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Estimated downtime for hernia surgery?

Posted By: FBL on 2007-12-26
In Reply to:

I have a large ventral hernia that needs repair and am trying to determine how much I have to save to see me through the disability period...have any MTs had similar procedures who could tell me approximately how long you were not able to work?  Thanks for any input. 

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how do you get an inguinal hernia in your spine?

I have never had a hernia repair either, but I have done transcription for general surgeons for 14 y
They usually tell people to plan on 4-6 weeks depending on the lifting requirements of their job. Have you asked your surgeon yet? They should be able to give you a good estimate.
I was transcribing a surgery once, the surgery was over and the doctor was dictating
from anesthesia yet.  Anyway, the surgeon dictating stopped dictating and said "Hey Mary - is this one big enough for you?"  It was obvious he was talking about the patient's PENIS!  I thought HOW EMBARRASSING!  I hope they didn't make fun of my anatomy when I got my tubes tied!
New job first, save sick time, then surgery or surgery first?

Iíd like to go back to medical secretary work.  Iíve had cortisone shots in my ECU tendon 3 or 4 times and was warned not to have too many or my tendon could rupture.  Itís been very weak for a year or so and my left wrist is smaller than my right wrist.  I canít type at all with my left pinky so I think itís ruptured.  I have Word auto correct and Instant Text set up so I very seldom type As, Qs, or Zs.  I havenít had surgery because I have my own account, no subs, a DD in college to support, and no disability insurance and didnít want to take time off work for surgery.  I do have medical insurance though my DH. 


Iím debating whether to get a job, save up sick time, and have the surgery while getting sick time pay or have the surgery first without any sick time pay.


Iíve done medical secretary work before.  I figured if I use Word there I can save their Auto Correct and transfer mine.  If they use EMR, I can make my own shorts to stay away from Q, S and Z.  I could only accept a job where I donít type for more than an hour straight, which is what I do now.  Then I started worrying about what if I have to use someone elseís computer?  What if I unexpectedly have to type more than an hour?


I think I have cold feet about getting a job outside the home after over 7 years at home AND Iíve had cold feet about having surgery!  Can someone help me think this through logically?  I canít think straight when my feet are cold.

New IC, estimated tax?

After leaving the Q I am now an IC.  Do I need an accountant to handle my taxes?  We have been doing our taxes ourselves since we got audited because of a crooked accountant and I am afraid to trust one again.  Do I have to pay estimated if we file jointly?  If I have to pay estimated, how do I go about it?



Where I used to work, they estimated SM

that one minute of dictation was equal to approximately 11.5 lines.  So 130 to 140 minutes a day would equate to (roughly) 1495 lines to 1610 lines per day.

Let's say you average 135 minutes a day.  That would be about 1553 lines a day or 194 lines an hour.  At the current hourly rate you earn of $23 an hour, it would equal approximately 0.12 per line...which is very, very good--especially considering you probably get benefits on top of that.



Does anyone know what the estimated total # of MTs in the US is? nm
Don't worry about estimated
Look at your last years taxes add in $3600 (minues any deductions) figure 15% for at least SS on your NET amount and see if you withheld enough from you and your husband.  If you received a refund - you are probably fine.  If you used Turbo Tax or any of those programs you can do a projected estimated income for next year which  takes off your deductions, etc.  You can always have an extra $25 to $50 per pay period taken out of your employee position.  The IRS does not care what source the money comes from as long as the taxes are paid, they put ALL your and your husband's income into one combined income and you are taxed on that amount.  And, $3600 won't add on that much except for the Social Security that you will pay the 15% on and again, it is all paid to the IRS and so if you overwithold from your employee position they don't care as long as they get their money.  
Surgery/Plastic Surgery Transcription
Hello. I am considering taking a position in the field of plastic surgery. Can anyone recommend a way to pick up on the terminology FAST?
Unless you consider the downtime necessary to MT. sm
In other words, I can't transcribe hour after hour without breaks. With QA, you may not need nearly so many breaks. Also, MT work tends to run out with my company, but QA doesn't quite as often. So with MT there's also that sitting around, checking for work trickling in, which really is work because you're bound to that computer.

When you count these downtimes with MT and take them into account when figuring what you actually make per hour, QA probably comes ahead.
you need to be paying quarterly estimated taxes(nm)
My UPS has an estimated battery time of 19 minutes
which gives me enough power to finish the report I'm working on and shut down my computer correctly.
Then wouldnt' they owe you downtime pay since it was
THEIR equipment failure and not yours?
Hourly - think about downtime and
if that account moves to VR one day....
If all the downtime was due to maintenance, (sm)
could you please arrange that it's done during non-peak hours, for as you can see, many MTs have posted how much they rely on this site while working. It only makes sense to do upgrades, etc. during off-peaks. Most of the IT people I deal with have no problem working graveyard shift -- it goes hand-in-hand with the business.
my full retirement age is 67 according to my estimated benefits paper - nm
Use your computer downtime for medical research (sm)

First, this is not spam.  I am just a QA who found the below projects.  It is called BOINC, and the purpose is for home users to allow their CPU and memory to be utilized as a "supercomputer" for the purpose of medical and other research projects.  It runs on parameters you set in terms of when it can run, etc.  I have been using it for a week and it does not slow my system down at all.  Why not use that downtime for projects such as AIDS and cancer research?

Here are the links:


You can also Google BOINC to find a list of projects.

my company pays downtime for conf calls...

Paid downtime vs unpaid slow time - sm

Do MTSOs, nationals, usually pay for downtime for employees?  If so, what has been your experience - ever received downtime? your company's policy, i.e., pay for two days downtime?

Also, as an employee for a nat'l, if you have a set schedule, what do you do when very little work comes in, for example one dictation/hour?  At what point do you cut out?  I'm new to working for a national and this has happened a lot lately - I know, the holidays.  If there is little work, I usually only stay connected for two hours, let me sup. know, and call it a day. 

I swear, sometimes I hate this industry!!  Any other company, at least in my state, if there is no work, as an employee, you still get paid or after a certain period, you get unemployment...something!

How common are server issues and other technical problems that result in downtime? (sm)
Do you get compensated for your downtime?  I'm thinking of going to work for a national, but I've heard there are a lot of technical issues at these bigger companies.  True?

I was doing some research and just thought I would share it here. 



I'm a part time security officer.  The contract is changing hands where i work (large corporate facility)...the location stays the same but a new company takes over the new contract next week.  The incoming company has advised everyone that they must attend a mandatory unpaid training class.  Is this legal?


Expert: Shirley McAllister, CPP, PHR
Date: 3/28/2008
Subject: unpaid training

It is not legal.

Here is the ruling from the Department of Labor Website at


Lectures, Meetings and Training Programs: Attendance at lectures, meetings, training programs and similar activities need not be counted as working time only if four criteria are met, namely: it is outside normal hours, it is voluntary, not job related, and no other work is concurrently performed.

Since the meetings are not voluntary you must be paid to attend them.


29 CFR 785.27 - General.
Attendance at lectures, meetings, training programs and similar activities need not be counted as working time if the following four criteria are met:
(a) Attendance is outside of the employee's regular working hours;
(b) Attendance is in fact voluntary;
(c) The course, lecture, or meeting is not directly related to the employee's job; and
(d) The employee does not perform any productive work during such attendance.


29 CFR 785.28 - Involuntary attendance.
Attendance is not voluntary, of course, if it is required by the employer. It is not voluntary in fact if the employee is given to understand or led to believe that his present working conditions or the continuance of his employment would be adversely affected by nonattendance.

ICs and unpaid trainings:



(FROM http://www.dol.gov/elaws/esa/flsa/hoursworked/screen1d.asp)

Waiting for Work
Time which an employee is required to be at work or allowed to work for his or her employer is hours worked. A person hired to do nothing or to do nothing but wait for something to do or something to happen is still working. The Supreme Court has stated that employees subject to the FLSA must be paid for all the time spent in "physical or mental exertion (whether burdensome or not) controlled or required by the employer and pursued necessarily and primarily for the benefit of the employer of his business."

Place of Work
Hours worked include all the time during which an employee is required or allowed to perform work for an employer, regardless of where the work is done, whether on the employerís premises, at a designated work place, at home or at some other location.


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Call the Wage and Hour Divisionís toll-free help line:
1-866-4USWAGE (1-866-487-9243)
TTY: 1-877-889-5627
Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time


My son is having it on Friday in Dallas by the doctor who invented it. He has guaranteed it will work for him even with his astigmatism. He said he underwent five solid hours of testing today and the doctor told him to stay away from the 500. per day, 15-minute exam places.
If you do not want surgery,
You can have your dentist make a nightguard for you, and a chiropractor is also helpful for manipulation. For a quick fix, albeit temporary, you can go to a pain management physician for steroid injections into the temporomandibular joint. If treated, symptoms can abate without surgery. Hope that helps.
LOL and even after ALL that surgery...
Eye surgery
My son had this done last summer when he was 4. You can E-mail me if you have any questions.
Had surgery
I just had this surgery last week.  Go to the surgeon and have him submit it to the insurance company.  If your BMI is near 40, and/or you have other medical conditions as a result of obesity, most insurance companies will cover it; although some do make you jump through hoops to get it done.  Just have to work with them. 

Just to let you know the condition I am in, and I am not looking for sympathy here, but I had a major foot surgery.  I was born with clubfeet.  I had to undergo a calcaneal reconstruction due to bone damage, and I underwent an Achilles lengthening and reattachment.  I was totally non-weightbearing of the right foot for 8 weeks, and then another 8 weeks of rehab.  Again, my doctor did not want me to go back to work yet, but due to the insurance and FMLA situation at work, I had to go back. 

I am just belly aching I guess, but it just seems that this other FMLA person gets away with murder.  I am more than willing to work 4 to 6 hours a day, as my foot withstands it, but it would mess up my insurance coverage, which is the only reason I have stayed at this facility for as long as I have.  Such is life!



I just had the surgery - sm

I waited way too long before taking steps to stop it.  Good for you for doing this now.  Make sure to get an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.  They have new ball mice (is that right for multiple mouses??) that is supposed to be really good at preventing cts.  Taking breaks and wearing the splints at night are the keys though I think.  Hoping that you can stop this in its tracks. 

IMO, you should have the surgery before
trying to hold down a typing job.  I need some surgery too (different type) and don't have disability insurance.  I am trying to hold out until the stimulus package check comes (I know, I shouldn't hold my breath) and will use it to pay the bills while I am laid up.  I also have health insurance, so that is not an issue, thank God.  Good luck!
Brain surgery... ha....sm

when I thing of some of the doctors I've known over the years, we could probably learn brain surgery before they could learn transcription ! 


Lasik eye surgery...
Has anyone ever had it?
Lasik eye surgery
I had it done about 5 years ago and it was AWESOME! I could see better than 20/20 almost immediately after the procedure! After wearing glasses since age 8-9, it was absolutely amazing to be able to SEE clearly!! I'd recommend it to anyone who's dependent on glasses 24/7.
Lasik eye surgery
Hi, I had it 4 years ago, my husband is far sighted and had it done 8 years ago, my sister had it and we are all THRILLED!!!
Gallbladder surgery????????? nm
You swear to never have another surgery sm
because you know exactly what they will be doing to you.
Surgery in India
I saw a clip on TV a while back about this.  It followed an American woman who had a hip replacement.  She was very pleased with her care and the outcome, and the price.
Thank you all, my first back surgery!nm

Orthopaedic surgery
What is the best reference book for orthopaedic op notes?
I had a surgery followed by complications (sm)
that turned into a 3-week hospitalization, about 1 week was in the ICU. When I got the bill it was $150,000...total paid by my insurance company was about $55,000. My portion was $100.00. Don't make too many assumptions based on the bill, it's not an accurate picture.
Plastic surgery at 28?
No surgery...it's the hair
Believe me...my hard drive is loaded with pictures of Clay. I've seen him in concert multiple times...many times right up there in the first couple of rows. I've got every performance, every appearance downloaded on my computer. I've looked at the face a thousand times or more. Plus, believe me, he'd have a hard time hiding plastic surgery from the Claymates. It's the same face...the same nose..the same ears...the same eyes.  It's the longer darker hair, down over his forehead like we've never seen it, that makes him look different....and that's had me not working and needing a cold shower all day.  I loved him before (can you tell )....but man, he's got me going even worse with this new look.
I know 3 people who have had the surgery and

all have had complications 3+ years after the surgery.  They were all done in different locations (states) and by different doctors.  All 3 were done open, not laparoscopic because if there were any complications it is easier to fix during surgery.  My niece, who is one of them is now bulemic.  My 2 girlfriends have had tummy trouble since that eventually require hospitalizations to drain hernias, abscess, etc. 

Lap band surgery
Has anyone had this surgery recently.  My insurance says it absolutely will not pay for this but the surgeon says he can get approval from any insurance company with his documentation, do you think this is possible?  Has any one had an insurance company say no and then authorize it later?
Wish I was doing ortho surgery!!
....I like bones better than organs!!
need plastic surgery
Thanks very much for the info.  I am having breast implants removed actually so want to make sure I find a doctor who really knows what he's doing.  I appreciate your input.  I will talk to some of the nurses; that's a good idea. 
Not working in surgery but
she said she typed the surgery schedule (if you have seen them, that is the patient's identification, room, etc. and what type of surgery they are having)- that I would think would not be dictated and then she said typing and entering surgical reports into the computer. Hmmm, donít really understand that.. entering. Yes, it can be done without much training, that is sure but one only has to look to see what our profession is coming to and the outlook is bleak, to say the least. We hardly ever have a raise, almost unheard of, we just have to type faster and unless working just on operative notes, you need something else. I would not spend a whole bunch of money not knowing what I was getting into, but that is just the frugal side of me. Maybe since they are training her, they can pick up some of the cost she will be out to get started??
Surgery dictation


A friend passed along my name to a lady who does medical billing for a surgeons office, and they are looking for a Transcriptionist also.  This person asked me if I knew of the following:  Do you know of any good toll free services to use for dictation?  I'm not sure what she means?? Any input would be greatly appreciated.



vascular surgery
even i have difficulty with this field, but i know enough to Google words and even bring it to their attention if i am just not sure. i write them down after and i don't forget. i told her to do the same. she does have the new dorland's in her computer. the administrator called me because i recommended her for the job and she trusted me and hired her without really testing. i figured since she had worked in transcription for years, she would know better. i did tell her to call them during business hours and ask for clarification. remind me never to recommend someone.
is the Donald doing surgery now?
today while editing voice recognition....

"patient had tube Donald surgeries...."

knee surgery
half days for a week. Should have stayed off the full time but did rest when I at home.
When comptemplating podiatry work the surgeon said no work for two weeks till off the pain meds due to thought processes possibly being affected.
At the time of my surgery I was not an MT, but

was doing a lot of writing.  I was back to normal as soon as I had my stitches.  I missed 3 days of work and really could have gone back the next day, but was recently married and just took advantage of having a surgery to have some down time.  After a week the stitches were pulling and I had discomfort until they came out at 2 weeks and I was back to normal activity after that.  I found I did lose some strength in my operative hand.  I was the one that could open those stuck jars, can't do it anymore, but I had surgery 20 years ago this year and all is well.  I do get some discomfort if I work a lot of hours, like now when I have been working OT for months, but after some rest it is better. 

They have perfected techniques now and although the surgery wasn't a major surgery when I had it, recovery time is shorter these days.