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Print a copy of the form on your printer, fill it out, copy and send it to your computer via fax may

Posted By: Here is an idea on 2008-07-03
In Reply to: How do you fill out forms in Adobe Reader 8. - Overwhelmed.

Just a guess. Or print it, fill it out and fax it to her.

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That is "web site" in post above. Also, Auto Copy add-on for Firefox will automatically copy
Auto Copy add-on for Firefox AUTOMATICALLY copies what you select (highlight) on a web site to the clipboard.

Then you can paste it in a document.

It just saves the step of right clicking and then clicking on "copy" to put something on the clipboard. Just select it, and it is on the clipboard.

It only works only on web sites-- only copies stuff you select on web sites, i.e. not in other documents.
Auto Text entries on word. Is there a way to copy these or print these? Thanks in advance. NM
How do you copy your SH file to text - do you copy each dictionary separately? nm
I would send a copy of it to my supervisor and let her/him handle
it from there.
CC... mind if I copy this verbatim and send as well?

This could have been a story of My Life in a nutshell.


I told you - more than willing to send you a copy of my latest paystub - nm
I would just supply one digital copy, either send the work back
via an FTP site or email attachment or whatever, or keep addending to a CD, but let them keep their own archives. And why can't they print when you deliver the CD or the work in digital format? I don't do any printing at all. Everything goes back digital and they keep their own copies. Once I bill for the month, everything gets deleted, as it should be under HIPAA.
I need to copy program from one computer to another. sm

How can I copy Word 2003 from one computer to the other.  I want to have it on both computers.  Thanks so much for your help.

Can I also use 1 monitor, 1 keyboard, 1 mouse and 2 hard drives, one being Vista and other being XP. 

Thanks for your help.

How to copy a glossary to a new computer
I have a new computer with IT existing that I would like to update with the old computer's glossary, especially one.  I figured out how to email it to myself, but am not sure exactly step by step how to get it to the new computer.  I am not sure if I'd be replacing the old one or updating it.  The old one also has some includes, so it gets confusing from there.  At this point, I would be content just to have the main glossary...I think...Eeek.   Can someone help please?  Thanks!
Check your records and report what she has paid you, you do not have to send in a copy a 1099 - nm
I bought mine as a download a few years ago. If you want to copy it to another puter, just send
Is there a way to copy Shorthand program from one computer
to another when I do not have the disk anymore?  Any help appreciated.  I recently bought a new computer and am looking to install my ShortHand on that computer.
Can anyone explain how to copy macros & autotext to another computer?
I did this one time years ago and can't remember how I did it.  Thank you! 
How do you copy word sup dictionary entries to another computer?
anyone know by chance?  Am going on the road with my laptop and would like to copy over my extensive sup Word dictionaries to my laptop for spell checking.  Any help would be greatly appreaciated :D
This is a very basic computer skill/concept. You copy files to another drive using Explorer.

There are very detailed instructions in the Help files that accompany Windows. You can read those for more information.

Basically, you open Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer). Locate the files you want to copy, highlight and right mouse click. Choose Copy. Now, find the location where you want to copy these files (usually another drive like D: or H:, whereever the flash/jump/thumb drive is located) and paste the files there.


I do not copy to text. I copy the spf sm
file to a disk and save the whole thing there, update it occasionally.
I don't know if Ephedra will make your UDS positive, but usually you fill out a form listing any
medications you might be taking and I always thought the purpose of that was rule out false positives. 
Ok, simple things now for Dell printer small print
One time before had this problem, rebooted, unhooked the printer and the printer reverted to where the print had been before, not working this time. I have no idea how to fix. I could go in and look at different things but what then? I donít know exactly what I am looking for or at. I miss my printer. Besides getting another printer, any other easy suggestions?
I have a copy
I have a AAMT BOS 2nd edition with CD. It is in good condition and has two highlighted passages. Email me if interested.
If you do need a copy of XP Pro...
Try Newegg. You can purchase software that system builders would buy. It's the same thing you'd find at any major store, without the pretty box. I just bought XP home edition for about $90. It came in a bubble envelope with a manual and all the appropriate documentation and license key. I looked quickly on Newegg and saw XP Pro for $139. You can also ask for XP Pro to be installed on your new laptop from the company you are buying it from.
any way I can get a copy of it
I would love to have a copy of that.....got some friends who are newbies and I would also like to refresh my memory!
I'd like a copy too please....
if you wouldn't mind emailing me one.  Grazi!!!
Can't help copy, BUT
Will you own all the entries you put on the hospital's server? Make sure you can copy your dictionary each day or two and take it home with you. Heavy use of Expanders is so new that there aren't a lot of horror stories being told yet by people whose incomes dropped drastically when they lost their jobs because with them they also lost the personalized dictionaries they spent years developing. But they will be.
Need to get a copy of BOS - 2 or 3,
depending on what your company/client uses. In that there is a list of dangerous abbreviations that are not to be used.
I think you actually have to have a copy,
but you can check with the IRS to be absolutely sure.
Get a copy of the check.
You can usually do it free now with online banking.  Check the legal amount, which is the longhand written out line, to see if it's correct.  If it is correct, send a copy to your auto payment company and have them fix it through their bank.  Sometimes the MICR line can be encoded wrong if someone mistypes or transposes when encoding.  Call your bank and tell them to make an adjustment for the incorrect amount.  However, if you filled the check out wrong, yes, you need to send another check for the $61.00.  If they try to put late charges on, talk to a manager and have the fees waived.
Does anyone know how or if I can get my copy of spellex....sm

off of my old computer? I was able to get a free copy when I went to the VLC about two years ago. I never bought any of the updates...just kept using the one I had downloaded for free. I have since changed to a new computer, but cant seem to get that copy off of my old computer. I was never given a disk, just info to download it. I have a couple of small accouts that I am working on, but am not really in position to buy a whole new program, especially after I just dropped major money on an Windows XP!! Any help is greatly appreciated!! Do you think it is possible the VLC would "replace" it?

can you copy and paste?

If not, check this site out!!!


Wow - it is interesting. You know, there is actually an organization called The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in charge of standardizing all this stuff up-and-coming.

Did you read the part about "MT changing more in the next few years than it has in the last 100"

This is it, right at this site.

It is documentation that the doctor or nurse, or healthcare provider carries and enters at the time of service...

It even automatically codes for billing, etc.

Rather than 'free text' of a doctor dictating, it is standardized text where the person enters the info...

so much to it, and it is exciting, just wished we fit in somewhere...
copy & paste
long, drawn out process which will take tons of MW space, but it can be done.
When purchasing a used copy...sm

Be sure to have the person that sold it to you notify Textware Solutions that they are no longer using it and that you are now the license owner. This will allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of being the license owner such as discounted upgrades, free tech support, etc.


We got a copy of a proclamation by sm
Ronald Reagan circa 1985 proclaiming MT week, and in the mail a plastic container with the company name on, it with about 4 oz of Hershey's kisses and tootsie rolls. Other years, large mug with company logo, and a bag of peanuts. Appropriate.

The are better at Xmas. Usually a small gift certificate to use online. Last you QuickLook (which messes up my computer) because originally it came a software with the computer, but they were to cheap to keep adding it on.
Can I copy IT onto a CD or disk?

I have company issued computer with IT.  I would like to know if I could move IT to a CD or disk so that I can put it on my personal computer.  I have greatly expanded the glossary to cover my area of expertise over the last one year and do not want to lose this.  In fact, I think I would break down and cry if I did.  Plus, am thinking of taking on a PT job and would like to utilize this IT on my other computer.

Thank you.

I'd also appreciate a copy, if you'd be so kind.
Just copy the cd to your C drive
You cd software should have a copy mode. I copied mine from my CD to my C: drive. I put an icon for it down in my quick launch and it works great. I have icons for my Stedman's electronic dictionaries on the quick launch as well. Hope this helps.
You can just copy and paste.
Yes it will conform.  Also Word allows you to use your own spellcheck.  May be a bit cumbersome at first, but should work better than typing directly in Meditech.  It lags a lot. 
Should be able to copy it into any program -- nm
can someone tell me how to copy pcshorthand
No need to yell... :) ... and no, according to the BOS II. Got a copy
copy and paste
The only way I know is to copy and paste.
You can copy all folders by
Right-clicking the Instant Text folder located in C: and selecting Send To whatever drive your flash drive is. The installer is not included in the main IT folder, just your glossaries and backup and stuff. You'd have to install IT on the other computer and then load the folders from your flash drive to the IT folder on the computer. I have my IT backed up with my flash drive but still need the CD to put IT on my home computer.
I just snagged a copy LOL
and I don't give a d____.

And why would you give a d___ if people are offended? LOL it's a scream.
Buy new and copy your favorites.
Just buy a new computer and copy your favorites to it. It's very easy to do. If you cannot copy the file the favorites are in to a disk and transfer them that way, write down the URLs and re-enter them by hand on your new machine.

It is unlikely that anyone will allow you to buy the company machine. That, and their requirement that you not engage in personal entertainment or business with it, is not meant to treat you like a child or to make your life difficult.

This is an effort to comply with computer security requirements mandated by HIPAA. As a part of their business partner agreements, the company has to uphold the same privacy and security standards as the client. That will include restricting access to patient information contained on hard drives, as well as ensuring that information in computers is not affected by malware that can be picked up from visiting unauthorized sites on the net or personal email.

If this bothers you, imagine how much more it will bother you for transcription to cease being outsourced,which looks to be the security solution some large interests are looking at.

copy that! (to my desktop) thank you! NM
Would you please share how you copy---sm
preop diagnosis to postop?  I am really out of practice with recording macros, and your other tips were just awesome.  Thanks!
There is a way to copy Autotext and - sm
your normals, not sure about autocomplete though. You can copy your "normal.dot" file in your templates and transfer that quite easily, I don't know if that covers everything or not. Do a search under your help file on your tool bar in word.
copy type
What would you charge to type up sermons from hand written notes, located in Kentucky, I'm thinking by the page, what would be the industry standard?
Been looking for a copy of "True West" which
was a play on PBS in the 80s! Also starred John Malkavich.  A wonderfully funny play.  Wish I could get my hands on a copy. 
copy and paste into your address bar. x
Will be happy to e-mail you a copy of the one I use--sm
if you want to leave your address. I found it on MTDaily years ago before they began to charge and adapted it to suit my business.
How do I make a copy of my PRD for a backup? nm
I'm ashamed to say I don't know how to copy to a floppy. Can you