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American Trans Solutions

Posted By: CFC on 2007-04-27
In Reply to: Info on ATSI (American Transcription Solutions) - Clearwater - TIA (NM)

Started by a group of people who left SPi. They list their headquarters in FL, but they're actually based in Manila.

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Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Svcs?
Which is the one that everyone is always saying is so good to work for?  Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Services out of Iowa?  Thanks for any clarity you can provide!!!!
Is info on All American Trans Co?
Trans-Tech Med Solutions

Hi, all!  I'm new at this and hope that I don't post this multiple times by accident.  (I'm learning.  Please be patient with me!).  I have 18 years experience as an MT, and am out job hunting.  I will be speaking with a recruiter from Trans-Tech Medical Solutions tomorrow, and I was wondering if anyone has/does work for them.  Would you kindly let me know if you like working for them?


American Transcription Solutions
Any info on this company?  Looking for editing job, and they have an ad posted.  You may email me.
American Transcription Solutions
Does anyone have any info on this company in Clearwater Florida?  If any current employees can provide info either on the board or e-mail it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance
American Transcription Solutions
Do you mind me asking what they pay scale was?
American Transcription Solutions, Inc

Anybody work for this company.  Are they good with pay, work, etc?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

American Transcription Solutions

I was wondering if anybody has heard of American Transcription Solutions from Clearwater, Fl.  I would like some feedback as to what the company pays, work situation and what they are like to work for.


American Transcription Solutions??
American Transcription Solutions

Any feedback on this company?


American Transcription Solutions
Anyone with any info on this co? good/bad

American Transcription Solutions
Bad any way you look at it. Their so called recruiter was so unorganized it was hilarious. Don't expect them to answer any of your questions. You'll get emails back IN BIG CAPITAL LETTERS that they are in, yet,another meeting. Funnier yet is that I received the same job offer twice, the second time at a lower rate. They don't even know who they're talking to!
What is bad about American Transcription Solutions
I just got an offer from ATSI.  What is it about them that is bad? 
Info on American Transcription Solutions, Inc.
Does anyone have any info on American Transcription Solutions, Inc.???
American Transcription Solutions?(ATSI)
Any info on them would be appreciated.  Thanks!
I would appreciate any information about American Transcription Solutions, Inc. Thank you! nm
Any info on American Transcription Solutions?
American Transcription Solutions, Inc. (ATSI)

Looking for info on this company from people who currently work for them or have in the past. 

ATSI - American Transcription Solutions, Inc.
The company out of Clearwater, Florida. Do NOT work for them. You will be sorry. The QA manager is horrible to work for.....
American Transcription Solutions? good or bad--thanks

I received an offer from them.  I would like to know if anybody is currently working for them. Do they run out of work?  managment?


Does anybody know about ATSI -- American Transcription Solutions?

I will be having an interview with this company and am just wondering if anyone has worked there.  They seem very nice, of course all companies are nice in the beginning.  They are out of Florida and hire as IC at first then after 90 days you can choose to be employee.  

Thanks for any info.   

Insight Medical Solutions/Trans At Its Best GOOD/BAD
Any information would be appreciated on these 2 companies.
Any American Transcription Solutions employees out there? Good or bad. nm
ATSI (American Transcription Solutions Inc......any info?
Info on ATSI (American Transcription Solutions)
It's Offshoring Solutions ~er~ Outsourcing Solutions
SC Trans
Has anyone worked for or heard of SC Trans? Thank you!
CC Trans
I had ben contacted several times to work, then nothing, then once they contacted me and I was unable to that day, so nothing.  Now I got another call asking if I could - said yes, and guess what - nothing. Maybe they forgot who they are contacting?
Work is easy/normal, but platform is slow with entering a lot of demographics. Pay is regular at 8 cpl. Staff really easy to work with. Have you applied yet?
Med Trans, Inc.
Has anyone heard of this company? You pay $4xx.xx to take the course, and are then hired by them to work for them. They are a member of the BBB, and have very few complaints. Just can't find anything else on them.
Does anyone know the new name of Transcriptions Plus?  It is or was located in southern California.  I believe it has been renamed tho.  Does anyone know the name? Thank you.  Dee
LMT Trans
We have filled the position for radiology transcriptionist.  Thanks to all who sent resumes to LMT Trans.  We still have an opportunity for psych transcriptionists.  Please feel free to send your resume to LMTTRANS@aol.com, attention: Sarah.
Med Trans, Inc
Does anyone know any information on this company as far as work, pay, etc.?
ANP Trans
I was wondering about them.  I just started doing some research on them tonight and have read some pretty decent comments about them -- until now.  The rate sounds very low; however, if you break it down you get -- 0.0051 per word comes to about 82 cents per minute of dictation or 8 cents per line (65 characters).  When you look at it that way, it doesn't seem so bad anymore.  Pretty much right up there with every other company.  Thnx for the info about late checks. 
Is this CC trans?
no, I'm not an MTSO if that's what you're asking
CC trans
I've been doing the same thing. I'm still waiting for the fees for wire transfers and for the bounced check I had because of her bounced check to be deposited in my account. In the meantime, I need a job.
Med Trans Inc.

Does anyone have any information about this company?  I already did the archive search and found very, very little. (So, please don't tell me to do that ;) )


Thanks in advance for any information!

Med Trans

Run away from J. at MedTrans of America.  She will not pay you.  I am going to the Labor Board.  She has only voice mail and now does not answer my e-mails.  She says she does not pay for spaces.  Thank the Lord I only worked for her briefly.  Keep away. 

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MTStars Team

An American
Your right - I posted and I am American. Read the book - The Worls is Really Flat - grow up. This is a busines that Sally Struthers advertises to unemployed people in the middle of the day - Learn to be a medical Transcriptionist ...

I believe that rasism is bad. The people on this site are off balance. They believe that ONLY Americans can do this work. They believe that because someone was born in another country - they are a lesser person. How sad and small - it is the very thing that will kill the business for Americans. MTSOs understand that they provide a great living for people in India. Indian companies provide health insurance, paid time offf, transporation to and from work, and free meals. Do American MTSOs provide ANY of this?

all american
meant appreciate that, oops 
Yes, you got it - American men do same.....NM

American MTs

American MTs:  Is this job for you?  This little paragraph should go in all their job ads.

And yes, we do outsource, to India, to the Philippines and we have American MTs. Our overseas MTs don't complain about having to work, they don't ask for time off every other day, they don't have excuses for not turning in their work within TAT and several of them produce client ready work. Our offshore MTs pride themselves in their work and turn in the best quality they can, unlike a few of the American MTs we’ve had that turn in less than perfect work, don’t take direction and refuse to change bad habits, and ask for more work just to make more money.  Juliann Shapin

non-American MTs
Gee you are a foreigner...you are not an American...so should American companies not hire you because you are taking the American dollars away from Americans? Would you feel the same way about hiring British MTs or French MTs?
No, he IS American. Which is of course (nm)
Are you American?
They took American and MT out of their name...
That about sums it up! I guess they can take our money for their self-serving agenda, but don't expect them to use American or MT in their name anymore. Thanks for NOTHING Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity. What a joke you always have been and still are....
Well, no WONDER you can't get American
Of course, don't think for a minute that INDIAN MTs don't read these boards. So now THEY know what kind of an employer you are, too! I hope one of them gets ahold of a sensitive medical record of YOURS someday, and holds it for ransom like that Pakistani MT did, and sells your SS#.
Are you American? If not, why don't you go to
the board in your own country? If you are American, then why not do something about helping Americans get jobs? Can you answer these questions?
100% American