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their QA is rude. The office staff will slap you right in the head. don't think about it.

Posted By: QA is rude on 2005-11-14
In Reply to: I currently work for Meridian and really enjoy it - sm

they are all nicey nice until you don't sniff the right way, then WHAMMO

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My only contact with them was rude. The front office person or whomever schedules interviews is rude
This was about a year ago but I set up an interview and either I was supposed to call them or they were to call me at a certain time but I totally spaced off the time change. The lady went off on me and told me that they had no interest in me because I couldn't call on time etc. Rude. There is no way I would ever work for someone like that.
The staff is so rude that they got banned
from this site for being extremely rude to an ex employee
yes, about five yr ago, not a good exp, very rude staff...nm
Office Staff TT
I think they are more aware than ever with the new accts. that more office and management staff is needed. Lately they've promoted a couple from within the company to act as lead transcriptionists to take some of the burden off of the acct. manager and others in the supervisory position to give them more time to answer other questions. There is Eyvonne, who I think is the actual supervisor and Diana, Donna, Nancy and another one I do not know the name of that are doing jobs that once only one person was doing. I think it's super they did this. It helps out a lot having someone always there to ask questions if you need an answer. Eyvonne is always responsive and Donna and Diana are simply fabulous. They are so kind and try to answer your questions quick. The other night I had a question and emailed the lead MT address and even though Donna did not know the answer, her answer was I don't know but I'll find out for you and she DID. How many times do you hear of someone saying that and really doing it? Not often. They needed to do this a long time ago. I've only been with TT for almost a year but I really like it here and they seem to really be conscious that we are what makes this company work. Agree with you too, I love all the work recently.
agree with absolutely every thing said, and double on the rude staff...nm
I worked for them also and the greatest office staff. .. nm
It was stated the leak came from office staff.

There was also the issue of an MT getting a QA file that wasn't hers, the lended more fuel to the fire.    I know a few more things that I can't say without pointing the finger at myself that also has me concerned. 

I guess until someone gets up the nerve to ask the MTSO we'll never know.  

My MTSO only gives bonus to office staff. MTs do
Great office staff, okay pay, horrible ESL's, no bennies....NM
Great office staff, okay pay, horrible ESL's on all accounts. NM
Are the office staff male or female? The reason I ask is

that in India women are generally second class citizens.   I'm sure they are becoming westernized, but when people marry in India the wife becomes a possession.

I wondered if the office staff were male and the reason for their lack of social graces is more because of culture than anything.  Regardless not pleasant and doesn't matter why. 

Great office staff, okay pay, no benefits, horrible ESL all accounts...NM
LOVE IT! Been here 2 weeks and am already up to my past production. The office staff are
wonderful, I love my account and am so glad I made this move.
in addition, while the office staff are partying, visiting with each, breaking whenever they want to
with pay, we are struggling to pound those cold keys with our cold fingers with our break drinks, meals at our desk . . . no time to take off due to no pay for any time taking off for a break or lunch.   We are grabbing all the work we can get now before another MT gets it, as our paychecks continue to dwindle due to VR/ASR and leads and others taking the easier dictators from us (those who have ever transcribed a word in their life) and passing all the other down to the piecemeal worker, the MT.

TransTech sent an Amex gift cheque and a lovely card signed by all the office staff.
Very thoughtful and a nice surprise. I love these people.
YOG - Lots of work, great office staff, great money. NM
The staff and the attitudes of the staff. Very helpful, cheerful. (sm)
They seem to work extremely hard to balance everything out, enough work, enough MTs and always making sure they let the MTs know they are a valuable asset to the company. That means a lot. Not to mention the bennies are pretty good, too.
The rude rude rude post is TRUE
go over the supers head to the head of operations. sm
Any STM that does not reply to her people is a jerk and the head of operations needs to know.
I'm not sure why it's a slap in the face
They want the absolute best, prefer someone who has a CMT, and someone with years of experience dealing with ESL type dictators. In other words, they want an American. I personally don't see it as a slap in the face, but rather a confirmation of what we tell each other on this board every day...no matter how many third world countries they want to offshore the work to, they are nowhere near as good as an American MT, and the fact that Saudi Arabia wants to hire an American rather than someone from India, which is geographically a heckuva lot closer, makes that point.
production pay is NOT a slap in the face if you are
and a professional. To me, it is an opportunity to make as much money as i feel like pushing for. I don't feel locked-in to a certain amount of a paycheck.
I think it is a slap in every US MT/QA's face for SPI to be in Vietnam.

I would hope that no one would continue working for this company.  They have lied to their hospitals and my guess is a lot of hospitals would be upset to know their stuff was going to VIETNAM of all places.

Guess we can call their recruiter Hanoi Jane now.

Low is an understatement. Slap in the face is more like it!! nm
Crap, what a slap in the face. nm
what did you see and why is a job advert a slap in the face?...nm
Can't take it as a slap in the face .. TTS sent me an offer letter of 6 cents.-something sm

I have over 30 years of experience.  The sad thing ... companies advertise they want experienced MTs, but are not willing to pay for that experience.  On the other side, the starting out MT can't get a job because they want experience but you can't get experience if no one will give you a job .. kinda like the old Catch 22 I read in high school.

For every MT I wish a wonderful wage with great benefits and all you need ... for MTSOs I wish a happy match with employees that will help you satisfy your clients' needs and make you a profit as well, while you are being fair to the MT too.



Just be rude..out and out rude so they have just cause to "fire" you.. haha..What a bunch of i
Who would want to work for incompetent people like that. Time to change your phone numbers. They are like bad stalkers.
Being paid by production is a slap in the face of quality. Bills due
determine the work ethics, from what I have witnessed. For an MT who has to come up with the money to live and the work available limited, there is a race to grab the best work, produce it as fast as possible and get on to the next job (which one may cherry pick simply because, well, they need the cash and have only so many hours to work, a limited amount of work available to them and, one might conclude, why not grab the easier work). It sucks. If there were ample work available to give the 8 hr a day MT her/him line count and provide her/him with a salary that one could live on modestly with a fair share of the good/bad, it would certainly make our days much more pleasant and then, quality would improve.
Rude answer to a rude post. nm
3 words, rude, rude, rude....sm

the owner sends out UGLY and NASTY emails to the MTs. The communication is just a disorganized mess and they hire you as an IC, but pretty much treats you like an employee.  Emdat sucks and pretty much the accounts are not that great.  VERY hard to get your lines in Emdat platform.  They LOVE to FIRE....when in actuality.....(that is the term they use)...you cannot FIRE an IC, you can lock them out of the system and I guess that is firing, but those two words have always been a pet peeve of mine....hearing when MTs are fired as ICs....Just my opinion

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MTStars Team

The main office was in Bolingbrook but they built an office in Yorkville last fall. SM
I think that the owners live in Yorkville, so it was built close to their house. Nice office, just pretty far out.
Just curious, is the MQ Nashville office the old Lanier office? nm
I don't work in the office and never claimed to. I am just saying that since the new office open
October with everyone of the admin staff in one place, these problems do not occur any more.
Rude, rude posters
Hope you rude posters find a good fit for you.  Don't run down OSi because some of us like them.  No problems either and I have 10 years experience.  No newbies here like you say.  Love the accounts I'm on.  Hope the complainers find a good home, but if not, they will be back and on another company's case. 
It is so rude to call QA rude because YOU have
been stuck on QA hold for six months!! And the other poster above - if you are getting QA notes and they are including your supervisor, which you imply is not the norm, then YOU are the one responsible. It matters not if you've been an MT for 1 week or 30 years - if your skills are not up to par, they are not up to par. Many MTs get cleared from QA hold within hours or days at most - companies do NOT want to hold you up from producing, nor do they love to waste their $ on MTs on QA hold. You really need a reality check. And no, I am not rude! It is always, always the MTs lacking in skills who get pissed at QA - no form of feedback is acceptable to that type - even sealed with a kiss and a big bow!
Rude! Recruiter was very rude to me.
She had an attitude right off the bat.
Can't get paid in the office if you don't work in the office.
JLG has MT's working at home, not in the office, not to mention working out of state.  The mail is the only way to get paid since they have temporarily suspended direct deposit.  The only ones getting paid on time are the ones that do work in the office, like the management and people answering the phone. 
Closed FW office, Indianapolis office too. nm
Pay is only so so, but the staff was very
rude, software was okay, they did pay ontime. Only thing was, when you ask how you are doing, they will say great and then let you go with no word as to why. Very awful company!!
I am NOT staff. I am an MT. nm
Pay was okay, staff was extremely
rude, they will fire you for anything and you cannot trust them at all!! Worst company out there IMO
the staff there is very nice and
very understanding. you should not hesitate to communicate with them while you are unable to keep your schedule and tell them why. don't wait until after the fact because they have no clue what is going on. you have a wonderful way to communicate with Future Net
Amdin Staff and MTs are not the same
And even though you surely went through a very hard time with your family and my heart goes out to you. You were not one of DeVille's managers. You were a new employee typing from home. I am sure his relationship with his managers and his MTs are on two different levels.
I like TT because the staff is nice, sm
they leave you alone to get your work done and are supportive and understanding.
I think the non-MT staff puts in a lot of
hours to get new accounts up and running, training new people, and ironing out the details.

I think start-up time is probably triple the work for them, so yeah, I think they should get paid for all the prep work they do so that the work can actually be transcribed.

Can QA staff at precyse use their own PC
or are QA folks required to use Precyse's PC? Again, this is related to QA only...not MTs.
You are kidding - right? At 2 cpl he treats his staff well!!! nm
While it is true that the management and staff
are nice, it is also true that there have been some problems with the work flow.
Since my last QA score was 99.69%, that's a non-issue. Hopefully, things will stabilize in time, although overhiring might be a factor.
RIGHT OR WRONG, if I like a supervisor or the staff

Personality of the person I am dealing with means a lot to me.  I think it keeps me longer in a job that is not right and if the people are jerks but the work is good, I just can't stay in the job.  PERSONALITY IS SO MUCH IN LIFE......MTSO managers, heads up, stop with the phony baloney niceness and be a real human and for the ones who are snippy and have a superior attitude..... you  just lost some good workers for your bosses. 


LOL! And I bet your *wonder* QA staff are dying to get off your team!
Funny, I was a QA manager too, and you probably took the crappy job I got rid of. LOLOLOL! I'm on a high horse? ha. That's funny...!