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Wise Up and Get Real

Posted By: Tammy on 2008-08-29
In Reply to:

I am without question loudly and proudly supporting Barack Obama.  I am not supporting him because of the color of his skin, nor am I not supporting John McCain because of the color of his skin.  I am supporting Barack Obama because he has inspired something in me.  The belief and hope and optimism that there are actually people in politics who feel as I feel and will make a difference towards that end.  The belief that people are people and that my neighbors next door and the people who live on the other side of town and the people who live in the next state and the people who live in the south and the people who live in the north all matter regardless of their ethnicities, regardless of their incomes, regardless of their education or lack thereof, regardless of whatever circumstances they have been born into.  We are all Americans and we all deserve a chance to be educated, a chance to have healthcare, a chance to have hopes and dreams, and the opportunity to work for those hopes and dreams. 

John McCain is not going to provide any of that, least of all hope.  It is actually scary that the people who are so dead-set against supporting Barack Obama are the people who would reap so much of the benefits of his presidency.  And I wonder why you don't support him?  Gee, that is such a mystery!  Yet you all go on about McCain picking a woman as his VP.  Big deal!  A woman or man can do the same job, but if you were smart you would realize it is about the right person and gender has nothing to do with smarts, compassion, fairness, hope, inclusion, and inspiration. 

Wake up or you people are going to be in the same situation 4 years from now that you are in now.   After all, how smart can you be if you voted for Bush over Gore.  And better yet, how smart can you be if you gave Bush another 4 years and actually believed the lies about Kerry.  My conscious is clear, I didn't vote for Bush.  I voted for Gore and I certainly voted for Kerry after the first horrific 4 years.  Please educate yourself and wise up.  Fear is the reason Bush is president.  Let go of it and make better decisions.     

And if you are wondering who I am, I will be happy to tell you.  I have been an MT for 5 years.  I am a single parent.  I own my own home and purchased it myself.  I have 1 son.  I homeschool him and he is above grade level in all subjects.  I  also happen to be African American and my son is of mixed race, as his biological father is Caucasian.  I state these facts loudly and proudly just as I loudly and proudly support Barack Obama the best person for the most important job in the world. 

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No, goofy. Republicans are REAL people, real
If the real folks, with real hope, faith, and
and for our country's future who participate here on this forum were just a tad as healthy, wealthy and wise as this poster considers herself, we probably wouldn't be sitting in front of these silly computers trying to make a living!! Can't figure why she is here other than tell us how healthy, wealthy and wise she is and we are not!
I think your dad is a wise man, thanks....sm
..and if something you really wish does not happen, then it just 'was not meant to be', often to one's rescue.
Your dad was a very wise man.
He was wise enough to
accurately assess that the country was ready to elect an African-American president, run a clean campaign and win a healthy mandate without having to resort to dirty campaign tactics, tainted election antics or manipulated/thrown court decisions that left the legitimacy of his office in question for his entire term of service.

His cabinet appointments have been very well orchestrated and reflect stragegies W could never envision, especially the part about appointments of former opponents and assemblage of such diverse points of view.

Notice I am not speculating about the future, but the rest of the world is. Check out the link below. He not only has world leaders enthused, but has also won hearts and minds of across the planet. Wonder what W's global approval rating would be? Single digits to be sure.

I'd say O is off to a pretty good start. He will be dazzling us with his brilliance (especially vis-a vis his predecessor) in short order.


she isn't wise
Maybe it would be wise...
It would be wise to at least wait for the next election day before you start to crow.
You're a very wise person.

There is a definite tendency for some posters on these boards (not so much this one) to very negatively judge a post based on who posted instead of what was contained in the post.  And you're right.  That just detracts from the entire value of the post when they do that.  (Anyone who doesn't believe me can visit the Conservative and see how they chew up and spit out those who don't assign nicknames to themselves.)

Thanks for posting and thanks for the link.

and this wise speech comes from a man

who admitted he's had too many wives, done too many drugs....and was happy to admit he inhaled.

Ahhh the credibility....

Very wise words.
There's  hope for the younger generation yet!!
Words from the wise

Everyone loves Bill Clinton.  Every single democrat (well almost every single) democrat will praise Bill Clinton up and down.  Even D. Morris referred to him in an interview as being "the most brilliant man" (we about threw up, but we repect Morris' opinion).  He's always talked about with admiration by a great many and everything he says is true (according to a lot of the liberals).  So...here are words from the wise one.

(In an interview about Obama)

"When was the last time we elected a President based on one year of service in the senate before he started running.  He will have been a senator longer by the time if he's innaugerated.  But essentially once you start running for President full time you don't have time to do much else"

This is so so true.  How can anyone elect a person with only one year's time in Washington with no experience.  Forget who he is, who he's related to, who he associated with, and even forget the whole non-US citizen thing.

Experience.  That is what we need!  Not a bunch of "feel good" statements to make you believe he cares about you. 

I read an article that said the most rediculous campaign slogan is "Change".  Change into what?  Change into socialism?  "Change For The Worse" is a better slogan. 

"Hope".  There's another one.  Hope?  Hope for what?  Hope they don't see what I'm really about before I can mesmerize them and thell them I feel their pain and will solve all their problems.  "Hopelessness" is a better slogan.

Then his talks about changing the world?  Excuse me...we're voting for US president.  Not Global/Worldwide president.  You only have 1 year in the senate and now you think your qualified to change the whole world.  Oh yeah, I'm sure the other countries are really going to love us with that one.  They're already pretty "tanked up" that Bush is trying to change their government into the same kind we have.  Sure Obama you'll go over really well.  It doesn't surprise me though because the same people who financed Bush are financing Obama.

Sorry, I'm looking for

1.  Someone with more years experience in Washington. 

2.  I'm looking for someone who is prior military and who understands and values our troops.  Who will be able to end the war in victory and bring our troops safely home.  Someone who will not vote against a bill that will provide the funding needed to keep our troops safe.  Obama's plan doesn't tell you there will be a mass exodus to dupe everyone into believing he cares about our troops, but he'll turn right around and send them to other countries equally as dangerous, or what is worse, back to the same area but now the fighting will be worse.  He doesn't care about our troops.  He didn't even have the decency to go over there until forced into it.  And even then he only went to places where there were photo ops for him.

3.  I'm looking for someone who is going to fight for Americans (JM has and will). 

4.  I'm looking for someone whose running mate has more experience than the person running for President on the opposite side.

5.  I'm looking for someone who knows how to rebuild America.  Knows we can't just keep printing more and more money without anything to back it up.  Common economics (guess O skipped that subject in college).

6.  I'm looking for someoe who will not increase our taxes like Obama's plan will, all while sugar coating it and trying to convince us that it's good for us.

There are many many more reasons why I am for M/P over O/B, but those are just a few. 

And....seeing as Bill Clinton is considered to be one of the most intelligent persons in American I will believe his words out of his own mouth. 

Wise guys....
our founding fathers. The suggestion of separation of church and state is in the Constitution for a reason. This is not about accommodating the nonbelievers or any of your other extreme statements of protest.

Preserving religious traditions (especially Christmas) has a time and place...inside churches, in the privacy of our homes, in our faces at the malls, in restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, smeared all over the landscape in parking lots, neighborhoods, etc.

My question to you is why is it some folks cannot tolerate religion-free zones? Injecting religous beliefs, symbols, etc can be an extremely divisive act, as we can see by your own post. Would you also mount such strong defenses, for example, on behalf of Moslem, Jewish and Buddhist invocations at the inauguration?

Many of us are sick and tired, just like you, but not for the same reason. I'm tired of having this stuff crammed down my throat and seeing it creep into the body of our laws.

Do you always get so hostile whenever somebody brings up one of the earliest and most Constitutionally protected traditions of our nation?
Your dad sounds like a wise man
and that might explain the enthusiasm of the OP (and my own). It reminds me of that novel from the 60s, Been Down So Long, It Looks Like Up To Me. The very fact that the W era will be a closed chapter FOREVER, and that we can FINALLY turn the page and come out into the light from the NeoCon nightmare is enough reason to party 'til the cows come home. I'll take "hard," even "worse," minus W with a smile on my face and another glass of Kool-Aid, please. Make mine sunny orange, please.
Well spoken, oh wise one.

I am proud to offer this suggestion to all of those who choose to ignore the fascism of the last 8 years and are frightened and terrified (and ignorant) of the idea of a black man in the White House:  America, Love It Or Leave It!  I have a few suggestions where you all can go, too! 

Yes, I too have been worried about some sort of attempt on President Obama's life before we can be rid of the Bushies, leading to an attempt by them to hold onto power forever.  However, I think they have screwed up the country so much that even THEY don't want it anymore. 

Keith is great.  The first of the mass media to speak up about the unconstitutional actions of the Bushies.  Why was the rest of the media so frightened? 

On a bright note, I suspect that Bush's appointment by the Supreme Court was our Thermopolis Pass moment in history:  Bush's appointment led indirectly to the election of Obama, as the defeat of the Spartans at Thermopylae led to the rise of democracy in Greece, just as the rise of fascism in America has led to the resurgence of democracy in our great country. 

Now, back to taunting Mr. 644 and the Evil Q! 

Because investors are getting wise to the whole
Count me OUT 4-ever.
Thanks, Sis! (Cheese it, though - someone might get wise.)
Tell Mom I'll be home for Mother's Day.
Gee, O's doing great $$ wise.

Besides his salary as President and his expense account, he made over $2 million on his book sales so far. Maybe he will share the wealth? NOT!. The rules for the little people don't pertain to him.

Just goes to show everyone doesn't become wise with age. nm
Very wise post - you are right on with how I feel
And so many of us out there. His calming demeanor...yes most definitely. He has a soothing and reassuring voice. If I was in an accident or something like that his voice would be very reassuring and calming, but everything else I agree with you.

I loved your post. Thanks.
It is wise to broaden one's mind..... sm
but not to the point that one's brains fall out.

I was not attempting to retract a statement, unsuccessfully or otherwise. I was illustrating the point that the statement needed to be taken in context.
Cyndiee, you are a very wise woman.
I have been reading your posts here and on the Faith board, and I must say that you are a breath of fresh air. My hat is off to you!
That's a very wise place to get facts.

A spot called Killfile? They are blogs from people, not news reports. One-sided views just like everyone on this board complains about. I followed the link and it went to "outtheotherear". Another blog. Checked out the 3 writers. They really caught my eye:

Longing good candy, cool toys and up to date television, Mike and his family came back to Lockport in 1999. There he attended high school and reacquainted himself with the American Way. A “conspiracy theorist” teacher at Lockport High introduced him to politics and suggested that China might become important someday in the near future; he has been hooked on both subjects ever since.

Mike recently graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a BA in International Relations and minors in Asian Studies and History. In place of playing make-believe with Model United Nations and organizing with Democracy Matters, he now spends his free time blogging and looking for the next step in life. He spent the summer and fall working as an organizing fellow and Field Organizer for the Obama campaign in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Marc is very passionate about environmental, media, rural issues and issues of rural culture. He also feels it is his duty to keep other blogs held accountable. While he’s probably doing it a service in terms of credibility, his continual attacks will probably not leave him loved in the blogosphere.

Kate was born and raised in a dying industrial town in Upstate New York, an area she sees as a microcosm for a majority of America’s many detriments and successes. After earning a degree in History and American Studies, concentrating on Environmental and Native American History, she decided to try out state politics. Hating office work with every fiber of her being, she went back to school and is currently a graduate student, studying for her Master’s in Journalism and is the web Editor for Jerk Magazine, an independent Syracuse University student-run publication. She writes mainly about the inadequacy of mainstream media reporting.

I think you should stop flooding this board with blogs. They are one person opinions.

Words of the wise from one of the greatest men in history
I wish more people were interested in all that our founding fathers did for us.
Also: Penny wise and pound foolish?
Also: Penny wise and pound foolish?

What good to reduce out carbon footprint when China and India won't, and if it bankrupts our whole nation?

the scorn of a fool is music to the ears of a wise man.
vive la Israel!
Wise choice on your part - and poor judgement on O's! nm
Just trying to be logical, but I doubt security wise that would be a good idea.
He got a look when Biden was making wise cracks about Justice Roberts at the swearing in. sm
I think when he is under stress he has a hard time hiding how he feels, but I think it is more a sign that he is honest about his feelings, not that he is going to act out in some crazy way.
O was wise ... wait... wait... I'm rolling in the aisle.

Osamabama 'distances' himself from every lame association he ever had with his rat pack of radical nut job friends.

And if he's lucky enough to get elected, he's going to distance himself from his fawning flock as soon as his advisors tell him there's no way in hades to pay for his free po'folk tax cuts he promised without throwing the economy into the tank.
Get real. sm

Have you heard the new saying....everyone knew Foley was a Republican because he  resigned and said he was sorry. Democrats just never do that.  As far as the New York Times, I would say their past pretty much makes anything they print questionable...can we say Jayson Blair.  Also, the fact that they published articles that put this country at risk is pretty egregious but then that's just me, a stupid old Republican. 

Are you for real
That has got to be the most bigoted thing I ever heard. Who gives a you know what what his middle name is. I guess if you say it enough times some ignorant person is going to believe it...yeah, look at his middle name....can't vote for him. Well what do you think a middle name for a President should be. Sheesh! You know I don't even have any idea what Bush's middle name is or what Bill Clinton's middle name was (oh wait, think it was Jefferson). I don't know what AL Gore's middle name or John Kerry's either. But that's not the point! To me it sounds like you only want someone in there who has a "Christian" name? Please do let me know what a Christian name is. I know...why don't you pick one out and then send that suggestion to the campaign trail.... Man o man...give the guy a break - less we forget...He is half white/ half African American, he is a Christian, goes to a Christian church, swore oath on the Bible, etc, etc. This candidate is the first person in a long time who give people hope. He doesn't have to read speaches from notes, can think on his feet and is a better speaker than the other two weezles, but that discussion is for another board. I did read your post that says your not for or against him, but I'm just highly dissapointed in anyone who thinks this way, and as for your antichrist comment. You should be ashamed of yourself!
LOL for real
for real, though
to drive a car for goodness sake
Maybe she was just being real.
What I felt and saw was a woman who loves her husband and family. I think it was very difficult for her to talk about her family to the nation, especially her father. I can relate to that having lost mine four years ago. I still miss him.

I, too, can also talk slang and choose my words and enunciate when needed. I did not take offense to anything she said. She just clearly loves her family and said so.

Yes, there is a lot of negativity in this race, but isn't there always? I have been voting for a long time (I'm 50) and that's just politics. It is a contest.
R U for REAL?!
She literally looked like a "moose" caught in the headlights!? People were smiling because she was so clueless?! I don't know what debate YOU watched.   Obama will be elected, very soon!!!!  Can't wait!!!
This is not the 60s. This is for real and its
going to contine to happen and get worse if we elect Obama.

If you are not repulsed by the video then I just say shame, shame, shame.
a real
This is absolutely a repeat of the great depression, only with modern twists and turns. Everyone should do everything they can do or can think of to prepare.
Is this real?
This is scary as H___. I would like to know if anyone has more info on this. Any "other side" to contradict this? Could be reason to pull it out now and pay the fines rather than just let it be taken away.
It does not get more real than
pausing for a moment to admire any man who has the intestinal fortitude to take on the piles and piles of garbage W has set out on the back stoop, waiting for pick-up. The economy, the wars, an immediate foreign policy crisis, the bail-outs, crumbling infrastructure, health care crisis, eroded constitution and abysmal world standing perceptions. It doesn't get more real than that.
This is my real ID
I always use my real ID that I use here.  I'm not afraid...
Just saw it on CNN too. This is real!
Are you for real?
Dear, do you not realize that the president of the United States is SUPPOSED to be judged by us, the American citizen? That is exactly what we are supposed to do......do you have any idea what your position is in society and what position government is supposed to have? Obviously not or you would know that you have every right being judge and jury of your president, regardless of whom he/she is. Presidents in THIS country are determined by thge people.... Obama may think he is royalty but he isn't; therefore, he has no rights of royalty. He wasn't born into this position......HE WAS ELECTED!!! And in four years, he will be kicked out.... simple as that!
Is he for real?

In speaking about Iran, Obama actually said people should have a "govt that is transparent and doesn't steal from the people.......freedom to live as you choose"  What a hypocrit!  Transparency!!??? This man yapped about transparency of government yet has NEVER done so since being elected! 

Steal from the people?  What the h@ll does he call trillions and trillions of taxpayer dollars that he has stolen from us to give to automakers, banks, ACORN, and now just plain taxing the crap out of us to pay for all of it, not to mention govt healthcare he is trying to force down my throat.....

What world is he living in? 

Let's just keep things real. That is all I am saying. NM

Real mature

Oh yeah, he is a real

John Edwards, Little Man?
August 15, 2004 - Senator John Edwards of North Carolina was added as a folksy candidate to hide the abrupt coldness of John Kerry. John Edwards was also a Southerner, and in a tight election, the Democrats wanted a touch of populism to add to their ticket. On the way to moderation, though, the Kerry campaign settled for a candidate almost as liberal as Kerry himself. Despite the southern drawl and eloquent speaking, Senator Edwards has no clue about average America.

The freshman Senator from North Carolina was considered difficult to contact by many of his constituents. When Hurricane Isabel ravaged North Carolina's coast, Senator Edwards made only a quick trip to his Raleigh office, far from the coast. Most North Carolinians have seen Edwards' lack of compassion for their issues as a sign that he is only concerned about personal advancement. North Carolina has had a shot to know Edwards best, and they like him least. Up for re-election this year, Edwards had terrible approval ratings. Even after his addition to the ticket, North Carolina, referred to as a battleground state by ABC News, had a Bush lead of over 15 points.

Although he is the son of a mill worker, that story has only gotten Edwards so far. The Senator made his fortune as a trial lawyer. Many of his cases dealt with cerebral palsy, a brain condition that impacts many children. Edwards used science which stated that doctors could cause cerebral palsy, and he won millions while suing doctors out of business and helping lead to soaring malpractice insurance costs. Now, the medical community has refuted those claims and many believe that Edwards' cases were not based on science but emotion. Making care from doctors more difficult has not helped the average American.

In the Senate, Edwards has helped his lawsuit-happy trial lawyers and fought against tort reform. This has also hurt average Americans. Tort cases revolving around the asbestos industry have caused severe problems. Already, over 80 businesses have gone bankrupt and 60,000 Americans have lost jobs due to the largely frivolous and expensive lawsuits. Many more are expected to lose as the saga continues. However, Edwards still has not cast a vote for average Americans. Although his Senate website featured some of his gallant addresses on the American economy, Edwards has helped tarnish that economy with frivolous lawsuits.

Most of the little people Edwards claims to represent have never had an immense respect for trial lawyers. That has come with good reason as frivolous lawsuits cause inflation, dramatically increase malpractice insurance, and have cost working Americans jobs. However, Edwards has continued to claim to support the little people. In his presidential campaign, he accused Bush in a letter to MoveOn.org: He honors wealth while I honor the work that creates it. Edwards went on to say: I am running for president because I believe in an America where Main Street has as much value as Wall Street.

Edwards may have little support for Wall Street, because as a tort lawyer, he could have sued many of Wall Street's companies. However, John Edwards' working man image is a fantasy. Despite his southern drawl and charisma, John Edwards was the fourth most liberal Senator last year. As a wealthy liberal, he cared little for cutting taxes for hardworking Americans. Although he claims to want to help the working class, Americans for Tax Reform gave Edwards a 0% rating, and the Citizens Against Government Waste gave John Edwards a 13% rating. Edwards may not protect the Wall Street that has created jobs for the prosperity of millions of Americans, but he does protect his fellow trial lawyers. Besides trial lawyers, Edwards protects his liberal interests.

Despite his play for mainstream support, Edwards' presidential run proved how isolated he was from average America. What he claimed to be a grassroots campaign was a mixture of Hollywood studios, accounting firms, and real estate, but most were wealthy trial lawyers. Of Edwards' largest 25 donors, 22 were trial lawyers. Edwards collected an astonishing 56% of funds from large donors ($2000 or more), more than any other Democratic candidate. That percentage even exceeded the percent of funds President Bush received from large donors.

Doubts have also been cast on the integrity of John Edwards and his donors. As have most liberals, John Edwards promoted his presidential run on MoveOn.org, George Soros' soft-money organization designed to escape campaign-finance reform laws. Average Americans could never give enough to satisfy Edwards' political aspirations, and neither did MoveOn.org. Some of Edwards' wealthy trial lawyer friends could not resist violating laws. One of Edwards' donors, C. Tab Turner of Turner and Associates has been accused of campaign finance violations. According to the Center for Public Integrity, Turner may have used other employees to donate to Edwards' campaign on his behalf. Among the wealthy Hollywood firms, liberal activist groups, and wealthy trial lawyers, John Edwards still claims to understand average Americans.

People have asked before and after the conventions: Who is John Edwards? He would call himself the son of a mill worker who wants to work as vice president in an effort to give a voice to the little people. That was the essence of his speech. However, on convention night, it was what was not said that was so important. Edwards forgot about his millions made as a trial lawyer. While Edwards has spoken virtuously of trial lawyers, he has forgotten that they have also spawned some of the economic problems now facing America. Who is John Edwards? He is not the southern choice. He has no concern for middle America. Even constituents in his own state had difficulty contacting him. John Edwards is a Southern liberal who knows nothing of American values. This is what Democrats call a populist. It is what Americans call a liberal in disguise.

I wish they would be real Christians. Just once.
It's very hard to understand how those who cheer war, torture and the fleecing of the poor think that their values are Jesus-oriented. It is scary to think what they have made of Jesus in their own minds, to believe he is applauding what they do.
No, it started with a real
when they couldn't find anything, they dug up the sex scandal. Clinton was investigated for 7 years; can you name a high-level Clinton administartion official indicted? I know Clinton can't practice law; he was also impeached...what's your point?

LOL. Coulter. Now there's a real gem.

Thanks, Starcat.  Poor souls.  That's all they know how to do.  Swiftboat others.  I suppose everyone has to be good at something.  I don't even remotely expect it to stop, and yes, sure looks like I did hit a nerve, otherwise they wouldn't bother to keep trying to discredit me.  The way I figure it, the more *Swiftboating* that goes on, the closer I came to exposing the truth, so in a way, their *feedback* is very helpful.

The only reason I posted the second post (which I addressed to Liberals) was that I fully realized how bizarre the whole concept sounded.  Who in their right mind could believe something like that could happen here in America, that the lunatic fringe was comprised of so many people?  I guess that's what makes it so darn frightening.

You have a nice day now.  As for me, I'm going to go check the stock prices for Kool-Aid.  Might be time to invest. 

Real story from the MSM?.....sm
Bush controlled, corporate crony owned media telling the truth - not going to happen. That only happens when you have a democratic republic, not a corporate plutocracy. TV news definitely lies, suppresses, and distorts news.