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Any info on ExecuScribe and how they are to work for

Posted By: JMD on 2007-10-29
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Would appreciate any info from current, former employees of ExecuScribe. Can E-mail directly also if you wish.  JMD...

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Execuscribe...any current info about them? Anyone work as an IC for them?
I hear pay is low...?
No recent info on Execuscribe, anyone work for them, is there pay any good?

Thinking on a career move, going with them FT, but would not like to waste time testing if pay is lousy.  14+ years with acute care. 

Thanks so much in advance! 


Any info on Execuscribe

Can anyone help me? Looking for any info on Execuscribe. Have been offered a position and want to know what it is really like working for them. I appreciate any infor -- good or bad. Thanks in advance.


Info on Execuscribe?
I searched the archives and found where questions were being asked on this company, but there were no current follow-ups. Anyone have any info on this company? Easy to work for? Flexible hours? Pay range? TIA!
Any info on Execuscribe? sm
Want to leave MQ and they use DocQScribe so the transition would only be the new account.  Read in the archives low pay--is that still true?  Just really need to leave MQ.  Thanks
Can anyone give me info on ExecuScribe?
Work volume, benefits, anything at all. Thanks!
Execuscribe.. any recent info
Look up past messages that are current?  All I get on  Search are from 2004 and 2005.  Any recent info appreciated.  THANKS!!!!!
Execuscribe..any current info?
Anyone have any current experience or feedback with regard to this New York Company---? thanks
Does anyone here work for ExecuScribe? nm

Anyone work for Execuscribe? sm
I just tested with them and talked to a recruiter.  I would like to hear from people who work for them now or recently.  I am looking for good or bad.  Is it really as flexible as they say or do they say that and then hound you for not being at your desk for eight hours in a row?  I already talked to them about line rate/benefits/lines per week, now I am mostly interested in the in-the-trenches day-to-day stuff.  Feel free to email if you want.
Execuscribe...Any one work for them?

Good or bad?

Thanks in advance.

ExecuScribe - no matter what, they pay me on time and the work is always there.
Are you required to work major holdays at KS. I know nature of biz to work them. Thanks for info. nm
Execuscribe Mon-Fri
Their line commitment minimum is 4000 and you need a c-phone but can work days Mon - Fri. So far so good for me..i'm an employee.

Well, I actually was curious and drove to my local Wegman's to get a copy of RBJ.  Huge article, fairly presented facts, very informative.    No wonder she made "impassioned plea" to editor to not run the story.   Millions in fraud, self-dealing, and unjust enrichment, padded billings, defrauding creditors, fruadulent conveyance, along with other charges/convictions.   Changing your business name several times in 10 or so years.   Now in a $400,000+ home -- guess it beats the view from a jail cell!

Yah, thanks for putting the rest of us honest MTSOs in a negative light.  Smooth move....


Execuscribe MTs!!
Telephone: (585) 546-8303
Fax: (585) 546-3398
E-mail: rbj@rbj.net
staff e-mail addresses
Postal mail: Rochester Business Journal
45 East Avenue, Suite 500
Rochester, NY 14604

To all of you who NEED to know and all of you do, call Rochester Business Journal and pay for a copy of this story. You all need to know what she has done in her life. Payback is due!
I researched this company, too.  But, after reading the Business Journal article -- which is all fact, not just somebody's opinion --- I decided it was in my best interest as an MT with hopefully a long career ahead of me, not to associate myself with a many-time convicted criminal.  People have long memories on this stuff.  But, that's just my opinion. 
Rochester Business Journal dated 7/22/05. Interesting article about fraud convictions. Worth getting a copy of if you are considering employment there.
ExecuScribe does. nm
They are always looking for Ortho MT's.
I live in the same town as Execuscribe and did not hear anything about legal problems. Can anyone point me in the direction of finding out?
Thanks I will go check the library for a back issue of this magazine so I can read it myself. As an ex-MTSO whose business she took away, I'd like to read this. I've heard that her largest client is going to a fill in the blank type form and laptops for the doctors (from one of the doctors who work for the client) so we will see how long the company will stay a Fortune 500 company now.
She paid Kodak an UNDISCLOSED AMOUT OF MONEY. Now, as the article said at the end, they are HOME FREE, yes a half millon dollar home free!

Tom Y. worked at Kodak in finances and was accused of making false payments to Execuscribe, owned by his wife. He was also sending business to people who were paying him a CUTBACK to do so, rather than the cheapest/best people for Kodak.

She was accused of being part of the MASTER PLAN.

She tried desperately in the end to put the company assests into her sons' names, but the court overruled on it.

So she eventually settled out of court and paid Kodak what they wanted. That was a private court case. The CRIMINAL CASE against Tom only was thrown out due to him having the best criminal lawyer in town who kept stalling and then the court said too much time had passed by. Otherwise, he may have done jail time, or at least community service and be on parole.
Any info on this company would be appreciated.
ExecuScribe does
Health Ins avail for 4000 lpw.
Any info on Execuscribe from someone who works there?
Anyone know anything about this company?  Benefits, etc.?
Has anyone had experience with Execuscribe. They are going to offer me a job.  I now work fulltime at an office and wonder whether I am making a mistake to go with them.

Has anyone worked for ExecuScribe.  Need some feedback on the company. 

ExecuScribe allows you to use Shorthand.
Does anyone have any information good or bad regarding this company? I noticed in some older posts from 2004 that they require you to carry worker's comp insurance - do they still do this?
Yikes! That's pretty low. Thanks so much for the info! 
I have been working with Execuscribe for almost 1 year.  Pay may not be great, but they do count other things which other companies do not - i.e., bolding, capitals, italics, et cetera are counted as double letters.  I checked into other companies and actually made more with ExecuScribe because of their added counting.  They now have vacation although it takes a while to be able to take any time off.  Currently we use the C-Phone (although they are phasing that out), Fusion and I'm not sure what else since those are the two that I use (I work on two different accounts).  Hope this helps. 
Could anyone from Execuscribe tell me about the benefits offered?  Thanks in advance!
I used to work for Execuscribe and live in the same city...low pay, slow pay and last fall a lot of the management team left to go back and transcribe elsewhere.  Paying on time got better when everyone was made employee but the pay went way down.  Their major account I have heard is giving all new docs laptops and using EMR so they are probably losing them department by department.  Hope this helps.
Any comments on how this company is to work for and general rate of pay, dictators, etc.?
Anyone have any info on this company.  Would appreciate anything.  Thanks!
Can anyone tell me anything about this company via email?  Anything would be great.
Execuscribe ?
Does anybody have any information regarding Execuscribe, Rochester, NY ?  If so, thanks in advance
I live in the same town as Execuscribe and know the owner, though haven't talked to her in a couple years but as far as I know the company is owned by her and her husband.  THey do have a website.  Wouldn't it say there.
Execuscribe? Anyone know anything? TIA
I did take the test, but after I did some research in the archives I read that they do credit checks and background checks.  I have nothing to hide but I do not feel there is any reason for them to have that personal information.  Does anybody know if this is true?

Anybody read the Rochester (NY) Business Journal from 7/22 story on Execuscribe??? 

Interesting story from court records on company's history of fraud convictions.  She SHOULD be "giving back to community" as she squeaked by jail time and/or community service on a technicality. 

Thanks for making it that much tougher for the rest of us !

Just my opinion. 



Not sure if this will get you the full 2-page story --- but absolutely worth spending the $1.75 to get the paper if it does not.

ExecuScribe does not offshore
They offer PT employee and does not offshore.
Anyone working for ExecuScribe

I did not see any recent post about them; considering a position with them.

Any comments on Execuscribe.
Any information is appreciated.
I tested for Execuscribe. Does anyone
know how long it takes to get results back?
And what's the difference in a 65-character line and a gross line???
Execuscribe looking for ops people..nm
ExecuScribe is hiring
Look on Job Seeker's Board under MT Stars and you will see Execuscribe hiring for internal medicine.