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That's because it's actual hospital employee and

Posted By: what most hospitals require on 2008-08-12
In Reply to: Florida Hospital Diskriter Position sm - Inquiring Mind


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Are you an actual DR employee?
Or did they hire you as a hospital employee?  I didn't get anything and I was surprised because they sent me something for Thanksgiving.  I didn't want to ask my supervisor because I didn't want to sound like I expected something.  
Diskriter - Anyone go from their employee to hospital employee with them?
Thinking about giving up on being their employee and applying for a hospital employee position through them, they have one in PA right now that looks good.  How is it for scheduling?  Do you keep your line rate or get whatever the hospital pays? Who manages those accounts, is it the same PM and DR that are on the other ones?  I have DR and feel like she doesn't have a clue what she is doing and it is so annoying, but I just don't have the guts to let the company know she needs to step it up a notch because the transcriptionists are not happy under her.  Are QA the same people or through the hospital.  They have 1 QA that is constantly asking us questions on doctors and format, things we should be asking that QA person.  Annoying that new people move up to QA but people who've been there 2 or 3 years get treated like dirt and jumped account to account.
Hospital employee
even if you are hospital employee status, the rug can still get pulled from under you.  There have been a few hospitals that have pulled out from Diskriter leaving the hospital employees without a job so beware.  Now, Diskriter may offer to pick you up but you're better off leaving and getting another job.  One MT I know was a hospital employee.  She was the queen of OPs.  This girl was amazing, consistently pumping out 2400 lines a day with 99-100% QA.  Then, all of a sudden, the OPs started drying up on her.  Where did they all go?  Outsourcing was what she was told, meaning either to Diskriter here in the US or there in India.  Her income dropped dramatically until she eventually quit.  I would think twice about any offer even if it is hospital-based because Diskriter still controls the work flow and hospitals don't always renew contracts. 
8.5-9 $/hr.? for employee of hospital??? cause if you do...
I've been blessed!
I am a hospital employee

Yes, the benefits are very good as a hospital employee, although they will vary with the different hospitals.   As far as what states they can hire from, it depends on which hospital.  There are different hospitals in different states, so the criteria is different for each. 

My experience has been very good.  Pay is average (8 cpl), but nice incentive, and am making decent $$. They pay for spaces, headers, footers.  They pay downtime, which is a plus. Management seems a little disorganized and I have has three supervisors in last year, but it really didn't affect me in a negative way.       

Employee for hospital....sm
I am employed by a community hospital and we have consistently been running out of work for a year. We are able to supplement it by going to work inhouse in Medical Records....but I have to pay day care to do that. I don't know what's going on...and it's not outsourcing...we actually nixed our contract with MQ 8 months ago and are STILL running out of work. I'm right there with you in the frustration department and have been looking myself. Just my 2 cents.
regarding hospital employee work - sm
again, as posted previously, it really depends on what state you live in. What state do you live in??? There are quite a few hospitals that although they do not advertise, they do hire transcriptionists from around the state.

As for Diskriter, and any company for that matter, please do not believe everything you read on this board. It reads like the National Enquirer for Transcription. For every good thing a poster might say about a company, there will be five people (or who knows, maybe it's the same poster over and over again), saying bad things.

Just because one company is not a good fit for a few transcriptionists, does not mean that every Transcriptionist should run. Sometimes these are really bad transcriptionists that were let go, or maybe they are great transcriptionists that were dealt a lousy deal by the transcription service.
Do their hospital employee MTs use the same platform?
Sounds like were a DR employee not hospital (sm)
Your post sounds more like employee of Diskriter than hospital.  If you work for the hospital, you don't get the bottom of the flow, you are their MT, not an overflow MT.  If you work for DR on the other hand, you get the overflow and the cherry picking (not by the MTs per say but management deciding how they want your workpool set up or what jobs they want certain MTs to get).  They messed with my workpool so terribly it doesn't even make sense how stuff comes through now.  I'll get recent stuff before old stuff and then the old stuff is late to the hospital (poor management).  l  know that the managers now have never even worked as MTs, sickening.  So what if they have a degree, they have no experience doing the job or with the accounts, the MTs and QA know more how to run things.
Diskriter hospital employee
Is there anyone working on the hospital accounts through DR? I would like more information from those that are currently working or have previously worked on the hospital side. Good, bad, and ugly. Thanks!

Diskriter hospital employee
I wanted to post this again as nobody responded to my previous post. Does anyone work as a hospital employee through Diskriter? If you are currently working for Diskriter at all, could you give me some insight on the company and benefits from your perspective? Thanks!
To be a hospital employee (Diskriter), do you have
I work as a hospital employee at home
Diskriter-Hospital Employee Status

I've recently accepted a hospital employee status position with Diskriter.  Is there anyone else out there that works one of these positions that would be willing to network with me?

Question about changing from hospital employee

I am wondering about how training pay works with different companies as they do not say on their web sites how much it is or for how long.  I checked with one company and they have no training pay whatsoever, strictly production from the first minute.  Thanks for any advice.  I am going from a salary but don't want to follow the account to the company.  Is it for one week or two or more, and is it usually minimum wage or higher?  TIA

anyone work as hospital employee for/through Diskriter?
Was wondering how that works out, if that setup is better than working for a service. Better benefits, workload?
I'm a new hospital employee through Diskriter and you are correct. Ins kicks in 1st month after h
You cant beat the benefits and that is why I chose hospital. You get PTO, holiday pay, downtime pay, and sick time. The insurance is one of the best out there.
My last hospital did offer home-based employee positions. sm
They paid the employee positions by the hour with incentive and IC positions by the dictated minute.

It still was not as lucrative for me as my national position.

What works for one, however, may not work for others.

It is all about personal needs and opinions! Bully for you!!! :)

I have a friend working in a hospital and she is looking for a company from home as an employee.
Would anyone care to recommend a good company?
There's no comparison in being a hospital employee with benefits working rotating weekend and IC
Initially what made being an IC worth sacrificing benefits was having a flexible schedule. I have read the laws and have done research. An independent contractor is not obligated to a set schedule and this definitely includes holidays and weekends. So what if this is a 24/7 business? How many hospital workers do you know that work every weekend with no benefits?? Nada! I knew student nurses who chose 24 hours every weekend so they could go to school thru the week, but they were compensated quite well at 40 hours with full benefits.

A company may hire a lot of misinformed ICs for Sun-Th and Tues - Sat schedules, but by law they are pushing the envelope. ICs need to remind these companies what the legal definition of an IC is. I'm sure they remember that we don't receive benefits. They want it both ways. If I'm going to be an IC with the only benefit being flexibility, there's no way I'm giving that up!

A national I worked for, which I won't name (squid)tried that on us after taking over our company. They even used scare tactics. We still didn't get on every weekend. There was nothing they could do and they knew it.
When is the next actual payday for TT?
I will be starting soon. When does the current pay period end, and then when will the check for this pay period be paid? Is the pay period Monday through Sunday, then it is paid by the following Monday? I will have DD and want to plan my finances this weekend. If I can get a pay date for the next check, I can plan ahead for every two weeks. I forgot to ask the recruiter and don't have my packet yet. Thanks.
not for test, for actual job
It's actual work......
Sorry, actual not actuall. lol n/m.......
Perhaps an actual answer.
Sheesh! Does the sniping never stop!

I don't know if TT is still offering the bonus, but you can easily call and find out. In May 2008 my husband and I bought a Prius, and I asked about the incentive. At that time, they still offered it and we did receive it.

And by the way, we saved nearly $3000 in gas expenses this year driving the hybrid. Yes, gas prices dropped, but we actually drove significantly more miles than the previous year, as my husband drives quite a bit for work.

Regarding some of the spewed responses posted here... geeze, give it a rest! Does anyone think for even a moment before they post something here? There are people who can still afford new cars. And just because someone is buying a new car does not mean they are going deeply into debt or into debt at all. That's their own business. If TT is still offering the incentive, then great! What car a family chooses and how they choose to pay for it is that family's concern and no one else's.
You would think the actual transcription portion, if
That's IF there is one.  And a transcription test is more indicative of the kind of work you'll receive.  Hellllllooooooooooo!
you just don't discuss pay. Ranges maybe, but not actual pay (sm)

As with every company that I know of, there are big ranges in pay, and it just should not be discussed on a public forum, or actually even with people you know.  Not everyone may be offered the same thing and it causes too many problems.  Any professional person would know this, no matter what field you are in.

companies or the actual jobs
Do you mean keep a list of companies that you work for or the jobs you work on. Any company that i get info on i save so that way i have it if i need to find another job.
They are interested in actual time. SM
I switched to them from the Q, and they are a vastly better company. Full-time is 35 hours a week. You do punch a time clock. I don't find them very flexible, but I think that's just my supervisor. I have only been there 6 months, so barely any PTO yet, and my STM (their acronym for supervisor) would not allow me non-paid time off for a non-pleasure trip to help my sister with something very important, so I didn't go. She would have switched me to part-time status had I gone. I am very productive and accurate, so I did not appreciate that. E-mail me for more specific details on bonus structure, etc., if you'd like. They will definitely expect you to work your chosen schedule. If you think you will need time off for any reason within the FIRST YEAR, make sure you tell the recruiter.
It may be an actual person who pays, but
they're using a home phone number and personal email address. Their website was extremely amateur and advertising web radio.
Have read that a ByteScribe is more compatible, but no actual
More than 1/2 the time you don't get actual facility samples, tho, just
Wow, a company with actual ppl and not reasonable facsimilies!
It's nice to know there are still companies out there that give a darn about you. I'm sorry for your losses and very glad you didn't have to worry about HR coming down on you cuz u took 1 minute too long on your time off. Jobs worries can add so much stress to a person's already hectic life.
The actual program behind it is AnyModal Edit, sm
It is hard to make money on anything that uses AnyModal Edit. I went from one company with it, to Transcend who says they use BeyondTXT, but once I got started turned out it was the same program in the background for editing, AnyModal Edit. Don't be fooled, it is very hard to get a good line count with this program. I can straight type 250-300 words per hour easily, but in this program for VR struggle to get 150 lines per hour, you have to edit a lot, this program is awful and it's faster to type most of the reports.
Yes, and actual Word clients in platforms sm
like MedRite XL, Extext and MTWorld and there are a couple of others.  Whatever platform Keystrokes uses, it works there too.  I didn't know if DocQScribe was one of them.
Testing sound quality has nothing to do with the actual sm
sound quality you get when you work there.  Trust me, the sound quality is absolutely horrible.  You struggle to hear every single report.
Please tell me you aren't saving actual reports...?
Please reassure me/us that you aren't saving the actual report with patient demographics, etc., and then showing them to others? That would be such a huge compromise of HIPAA and would bring to light a whole different set of reasons for possible future termination from an employer if it were found out.
Companies that pay for actual lines, not divided by character?
Does anyone know what companies pay for actual lines and not by characters per line?
To my own knowledge, it is less, B&W character is just the actual printed out characters..sm
that appear on the page, NO SPACES, etc, so it could really add up, I have never taken a jot with those specs, perhaps someone out there doing this could say how they made out? But I have talked to recruiters about some of these jobs and it does seem to lower the line count.
Actual work history total is 50 years, only
36 in MTing. You quoted as desperate, unskilled, newbies with Dorland's could probably do VR which shows your lack of knowledge in talking about VR. Why spread falsehoods any more. Learn about it first. I love VR, make a good salary and glad I don't have to wrack my brain trying to transcribe word by word everything the multitude of ESLs dictate these days. I have no plans to retire, don't want to because I love the money. I spoke about you going back because you have no knowledge about doing VR, otherwise you would never had spoken like you did. Takes just as much knowledge to do as straight transcribing.
Does anyone have actual experience in the quality of off-shore work?
A physical therapist in my area said they kept a file of the funniest errors they received from the off-shore work. I do believe that most of the hospital staff that get the work back care diddly-squat about quality -- it's probably not read, only filed.
Diskriter off off offshores - and on some hospital accounts - they have not informed the hospital
Jewish is the main hospital, St. Mary's is another hospital under their management. (nm)
I was told by several actual Indiam MTs that they were trained by watching ER episodes and typing SM
as the show was aired. They were rated on their speed, not accuracy! He said that when he did start working, the actual reports were to be edited in the US, so accuracy did not matter. I found this shocking, although the best line rate there at the time was 2-3 cpl. His accounts that he was assigned in India were for many US VA hospitals He has since come to the US and works online for a major company, last time I spoke with him, he was getting 11 cpl. He must have been trained with one of the more complicated episodes of ER...LOL BTW, I did tell him that he should be an entertainment industry MT, he would probably make more money...
First for hospital, then outsourced still on same hospital work
and believe it or not, the hospital was so much easier. Had worked at the hospital for 11 years before they outsourced and then worked another 3+ years for the company they outsourced to. What a difference! The company had so many rules and regulations you could hardly keep up with them all, thousands of them, on the same account, mind you. The higher ups would not leave you alone, constant IMs about any and all. I have gotten to the age where I do not need all that and walked the other week. Have scheduled testing with another hospital for this month. Hope I make the cut, love the hospital work 1000 times more than a company.
Statuatory employee versus regular employee....
Can someone tell me the difference between a statuatory employee versus a regular employee?  My company offeres IC or SE status....I am confused about whether switching over the SE would benefit me more than IC status that I have been for some time with them?  What are the benefits and disadvantages of being an SE versus IC?  Thanks for all of your help!
Not familiar with actual company but familiar with platform some use and it is super-slick!
Just took the test myself. No actual dictation to transcribe. Just a written test.
For 13 cpl, I might do it if the dictators aren't a total horror.
They hire both IC and employee. I am an employee (see message)
and I have full benefits. I am very happy that I came to work here. I came as a statutory employee from a large company. Everyone at MDI has been great to me.
Depends on if you are employee or statutory employee (sm)
Employee, 8th and 23rd of month
Stat. Employee, 15th and 30th month
Only employee and statutory employee..no IC