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Agreed, not a great choice...sm

Posted By: ex-OSi on 2009-02-02
In Reply to: OSi is for the birds sm - yuck

I was with them for four years. Finally had enough. I can't even begin to tell you what's wrong with this company. Apparently, they've changed. Doubtful, not with some of the same troublemakers on board.

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First Choice is great! nm
great choice
I work for Transform and use Vscript.  I absolutely LOVE it.  I have been an MT for 10 years now and have worked for 2 nationals and 3 small companies.  This is the BEST company/platform ever.  I can produce 2000 lines a day and the management/owners are fantastic.  Tech support is great too.  My computer has crashed twice in the last few months and the tech guy has been able to save me!  I can't say enough good things about the company/platform.  Good luck to you!
I think that is great. Very wise choice.
Clear Choice looks great
Wonderful staff, great accounts, very flexible company - love the website!
It is First Choice Medical and they are a great company. Nothing bad to say. Try'em. nm
First Choice Medical is a great company to work for, and I think they are hiring too.
I have been there for over 4 years now. They use WP51 too if you want. Good luck to you.
You made a good choice. The staff is great, program simple. Welcome! nm
support/technical dept is great. i use mine so i think that is just a personal choice and don't
Webmedx fits that bill, great company, great benefits, great pay and always on time. NM
Agreed, but

Respect and invite your opinion.  All sides should be heard.  That is my point.  Responsible journalism tells BOTH sides.  My belief is this was done by RBJ.  I'm not relishing in her problems, just satisfied that the whole story is available.  Period. 

This may have started 15 years ago, but as of 1999 charges and apeals were still pending when settled out of court. 

I agree with many points you made about our economic condition here, and changes need to be made by positive role model companies.  I recognize the fact that you had positive encounters with Execuscribe ---  by newspaper archives I believe you sold your transcription company to her in 2003 (per press release dated 5/1/03), correct?   You had a good outcome and business opportunity.  The rest of us have not had that opportunity and can only assess by other information available. 

All I am trying to point out is both sides of story is responsible reporting.  How can you make an informed decision without both sides?? 


I could not agree with you more. THEY are the problem for sure. I think you should move on. There is plenty of work and many other companies. Also, the person who said maybe she is sick, that's a cop out because certainly there is more than one person there who could answer you. Try Sten-Tel, they are very nice and reliable. Wish you luck!!
A client may have their own formula This has nothing to do with the way a company may count lines, something they don't have control over. As well, many accounts have normals that you simply insert. Who couldn't rack up the lines at that rate. I think the real answer here lies within the line rate that you contract for. Perhaps these people that are very happy are making more per line than others. We know that everyone is paid differently. I truly think this is where the descrepancy is. Just assume that line counts will not be what they were way back in the day and ask for a higher line rate and everyone will be happy. If its too low, say no thank you and go to the next one. I guarantee you, you will find someone to pay you what you are worth.
You are so right. Thank you for this enlightening post:)
Very much agreed!
This is not a private board for just strictly MTs. Anyone can come on here and post who is in this industry, management, recruiters, MTs, etc. Before someone accuses me of being management or a lead, I am not. I am just an MT who is very happy with my company. If you don't like what someone is saying on here, then IGNORE IT!!!

As far as fax machines, as the above poster stated, they are VERY inexpensive. I for one bought 2 brand new fax machines on ebay last year for a total of $30. If you are going to complain about something as stupid as spending a dollar or two to fax something, then that is just ridiculous, and that probably means that you will pick out any little thing to complain about at every company. Besides, who wants to wait for days for something to arrive in the mail when you can fax something instantaneously???
And then when you finally get all the weird rules straight in your head, they send a message not to do it that way any longer. !
Agreed. Well said. NM
I totally agree, it would be great to add this experience to my 15 years of clinical experience.  Do you have any suggestions for resources I could purchase such as Stedman Word Books etc. to learn surgery terminology and medical equipment names?  These are the things I struggle with the most - the terms used in surgical procedures and the names of all the clamps, instruments, sutures, etc.  I need some good reference material to help me out I think.  Any suggestions would be appreciated as to what I should buy or any online sources you know of.  Thanks!!
They are horrible, zero feedback, consistently change/add your accounts and do not pay well and somehow always manage to come out on top in the cpl/per report pay no matter what?
Agreed! However, she still needs to...sm

make sure the supervisor knows that this is how things are being handled. Again, forward all of the IMs or emails you get to the supervisor, let the co-worker know that you are doing it. You might just see a substantial drop in this type of lazy behavior.

My sister has just recently been doing some acute care work after doing straight clinic work for 3 years, and she notices the difference, especially labs and x-rays.
Agreed! SM
MQ MT, you've led a truly charmed life if you've sat in on a conference call involving 100+ people and NO ONE'S call-waiting beeped, NO ONE'S dog barked, NO ONE'S doorbell rang.

When Acusis does all-associates quarterly meetings online, the background noise is not a problem, there are visual aids and graphs, and it's easy to ask the moderator a question thru IM... (just not anonymously).
Especially when some of the 'backup' accounts do not even sufficient work to pull 5 reports for training purposes.

Of course, in order to train for backup on an account, one would have to actually be acknowledged or get a response from one of the liaisons, who are strangely and uncharacteristically nonresponsive this past month.

Very sad.

I'd encourage everyone to read the thread just above this one. It's very informative.

There is reference to Rs (rupees) on their website. My guess is they are giving the work to India. Can't imagine how they would find any US MT to work for the rate they would have to pay when they are only getting 6 cpl.
Weekends and holidays also!  But that is never the case, always have to work holidays and weekends, so I don't understand the use of India I guess. 
I agreed 110% with what you have said. sm
I do VR AND traditional, make lovely money and have a happy little life. I can't complain one bit.
Great company, great boss, great account!!!nm
Agreed; MDI-FL has too mch work....
we are never slow
I've always agreed with that.
Each of us has different needs from a company.  One person's personality clash or bad fit is another person's perfect job.
What was your agreed-upon rate?
What company is this. Was this your first paycheck?
Agreed. plus I am truly puzzled by...
....the fact that I see companies continuously posting pay of around 0.07 cents per line and expecting to get experienced MTs in acute care.  Are they finding truly experienced employees at that rate?  I doubt it and what worries me is that I don't think they care.  And....I don't want to sound condescending but after looking at some of the word help posts I am beginning to wonder how some of these brand new folks can do transcription at all.  I see questions being posted for the most basic medical words and medications and it appalls me.  Sorry to be so harsh. 
Agreed..not the place to go
if you need a real paycheck.  Do yourself a serious favor and keep looking.
You agreed to .075 cpl in the first place so sm
what's the big deal?  If you were willing to settle for that I can't imagine you're too worried about pay.
Agreed... it was pretty bad! sm
It would've been better to have it online. I like the option of typing out a question instead of *yelling* through dogs barking and babies crying and doorbells ringing and general static.

Also didn't like that the time and date kept changing. And what the heck is a Trans Op??? I liked it better when J said *Team* -- at least I knew who he was talking about.
A few years ago, I would have agreed with you.
anonymous nature of posting. I am 100% convinced of this, as I also browse and post on several completely nonrelated forums and/or hobbies of mine, and its the same exact nastiness that one sees here.  The thread will be so fun and upbeat and on topic, and out of the blue a troll will come on, usually a regular, sometimes a stranger, and just blast the poop out of us all. Happens in every single nonrelated place I go for some fellowship and companionship. Its very sad, and I actually have decided to just quit them all, save for this Company forum, where I need to keep an eye on MTSOs and the current trends, etc.  It just makes me so sad, but being able to post more or less anonymously on the internet can truly bring the worse out in many, many people, and I think its the ones who in real life are shy and introverted who really just flip out at the ability to finally lash out at the world from the safety of their computer.  I feel sorry for them, but hate how they have ruined it for so many of us. There is a time and a place and most of the time they just randomly pick the wrong time and the wrong place.  Its a shame and nothing anyone can do about it.
If you agreed to take a job making 7 cpl
Stop whining about the pay if you agreed to it! If you dislike the job, I'm sure there are lots of job-seeking MTs that will gladly take over for you, and do the work asked of them to boot.

If you feel 7 cpl is too low, don't accept the job in the first place. Or maybe that's all you're really worth if you truly uphold the attitude you've displayed here.
Agreed, they do overhire.

Agreed. What you train on is not necessarily what
you'll end up with.  You'll never know what account you'll be on from day to day or hour to hour.  I agree with the 1 to 2 days for support, but that is too long IMHO if you have several similar reports back to back and have to leave blanks in all of them.
Agreed; there are no pets, but enough work for all
the people that want to work. I ran out a little around Christmas and the day after. But other than that, I am okay
SCAM agreed, another happy DR. nm.
Agreed - I think it's a good thing.
Agreed. Also, editors often have quotas, too. nm
Agreed.. I think the managers are getting aware of that now...
I got a memo that said unless you are scheduled, DO NOT WORK. This business is kind of crazy; I have found it is the people that hog all the work on holidays that don't work regular shifts.
Agreed. I have learned my lesson.

Agreed, didn't mean for misunderstanding.
Sorry if it came out wrong. I meant that the MTSO should follow through, not QA. Why even have QA if you aren't going to listen to their recommendations on their MTs' value (or lack thereof)? I know it's frustrating, BTDT, so I didn't mean to imply it's a QA problem in any way.
I would say yes - the worker agreed to the terms.
When hired and by continuing their voluntary working, the worker is agreeing to the terms.

I agreed with your original statement ...sm

It seems MTs are in denial about what is happening to this industry.  Anyone who has done transcription for a while has seen the changes and the writing on the wall.  It is always the people that the technology is replacing who are the one who claim it can't happen or that the technology isn't good enough... again, denial!


I wonder if all those workers in the auto factories claimed machines couldn't do their jobs?  Surprise .. they can.  All the problems with VR only give someone a reason to fix it and make it better.  It may not be soon and it may be a gradual process, but we are being replaced, slowly but surely. 

Agreed. If you apply, you'll have to stay on them (sm)
They don't have someone who's title is recruiter. It's usually the owner. Keep pestering them, and you'll get through. Low turnover of both office staff and MTs, with office staff wearing multiple hats. Be patient and persistent. Good luck!
Agreed, check your state's web site
like having at least 3 employees in the residing state, or earnings over XX dollars unless it is in such-and-such industry. Most states just require one employee with a very low income. I had to get an employer to read the web site and ask their tax accountant before they started cutting taxes.
Agreed. It's a good place to work. nm