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How do you fill out forms in Adobe Reader 8.

Posted By: Overwhelmed. on 2008-07-02
In Reply to:

I am referring an MT to a company I work for and to get the referral bonus I have to fill out this form in Adobe Reader and E-mail it to HR.  Well, I don't know how to do that.  One friend said to copy it in Word and fill it out that way.  It won't let me do that. 

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I have to disagree. Most hospitals have migrated to EMR & RNs are able to fill in online forms
My husband is an RN at an acute care facility and he loves his job.  He has dual majors.  One in computer science and the other in Nursing.  He decided he didn't want to sit behind a desk plinking on a computer all day and really wanted to do something with his life that would help people.  Being an RN is not just about the money, it is about caring for those in need.  Seriously, think about the reasons you would be entering the nursing field.  If it's just about money, you'll be disappointed.  However, if you are the type of person who likes caring for others, then by all means, go for it.  All the best!
Yes... I already have Adobe
but when I tried to install it that way it said not enough memory on my computer! Yikes! So I'll stick to using it this way. Thanks, though :)
MTme ....you're a mind-reader? WOW. why are you bothering with transcription?...you could probably make much more money working at the circus.
Becky is right. You can download the Adobe Acrobat PDF
version of most forms from the IRS.gov website for free. No need to buy anything or pay anyone.
Every program I bring up is Adobe. All my desktop icons were my IT icon.
But to bring one up, it was the Adobe Flashplayer. I have needed a PT job for two months and cannot apply as Vista is not compatible. Also, ExpressScribe is incompatible with Vista so I could not take the tests. OMG, I paid 1600.00 for this (my first laptop Dell 1330 XPS) on 2/19 and have already had to have a system recovery. Now, nothing will upload and I am told my hard drive has the Conficker virus embedded in it; I am waiting for a new hard drive as I type this.

This totally sucks. Vista has rendered my computer useless. Dell does not sell XP anymore and even if I could get XP, it would not work in this particular computer. Dell is being very unreasonable, stating that even though it has been just over 30 days, I am stuck with this Vista and just "deal with it."

I wanted this to be the last computer I ever bought. Now, it appears not to be true.
I think Reader's Digest just did an article on the top 13 foods to eat for health..sm

See if you can Google to get to their website and look for the article.

Dr. Mehmet Oz of New York City has a lot to say about food and supplements, too, and I think has a book out regarding what he considers essential for optimal health. He might even have a web site. And there's always good old Dr. Andrew Weil who's been around a long time advocating healthy eating with good health and longevity. I'm pretty sure he has a web site with recipes and info.

From what I remember of the top 13, the list includes blueberries, tomatoes/tomato sauce, spinach, walnuts, flax seed or flax seed oil, broccoli and other cruciferous veggies - sorry I can't remember the rest. Maybe oatmeal and citrus...??? Some soy and tofu are great for you, too! Meat, chicken, and fish should really be eaten sparingly and be lean cuts. Might want to search the other health/weight loss magazines/web sites (like Fitness) for advice and articles. Good luck to all of us as we strive for better health!

I was just thinking if I could be a mind reader, I could make a fortune. Doctors driving me crazy

I remember in Weekly Reader the article discussing "pay TV" and how we didn't see that anyb

would ever pay money to watch TV. I always thought it would be in a coin box on top of the TV set. I couldn't imagine having enough money to do that.

Weekly Reader also predicted that one day we'd go to the store and pay with a card instead of money, that our money would be "virtual" and stay in the bank.

That was about 1960. It was actually a pretty close prediction.

Long short forms vs short short forms


A long short form is usually easier to remember. So I would definitely assign the short forms as suggested by Kelli:

In most Expander programs you would opt for a short short form as you have to type the whole short form before you can expand.
In Instant Text you don't have to type the whole short form: you type the first two letters of your long short form and then you can type any of the following letters.
So in this case you would type smcth for the first one, smcta, and you may also type smhead, smabd

This is possible when you use the Instant Text marker key to expand. If you use the space bar to expand, you may be better off assigning the initials as suggested in the second response, as you would not be able to "jump ahead".


Tax forms
This is the first year I have worked as an independent contractor. Do I use Schedule C, profit or loss from business form, Form 8829 and Schedule SE (self-employment tax form) to file? Form 8829 goes into detail about depreciating house, mortgage, etc. and in the past I eliminated that because if you take this off when you sell you have to factor this depreciation amount back in. Of course, in the past I worked as an employee and filled out the other form, employee business expenses.  I hate to pay for a CPA for no more than I worked but maybe I should?
Tax forms

This is not about that form per se, but you might want to consider filing a form 4868 "Application for automatic extension of time to file"  This can be sent any time before April 15 and gives you some more months to get your return ready.  If you owe money, it still has to go in, but at least you won't be one of those folks you see on TV lining up at the Post Office at midnight. 

Good luck.

Transcription from Forms
I do the exact same thing transcribing from forms.  You cannot read into these too much.  They are probably already using the forms they filled out as their report, but having you transcribe to make them "look pretty".  No one is perfect.  If the money is right, I would overlook the inadequacies, and of course you should fix dramatic errors, as you would if you listened.  I am not trying to be unkind, but it works both ways.  Sometimes as transcriptions, we inadvertantly type an incorrect spelling, and the dictators don't give up on us, or do they??????  Something to ponder.  Good luck to you!!!  I hope you can find a happy medium in this matter and not lose what sounds like an "easy" account.  However, the reports I transcribe are not from a nurse, they are from PA-C or the physician himself.  I do, however, have a question for you, if you don't mind.  What do you charge, per line, per page, etc?  I charge per page and make out pretty darn good since everything is so canned text!!!!    Take care... 
1099 tax forms

Does anyone out there who is an IC know of the deadline date for the 1099 forms to be sent out via "employer"?  As a special input, I did some research on what deciphers an employer-employee versus employer-independent contractor.  In summay there were 20 points made and I fit all criteria of being an "employee" instead of classified as "independent contractor" per the IRS.  I am considering filing the "SS-8" form with the IRS, which is a form for the IRS to give their input on the employer-independent contractor issue to determine how I really should be classified.  The way I see it, my employer refers to me as an IC because it simply benefits her, and on the otherhand, it does nothing for me except harm.  I am making 9 cents a line, cut back from 10 cents a line a few couple months ago, and have am offered no benefits whatsoever.  This happens to be one main point that the IRS displays as I would really be classifed an employee as my employer has control of my pay.  Just thought this was an interesting fact to point out to all as it is something I was not aware of until today upon doing self investigation into it.

the line forms here....
i will require 12 cents a line or at least $23/hr. lol i want paid vacations and sick days, i want free coffee and my DSL paid for and i want profit sharing... :)
abuse comes in many forms


This truly is abuse.  You may not have visable body scars but mental abuse is just as bad if not worse as physical abuse.  I'm not sure there is help for your husband but you need to get out of this relationship for your own sanity.  A tiger never changes his stripes.   I had been in relationship that had the same elements.  I worked all day and would teach a class at night and we were to dress in a professional manner and I would be accused of having an affair.  (Huh, like you have the time and energy.)  I had the courage to get out and have now married a man who respects me and treats me as an equal partner.  Is that not what a true marriage is, a partnership.   If you do not have family to help check with you local Women's Help Center possible that could be a start.   I wish you the best and hope you have the strength to more forward and leave him in the dust.


filling downloaded IRS forms
Okay, I'm supposed to be able to fill in the 1099-Misc form I just downloaded but for some reason I can't add any information.  Am I missing a plug-in or something?>
Short forms for AXIS I-V

You can edit your short forms in the Glossary Viewer and have them come up according to the short forms you have chosen:

ax => AXIS I

ax2 => AXIS II



Stock proposal forms
Does anyone have a "stock" proposal form they use to bid on transcription work? Thanks.
There are various forms of back supports
you can purchase for your chair, or check with your physician for chair types.
I never received 1099 forms when I
was an IC. I worked for a hospital for almost 10 years plus had other docs and an attorney. The attorney did give me one every year and it never conformed to my figures but I never had a problem.
EHR can encompass many forms of dictation....
not just point and click. I know several people who have lost their jobs to "EHR," and it had nothing to do w/point and click. It WILL eventually affect us all; however, the timeframe will be on an individual institutional basis as the cost to convert to the system is quite extraordinary.
naming your short forms
Productivity Talk has a forum dedicated to command entries in Instant Text. Google their name for the link.
If you haven't signed non-compete forms...
with a company you are employed by now, and you leave the company, is it acceptable (legal) to contact a client of theirs and offer your IC services if you really want that account as your own?  Any suggestions from anyone having ever done this before would be much appreciated.
I used a Selectric for my first job and on the subject of whiteout, we used forms that were three
different colors, so each time you made an error, you had to white out on your carbons with all of the matching colors and this doc hated errors and would point out that you had to use the whiteout.  Glad those days are over!
Transcription Contract forms or ideas.....

Can anyone refer me to a site that has contract forms for transcriptionists or what do others of you have?  I have one sample, but there are quite a bit of things on it that don't really pertain to the services I am giving.  How do you come up with your own and what should be put in a contract?  Thanks for all of your help and suggestions.


You can change tax forms to have extra taxes

come out of your husband's check.  You can figure out how much tax based on $900/mo.  If you have too little taken out you'll have a penalty (around $50) and then you can adjust the next year if you need to.  I had taxes taken out of my husband's check, but didn't figure enough and I got hit with the penalty and I just adjusted the next year.  I am an employee now so don't have to worry about it this year and have adjusted tax withholdings so we have more $$ in our pocket.

You can find a used C-phone for $125 if you are lucky, but more around $200-$300 range.  There is a classified board here, you can also check E-bay.  If you need a food pedal only and not the software you can find a used one for $25 if you're luck to about $50.  You can new for about $80.  

A lot of times a company will send you the foot pedal if required, but not always.  Sometimes they will rent you a C-phone, but not always.  I wouldn't buy anything until you have a job.

As far as working to only gross $900/mo you can guestimate how many lines you can do based on xx line rate and monitor it so you don't go over.  I would guestimate higher to give yourself a little room.

Just be upfront with companies that you can only do so much so they know they can't expect you to work extra if things are backlogged. 


Stedman's on 3 forms crepitant, crepitus, crepitation
1. Relating to or characterized by crepitation.
2. Denoting a fine bubbling noise (rale) ...
3. The sensation imparted to the palpating finger by gas or air ...

1. SYN crepitation.
2. A noisy discharge of gas from intestine.
ex: articular c., the grating of a joint
ex: bony c., SYN crepitation (2)

Stedman's Illustrated, 26th edition
1. Crackling; the quality of a fine bubbling sound (rale) ...
2. The sensation felt on placing the hand over the seat of a fracture ...
3. Noise or vibration produced by rubbing bone or irregular cartilage ...
there is delay due to delayed minimum tax vote on certain forms
The five forms affected by the delay are:

Form 8863, Education Credits.
Form 5695, Residential Energy Credits.
Form 1040A's Schedule 2, Child and Dependent Care Expenses for Form 1040A Filers.
Form 8396, Mortgage Interest Credit and
Form 8859, District of Columbia First-Time Homebuyer Credit.

I avoid numbers in my short forms and use letters
instead when needed. What I do most often is double-key a short form (same two letters) that goes back and adds slashes or dashes for dates and decimals. It's easier for me to key the numbers, then let a command entry edit when needed. You might want to go to Productivity Talk for a lot of great tips on learning IT.

maybe just let them fill it in?
It's a long blank for just time ???
I think she has probably just had her fill
More than hate sounds like she has had 1 too many ESLs to listen to. Know 1 plenty, every report time after time is a little much. I csn understand the feeling, some.
Can someone fill me in?
Where is the new site/what transpired?
Doesn't it give you the option of printing all the forms and schedules?
Instant Text creates entries and the short forms from
previously saved documents. You run a compile on the reports and it picks up the most frequent words and phrases. Go to their site and click on the overview link to see how it works.
If you're trying to fill several
positions, why don't you list the name of your company? If you had a company you wouldn't be on this board trying to get someone to type 3 reports. Why don't you let one of your current transcriptionists type them. YA BIG FAT LIAR!
Fill us in, we are in the dark...sm

What are you talking about, I am lost and am a Country fan.



Fill in work
I occasionally do fill-in opticianry work for local eye doctors.
Bidding on new account - states that they will provide specialized forms such as letterhead, *sm*
progress notes, operative forms or other such printed documents.  The accounts that I have previously worked on did not have "printed" forms for progress notes or ops.  What are they talking about here?  If there is such a thing as a preprinted form, then how do you do the account long distance - I am not near them?  Could the forms be scanned or made up in a template which could save them money by not having to buy them?  Years ago I worked as a legal secretary and we had forms that we made up and filled in on our computer rather than with a typewriter. 
We do have our QA fill in names & addresses
All of our clients provide us names and addresses of referring physicians. Our QA maintains the lists, and we only ask that our MTs spell them phonetically. QA then corrects any mistakes.

As far as patient names, some doctors spell them for us and some do not. For those that don't, they get their reports back with their patient names spelled phonetically, and it's up to them to correct any mistakes.
Fill in the blank: You know you're getting old when....sm

1.  For me, when a person I used to babysit from infancy until school age has completed his internal medicine residency and is in a private medical practice.

2.  When I get up in the morning my knees and back crack so much that you can hear them at times in the next room (daughter asks "what's that cracking noise" will confirm this!)


But where in the world do you find someone to fill in? nm


don't care for it. too many fields to fill
in because it seems like the demo's are never there and of course you don't get paid for that, then you have to wait for extra screens to come up before you can select the dr/cc/patient name/etc.  there's no way to drop the normals in directly without using the menu, the Expander is more hassel than good.  it's straight forward to use but I feel it is a slow process since you can't just start typing without filling in numerous fields. 
Make sure you fill out those FASA forms and private colleges want the Profile which helps.  When my daughter was applying three years ago to college.  I told her that she would have to take out student loans.  She was looking into college at 40,000 a year.   We filled out the FASA and profile.  She is now going to a $35,000 a year college and we are only responsible for $13,000.  She is on grants and scholarships.  She still is taking out loans because she is a nursing student and her income will be greater than mine and my husband together.   My 18 year old who is looking in colleges will have to do the same.  I put braces on their teeth, paid for dancing, sports, activities, illnesses that we did not expect.  I feel we gave them everything they needed and if they want to go college bad enough they will.  My daughter has a 4.0 GPA.  She had a 3.4 in High School  We are there to support, we pay for car repairs, give her money for clothes etc.  She is also on workstudy which gives her $50.00 a week spending money.  Don't let the college tuitions scare you until you fill out those forms. 
I had to miss it last night..Please fill me in?

I know who got voted off last night, but the radio station I listen to while driving to work was talking about how "drunk" Paula was last night and how she was making really off-the-wall comments.  Boy, sounds like I really missed something!  Did any of you feel like she was on something or drinking too much?

HA!! This sure would fill her time, wouldn't it?
Have you tried given your life to God. He can fill the void. nm
probably place of business and that is for them to fill in. nm
Yes, it will get buggy like that as you fill it up with entries sm
It's time to think of buying a real expander. My recommendation is Shorthand. They have a web site where you can purchase it. It is a wonderful program, much better than the autocorrect/autotext.
A shift differencial would help fill some of
Me too! Working at home, I fill up every 2 wks.