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track changes

Posted By: typing on 2007-04-20
In Reply to:

Ok, I am correcting one of my girls documents.  I am trying to use track changes.  After i email this to her i want to get rid of the red marks, save, and send to my client.  How do i get rid of these red marks?

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I just keep track of my main break. I don't keep track
of every interruption during my shift, that would be ridiculous. Im not gonna log every potty break, or phone call I have to take. I take 20-30 mins for my dinner break and that is what I log on my sheet.
NOW you are on the right track.
As to noncompete agreements? They are generally not enforceable IF they are too broad - and that's where an attorney comes in - for interpretation. IF YOU DON'T target THEIR clients, you are free to solicit business where you choose. So bypass the legal stuff and solicit your OWN, different clients...

You should ALSO contact your reps in congress - in a serious professional can I have a meeting type of way. Start with your local representative and be prepared to some serious homework. This is if you want to undertsanding why and how offshoring exists. Not as simple as some would have you believe.

Good luck!
off track totally....
And we have a Chevy with 300,000 miles been going strong for years plowing snow, blah, blah, blah....but all this is off track and is very unfortunate that it appears that many just simply do not care if the MT industry gets off-shored or not.  But again, that is every individuals perogative to care or not to care and only someday when it affects you or someone you love personally will you ever truly understand!!  
They also track your location

because you cannot post anonymously anymore.  If you are using a proxy site you cannot post. 

Big Brother MTSO.

no it doesn't track total for whole day
you have to do each document individually, but also keep in mind that it counts ALL lines, both typed and not typed. So be careful of that, if you aren't getting paid for blank lines.
You're exactly right! Oh, and please do not track me down at my personal
Big no-no. No-no.

Can companies track who you are on this board?

If you post a question/comment here about your company, if they wanted to know who you are, it is possible for them to track down who you are? 


Maybe 45 minutes, didn't keep track though sm

wasn't bad in my opinion.  Pretty routine questions, the more you know off your head, the faster it goes and also if you keep the small talk down and get to business, doesn't take that long.

Well, now I'm curious. I have to track down who I worked for. I was
Just did a mapquest and JLG is off Race Track Rd, not that is matters, but.... nt
lines are REALLY hard to get. no way to keep track, you have to ASK for them. it's a pain and not
I'd keep track of my time and figure out my hourly (sm)
and go from there. It'll either be an hourly rate you're happy with or not, kwim?
Yes, they can track you via the IP address that you are posting from. There is no such thing as pri
I DO keep track, and work long hours, but only
If I say I can't do the minimum line count in 8 hours, they say I'm too slow. But if I eliminate quality (by not proofing or not correcting grammar, and just typing verbatim) then I hear about that, too. They just say to work harder, work faster.

The MTSO's only care about their precious TAT and volume. What we have to do to ourselves in order to accomplish THEIR goals is of no importance to them.

The only way it ever will be is if someday they happen to get put under a microscope like other fraudulent US businesses have, lately.

What I wouldn't give to see the fat-cats at AHDI up in front of Congress trying to explain themselves some fine day. Could happen.
Did not like. Slow, cumbersome, no way to track line counts.


Fast Track Medical Transcription Services, LLC
Anyone hear of them? TIA!
sounds like Medquist keeping track of all times
my company does not do that
Keeps track of keystrokes and websites. Monitors you to make
Maybe they mean sign in and out for breaks etc to keep track of the 8 hours that you are to work. nm
Then we ALL need to start keeping track of our hours and anything that falls
below minimum wage - we need to start reporting these companies - don't care if this is caused only because of a decrease in starting VR or whatever causes it, no work, downtime if not paid, EVERYTHING included.  I do believe that might get the MTSOs attention.  They can't fire us all.  Looks like India MT situation might be in trouble so the MTSOs should be very cautious that perhaps they can't rely on offshore forever in the future.     
Does DQS track your time for payroll, or do we fill in our own timesheet on-line? nm
Haven't noticed - do you keep track of individual report counts?
You say you type 130 wpm but call yourself slow? I think you lost track of your story AnnSallie
Hope you are happy and glad if you are. I'm not following this anymore as it's getting a little old.
I suppose you have to write down the line count for every single document and it doesnt track them
for a total for the while day. That is what I was wondering.