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Insight Medical Solutions/Trans At Its Best GOOD/BAD

Posted By: Curious on 2006-11-13
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Any information would be appreciated on these 2 companies.

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Insight Medical Solutions or Transcription At Its Best??????

Good or bad on either of these 2 compaines would be appreciated.

Anyone get started with Insight Medical Solutions in Florida? Had to fax them as
Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Svcs?
Which is the one that everyone is always saying is so good to work for?  Trans Tech Medical Solutions or Trans Tech Services out of Iowa?  Thanks for any clarity you can provide!!!!

Has anyone worked for Insight medical Solutions?  I applied there for IC work, part-time.  Any advise? Can E mail me or post.

Trans-Tech Med Solutions

Hi, all!  I'm new at this and hope that I don't post this multiple times by accident.  (I'm learning.  Please be patient with me!).  I have 18 years experience as an MT, and am out job hunting.  I will be speaking with a recruiter from Trans-Tech Medical Solutions tomorrow, and I was wondering if anyone has/does work for them.  Would you kindly let me know if you like working for them?


American Trans Solutions
Started by a group of people who left SPi. They list their headquarters in FL, but they're actually based in Manila.
Phoenix Medical Trans.,Inc
Can anyone give me any information on Phoenix Medical Trans., Inc. working conditions and prompt payments, et cetera?   Thanks a bunch.  Just had not heard of them prior to this.
Phillips Medical Trans.
Anyone heard of Phillips Medical Transcription in Washington State?  Any info. would sure be appreciated. Thanks much.......
Trans Tech Medical

Anyone hear of this company?  Anyone have any experience with them?  Thanks. 

Augusta Medical Trans
Great company, pay monthly, IC only, but very very nice owners - Mike and Pam

Augusta Medical Transcription, Inc

118 Davis Road

Martinez, Georgia 30907
Phone: 1-800-766-0844

Email: info@augustamedicaltranscription.com
Fax: 1-706-854-0633
WEB: www.augustamedicaltranscription.com

DocuMed Medical Trans., LLC
Any info on this company.  Maybe looking for a change, but know the grass isn't always greener on the other side.  They say all trans., no ASR.  ?pay, benefits, etc.
Any info on PRN medical trans?

I checked the archives and didn't find much except 1 post below asking the same thing.  Does anyone currently work for PRN or recently worked for them? 

Any info would be appreciated.

Anyone work for Phoenix Medical Trans.

I was offered a job months and months ago and for some reason regret not taking it.  Just wondering if anyone works for them and their opinion of the company.  TIA!

Has anyone heard of this medical trans. company?
Accel Systems Group, Inc.?  How are they?  Any good?
Any opinions on Advanced Medical Trans Service?
P.R.N. Medical Trans in Cape Coral Florida
I just tested with PRN Med Trans. They seem nice, from what I read on their website, and do not offshore, but I cannot find anything about them in the archives. Can anyone share? I have been writing and submitting my resume every where I can and also testing online many times, too. I just hope this leads somewhere soon. Until it does I am stuck with MDI/Transcend.
ASAP Medical Trans - Same as Alliance/Documed in Tennessee
Don't be fooled.  NOT a good payor.  Pay consistently late, late, late.  I believe she is trying to change the name since the word has been put out about Alliance and Documed.  This has been going on for some time and should be stopped.
Amphion Medical Solutions

try transtech medical solutions

Amphion Medical Solutions. nm

Amphion Medical Solutions
TransTech Medical Solutions

What do we know about Transtech Medical Solutions?  I tried a search and found nothing.  They don't just use ICs, do they?  You can get employee status?  Pay range?  Ease of use of platform?  Anything?  Will my GearPlayer work?  ShortHand compatible? 



TransTech Medical Solutions does. (nm)
TransTech Medical Solutions
Like I said, they are a great company to work for, really starting to grow. I have been with them for almost a year. You set your schedule, though they do have a minimum # of hours. They have been flexible with me in that when something comes up, and I need to do something, I can usually ask ahead of time and there's no problem taking the time off. Good luck!
TransTech Medical Solutions is (sm)
the one always being talked about on the board.  Never heard of the other one.
TransTech Medical Solutions
Would anyone that works for Transtech be willing to share some information with me?  I am thinking of switching to TT but would like to know if all their work is on a VR platform or do they do any regular transcription?  And also, what kind of line rates do they pay for either one?  I need a steady paying job with a good income and lots of work, as I am a single parent with a child starting to college in the fall. The company I currently work for does not have enough work for me to make a decent income even though I am working full-time.  Any information about TransTech would be greatly appreciate before I consider making this move.  Thanks!
TransTech Medical Solutions
Anyone contact Augusta Medical Trans to see what they were offering as far as acct, platform, pay?
Integrated Medical Solutions...any info??
Transtech Medical Solutions.com or look on the job listing here.
Check Amphion Medical Solutions
They may--At least I know they outsource a small percentage of their work to Canadian MTs.
DeVenture, Focus, AlphaMed Solutions, QT Medical, sm
Medical Ink, TTS Inc., Chase, Lee Perfect Transcription, MDI-FL, and many others.

Go to www. eScription.com and click on MT Vendors, there is a small list there.

Good Luck!
Any recent info on TransTech Medical Solutions of Houston TX.....sm
I just received an offer to test, wonder if it is worth it; I have a few offers, but nothing I am truly convinced about....how is this company to work for, and do they accept PT folk, don't care if it is IC, SE, or regular employee......and I, too, need flexibility, as long as I get my lines in and always make turnaround time.  Long time ago, there were many, many companies that operated that way; now, it seems, everyone is very rigid -- so am I, but I have to make things work with family situation, I am not only caring for 3 kids, but also 89-year-old mom part-time.  Thanx all in advance!
Trans Med Plus, Inc. has a job posted. Any info, good or bad on them??
Trans Tech is a good company to work for.
I have plenty of work. I wish you the best.
Alphamed Solutions, anyone? New? Old? Good? Bad? nm
Superior Global Solutions..anyone have anything good or bad to say??
Please respond if you can tell us anything about this company...pay rate?  pay on time?  platform?  Thanks
American Transcription Solutions? good or bad--thanks

I received an offer from them.  I would like to know if anybody is currently working for them. Do they run out of work?  managment?


Intermountain Transcriptions Solutions out of Utah, good or bad? nm

Any American Transcription Solutions employees out there? Good or bad. nm
Does anyone know if Precyse Solutions is a good company that pays on time and has plenty
of work?
Help! Looking for good benefits, especially medical.
Spent the past couple of weeks applying for a few job openings and got offers from each company. For a variety of reasons, I am still looking but without exception, I found the benefits package insulting. I'm not that picky. Just want medical insurance that I can actually afford to take advantage of...reasonable deductible, at least fair to good coverage and premiums that won't break the bank. Any ideas?
Good/bad on Medical Transcription Services
Does anyone have any info good/bad on Mediclal Transcription Services in Green Bay, WI
Thanks so much for the insight
I can't tell you how much I appreciate your insight into the situation. Thanks too for understanding my question. What you said about the supervisor was what I wanted to know when I asked if they would be supportive I am not somebody who needs baby sitting, but I do need to have the tools to do my job. And I am sorry they did not give you the incentive for second shift, that is awful! After all that running around before starting and to have to give it up is just a shame, and to not have work and sit around is also a shame, as obviously you are talented if you are a hospital transcriptionist.
I believe that this is the same supervisor, BTW as a friend of mine got in touch with me since I wrote this question, and seems like the same thing happened to her and she felt that her many years' of experience meant nothing to the supervisor they have now. No training, never answered her e mails or calls and did pretty much tell her to shut up and type.
Thanks again for helping me. I'd hate to start a job and turn around and quit... not my style after being with a hospital for 10 years.
Anyone know the good, bad or ugly about Shapin Medical Transcription NM


What a shame, I had always heard good things about QT Medical. (sm)
I hope they had been kind enough to forewarn their employees or at least provide severance pay. Good luck to all their people. Many people hiring hope you all find a good home quickly.
A little insight on George

Copy and paste this link into your browser or click on link below.
Anyone with exp working for InSight? sm
They are a radiology management company hiring for at-home Radiology MTs; however, you must live in Arizona.  Anyone heard of them?
Maybe I can offer some insight s/m

at the risk of offending someone below who wondered why I would continue to peruse the boards if I'm retired.  Well, I'll answer that question first:  I woke up yesterday morning and decided I didn't want to retire after all.  Did a bit of research and found out someone I worked for 15 years ago is now the CEO of a company, who will remain anonymous at the moment.  I made a phone call and have a P/T job with the new company which I will start Oct 1.

Now to your problem.  #1 and #2 are correct.  I know this because the same thing happens to me.  Several years ago (before TT) I emailed the sup and told her I knew I was getting all the crap dictation and that I didn't mind that but if I was going to do all the crap dictation I would like to be compensated accordingly.  She emailed me back and said that she knew I was getting more than my share but that the dictation I was getting was way over the heads of most of their MTs.  I wrote her back and said  then how about giving me a raise.  She wrote back and said that she was putting in a raise for me retroactive to the last pay period.  You know you're getting crappy work and I know you are.  If they won't at least compensate for it, then I would move on to a company that would.  You never know how big of a shadow you'll cast until you stand up.  I still get the crap dictation but I have trade offs.  Flexibility has been more important to me than money and TT gave me all the flexibility I wanted.

Good luck!

Insight to the other side


anyone know good or bad about Golden Isles Medical Transcription company
Does anyone know anything good or bad about a transcription company out of Georgia called Golden Isles Medical Transcription?