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Can anyone give me info on ExecuScribe?

Posted By: Testing went great! on 2006-05-20
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Work volume, benefits, anything at all. Thanks!

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Any info on Execuscribe

Can anyone help me? Looking for any info on Execuscribe. Have been offered a position and want to know what it is really like working for them. I appreciate any infor -- good or bad. Thanks in advance.


Info on Execuscribe?
I searched the archives and found where questions were being asked on this company, but there were no current follow-ups. Anyone have any info on this company? Easy to work for? Flexible hours? Pay range? TIA!
Any info on Execuscribe? sm
Want to leave MQ and they use DocQScribe so the transition would only be the new account.  Read in the archives low pay--is that still true?  Just really need to leave MQ.  Thanks
Execuscribe.. any recent info
Look up past messages that are current?  All I get on  Search are from 2004 and 2005.  Any recent info appreciated.  THANKS!!!!!
Any info on ExecuScribe and how they are to work for
Would appreciate any info from current, former employees of ExecuScribe. Can E-mail directly also if you wish.  JMD...
Execuscribe..any current info?
Anyone have any current experience or feedback with regard to this New York Company---? thanks
Execuscribe...any current info about them? Anyone work as an IC for them?
I hear pay is low...?
No recent info on Execuscribe, anyone work for them, is there pay any good?

Thinking on a career move, going with them FT, but would not like to waste time testing if pay is lousy.  14+ years with acute care. 

Thanks so much in advance! 


Not really, if anyone has info, they give SM
an answer.  If no one knows, the post doesn't get a reply.
Could you give me any info on
Transcend.  I am so glad to hear a positive post about a company.  As I said, I am starting very soon, am very excited about a change of pace.  I was getting kind of bored and their pay incentive looks excellent.  They are also sending me the computer, everything.  Thanks for something positive on this mostly negative board.
Please someone give me as much info as possible on MDI-FL..sm
I am torn between them and another company that I have a job offer with.  I was quoted a rate on their insurance and the quote was comparable to everyone else.  I was wondering if you ran out of work, easily could meet your production, and if the program was not too hard.  I have been an MT for many years.  I just would like some information on them as I don't want to make the wrong decision.  TIA!
Could you give us some more info?
Nice to find somebody who actually works for them.  You said you work part-time - about how many hours a week?  About how much per hour can you make and what are the line rates like?  I heard you have to buy expensive equipment.  Is that still so?  Good accounts?  Thanks.
They sure don't give out much info
on their website regarding job requirements, etc.  They are not hiring right now but your job sounds so good.  Do you get paid for spaces? Right now I am at a company that only does consultation letters and I bet I spend 5-10 minutes PER report looking up doctor's addresses for the carbon copies. There are very few ESLs and the dictation if fairly good and the owner is terrific to work for, but I cannot make a decent living.  The major issue that holds me back is I only have dialup internet and so many companies require high speed.   Thanks.
Can anyone give me some info on --sm

MD-IT?  I guess I am not sure how to search the archives for any information. Rate of pay would be good, platform, etc.  This one is in Kentucky.


Can someone give me info about MDI....sm

What kinds of work types do they have, what is their usual starting line rate, is there plenty of work, etc.

Can anyone give info on OSI?
Are they a good company to work for?  Good benefits?  Enough work?  Any comments would be appreciated.  Thank you.
Can anybody give me info on JLG
How are they like to work for, do they have work, do they do VR and what is their platform?  I have been considering applying there, but just cannot seem to find any good MT companies to work for nowadays.
Can anybody give me info on JLG
How are they like to work for, do they have work, do they do VR and what is their platform?  I have been considering applying there, but just cannot seem to find any good MT companies to work for nowadays.
I don't work for them, but can give some info

I interviewed with them several months ago.  For level 3 acute care, I was offered 10 cpl for IC, 11 cpl over a certain number of lines per week.  For IC, line requirement was 1000 lines per week and seemed that they would be very flexible.  Use your own computer if IC.

I was also offered 8.5 cpl for employee status (with incentives depending on lines per hour worked).  I think they required 20 hours per week and have to keep an average of at least 150 lines per hour (it sounded like they had a time clock system).  They provide the computer if employee status. 

Everyone I spoke to was very nice, especially the recruiter.  I turned the offer down due to reasons not relating to the company in particular.  They did tell me that they had a lot of ESL (the test consisted of all ESL), but I don't know if this would apply to ER.  Hope this helps.     

Any MDI-FL employees that can give me some info? (sm)

Flexibility with schedules, insurance?? I know they have benefits and insurance but wondered if insurance was good. Just overall opinions on satisfaction or dissatisfaction would be appreciated.  TIA.

Can someone give info on Precyse VRs?

I have done ASRs before with Transcend and with Transcend it would have been faster retyping the report. I would like some current info on what it is like working on Precyse ASRs?  Thanks...

Is there anyone that can give any info on DSG. I am looking at applying there and would like some
info. Thanks.
Is there anyone that can give any info on DSG. I am looking at applying there and would like some
info.   Someone had posted they felt it was hard to get lines there.  Would appreciate any input you might have before I make this move.
Info on Columbus MQ and DEP platform...anything you can give me.

Current employees can you give me info? sm
Considering sending WebMedX my resume.  How are they?  Pros, cons, no bashers please.
Can anyone give info on Sten-Tel? Good or bad? Thanks.

Merry Christmas all!

But I thought MT Stars does not give that info out- how could they get it?
Can anyone give me info on TRANSCEND OR STEN-TEL?
I have received offers from both, the same cpl offered, but I would be happy to hear what any employees have to say about them.  Thx!
Can anyone give my any info on Med-Scribe in Florida?
They have called me back about a position on an ER account. I was wondering if anyone has worked for this company and could share the positives and negatives about them. Any info is greatly appreciated!
Anyone who works at eMTS willing to give some info?
I am interested in this place since their web site says they were affiliated with MRC.  I worked for MRC for years and loved it, then it became the Q and I finally left there recently after over 15 years.  Am looking for a company that would be a good fit for me, wondering if this might be a possibility?  If you would rather email that would be fine too.  I am interested in how many hours/lines is required for FT, if they hire PT at all, what do they mean by flexible schedule is it REALLY flexible?  And what kind of production incentives do they offer?  Also, what platform do they use and how is that as far as user friendly, etc.?  I have worked on DQS and EXTEXT recently, any comparison?  Any info would be appreciated, positives/negatives/etc.  Thanks!
No thanks. Dont want to give this much control/info
that you don't know about.  What kind of software/spyware/trackers are also put on your PC with something like this?  No thanks.
Can anyone give any updated info on Amphion? sm

Unexpectedly this morning, I received a recruiting email from them.  I have sort of been going over some of the companies and comtemplating making a change.  I have 5+ years in my current company, and the only real thing I am looking to change is: (1) Better pay by the line; (2) Getting my weekends and holidays back to spend with my family.  I currently work EVERY Saturday.  Don't really mind it, but would like to be able to make plans and perhaps rotating weekends would even be okay. 

I was just wondering if anyone can give me any updated insight into this company. I did a search, but the threads are several months old, and was wondering perhaps if things were any different than those posts read.

I have a lot of experience in transcription, upwards of 16 years, with probably only half of that being in acute care.  Other important things to consider in my search is benefits.  The health insurance at my current company is very expensive. 

Thanks for any input guys! I appreciate it.


Can anyone give me current info on SmartMed?

I want to know how flexible they are with their IC positions and how easy the platform is.  Do they really work IC or are they just employees without the benefits?

I mean, any info you can give me about this company would be greatly appreciated.
Who in the world would give you any info other than an email address?
With most of the flaky ads, no one knows who they are applying to, or what will be done with their info.  Their is no way I would give you my address or phone number, unless I know you are a real company, with a website and and and address and a phone number of your own.  Most ads do not even include this, and there is no way I am giving you my private info, other than an anonymous email address.
Anyone working for Landmark right now that can give any info on things there. nm
Nope. No 20hr position. Please don't give wrong info.
MD-IT in Austin, Texas, please give info!!! GEMS platform Thank you!!! sm
I would appreciate any info out there on MD-IT out of Austin, Texas and the GEMS platform.
MedWrite Transcription... anyone work/worked for this company can give me any info?

"warned" by someone who won't give facts or sign her name. Give me a break! nm
Nationals give at least a week to learn program. Give
They used to give out $25 Amex cheques -- give them time. :-) nm

Execuscribe Mon-Fri
Their line commitment minimum is 4000 and you need a c-phone but can work days Mon - Fri. So far so good for me..i'm an employee.

Well, I actually was curious and drove to my local Wegman's to get a copy of RBJ.  Huge article, fairly presented facts, very informative.    No wonder she made "impassioned plea" to editor to not run the story.   Millions in fraud, self-dealing, and unjust enrichment, padded billings, defrauding creditors, fruadulent conveyance, along with other charges/convictions.   Changing your business name several times in 10 or so years.   Now in a $400,000+ home -- guess it beats the view from a jail cell!

Yah, thanks for putting the rest of us honest MTSOs in a negative light.  Smooth move....


Execuscribe MTs!!
Telephone: (585) 546-8303
Fax: (585) 546-3398
E-mail: rbj@rbj.net
staff e-mail addresses
Postal mail: Rochester Business Journal
45 East Avenue, Suite 500
Rochester, NY 14604

To all of you who NEED to know and all of you do, call Rochester Business Journal and pay for a copy of this story. You all need to know what she has done in her life. Payback is due!
I researched this company, too.  But, after reading the Business Journal article -- which is all fact, not just somebody's opinion --- I decided it was in my best interest as an MT with hopefully a long career ahead of me, not to associate myself with a many-time convicted criminal.  People have long memories on this stuff.  But, that's just my opinion. 
Rochester Business Journal dated 7/22/05. Interesting article about fraud convictions. Worth getting a copy of if you are considering employment there.
ExecuScribe does. nm
They are always looking for Ortho MT's.
I live in the same town as Execuscribe and did not hear anything about legal problems. Can anyone point me in the direction of finding out?