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Actual work history total is 50 years, only

Posted By: VR here on 2009-06-16
In Reply to: You're past retirement age - gourdpainter

36 in MTing. You quoted as desperate, unskilled, newbies with Dorland's could probably do VR which shows your lack of knowledge in talking about VR. Why spread falsehoods any more. Learn about it first. I love VR, make a good salary and glad I don't have to wrack my brain trying to transcribe word by word everything the multitude of ESLs dictate these days. I have no plans to retire, don't want to because I love the money. I spoke about you going back because you have no knowledge about doing VR, otherwise you would never had spoken like you did. Takes just as much knowledge to do as straight transcribing.

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It depends on total years of
what work type.  You can actually make more than 8 as an employee if you make the bonus.  I do acute care and make 8 plus the first level of incentive which is an additional 1/2.  That is for 1400 lines per day.  Some days I make the 1400 and some days I don't, it just needs to be 14000 in a 2 week pay period.  There is actually a level above this one too, for 16000 in a pay period. 
10 total years in the medical field, 8 as a MT.nm
It's actual work......
Does anyone have actual experience in the quality of off-shore work?
A physical therapist in my area said they kept a file of the funniest errors they received from the off-shore work. I do believe that most of the hospital staff that get the work back care diddly-squat about quality -- it's probably not read, only filed.
No work! Anyone else having this trouble during holidays? I managed to make a total of 210.00 last
When is the next actual payday for TT?
I will be starting soon. When does the current pay period end, and then when will the check for this pay period be paid? Is the pay period Monday through Sunday, then it is paid by the following Monday? I will have DD and want to plan my finances this weekend. If I can get a pay date for the next check, I can plan ahead for every two weeks. I forgot to ask the recruiter and don't have my packet yet. Thanks.
not for test, for actual job
Are you an actual DR employee?
Or did they hire you as a hospital employee?  I didn't get anything and I was surprised because they sent me something for Thanksgiving.  I didn't want to ask my supervisor because I didn't want to sound like I expected something.  
Sorry, actual not actuall. lol n/m.......
Perhaps an actual answer.
Sheesh! Does the sniping never stop!

I don't know if TT is still offering the bonus, but you can easily call and find out. In May 2008 my husband and I bought a Prius, and I asked about the incentive. At that time, they still offered it and we did receive it.

And by the way, we saved nearly $3000 in gas expenses this year driving the hybrid. Yes, gas prices dropped, but we actually drove significantly more miles than the previous year, as my husband drives quite a bit for work.

Regarding some of the spewed responses posted here... geeze, give it a rest! Does anyone think for even a moment before they post something here? There are people who can still afford new cars. And just because someone is buying a new car does not mean they are going deeply into debt or into debt at all. That's their own business. If TT is still offering the incentive, then great! What car a family chooses and how they choose to pay for it is that family's concern and no one else's.
For a little history.....
TT has never been up front about their line count. I used to work for TT when they told people Disregard the ExText Control I function (wasn't that the line counter?) (just like Ignore That Man Behind the Curtain!!!) Because they finagle their more favorable method but aren't up front about what method it is. Transtech is owned by a real estate investor who owned the building where they are located. You know he's going to use every trick in the book to buy low, sell high. And the fact that other TT MTs won't tell you what method of line counting they are using is suspicious. Everyone cuts their own deal there. And all the TT MTs make the MT Stars readers think that TT is the ULTIMATE place to work. THere are a lot of people that have had bad experiences, too many for just random, do you know what I mean? And the poster deserves kudos for telling us that that the Word counter DOESN'T include headers. Very helpful information when there is so much TT MISINFORMATION being spread on MT Stars.
No more history
They're tired of the complaints, yet won't address the issue. The same people cancel jobs over and over again, so there must be no consequence for it. I guess they think if we can't see it, it doesn't exist, and the cherry pickers can pick and choose all day. I am ready to join them, sick and tired of having miserable jobs dumped on me while they cancel, clock out, wait a few minutes and get back on. We should all do it and then when nobody is doing the worst of the worst, perhaps the situation will be addressed.
Hmmm, care to share? Was this memo sent by your STM, that possibly wasn't sent to everybody? I quickly went through my deleted emails and can't find the one which contained the initial announcement but I certainly don't recall anything in that which gave you instructions to get history via a different route.
Don't know much about history.

Don't know much biology.  Don't know what a slide rule is for.  Don't know much about science books.  Don't remember the French I took....   blah, blah, blah....What a wonderful world it would be.

No, I certainly did not learn anything this morning and wonder why I gave them another half hour of my time so that I could remain completely uninformed.  Oh, except how very EXCITED they are, and we should be too about this.  There was so much excitement in yesterday's and today's calls I'm afraid Dorothy, Don and Carlotta will all hyperventilate! 

Chinese curse:  May you live in interesting times.  Wonder if there's a similar Indian curse?


You would think the actual transcription portion, if
That's IF there is one.  And a transcription test is more indicative of the kind of work you'll receive.  Hellllllooooooooooo!
you just don't discuss pay. Ranges maybe, but not actual pay (sm)

As with every company that I know of, there are big ranges in pay, and it just should not be discussed on a public forum, or actually even with people you know.  Not everyone may be offered the same thing and it causes too many problems.  Any professional person would know this, no matter what field you are in.

companies or the actual jobs
Do you mean keep a list of companies that you work for or the jobs you work on. Any company that i get info on i save so that way i have it if i need to find another job.
They are interested in actual time. SM
I switched to them from the Q, and they are a vastly better company. Full-time is 35 hours a week. You do punch a time clock. I don't find them very flexible, but I think that's just my supervisor. I have only been there 6 months, so barely any PTO yet, and my STM (their acronym for supervisor) would not allow me non-paid time off for a non-pleasure trip to help my sister with something very important, so I didn't go. She would have switched me to part-time status had I gone. I am very productive and accurate, so I did not appreciate that. E-mail me for more specific details on bonus structure, etc., if you'd like. They will definitely expect you to work your chosen schedule. If you think you will need time off for any reason within the FIRST YEAR, make sure you tell the recruiter.
That's because it's actual hospital employee and
It may be an actual person who pays, but
they're using a home phone number and personal email address. Their website was extremely amateur and advertising web radio.
Could someone give me the history
It must have been a great company or something.  Fill us all in, please.  Are they in business now under another name? Have a need to know.
..and history repeats itself once again. nm
It means QT is history
    It means get a job where your employer has no ties to India or any other country taking jobs from Americans. It means money and greed win once again.   It means a really good company sold its soul and a lot of great MTs for a scrapbook.  It means that if you check the archives as far back as nearly a year ago, you will find subtle and not so subtle hints that QT was in huge trouble and has been for quite some time.    If you've worked there for any amount of time, you already know there is trouble, whether you admit it or not. Good companies go bad.  Chalk this experience up and find a better one. 
They have a history of not paying MTs sm
I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.  Stay far away.  Very unprofessional, late/bounced checks, excuses, excuses, excuses.  Look elsewhere unless you like this kind of thing.
Looks like they're new and have no history yet. nm
You can look at the provider in history ...
to see who has been typing his reports for the last month or so. If you see a problem trend there, you should discuss it with your workflow coordinator and/or your account manager. They may not realize what is happening, especially if you work at night when they are not on.
history for obesity
In the 1970s one of Pres Kennedy's committments was to make food cheaper for all. After that 2 things were allowed into the American diet that should never had been...high fructose corn syrup and palm oil (the highly saturated fats). The AMA studied the HFCS and found it did not break down as well as sugar before it reached the liver and wanted more studies, but it was still approved. The HSF greatly improves shelf life. These are both cheap and both pervade our food supply.

These are hard to avoid today.

Otherwise, the surgery does affect your appetite. Some people just do not feel full no matter what they eat. Yes, I've been heavy. I've lost 50# four times in my life, each time gaining at least 70#. My body is much more efficient than most people, it will store fat even when I work out 2 hrs a day and eat 1200 calories. I've been through this 50 yrs. Don't jump on people for eating too much and not enough exercise...my ex ate 3 times the food I did, never exercised, and never weighed more than 135#.

If you've never been through this, what do you know? If keeping weight off is easy for you, what do you know. Not all metabolisms are equal.
There is no way to look up another person's history to my knowledge. What you can do and what anybody can do when you are in a report is do Alt-G, then click the button that says history. This will show you every person who touched that job. Obviously if that information were so confidential, the big button saying history would not be there for anybody and everybody to click. I think the only people who would be disturbed that others are looking at the history are the cherrypickers.
You still have access to history, sm
If you received the memo on Thursday, read the second to last paragraph. You still have access via a different route. Try it.
during history a lot of professions went
down the drain.
It is not O's fault if technology takes over. This is the sign of the times.

You cannot go berserk because your profession becomes obsolete or curtailed.

VR was only the 1st step.

And Obama did not invent computers, VR and EMR and he is not a VR- or EMR salesman.
Have read that a ByteScribe is more compatible, but no actual
More than 1/2 the time you don't get actual facility samples, tho, just
Wow, a company with actual ppl and not reasonable facsimilies!
It's nice to know there are still companies out there that give a darn about you. I'm sorry for your losses and very glad you didn't have to worry about HR coming down on you cuz u took 1 minute too long on your time off. Jobs worries can add so much stress to a person's already hectic life.
The actual program behind it is AnyModal Edit, sm
It is hard to make money on anything that uses AnyModal Edit. I went from one company with it, to Transcend who says they use BeyondTXT, but once I got started turned out it was the same program in the background for editing, AnyModal Edit. Don't be fooled, it is very hard to get a good line count with this program. I can straight type 250-300 words per hour easily, but in this program for VR struggle to get 150 lines per hour, you have to edit a lot, this program is awful and it's faster to type most of the reports.
Yes, and actual Word clients in platforms sm
like MedRite XL, Extext and MTWorld and there are a couple of others.  Whatever platform Keystrokes uses, it works there too.  I didn't know if DocQScribe was one of them.
Testing sound quality has nothing to do with the actual sm
sound quality you get when you work there.  Trust me, the sound quality is absolutely horrible.  You struggle to hear every single report.
Please tell me you aren't saving actual reports...?
Please reassure me/us that you aren't saving the actual report with patient demographics, etc., and then showing them to others? That would be such a huge compromise of HIPAA and would bring to light a whole different set of reasons for possible future termination from an employer if it were found out.
Yes. Look at the statistics for the report in history

They wanted to know my life history

since the age for adulthood.  They didn't say anything about requiring the credit checks, background checks, where I have lived for the past 20 years when they offered me a position.

I really have nothing to hide but there are some things that I feel are my business.  I don't need to work for a company who basically inspects every avenue of my personal life.  Even though I was offered 9.5 cpl, I turned told them to forget it!!!!  It's not like they are a government agency or the CIA.

They could check your history. Best not to shop on E-bra
When I am waiting for work to come up. My PC is on the next desk.

Yea, they were telling us we'd be history way back
I believed it, but I don't now. Speech Rec is a tool - one of many 'means to an end', but certinly not an end in itself.

Actually, at one point in about 1990 my hospital was planning on getting a dictation system where once the doc dictated a report, it was stored on a huge server with all the voice files on the patients stored, rather than paper files. They believed that if any doctor in the hospital needed a report, he could just dial in and listen to it, and paper, as well as MT's, would be eliminated entirely.

I forget why they never did go to that system, but probably there was some sort of a legal problem with it, not to mention the expense and the potential liability.

It would seem to me that a purely mechanical medical record, with no human intervention from spoken to stored, would among other things, create problems in court, and wouldn't be admissable evidence. Sort of along the same lines as why court proceedings aren't just taped, with no court-reporter needed.
My STM said it was b/c the Alt-G and history function was creating sm
a potential HIPAA problem because it was copying a viewed patient name into your current document sometimes. Alt-G and history are connected somehow apparently? She also said they were bringing viewing history back later on this year.
"Those who don't learn from history are
Companies that pay for actual lines, not divided by character?
Does anyone know what companies pay for actual lines and not by characters per line?
To my own knowledge, it is less, B&W character is just the actual printed out characters..sm
that appear on the page, NO SPACES, etc, so it could really add up, I have never taken a jot with those specs, perhaps someone out there doing this could say how they made out? But I have talked to recruiters about some of these jobs and it does seem to lower the line count.
I have a unique history with DSG and found them to be very good!!!

I had a pretty good experience with them.  I would consider my situation unique because I had left a couple of times and had asked to come back and they allowed me to do this.  I was having a hard time juggling between two jobs and actually left them twice and was given the opportunity to come back.  They were very friendly and professional about it as well.  They were very helpful with questions and samples, etc.  The scheduled was great, being able to work anytime of the day you wanted.  The sound quality was not that great though and there were some accounts with lots of ESL doctors, which I am just not good at.  Other than that I am sure I would have stayed with them. 

They always paid on time and were always very kind.  They answered my emails and questions in a timely fashion and the pay was pretty good.

With an old history of payment issues, I wouldn't even
From previous posts and in my interviewing history,
I am not sure that is correct.  Some companies actually do just pay a certain amount per report for QA and it is very low and others pay just for the blank filled in.  Pathetic, ain't it. 
3 in total, 1 FT and 2 PT..sm

Originally took on another PT local doc to cover daughter's competitive cheerleading costs. Then, hubby got laid off last fall and took on another national PT to help make ends meet. He now is employed elsewhere, but still have late bills, not to mention never want to be in that position again. Trying to pay off all the bills!!! Feels like I work round the clock, but really don't with lots of breaks and extreme flexibility to work whenever and also be with my kids whenever (and be their chauffeur, mostly!) Good luck to you, it's hard but there is something to be said for security.

They have a history of pay problems. In January, the owner told us sm
all that she could not pay us and that it would happen again in July. I have had 8 bounced checks, dozens of late checks and a few no check situations in the past 2 years. Not sure why I stayed but I am much happier now that I moved on.
With Webmedx you can hit history button and it shows who has been in that report. (sm)
Of course, there is always the possibility they pulled it up and power went out or the report was a really long one and they had to go pickup kids or something. Though in that case I think they are supposed to put it on hold until they get back.

When I was training I was told if you pull the job up you are expected to type it. I personally do this, but evidently some of those truly horrible audio ones are just too much for some primadonnas.