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Bytescribe .wavplayer will play the DSS files from Olympus.

Posted By: We use Olympus digital recorders. on 2009-02-05
In Reply to: Downloading DSS files from TASP - Jennifer

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Bytescribe wavplayer will play DSS files.

Bytescribe wavplayer
I have a Bytescribe wavplayer, but it doesn't fit into my speakers.  Does anyone know what kind of speakers I need to get, or do I need to drag the foot pedal into the store with me to try it out?
Do you have Bytescribe WavPlayer?
Bytescribe has a version of Wavplayer that will

convert DSS to Wav files.  I use it so the voice files will sound better.  The DSS files on the WavPlayer were alittle garbled on slow or fast speed so this converts them to Wav files, which plays better.  You could call Bytescribe and ask them if it will convert DVF files to Wav files.  It does it automatically when it loads the voice file.

No, I'm talking about Bytescribe WavPlayer.

You are only permitted three installations before you have to purchase another license. This becomes a problem if you're using a second computer, such as laptop for travel; when you eventually have to replace your computer (as I do about every 2 years), you're out of luck after the third install.

Bytescribe does say that you can work around that with something called a dongle--problem is they don't advertise it and I didn't know about it after the third install. So, IMO, it was not money well spent, especially when I found that Express Scribe was free and worked very well for me.

Found the original post about the Olympus WS110 - do I need olympus software to convert the files?


does anyone know about a 3-limit install on DocShuttle, Wavplayer and other Bytescribe products? sm
they told me after three installs, even if I buy a new computer, I have to buy the program all over again, at $100 a pop. Has anyone else ever been told this? Sounds like a rip off to me.
How about downloading a trial version of Wavplayer from Bytescribe (or other wav player)....sm
and see if the .dvf files will work.   That could help isolate some of the problem.  Can you get them to play in Media Player? 
You need something to play the files like free download of Express Scribe. Need to play with your
Don't know if Play-All or ByteScribe do this, but that's
Why would Olympus files not work with FTP?
The types of file shouldn't have any impact on FTP use. FTP is simply a place to store and transfer files, whatever the type. Can you provide more details as to why you think they don't work well with FTP? FTP is the quickest and easiest way to transfer files, IMO.
I use Bytescribe for my PC Dart files - sm
When you go to open up the file in the "open" window at the bottom should be a "files of type" box, select "Playall files" and that should do the trick. I don't know if you have this option in ExpressScribe, but I know it is very similar to Bytescribe so give it a shot.
Deleting Bytescribe wav files (just recycle bin?)

Not much action on the Tech Board so I'm pasting my question here:    Bytescribe people told me that once you delete the wav files (Options/Clear File History), it only deletes them from the player but not from your hard drive.  I did a search for .wav files on my computer but none of those BS wav files come up, other than in the recycle bin.  Is that the only place they would wind up after deleting them from the player then and am I done with them for good at the Recycle Bin? Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with this.  (I still cannot believe the tech did not know where the files wound up.) 

If you already have Bytescribe, he can email the voice files to you now.
Bytescribe plays dss files. very easy to do!. good luck.
Anyone use Olympus player/pedal for work files- e-mail me nm
What are you using to play the files? sm
There might be a setting to select the foot pedal and/or the type of files. 
yes. they are used to play wav files on your --sm
digital wav player, so they can be called wav pedals too. Although some programs require a specific type of pedal because of the way they are wired. USB port is pretty universal and the simplest, but some programs like the serial port ones so it is wired as to left pedal, right pedal, fast forward, reverse, etc. but they are essentially the same thing.
DSS files won't play

I am totally new to the at home transcription profession.  I found someone to type for but when she sent me the file, .dss, it didn't play on Express Scribe.  Now, I have been on their forums and tried ALL of the suggestions and nothing worked.  Apparently it has something to do with the way the new version of ES interacts with XP or something.  So I found a DSS Player Lite at Olympus and it played the file, but ofcourse there wasn't any foot controls or speed, et cetera.  I was just wondering if there are possibly other, preferablly free or cheap, software programs that I can use to play these DSS files.  I have another person I will be transcribing for as well but I guess she uses a different file format so I am hoping that it will play with ES. I am just so frustrated and don't know what to do to get started making some money.  Can anybody help me??       


It should play .sri files. Have you tried doing this??? sm
Go into settings, then file types, and put a mark next to .sri files.

Give that a try and let me know if it works. HTH!
Can I play files dictated in DVI on my PC?

I was recently approached by a local doctor and asked if I would like to type for them.  The doctor's office uses a DVI system but they did not know anything else including what equipment I would need to play the files.  I was wondering if I could purchase software that would alow me to dial into their DVI system with my computer instead of using a separate DVI machine.


They probably all play .wav files. The USB pedal is
Do you have a wav player and pedal to play the files?
Express Scribe will not play .sri files......anyone else
dont buy vista - certain voice files do not play
Hmmm.....I read somewhere about seeing if you can play the files in Windows Media Player....sm

because Media Player downloads proper codec "on-demand" and this is apparently needed to play .wav files in Express Scribe (read this at their website).  Can you play any other types of files?  

A WAV pedal controls playback of voice files. You need a software program through which to play the

The term "WAV pedal" has become a generic term. The software that you use will determine the file type(s) that you are able to play on your computer. You use either a pedal or hot keys (Fkeys) to control that playback. As stated below, Express Scribe is one such software program and it is free. It can be found by clicking on the link below.

RE: Using stop -start program, but cnanot get true speech files to play - any one with any ides it w

would greatly appeciate any advice as to why the start stop program will place the vox files but not the true speech even Iafter I told to associat wiht true speech and so on... The time flickers like it wantt to open the file but it never opens....  THe the error comes up file is too smlal to be a valid sound file or missing file"  Actually the start stop will place the Regan Speech sample audio  that is a true speech file so I would think it could play true speech files

I am not sure but I think Bytescribe and Expresscribe are similar. I have Bytescribe with a 9-pin
serial port for my foot pedal.  My foot pedal has worked fine with several different programs and proprietary software too, sometimes I have had to reselect/reset in in the proprietary programs, but it alwasy works fine.  You can ask the Bytescribe people though, and tell them what kind of foot pedal you have and they will make sure you get the correct version so it will work.  As for PlayAll it will not work if you have Bytescribe on your computer, at least this is what I have been told my 1 of my employers.  I was given a copy of the PlayAll but I can't get it to work, it will open up and I just right down the info I need from it for my records and blank notes, just won't "play" supposedly because I have Bytescribe.  I am not taking it off to see or not though. You need to find out what kind of wav files they are though because if the ExpressScribe will play them, then there is really no reason for you to buy Bytescribe too. --Good Luck.
IF you can get it to play, just play it over and over a billion times & fill
What's the best wavplayer?

I need to purchase a wav player. What would you recommend as the best?

Thank you!

WavPlayer help.
New to WavPlayer and need to put voice files into WavPlayer from e-mail attachment.  Tried dragging and dropping, but did not work.  Do I need to save these voice files somewhere else and drag them in to WavPlayer from there.  Testing for a new company and can't get past this.  Good grief!  Off to a bad start. Help please.  TIA.
and you should buy Wavplayer to transcribe in. nm
The best wavplayer can be found inexpensively.
Express Scribe is free to download.  You can also find wav pedals very cheap on eBay that will work with it.  I paid $10 for a game port pedal four years ago and $10 for a USB pedal two months ago.  Try searching for "foot petal" to see what comes up. 
didya notice that FAQ isn't on the Docshuttle or WavPlayer faq?
only under their general faq. I feel like they're hiding it to rip off people who don't comb the entire site to get the dongle.
Filezilla is the software used to transfer files to an FTP server where the files "reside".
Does anyone use DocShuttle and WavPlayer together for their digital transcription? Has it worked out


Converting voice files to digital files

I have a Voice Solutions dictation system that will happily convert DS4000 voice files to digital when they are downloaded (wave files). However, it will not recognize any other files for conversion. I had a physician download .WAM files from his DS-30 and my dictation system would not convert it. Anyone have any suggestions?  I would greatly appreciate any input.


Did you save files in .rtf format? The files need to be
as a Word document or it won't count them. Could be the problem.
Most companies do no use their only files (HIPAA). They use files provided by other companies, serv
If you can get through the test files, then the sound quality on the actual company files is better. And, the dictation is never as bad as the test files, plus you have QA to help with hard blanks.
The small company I work for uses the Olympus system.  The owner told me it costs about $600 per doctor.  She provided the software to the transcriptionists and the doctors.  We each purchased a wave pedal ($69).  The doctors have recorders.  The office manager sends the dss files via e-mail to the Transcriptionist as an attachment with a cc to the owner. The transcriptionist does the work and e-mails it back to the doctor with a cc to the owner. The program encrypts the file, so that the transcriptionist and the doctor has to use the same software. 
Olympus DS-330. nm
I have an Olympus and it was around 200. I simply love it. The guy at the store said Olympus quality is one of the best in cameras. I was looking at Sony because I like Sony products but he said in cameras they are not tops.
Olympus DS-10

The Olympus DS-10 will not allow the docs to tape over what they record.  I had to get this for one my docs who kept taping over everything.  They get very upset when the tape over everything.


has hand-held units that he can dictate into just like he does with his tapes. He then plugs it into his computer and it uploads. He then sends you the file, like an e-mail. It is pretty simple. My old-time docs handle it pretty well. Good luck.

I think the editing capabilities they are referring to means that the doctor can go back into a recording he has already done, like into the middle of it, and insert something he forgot.  If I were you, I would NOT get one that allows this.  I started out giving my docs the DS330, which has editing capabilites.  On several occasions they ended up overwriting their recording completely or inserting things in the wrong place and overwriting portions of the recording.  It was a NIGHTMARE.  If you have docs who are very careful, it may not be a problem, but my docs are not careful at all with these things.  Then they got upset at the recorder and at me!  Oh brother.... Anyway, they eventually got used to the recorders and have been using them now for years with no more problems with overwriting.  But in the beginning they had a rough time.

Now I give out the Olympus DS2, which does not have editing capabilites and have had none of the above problems.  Docs use it with ease and there is no worry of overwriting a file.  If I were you, I'd go with the DS2.  The DS330 is discontinued anyway.  Good luck.

I use Olympus DSS

The client set me up with it, and I only have experience with the transcription units, although I know the dictation units have docking stations that send the voice files to the computer.

I checked and one transcription unit runs around $400, although you can find it a little bit cheaper if you look hard enough.

Hope this helps.

Yes, it's an Olympus WS-100. sm
Thanks for responding. No software came with it, as it is a USB port that acts like a regular driver. I'm looking for Microsoft Explorer, but come up with Microsoft Internet Explorer.
I have all my physician's using Olympus recorders also. Not too expensive, great Olympus support and very easy to operate.
I have an Olympus DM-1 and you only need
a cable to upload voice files to the computer. In fact, I lost the original software that came with the unit, but Windows automatically detects the connection and opens an upload window as soon as I connect the USB cable and turn on the unit. The rest I don't know about, but I do know you can upload the voice files with *only* the USB cable that fits the handheld unit...

Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear.  I don't have Olympus software, just the free download that is call DSS Player Lite.  I guess that doesn't have a converter in it, I didn't see one.  I have since downloaded other software to try and play this file and nothing will.  I guess I may just have to break down and buy some software since the free stuff isn't working?? 

I had purchased the same model and found that you could not tape over anything the physician had already dictated.  It is for taping conferences, meetings, etc.