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slow July

Posted By: Dawn on 2006-07-27
In Reply to: Very slow July - CG

I don't get it.  Aren't people still getting sick, having surgery, getting x-rays?  Is Voice Recognition or outsourcing reducing our workload that much?  This seems to be affecting everyone.

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Very slow July
I've been with my company for a long time too and it has never been this slow.  I have hardly worked in July.  I am looking for another job.  I can't hang on like this.  Yes, they said it was the summer slump.
Slow going since the beginning of July..nm
Oops. Meant I've only had it be SLOW at Christmas and July 4
Depends on the account. Work on VR lately has been slow. Just like all companies, we have slow times

Honestly though, I have only had 2-3 times in the past 2 years where it was like the other day...no work... It did pick up later but I just think it's important not to make someone think we're overloaded with work all the time. That would not be fair to them if they end up with high expectations.

No - it is not always slow! Depends on the company and hospital. I have never been slow this time
Slow time is usually in September when everyone is back to work/school from the summer months.

Been doing this 24 years and never slow this time of year. Actually, I am drowning in work - can't keep up.
I started with MQ in July as an SE (sm)
My incentives? Well, it starts once I make my required lines of 6000. It goes as high as 2 cents a line if I type 16,000 lines.

Yes, I will get quarterly bonuses.


Yes, in July 2001. nm
Ad from July said ICs for 2nd and 3rd shift only. Don't know anything else. nm
It'll be a cold day in July when that happens.
IMO is it that bad. I left after 12+ years. As of July 1 no
incentive, replaced with a quarterly bonus that is almost impossible to obtain - also the amount of bonus is subject to how many MTs receive it and how much they decide to pay out for cpl. Also if you like transcribing 8-10 or more different accounts a day then go for it. A good many of us lost our primaries and went to a national pool and some were reporting 25 different accounts in 1 day. Impossible to obtain line count and/or quality. They are now apparently losing many accounts because of the poor quality of dictation.
I've worked for them since July of last year...

and I started out with Express Scribe software and no foot pedal.  They never told me that I had to buy anything and they did provide the AAMT BOS, and medical spellchecker, and drug dictionary amongst other stuff that I am too tired to think about at this point.  Just an FYI.


I left MedQuist last July and went to Keystrokes..(sm)
I like it there.  They are very nice to work for.  The pay is on time.  I always have plenty of work on just one account, maybe a couple slow periods but there is still work to do. I also have a backup account but have only typed on it once because my main account has enough work. I type on Meditech and don't find it bad at all. I can still produce a lot of reports. I hesitated to leave MQ because I had been there 8 years and thought I would never leave.  But I had several accounts and none of them had work and I was losing so much money. All in all, I'm glad I  went to Keystrokes.  Good Luck!
I left after 14+ years. I loved MQ and my PS until July 1. sm
I left for another company. I started with the new company and also with Instant Text on the same day....threw myself into the fire! I so struggled the first 2 weeks and even questioned both on here. I decided to stick it out, and I have to tell you that I definitely am getting settled and love it. When you see dictator names and report types come up that you actually RECOGNIZE, the feeling is amazing. Even tho I felt that i was struggling, I made a bonus for my first full pay period. The grass..IS GREENER! Good luck
Hello-it has already started-MQ fired in July 07, December 07, and then
announced CBAY in May 07, guess what-time for another surprise, I bet within a few weeks to a month at least 500 go. What a coincidence that the CBAY India is advertising for 500 MTs in India and 200 QA!
First time since July, I ran out of work today BUT sm
Extext has been terrible for over a week. I think it may be Extext. I had to wait until midnight before all my lines from yesterday showed up. I have been booted out a number of times, have lost reports, had it put in offline mode and my internet was FINE.

It may be Extext!
The acct that started in July replaced
one they lost. Only the people who were on the account that left in the middle of June were assigned the new hospital, which I think is a small one. Any news on other upcoming accts? Anyone? My STM just says as far as she knows, she will not be getting any new accts. If she knows more, she's not saying.
Futurenet's big account says it starts the 28th of July. (sm)
Maybe they have people training on a not so great account until the big one comes live. Who knows, this account may be a terrific one. JMO
Good company but had layoff in July. Are they hiring?
Very professionally ran company.
I have worked for Cardioscribes since July. I live in Kansas.
The owner actually lives in Kentucky. I guess if you don't want any Indian connections, you can just decide not to respond to the job post. As far as deception goes, I don't see any. I am very happy with the company.
superior global - are they paying on time now? any input since july?xx
No DD offered in July ག, wanted $25 each check to overnight it.

Never offered Direct Deposit, only an agreement to pay $25 per check for overnight deposit.  No work or low work through training, try to find someone to set you up with reports to type 1-3 jobs at a time, this could last for months.  Lots of ESLs as I have said before.  I only have experience with one account with 3 hospitals that still used WP5.1, and two accounts that were done in Word. All of these five hospitals had ESLs who slurred, rushed, mumbled, plenty of background noise on the unit while Doc was dictating, drowning him out.  QA read every report and seemed to have no problem filling in blanks, but very rarely sent copies so I could try to make out what the Doc might be saying.  Some people who answered phones on weekends and should have been able to get tech to help, or get someone in QA to help, were rather touchy and crabby, and quick to tattle to management if you weren't sweet after 4 hours of computer hell.  If they put an old outdated program on your machine, and your machine won't run with it like they say it should, they seem amazed.  Nobody is really able to help with the WP5.1 program, they're all waiting for the accounts to convert. They like to say it's a family, but to me it was a rather dysfunctional family at that.  

In summary, the two hospital accounts that were done in Word I found impossible to understand the doctors, couldn't make enough lines to pay my bills.  When I asked to try another account, I was given the WP5.1 work, basically the same story, awful dictators, PLUS big problems with the platform. 

Everybody in Work Flow and QA were friendly and kind and supportive.  Jim Pinkerton in Tech is very easy to work with but he has a lot on his plate and can't get to everybody's problems.  The other guys in Tech like I said just couldn't help with the WP5.1 platform.  Harder to get help on the weekend from any aspect, even though a weekend day is required. 

If you are looking for a great job they are out there, I finally did find one that I hope to be with for many years.  Keep your eye out on the Job Seeker's board here, and on MTJobs.com   Don't assume anything, have a list of questions ready when you talk to the recruiter.  And try not to take the first line rate offered, if you're not convinced it is enough for you.  You really can't negotiate it after you accept the job, you have to do it before you agree. 

Left end of July for a company paying more and I set my own hours. Much less stress too. (nm)
This hospital started in July after WX lost another, larger acct.
Currently, the acct is always out of work. Perhaps they will be sending more work WX's way now.
On the MTIA website, those entries are dated July/August 2006! Now, in 2008, if you write your...

congressman in support S. 810 or H.R. 1653, you are supporting an act governing federal grants for scientific research or abstinence teaching in federally funded sex education programs,

And, I'm not saying I don't support those two issues.  I'm just saying it has nothing to do with outsourcing.  In order of effect real change, we must at least sound like we know what we are talking about.  Writing our congressman in support of a two year old bill that no longer exists or writing out congressman about outsourcing and reference bills that have nothing to do with outsourcing, makes us all look like uninformed weiners!

What I do when its slow

I do exactly what the email they sent out to us says.  If there isnt any work during my shift, I leave and take the kids somewhere, clean or do laundry, make dinner early or whatever.  Then when work comes in, I work.  If work is there during my shift but there isnt a lot, I take what I can and then go do my thing and come back later.   When work is slow, I do work longer  hours trying to get work in.  I get a good line count in too.  I am not in this career for others.  I am in it to feed my family.  I am in it for a paycheck.  If work is slow, I will take what I can get when I can get it.  I type fast and am productive and I will not go without. 

The email they sent out said to t ype during early morning hours or at night when the work is in there.  So that is what everyone has to do.  First come, first serve.  We all have the same chance of getting on there and getting the work.  The early bird gets the worm, ya know.  This MT that has 20,000 lines per pay.  I think that is great.  I try to get that also.  There is nothing wrong with that or unbelievable about that.  It all boils down to how bad you want it.

 outdated platform, new QA guidelines for the birds.  I'm trying to find something else now.
You can slow it down (sm)
In your transnet player box, there's a box that says more or something like that. I'm not logged in right now and can't remember.  But, it's at the bottom right of the transnet player box.  Click that, and you can adjust the volume, speed, etc.
The 4th was slow for many
Very slow to pay!
slow down

Please tell me how.  When I do it it does not give me that option.  Help!!

Slow for me, too.
There just is not the level of work available that I would expect, sometimes nothing at all, this is on the same account you asked about, looks like the monitor took that part out. Went from a hundred report backup to a job trickling in here and there, started to dry up around Christmas but seems to me it never recovered. That's not a seasonal slump, the work may be going elsewhere.
DQM slow?

my first job is taking FOREVER to come up...anybody else?

Still slow
I guess it is feast or famine depending on account because they are still just trickling through. 
It's slow for me, too.
It's Slow Everywhere
Yeah, it's just that time of the year when people have better things to do than go to the hospital I guess. In my 18 years experience in medical transcription there are always these slow times occasionally. It will pick up. I'm not worried. I socked back some when it was busy and I was getting those great bonuses TT gives us. People have been on here slamming TT saying everything from there being too many transcriptionists on accounts and even accusing them of outsourcing. That is one thing they do not do and I really feel that my statement is accurate. You can tell by the job numbers that work has been slow. I was transcribing a report a couple of weeks ago and there was a female yelling out to a doctor that was walking away and she said, Hey, get back to that office and bring us in some patients...we're hurting here. Confirmation to me. I love Transtech and plan on hanging in there with them until the cows come home. Good luck and don't worry...it's gonna pick up soon.
I do not think it is slow everywhere!
But, that being said, I honestly wonder why people feel the need to say this sort of thing out here? It makes more sense to be in touch with your company and get it straightened out than be in this state of upset when a phone call or an email might give you a direct answer.

I never did receive my last paycheck from Transform.  Got tired of fighting for it, but it's not too late to contact the Department of Labor and Attorney General, I guess.


If it is slow where you are already, I hope all the employees have a large bank account because the holidays are not even here yet!!  You will be out of work for 2 months.
They are slow. I've been getting emails not to download work on secondary accounts so they will have enough for the primaries, but they are fair and usually let you flex your shift if you need to. They tend to get backed up in the evenings.
That's why I am on this board.  If it doesn't get better, I need to move on - not paying the bills here..........
Only slow during the day when EVERYBODY
slow slow slow
The lady who will contact you worked for another company and slow is her middle name.  I don't know if it's that she's not organized or what, but she takes her sweet time with anything she does.  It can take weeks and usually people have found another job.
Yes, it's slow
I think it's a combination of the holiday slow-down and the fact that a lot of MTs from MQ are trying to jump ship right now and may be flooding the job market. I had to job hunt in July and I was very discouraged by how long it took the companies to get back to me. Several of them did keep my resume on file and contacted me later, although I was already working at a new job by then. This was, in a couple cases, months after I originally applied. Some do hold on to your resume and contact you later when they have an opening.
We are slow also. However, are you
still logged in to the pool when you are not working?? If not, they are going to the next available MT when they come in. I personally stayed logged in and therefore am in when a job pops in if I am the next one in line.
could you tell me what is slow sm
about it? I just applied with them and know nothing of this platform. I only want to work part-time. Just curious.
HMM, i must be slow, cause i sure
I have been with KS for about 6 months now and I wish I could say my account was slow. I do clinic and just got 75 jobs assigned to me yesterday. There is no lack of work on my end. Maybe you should suggest an account change, or maybe they're trying to weed out the slackers.
Okay are all the Rad accounts slow?
You must be slow, so VR will work for you.
Personally, I could not live on 13.50 an hour, or 12 an hour or some other equally low rate of pay. That is not even typing 200 lines an hour, and if you are so experienced, you certainly did not work on your speed skills. Your editing speed is just as slow, obviously.

VR will only help people like you who are very slow at transcribing. It is not going to help those who work much faster.

IBM selectric? I knew people who could transcribe 2000 lines a day on those things. Think what they did when computers came in.

Your post is confusing to me. Yes, I use an expander and a computer,and I get paid for my work because I did the input. I am also going to have to do the input for VR but that will pay half of what I make now. Forget it, sista, I am not an idiot. And I have yet to see an ADT feed that worked without glitches.

Like I said, you sit under your mushroom, let the owner and management make money off you while you sit there and work for a rate of pay that won't allow you to buy peanuts or popcorn cuz those are luxury items on your rate of pay.

Oh, I get it now. Sorry, little slow tonight. I'm
so sorry this happened to you. Unbelievable how this world is.  I hope you get every penny you're due and THEN SOME.
Ah...but what fun it makes on a slow day!

We all love to be 'right'!!   And if we can't be right then maybe we can just be silly.  Sorry etched in stone.  I should have continued but ended up getting distracted.  It is (was) a cold, snowy, slow, and beautiful day and a fun topic came up and I was inspired to respond.  Obviously not very well.  Small, see, long, short, no ..... we will keep them all and continue to wonder why 127 people opened a message that so obviously had NM in it! 

Just can't help it...it might just mean nasty message or naughty message so we have to peek.