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The 50 pounds after the hysterectomy? (sm)

Posted By: OP on 2008-01-03
In Reply to: I ended up havng both - now wish I hadn't done the ablation

I have gained a lot in the last 6 months and wonder if it is related to my hormonal issues. Did you lose weight after your hysterectomy?

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Can't speak for everyone, but my hysterectomy was the BEST thing I ever did!  I had it almost 4 years ago due to severe abdominal pain after spending a few years in and out of surgery for D&C's, uterine ablation, etc.  I had a vaginal hysterectomy and was home within 36 hours -- no pain!  I don't regret it for a moment.  I still have my ovaries (my choice and doc's recommendation), so I still go every year for my annual physical.  I had some adhesions from my appendectomy, but it didn't seem to be a problem.  My advice - git 'er done!
I just had a hysterectomy done a couple months ago - and for me personally it was one of the best decisions I have made. I have tons more energy now, no pain, and even have more of a sex drive (which of course my husband loves!). In saying that, every individual is different. There is a website called HysterSisters dot com - check it out - very helpful with information and answers to questions you may have. Good luck to you whatever you decide.
As someone who has been 235.5 pounds and now to 115 pounds (sm)
There is no comparison. It feels gross to be fat. I beat myself up every night because I ate too much and "I'll do better tomorrow," which never happened except once in June of 2004 when it all changed for me.

Now that my weight is down to normal (I'm 5Ƌ" tall), people treat me differently. I feel much better. Clothes fit me pretty much right. (I have a little bit of excess skin but nothing I need removed.)

Being less than half of what I was is much, much better than being "plump."

I'm not afraid of any food, BTW. I can still out-eat most anyone at a buffet, but I choose not to do so anymore. I do eat what I want; I just had to change what I wanted. What is so wrong about eating more fiber and less meat anyway?
Hysterectomy, my story sm
I had to have a TAH-BSO. My fibroid was the size of a soccer ball, so that was the only way it could come out. My doctor recommended, since I was over the age of 45, to remove the tubes and ovaries to prevent future possibility of ovarian cancer. I was on estrogen for a little while (first estradiol patch - didn't like it, then Cenestin), but I didn't notice any hot flashes or anything really different, so I stopped taking the estrogen. It was so nice not bleeding so much any more. I was out of work for 6 weeks, though. Also, if you have stress incontinence or any other problems in the area, they can fix that all at the same time, so it really was worth it. I had umbilical hernia surgery in the past so don't know about the adhesions, but I was fine. Also, won't need yearly Pap smears any more, just once every 5 years or so (according to my doctor). Good Luck
Your upcoming hysterectomy
I agree with the other posters. Best thing I ever did and I, too, was 42. Actually had gallbladder out in April 1998 and hysterectomy in July 1998:( I had everything removed so did not have to worry. I had the vaginal surgery, almost had to have abdominal because of size of uterus. Thank God it went well vaginally. I agree with Janet, I could have gone to work the next day. Felt absolutely GREAT!! What is more, I was working in-house for a clinic and had sick time built up and my doctor was gracious enough to give me 8 weeks off, during the summer have you and.........I was paid for doing it. Good luck!
Please help. Had a hysterectomy last year
and ever since I am drying up like a prune. My sinuses are always clogged and the top of my eyelids are so dry I can hardly put eyeshadow on because it just flakes off. Has anyone else had this problem after a hysterectomy or while going through menopause? Is there a miracle cream out there for my dry skin? I've tried a few but so far nothing works.
I lost 123 pounds (sm)
I am down to 112 pounds. All my skin, including my face skin, bounced back really well. I do have a little loose skin on my thighs but not so much that I can't wear shorts. My belly looks like I've been pregnant with big kids, and with my largest being 10 pounds, I earned my loose belly skin.

It might have made a difference that I did it "au naturale" without the surgery, so I am still absorbing my nutrients properly.
No, it looks fat as I am fat. I am trying to drop 70 pounds - sm
and dread the wrinkles that will most likely pop up; but I guess in order to get back to a healthy weight my face will have to pay the price. I will live with it.
I also had a picture up with me 35 pounds
heavier. it was not pretty. That was my motivation. by the way, I will walk 2 miles a day and have been doing so for 8 years to keep the poundage off.
Had my hysterectomy 13 years ago, and
although they are not as bad as they used to be. And no, I am not ERT.
Just a few pounds, but don't want to starve...

Hi all,

Would like to a lose a little weight, about 35 to 40 lbs. but do not want to starve myself (I have a sweet tooth) and do it healthy of course. Currently, I am eating smaller portions, watching what I eat, no soda, drinking more water and walking in the evenings. I had my baby four years ago and still look about six months pregnant when I look sideways in the mirror and a little extra on the hips and thighs. I would love to have my abs back at least!

Any suggestions? What works for you and/or what have you tried? TIA.

Somehow I lost 10 pounds.
My SIL had this and lost over 150 pounds. She...
really did not have any major problems after the surgery. However, it has been almost 2 years and in the past few months she has regained 35 pounds. If someone is eating to deal with emotional problems or just life in general, having the surgery does not make the emotional problems go away. They need to find another way to deal with them before the surgery in order for the surgery to work effectively. Just my opinion from watching my SIL. The docs need to deal more with WHY the patient is eating the way they do and work on changing eating habits before they have the surgery.
Hysterectomy question
Hope you do not have to. You are way too young. I had one 10 years ago, had cervical cancer, so abdominal with bikini cut. I had a long recovery, 5 days in hospital, 8 weeks out of work. I was very sore and tired for about the first 2 weeks. It was very tiring just to blow dry my hair. Then 3 years ago had to have ovaries out through a vertical midline incision. That recovery was much better. My sister-in-law also just had a hysterectomy, vertical midline and she recovered very quickly. Was out of the hospital in 2 days and really felt great a few weeks later but had to be out of work for 4-6. I all depends on your tolerance and I think the incision if abdominal.

Good luck and take care of yourself. Definitely get a second or even third opinon since you are so young.
MT with the hysterectomy - are you back among us yet?
If you are referring to me, I had the hysterectomy. sm
I posted here and got a lot of great advice from everyone. I am the one who had the left ovary removed first and then found out I was borderline cancer and the doctors recommended a complete hysterectomy. Well, I did have the hysterectomy and thankfully, all went well. Nothing had spread anywhere and all turned out fine. I am doing very well. Had my procedure laparoscopically and robotix assisted so less invasive. I spent one night in the hospital and actually was back at my computer the next day....on a limited basis of course...but I must say I have been lucky so far. Only hot flashes here and there, but other than that I have felt pretty good. Thanks for asking, if you were referring to me.
Had a hysterectomy 20 years ago
Still have my ovaries, though, and am going through menopause. That sure doesn't help matters!
I just had a supracervical hysterectomy last
However, I felt pretty good after a week.  I was back typing right away, pretty much, but not an 8-hour shift.  I'm an IC, so I can kind of type when I want.  Hubby had to do deliveries, but he worked it into his lunchtime.  I am just glad I did it because I was tired of suffering.  D&C didn't work either.  Birth control didn't work.  I had adenomyosis though confirmed after surgery, so I guess that was my biggest problem.  There was something wrong and it was causing problems for me.  So, I'm glad to have it done with.
And put on a few extra pounds?
I am 123 pounds down and have been for 3+ years
I went from 235.5 to 115. I did gain some weight in the middle of my weight loss, but I was baking a 9 pound 1 ounce baby during that time. I was at my prepregnancy weight within 3 days after delivery. The weight loss on WW was the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Good luck!
I heard that you should see Seven pounds
guess i'll skip it!
Thank goodness I did not try to see Seven Pounds
the other night and instead apparently chose a more adult themed movie. After my movie a woman came out from the Will Smith movie demanding to see a manager. She said loads of children in the theater totally acting out and their parents not controlling them.
The reason it is called a hysterectomy is sm
in Victorian days, doctors, of course were male.  They thought women were hysterical, in the psycho sense.  They freely did "hysterectomies", removing reproductive organs, and even a woman's clitoris, hoping it would calm them down.  (probably make them more like men). 
Had a hysterectomy 6-1/2 years ago, not for cancer, but
by far, one of the best decisions I ever made. I did get to keep my ovaries, but knowing what I know now I still would have it done even if it meant both ovaries being taken out, too. I know it's a tough decision and my prayers are with you. I'm  glad the cancer was contained to the one ovary.
Still trying to decide whether to have a hysterectomy. See message
I posted last week about my dilema about whether to have a hysterectomy or not after my left ovarian cyst (which was removed along with ovary) came back with a pathology report stating papillary serous tumor, borderline. Doctor says I should have hysterectomy for "insurance" and preventative measures. However, according to their group discussion, my tumor was borderline, but "more on the benign side". I am so confused. I'm 42 and I don't want to have a hysterectomy, but yet, I don't want to have a problem with cancer either. I have the option to follow every six months. Is this safe? Am I better off getting a hysterectomy? I just don't know what to do!!!!
Had hysterectomy years ago and not dried up per se but
my face was doing exactly as yours, the flaking of the eyelids. My surgery was in 1984 so it was not that. My dermatologist told me to never ever again put regular soap or those good smelling products on my face and told me to use Cetaphil soap (get at your drug store, Wal-Mart, etc) and I was not believing her but it works. The dry flaky eyelids went away as well as the other dry parts on my face. I tried a lot of the other things the people mentioned on MTs to me but finally found the answer. Try it, I do not think you will be sorry. Hey, by the way, my eyebrows even had dandruff (none on head) in them and that was terrible. Good luck!
Update on hysterectomy for anyone who is interested. sm
Hi everyone. Well I had the hysterectomy this Tuesday done laparoscopically assisted and robotix assisted, so less trauma to the surrounding tissue. Have 5 very small cuts on my abdomen and uterus, tubes and right ovary (the only one remaining) were removed. It all went well. Stayed overnight at the hospital and came home Wednesday morning. Feeling really well. Was sore for the first couple of days and only had to take Motrin. Feeling really good today with hardly any soreness. I have to take it easy for a few weeks without any exertion, but otherwise feeling well and am so relieved it is over. So far no symptoms of hot flashes or anything, but I'm still waiting for that to happen, so we will see. I am happy to say I am please with the outcome so far and now I feel I can move on without worrying about that issue any more. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice and words of wisdom.
Had ablation 3 years ago, having hysterectomy
I first asked my GYN about a hysty when I was 38. I was very irregular and never knew when I would start, except that I figured out that the days I stood in the shower and cried my heart out was always the day prior to starting. He said I was too young.

Fast forward to age 43. GYN recommended lap supracervical hysty but agreed to trying Novasure ablation to buy some time. For the past 3 years, I had only light spotting for half a day and my emotions were better, but still I felt I was overly emotional than what I expected from the surgery.

In January I had to take a Medrol Dosepak for something. On the same day as my last dose, I had a full-blown period. I have now had 3 in 40 days. They are worse than ever. I'm scheduled for a hysterectomy on Monday.

If you do consider an ablation, my advice is to stay away from steroids! It did buy some time for me, but combined with another health problem I have had (IBS/celiac sprue), I have been miserable for a year and I'm eager for this surgery!
I've been on WW and lost 40 pounds
I have some more to go, but it's the only thing that has worked for me. It makes sense. It's about making good choices with your food and increasing your activity. I've gone off WW now and then and was able to hold my own, or if I gained weight, I could hop back on the points plan and get things gong again. I don't go to meetings, though. I do everything online. I have access to all the areas of the website, and I'm able to do it that way, but I think it's much slower thn going to actual meetings. I just don't have time in my schedule to go to meetings.
Drink water! Move! Watcch points, and you lose weight.
I got 5 pounds of chocolate candy

Hubby remembered one night...just 1 night...and can't remember when, that I was so hungry for a piece of chocolate, he gave me 5 pounds of chocolate for Christmas!!!  I love chocolate but not that much!!!! I think he wants me to get fat.

 I ate 2 pieces so far since Christmas. Hmmmmmmmmmm, think I'll go grab a piece now. It seems to be calling me.

My physician never brought up about hysterectomy, I told him
I wanted to see about this but this situation different. I had ongoing bleding that could not be controlled and then another person in medical field told me how their friend almost hemorrhaged and not being able to stop the bleeding in the nighttime. I immediately called my physician and asked for a hysterectomy. So glad I did. This was in 1986 and loads of typing then on AIDS patients and how blood could be responsible. I did not want a transfusion at that particular time. My view only. No problem with the surgery at all. Now there are other means of controlling but past childbearing, saw no reason to just have the periods.
Yes, I stuck to it and lost 30 pounds in 3 months (sm)
You may have increased your salt intake this week and be retaining water? (lots of Weight Watchers dishes are high in sodium)or could you have PMS retention? Also if you started exercising a lot and are building some muscle, you could have lost fat and replaced the fat weight with muscle weight - which is great since muscle is much more compact and burns more calories. A great free website that you might like is 3fatchicks on a diet...not sure of the exact web address but it is very popular and if you Google it you should be able to find it. Don't give up!! I need to go back on it actually!! I have been off the wagon (or is it on the wagon? lol) for a while now. Good luck!!
Hard to recall, probabably 10-15 pounds -sm
in my first pregnancy, was borderline pre-eclamsia, BP was jumping all about at the end, lots of water weight. Daughter ended up being induced as they did not want to take any chances. Did not have that issue the 2nd time.
Hysterectomy. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and opinions. I have decided to go ahead with t
After obtaining the opinions of different physicians, the concensus is that my safest bet to avoid developing cancer given my borderline ovarian tumor is to proceed with a total hysterectomy. After pondering and fretting, although I am not thrilled with having a hysterectomy at age 42, I also don't want to be faced with developing cancer in the future, as they tell me I have a 20% probability of developing problems in the other ovary with my history. So full speed ahead....hysterectomy it is. If anyone of you has had a complete hysterectomy, I would love to hear from you regarding how you fared after the whole thing, if you required hormones, felt good, felt bad, etc. Thanks in advance.
I lost 77 pounds on WW a couple of years go. I agree with
meeting and learn from others new recipes or great low cal/low fat things at the store. On-line or at meetings you cant go wrong with WW IMO.
swore not sore. Ugg. Someday the pounds will go away and the typos too
I agree. I have to lose 80 pounds. Changed lifestyle, exercising now, sm
drinking more water instead of diet soda, life is good. I feel better now than ever before. Oh yea, I just quit smoking too... last cigarette was June 12th, the same diet I started my healthy way of living and lost 10 pounds so far.

Those that I know on Chantix, didn't gain the ൜ pounds", but still gained.
It seemed like most of them only gained like 10 pounds or so in the first 3 months on it. They say when quitting smoking to expect to gain 20. I don't care how much I gain. I lost over 50 pounds a couple years ago, so I know I can lose it again if I need to. Better to be 20 pounds over weight than smoking.