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or maybe it's really a good company. Give me a break. If a company isn't talked about sm

Posted By: wow on 2009-02-08
In Reply to: MTSOs and others - RS

on here, good or bad, it's probably too small to matter and does not offer benefits or anything at all.

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Sorry to hear that. I talked with Ann a few times, and it sounded like a good company. nm

Must be a small company. I have never talked to the owner of the company I work for. sm
He wouldn't have time. Why would someone talk directly to the MTSO? Most do not know (or care) about the details just the big picture.
This company and KS are about the only companies talked about on this
board. As bad as MQ is about the only company talked about on another board. Ridiculous!
"warned" by someone who won't give facts or sign her name. Give me a break! nm
I talked with them and she was very nice... the company she wanted to
AllHealth in GA - Good company, good equipment, any info about this company? (sm)

What type of work do they have?  Any op reports?  Appreciate any info. 

Give me a break.
I doubt 100% that you posted AGAINST Keystrokes and used your real name.  Not gonna make me believe that in a minute, cause if you did, it would have been spread all over this board like wildfire, with Lee and the whole gang from KS posting to you, yadda, yadda.  Don't believe you one minute.  As for posting against Spheris, hmmmm... they have like 12,000 or more employees now? Bigger than MQ. So, boy, you're sure brave if you ever posted as Michelle.  Yep, they'd be able to zero right in on you on their radar screen! Please....Transcend watches this board like a hawk, and DOES contact posters.  PERIOD. It is scary and it is a hassle, so its a business strategy that does work for them regarding damage control. Doesn't mean any of us are "hiding" or that our negative comments are any less valid than your soap-box stances defending Transcend.
Give me a break!
I understand there are two sides to every story, but there is no excuse for not paying the people who have worked for you. I just hope you are a better business owner than she is.
Give me a break.....

I know a whole lot more hard working, LOYAL, honest, go-the-extra-mile transcriptionists  then I do companies who truely appreciate them.  It is not the work ethic of the general TX that has caused the rates to go down.  It is greed on the part of the company.  I have now been with SEVEN different companies in the past 3 years as an IC and have never done the things you suggest.  What I get is days without work or days that I am expected to work 24 hours, late/no paycheck, awful and ridiculous platforms, doctor switching games, etc.

I'd gladly still be with the first company I ever worked for if they'd just pay......

Give me a Break!!

Ya know, I must be cranky today, but...some posts below really got my dander up! MTs are asking for referrals about companies, and someone actually posts that the company is GREAT - I believe GREAT is the adjective. Then inside message says something to the effect of:  I'm a new hire, too, and I hear the work will be picking up soon. PICKING UP SOON!!  This is after several MTs claim no work, which is what we all-too-often hear with these companies. Hiring and WORK SHOULD BE PICKING UP SOON!! And the poster closes by saying how NICE everyone is. That he/she doesn't mind lack of work cause they are NICE. Grrrrrrrrrrrr...

I wish we could have some coding system where MTs gave job referrals based on LIFE SITUATIONS. Like how many of us really need the income?? Versus those who obviously don't really need the $$ and don't mind being hired for a job with NO WORK. But the people are nice...Can you imagine? I used to hire people in-house for hospitals - all depts. I can just imagine me HIRING people for work that wasn't really there... Give me a BREAK. Nice...

Give em a break at least -- sm
they are giving US MTs a chance to get started rather than offsourcing to India. At least they are giving back to the USA in one form or another.

They could just send it off and be done with it.
give me a break
It's called being courteous to my employers, asking rather than telling them and this is completely irrelevant to this board and rather discourteous on your part.
Give her a break!
Maybe there are reasons she does not want minimum line counts per shift/day.  I have a hard time with line counts myself but with good reason.  I tore my TFCC in Dec. 06 and had surgery.  It is stable now but I have lost some range of motion which has slowed my typing speed a bit.  That's why I stay away from minimum line count jobs.  I do work for a smaller company though so they are ok with this.
Give me a break

I do answer posts about which companies are good, who pays on time, etc, if I know the answer so I am not a board troll but a participating member.  Its okay to have an opininon the same as yours but something different and your a flamer.  As for working hours, I was making a general statement as I see it all the time on this board...no one wants to work weekends or past 6 p.m. at the most.  More than the OP jumped on this thread with the me too, no work post...and in my opinion if more people were willing to make sacrifices they would have work but everybody wants to work M-F.  If that's the case then you need to leave your home and work in an office.

Give me a break

I'm working with 3 companies right now and will weed out the crap just like they weed through the MT's.  I do ask the worst case scenario questions and have been lied to over and over again!  I'm doing this to make money and put food on the table and if that means weeding out the B.S. that these companies give you - so be it!  You sound like your from one of the companies I am now working for.  They just started a new account and have NO CLUE what they are doing.  The way things are so out of control I bet they never sat down with the hospital to go over how this project was going to be run - and now they are advertising for ANOTHER NEW ACCOUNT!  I got 2 words for you sister - and it ain't Merry Christmas!



give me a break
are you saying becausse I am defending the company I work for that I am management and I am lying??? Give me a break. Obviously you are just not up to the high standard that we are held accountable for at this company and you got fired.
Give me a break please!!
I am 100% Cherokee and never took that as a racist remark.  I think that someone is just trying to stir the pot.
Give me a break (sm)
This doesn't sound at all like an MT who has worked on this platform: 'It's actually good news in that moving to a more efficient platform means management is working to save our jobs in a very competitive, unstable market by increasing our output, and thus our value to the hospitals.'

How do you know it's more efficient? Because they say so? Have you worked on it and found your output increasing?

I'm waiting for those MTs who are finding they're producing more to pipe in.

You are very rude and smug to people who have been hurt by this announcement. 'Rude and foolish messages' pretty much applies to yours.
Give me a break -- I am overworked!!!!
You obviously do not work there.... we have a ton of work.
I am sure there are 40,000 non-MQ people too, give us a break

She was trying to be helpful, give it a break. nm


Give a girl a break...

Why aren't people allowed to speak here without always getting chewed up and spit out and told what a dumb u&^^%$$#@@*** they are?  Ask some questions. Offer a similar experience.  Hey person with head cut off, how might we support you, or did you just need to vent?  I just had a few days of that, put me into a tailspin.  I'm unfortunately not in a place to be able to ride with it. Lovely, nice company, however.  It was temporary and my mind was put to ease.  I just WISH I had the liberty to ride it; unfortunately, I just can't right now.  So, problem solved for me, but I hear you loud and clear.  I rather get tired of being married to this thing 20 hours/day.  I'd scale tall buildings for these nice people, but mortgages are mortgages..hang in there.  It really doesn't mean your're an ungrateful jerk if you fret over no income.  Why do forums make people so cranky?  I think I'm going to do a study on the sociology of the virtual community.  It's interesting.

Give me a break. I get so tired of

people saying you do crappy work, you can't work your schedule, etc. every time someone leaves a company, voluntarily or involuntarily.

I don't know what adds have to do with anything. 


puhleeze give US a break..

with your relentless rah-rahing!  Sweety pie, work has been low at TT for months and months...not just now.  Yes, you certainly are newer TT because you as an overhire are taking the work away from those of us who have been in there for the long haul!  Secondly, it has always been my experience that doctors work wayyyyy over 40 hours a week, and someone else mentioned that this low/no work is due to the holiday...what the heck???  July 4 was LAST weekend, with it probably being observed in the work force on FRIDAY...so that is hogwash, absolute hogwash.  When MTs who have been with this company for years say there is low/no work and it is a problem, THEY MEAN IT IS A PROBLEM, not just due to a holiday or low volume period...

I will agree with you on one thing, and that is things are not greener anywhere else right now, so that is probably why we are hanging on with our fingernails where we are at you dumb A.  MT is slowly going down the toilet...but with many of us in all stages of life, choices may be limited as to profession change, and especially with the economy the way it it, so DO NOT be so quick to judge!!!    And don't bother spewing your venom on me, I won't answer. 

Please, give ME a break! Just do your job and you'll be fine!
Why, if you were doing what was required of you, would Transcend single you out to treat unfairly and why would you be afraid to post publically if you were not stirring up trouble?  This what the rest of us wanna know!
Give me a break. Obviously he/she was joking or they would not have put that in there. You people
are ridiculous, always looking for fault on something someone says. I'm not the OP but I also promise people that I won't come here because if I read something untrue about the company I work so hard for, I get upset.

It's like reading the National Enquirer. 99% gossip, 1% truth, but for that 1% truth and the daily laughs, it is worth coming to read.
You smell things? Give me a break! You
are really reading way too much into a simple post. I am in QA, and I do not work for the range I quoted. However, I know that many companies are now offering peanuts in the ranges I quoted, or lower with paying by the line. My friends are QA, and keep me updated with the insulting range of pay offers. Sorry, not an exec and not looking to lower anyone's anything! Stress out much?
To: "I don't work for Axolotl." Give me a break...sm
The post you took the time to critique may be been riddled with typos, but your's is riddled with ignorance. This is a message board, dear. What an MT posts here can hardly be compared to the confidential legal documents in a patient's permanent medical record. To come here and judge a person's qualifications and skill set based on a few statements quickly jotted down in a post is not only unwarranted, but arrogant, asinine, etc. I'm so tired of seeing professional MTs being picked apart because of a few typos on a public forum. I know this doesn't happen on other message boards. Why here??

I don't take the time to proofread the random phrases I post here like I do with the reports I transcribe. I seriously doubt many others do either.

This site is by far the most negative forum on the web. Inflammatory, negative remarks don't add to the conversation or benefit any of us. Frankly, I'm tired of reading them.
Can you give the name of the company - sm
I am in the process of looking for a new job and really don't want to choose one that doesn't pay on time!

And, why don't they give their company name?
They should be up front about it. It would save everyone a lot of time.
You need to give a reason. Not every company
is a good match for every MT and someone may have had a personality conflict or some such thing so then they say it is a bad company.  You need to list facts like they don't pay on time, their line counts are off, sound quality is terrible, etc.  
Can you give us the first letter of the company's name.
Can you give me any specifics on this company?
Could you give me any specifics on this company?  I would like to know more.  Thanks.
Does any company give raises?
could you give initials of company? I have been done like this before and
might be the same company.  I FINALLY got paid
yes, MTStars says it is okay to give company name.
you can, and should, give the company name on this board.
again, it's okay and encouraged to give company name
again, per moderator okay to give company name.
I DID give my notice, but got talked into staying "until the new accounts came on." nm
For IC status, that's an insult. Can you give us a company name?
I have been at Keystrokes a while and have to give kudos to what I think is the best company out the
not always great in the beginning and I left and came back a few years ago. I am so glad that I did. The changes have been wonderful. I think it is refreshing to see a company actually improve over time with growth instead of going downhill.

I agree with you!
Clever way to give-up a company name that doesn't

Company start with an "E"..give us a hint. If they are doing it to someone else too, then I&#
Throwing in the towel is one way of putting it. I've done this routine too many times.
Can you give me a hint as to which company? The same thing happens to me too and I am an IC. nm
it's okay to give company names, per moderator.
Maybe the company you work for would give you an advance? sm

Depending upon where you work, how long you have been there, size of the company, etc., that might be a consideration.  Also, maybe other temporary work, like Kelly Girls (if they even have that anymore).  I know we used to have temps in our office that were paid every week. 

The pawn shop idea might be a good one.  I think if you don't have the money in 30 days, you can just pay the interest or whatever.  You wouldn't lose the instruments.  If you are willing to part with someone, ebay and Craigslist can provide some quick cash.  Good luck to you.  I am my sole support, and I have been in tight situations before and know how scary that can be.  My heart goes out to you. 

Work not taken-Give company a chance

I have been with Transcend for almost 6 years and while they are not a perfect company they are better than most.  There have been mergers in the past-I actually came from the other MDI (which was a much more laid back company).  As far as I've seen with past mergers you get to keep your work.  They don't take you off it and give it to someone else.  That makes no sense to have to train new MTs for your accts and you on something else.  I know you are unhappy that you have to make a change but give Transcend a chance.  They are a good company. Is it a good fit for everyone?  No, but you won't know until you give it a chance with an open mind.  And before the bashers get on and say I am management, I am not, just another in the trenches MT who has worked for other services in the past. As far as outsourcing, I know it is done but as far as I can tell it is not a lot.  I work on 2 different platforms and both have plenty of work and have had for quite a while now. 

I mean, any info you can give me about this company would be greatly appreciated.
Can you give us the name of the company and if it's clinic or acute care? Thx. nm
Can you give the initials of this company to save others some grief? nm