feeling sick too!
I just wonder how many people here are just here to stir the pot and make everyone feel sick and scared and paranoid about their jobs?
feeling sick too!
Actually, I don't work for OSi, but work for another National that is always bashed on here. Things are changing here too and not very positive things are being said about changes and I was just making a general statement about people who like to make others feel paranoid about situations. But, I'm trying to look at it this way, there are thousands of MTs employed by my company and there are only a few here who are doing the bashing, so I'm trying to stay positive, but still a little afraid!!
Universal sick day
Been reading the posts about having an MT strike.  I agree with the comments about companies getting worse instead of better as far as paying IC and other transcriptionists.  We should just have a universal sick day (just one day) and see what chaos this causes.  May be it does not even have to be the whole day, just a couple of hours.
Anyone sick of Amphion??
I am sick of no work...I am sick of having to flex my time...I am sick of being accused of not making my line counts when they don't have work...I am sick of being a transcriptionist!
Sick of transcription
I, too, am SICK to almost being dead from being a transcriptionist, but being the only income for 4 people, stuck in the game.
SICK of this stuff
About TransTech!  They are the finest people in the business.  They would never do anything in a suspicious or ill mannered method involving line counting or anything else!  One might suggest if you work more and post less you would see a better line count.  It takes time to build up to a good line count, i.e. becoming familiar with the facility, with the authors, with the work types, building your word expander, and working diligently towards obtaining your goals, doing what it takes to achieve the line count goals you set for yourself, turning every stone in effort to achieve those goals before suggesting the line counts are not correct.  If the ESL are difficult, look at samples, invest in becoming more familiar with their way of speaking English. As far as EXTText for Word Client/Transnet/Dictaphone, I love the software.  Again from time to time, there may be issues, but for the most part, the software if very geared to good production for the MT.  I hope that all who read the posts about Transtech will be mature enough to make your decision by your own experience and not the experience of others.  I have been with TransTech for 4 years, and I am not saying everything is wonderful, we have our ups and downs which are almost always me and not them........but in all honesty they are the finest company with the best group of people I have ever worked with and for!  Thank you for reading my 2 cents on the line count saga!
I'm sick of set shifts as an IC.
THEN getting constant IMs to work when I'm supposed to be 'off'.  If you want me at your beck and call you better be giving me benefits!
So sick of oversears.
Thanks for the feedback :-)
This makes me sick
I gues they are no different than anyone else
Sick and tired
Vent away! At least those of us on this board understand.
you about making me sick....
You better be careful not to offend anyone who does clinic notes (and this is coming from someone who does acute care and clinic notes). People apply for positionS where they feel they will be quality productive. After all, it is quality these companies want from US MTs is it not? If you feel those who do clinic notes do not value their skill, you are very IGNORANT/ARROGANT!!!! Please explain who you are that you can judge an MT's smarts/skills by the specialty they do. How idiotic are you?? YOU MAKE ME SICK AND I REALLY HATE GLORIFIED MTs!!! UGH UGH!!
YOU KNOW WHAT? I am sick to death of your s/m
comments after every little post or question that anyone DARES to put on this board!

Yes, please go ahead and repsond in the most childish way possible (and I know you will, as that is all you know how to do, apparently). Obviously, after your continuous verbal abuse to almost every poster on here who dared to disagree with you (yesterday), you get your jollies off of belittling anyone you can get a hold of.

Now, if anyone else on here who is over the age of 12 would like to respond to this post in a helpful manner, please feel free. If you don't know the answer to my question, then just don't reply. Not that difficult, is it?

You, SIR, are immature and should move on from this board because you have nothing constructive to say whatsoever.

In all honesty, I feel sad for anyone (like you) who lives their life as you do on a daily basis. You must feel good about yourself each night when you lay your head on your pillow, after a day of insulting and berating. What an accomplishment. Get a life.

If you choose to respond in your usual scathing manner, please do. It will only solidify the opinion that many of us here likely hold about you. Here's your chance to really show all of us worthless and incapable human beings how tough you really are. The stage is yours.

For the record, I currently earn over 10 cents per line as an employee. Not a wimp, not weak, not ignorant. Sorry to burst your bubble.
Sick of nationals
Do not rule out larger private practices. I worked acute care for 13 years and then was outsourced. Then I spent 1 1/2 years messing around with Nationals and then found a position with a large orthopedic practice, 50+ docs. Very good benefits and I do work from home, though working from home was not an issue for me. With experience, these jobs are out there but you have to be willing to jump on them when they come up. Good luck.
PTO/sick time..sm

I know this is a dumb question, but I am considering testing for them.  So, when you are sick or want to take off, you schedule it with your supervisor right?  Then, it goes unpaid right?  Are they pretty flexible regarding time off? 

I guess if I need a vacation, I would need to save up money for it.  How does it work for you?

Please excuse any typos. 

I'm sick of psych
I'll email you my company info when I find another job...
sick and inundated
The person who does that has been sick and she is inundated with applicants. She is working through them. Please be patient.
makes me sick
What other industry would possibly be paying its employees the same (or even lower!) wages than they were paying 15 years ago??? I remember new employees getting paid 8.5 cpl back in 1995!!!!!!!!!

Using an inflation calculator: What cost $8.5 in 1995 would cost $11.90 in 2008.

Meaning that, without any raises for merit (yeah, a joke, right) the MT making 8.5 cpl in 1995 should now be making 11.9 cpl JUST TO BREAK EVEN with inflation!!!

A travesty for sure.
The big question is: Are you and other MTs sick
Sick at Spheris. . .
Really, I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown working here. Crappy platform (Cornerstone), poor management, lousy everything. Been here 8 years. Would leave if I wouldn't be retiring in a year (if I make it to then). Run away from this company if you value your sanity.
sick of Transcend
I cannot speak first-hand to issues at Transcend because I have never worked there and never will. However, a colleague of mine, an experienced MT of 30 years (and former MTSO) took a job there and quickly left. She said it was a nightmare and she is the kind of person who could handle anything. I was kind of surprised that she did not last but she told me that no matter what, never take a job there. That is just her opinion, of course, but it kind of scared me.
Also, I am sick of getting the NSA prompt, often
after being told things are getting better as far as work volume goes. I had to fight for a 3rd acct after WX lost 2 of my old ones. They refuse to assign a 4th. Why don't they just level with us? Being told this is seasonal is insulting and blatantly not true. I suppose they just overhire and could care less if we make a paycheck or not.
You can say that again. Never for the MT. I get sick of being taken advantage of for their benefit.

cause I am sooo sick of hearing (sm)
whining and griping and complaining about the same old same old!!! That's why! And if it agitates YOU to think about finding another flippin' job, then so what! I really don't care! I say, if your job stresses you out this much, it is very easy to look elsewhere.  There are only TONS and TONS of other places to work, so...find another J-O-B! Simple as that! And quit yer whining, why don't cha?
I think you are wrong. Everyone has a price. I think she would be sick of all of this by now. xx