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I would appreciate any information about American Transcription Solutions, Inc. Thank you! nm

Posted By: Kim on 2006-10-10
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American Transcription Solutions
Any info on this company?  Looking for editing job, and they have an ad posted.  You may email me.
American Transcription Solutions
Does anyone have any info on this company in Clearwater Florida?  If any current employees can provide info either on the board or e-mail it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance
American Transcription Solutions
Do you mind me asking what they pay scale was?
American Transcription Solutions, Inc

Anybody work for this company.  Are they good with pay, work, etc?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

American Transcription Solutions

I was wondering if anybody has heard of American Transcription Solutions from Clearwater, Fl.  I would like some feedback as to what the company pays, work situation and what they are like to work for.


American Transcription Solutions??
American Transcription Solutions

Any feedback on this company?


American Transcription Solutions
Anyone with any info on this co? good/bad

American Transcription Solutions
Bad any way you look at it. Their so called recruiter was so unorganized it was hilarious. Don't expect them to answer any of your questions. You'll get emails back IN BIG CAPITAL LETTERS that they are in, yet,another meeting. Funnier yet is that I received the same job offer twice, the second time at a lower rate. They don't even know who they're talking to!
What is bad about American Transcription Solutions
I just got an offer from ATSI.  What is it about them that is bad? 
Info on American Transcription Solutions, Inc.
Does anyone have any info on American Transcription Solutions, Inc.???
American Transcription Solutions?(ATSI)
Any info on them would be appreciated.  Thanks!
Any info on American Transcription Solutions?
American Transcription Solutions, Inc. (ATSI)

Looking for info on this company from people who currently work for them or have in the past. 

ATSI - American Transcription Solutions, Inc.
The company out of Clearwater, Florida. Do NOT work for them. You will be sorry. The QA manager is horrible to work for.....
American Transcription Solutions? good or bad--thanks

I received an offer from them.  I would like to know if anybody is currently working for them. Do they run out of work?  managment?


Does anybody know about ATSI -- American Transcription Solutions?

I will be having an interview with this company and am just wondering if anyone has worked there.  They seem very nice, of course all companies are nice in the beginning.  They are out of Florida and hire as IC at first then after 90 days you can choose to be employee.  

Thanks for any info.   

Any American Transcription Solutions employees out there? Good or bad. nm
ATSI (American Transcription Solutions Inc......any info?
Info on ATSI (American Transcription Solutions)
Information on Intermountain Transcription Solutions, UT?
American Trans Solutions
Started by a group of people who left SPi. They list their headquarters in FL, but they're actually based in Manila.
Any information on You See Solutions, Inc.? Thank you! NM

Can someone give me information on Precyse Solutions...sm
I would like any and all information regarding Precyse Solutions...I know they are Employee Status.  But could you tell me about their pay, cost of health insurance, etc.  Thanks.
Any current information RE: StatIQ Solutions? Thanks!

InterPro Med Solutions....any current information??

I see that they don't advertise very often.....anyone work there and have any good or bad experiences?  Is the starting rate 8.5 cpl as seen in some ads?  ANY information would be wonderful!  Thanks!! 

All American Transcription

Does anyone know anything about this company? I got a call from them and wanted to check them out. I don't want to waste their time or mine. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

That would be All American Transcription. Not sure if it's
All American Transcription
Does anyone have any information on this company out of Ohio?  I see their ad for sleep study help and was thinking of applying since my regular job is so slow.  Thanks for any and all help
All American Medical Transcription, LLC
Anyone take a job with them? Just curious as to how you like it, if so. Thanks!
All American Medical Transcription
Does anyone have any recent info on All American Medical Transcription in Nashville, TN?
All American Medical Transcription
Seeking current comments on this company...

-Is pay on time?
-Do they pay via direct deposit?
-Are there many ESLs?

My Dear Angelica,

In my opinion, USA transcription should stay in the United States.

Has anyone heard back from All American Transcription
Stay FAR FAR FAR away from ATSI (American Transcription)


AAmT - All American medical Transcription

Hello Wonderful MTs and Editors.    I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and are planning a very big Christmas.     (I hope it snows in Nashville!)  

It appears that there has been some recent confusion on the mtstars site.   My apologies to all.    We are a new company and have been relying on a recruiting agency to assist us with hiring MTs. 

We will no longer be using that company.    They were using the address MTRecruiter@aol.com.     AAmT's formal and approved listings will ALWAYS clearly show an address @allusmts.com.    

AAmT will be hiring US MTs and editors to support clinics, radiology departments, and medical record departments located in the southeastern US.   We welcome all qualified MTs to apply with our company.   We will treat you well.   You will have plenty of work.   You will have auto deposit of your pay and it will always be on time.   When you come to work for AAmT, I am always available.  If for any reason my staff does not treat you well, does not provide you with the tools you need, or just simply does not communicate with you in a manner you feel is right....then I welcome you to communicate directly with me.   It is my goal to provide excellent job opportunities for my fellow MTs and editors.   I want to build the BEST TEAM of MTs and editors and for AAmT to be recognized for the quality we produce.

We are currently in the transition phase of taking on business from another company.   Therefore, please do not be confused if you call the office number and hear Synthescribe.   Synthescribe is a corporation in Nashville who provides offshore labor solutions to health care providers in conjunction with onshore.   AAmT is acquiring service contracts of Synthescribe's and will be providing 100% US labor solutions to these clients.   I personally look forward to building a team of qualified US MTs and editors to support these health care facilities.   They are thrilled about the fact we will be providing onshore services under AAmT's leadership. 

I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion that has occurred on here.   I have now hired our own HR Director.   You may be hearing from her.  Her name is Amy.   She is a great lady and I am sure those of you who are fortunate enough to speak with her will really enjoy working with her.    (Amy starts with us next Monday, so you may not hear from her right away).   My niece, Tonya, will also be working with Amy.   You guys be nice to her now, she's only 21, but she means well and does a lot around the office to help everybody.   I just love her to death and I know you will too.   She sometimes has a sick sense of humor, but she grows on you.  

Any time you want to contact us, please do.   You can contact a member of our management team at the following email addresses:








Our website is www.allusmts.com.   We will be updating our phone numbers and contact information within the next 7-10 days.   

Don't wait though...you guys go ahead and contact us as we have so many jobs already available.   We need your help.  

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.   I really am very passionate about this industry and the jobs that we all do.     Take Care.   -- Tammy, COO

It was AAmT .. All American Medical Transcription.
All American Medical Transcription/Synthescribe nm
Info wanted on American Transcription Typing Svc out of GA?
Anyone working there now that can share any info?  Thanks. 
Opinions please. We have established that Synthescribe and All American Transcription are ran by the
same CEO/COO..So, previously when I considered applying at Synthescribe, I was put off by the negative feedback left here so I didn't apply. Then, comes a new company, AATS, which we soon figured out was being started by the same person running Synthescribe. I am tempted to apply, but if it's the same CEO/COO, shouldn't I heed the warnings of the MTs who say not to do it. I'm confused. Part of me wonders if I shouldn't give them a try, but I think I'd be more apt to do that had it been a new company with different management. Something about a leopard not changing its spots....What's your opinion? Would you try it? Thanks
Are you talking about All American Medical Transcription (Tennesse)?

Transcription Solutions, Inc
Where did you go?
Transcription Solutions, Inc
Does anyone know if the curriculum that Transcription Solutions offers is good or not?  Looking for a good MT course.
Transcription Solutions, Inc. (nm)
Transcription Solutions of SC
They are great, hiring because they have ad posted on the Job board. 
RI Transcription Solutions
Does anyone know if this company is good or bad?
RI Transcription Solutions, Inc...sm
Can anyone tell me anything about this company, particularly about being paid on time, etc?  TIA
Transcription Solutions of SC NM
Transcription Solutions LLC
Has anyone heard or worked for Transcription Solutions LLC? Or done Speech Recognition for them? Need info soon.
Transcription Solutions of NC
Does anyone have any info on this company?  Not much out there and what is out there is several years old.  Just ran across their website and thinking about applying.  Do you know if they hire newbies?