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Are there any reputable companies

Posted By: My2cents2 on 2006-02-23
In Reply to: See Message - anon

It is sad to me to see someone covering for the MTSOs.  They know they can get away with anything because they can get somebody else in five minutes or less.  As long as they have desperate fools willing to work and put up with them, things will never change.   

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are there any companies who are reputable, mean what they say, do what they say, and
Are there any honest, reliable, trustworthy, respectable companies out there that put their money where their mouths are? I have been very let down twice now by two separate nationals, and am totally disheartened. I do a good job and that is all I want to do. What I expect from a company is for them to do what they say they will ... if they are going to train, then train ... if they are going to say they respond to your calls, respond ... if they say you will have returned reports edited and errors pointed out, send the edited reports with the corrections ... if they say they will give you a supervisor/lead/manager, present that person....if they say their tech department will help, does it always take 3-5 hours to solve a problem?

Honesty!! That is all I am asking for. Any companies out there that anyone would really say know what INTEGRITY means? If so, please, please let me know. :( Is it even worth it to have hope after struggling to polish skills via these new online schools, as I did? Is there anyone to trust out there? TRUST?
Reputable MT Companies???sm

Does anyone know any reputable MT companies to work for?  I have a prospect on a local group here, but just waiting on them to get ready to hire for the position.  I was promised I would be the first one called when the position comes available.  I am afraid to apply for something online because I don't want to get in a situation that is just as bad as MQ or worse. 

I also need flexibility because I have a 4-month-old infant and have to work my schedule around my husband's full-time job.  So, if anyone knows of any good places to work, drop me a line and let me know. 



No for ethical and reputable
MT companies, it won't! When you uses something like autokeys or autocorrect, I really do not know how they are going to figure out what keys you actually hit to produce a word, phrase or sentence.
They are reputable. Pay always on time.
4 cpl editing, 8-9 cpl transcribing. Decent company. They are bringing all of their work back to USA, were offshoring to India, but that became a huge problem. Now, they are in the process of trying to bring it all back. Pretty upfront and honest people.

No reputable company would allow
any MT to pick and choose the work they want to do. The company I work for would not tolerate that, which is why they are so popular. Work is assigned according to TAT unless there is a stat due. Army Brat must work for a terrible company if she/he is so paranoid about who gets what work.
no reputable company should ever sm
have an incident where there is a bounced check! Lots of places have financial problems but they don't let their payroll bounce. Sad state of affairs I'd say!
ATSI/MT World - Are they reputable?
Find a reputable school
Hi, Shelley.

I am so sorry you got pulled in by TranSCAM. I agree with the other poster's info on contacting a lawyer and the BBB about them.

There really is no way to do OJT in this career anymore. The best way to get into transcription is through studying with a reputable school such as CareerStep. There are others....look through the posts on here to find schools that graduates recommend. Best of luck to you!
I didn't say the company was reputable. (sm)

It's one of the larger companies that used to be the apple of MTStars' eye until it started to offshore.  They would vigorously defend this company, and now -- nothing.

It's a big company, so I guess in some people's eyes, it's reputable.  When it was offered to me, I thought it was disgusting, and to me, the company lost all credibility. 

They hired another person to work on my account (a former employee of the customer), and when they told me I typed too fast for the account and that the new person wasn't getting many jobs, I finally had it and quit, never looked back and never regretted it.

I found a much better, much smaller company that I believe wouldn't tolerate this kind of behavior.  Bigger isn't always better.

Looking for a reputable company, preferably to do op reports..sm

I am currently with a company with whom I have been happy for the last few years but things seem to be changing. My account has been overstaffed and I have spent the last 45 minutes trying to dial in to my account but all lines are busy.  Starting out the day with this level of frustration is not healthy and for this reason along with others I may need to make a change. Can anyone give me any ideas of stable companies with plenty of work and good pay that do not require weekend work?  I have 30 years acute care experience and prefer op notes but am open to clinic work too. I try to do 1800-2000 lines a day, care about my work product and am a very reliable employee.  I simply need to make some steady money!  Thanks for any help or advice offered. 

I know of 2 MTs from reputable schools who started w/o the 2 year exp. nm
Find a reputable financial investment guy
And open a ROTH IRA.
Has anyone heard of SribeRight and is it a reputable company that will pay on time and have a lot of
work with benefits
I think you would be doing good to find a reputable company, much less by putting qualifiers
There is also the reputable company out of No. Carolina that's NOT the United Tran with the train
Reputable company w/ platform compatible w/ InstanText/Shorthand

Am heavily dependent on sophisticated Expanders that incorporate code script, like ShortHand and InstanText.  Can anyone recommend reputable employers whose platforms are compatible with these programs? 

Word ZPressed or Keystrokes? Any info on either company? I have heard both are reputable
TransTech and Medware, are these companies considered large, medium-sized or small companies? (sm)
Yikes.. That is only inline with companies like Focus and such. "Real" companies pay their MTs
decent rate.  I make over 5 cpl editing. So, if I got that slap in the face, I'd be outta there.
Do the research...most companies, and not just MT companies, do not pay for maternity leave...
we get time off but not paid...and I really don't even understand the point of you posting this...
How do you know which companies are Nationals and which are smaller companies.
Is there a list somewhere? I'm new to this.
By "most of the companies", I meant MORE than MT companies.
Sten-Tel is the platform. Different companies use it, pay and how companies run are different. nm
Nobody said MT companies were not for profit companies. (sm)....
As MTs we are an important segment of what it takes for the company to thrive, but we are still just part of the whole structure.

Not trying to be argumentative, just think sometimes we get that "I'm the quarterback" attitude and forget that we can't get anywhere without our line men.
Companies that outsource to other companies?
Anyone know of any reliable companies that will outsource to American companies and pay a decent line rate? I am amazed at what the companies charge and then want to offer in this business anymore.

2 companies with that name. Was this the NJ job? nm
I have been through a lot of companies and
they are all the same.  I just found that out not too long ago.  I am with a company now that everyone cheers about.  They are just the same as everyone else.  Nothing to cheer about IMO.  This business has gone downhill fast.  Sad.
What companies, if any,
. . .

. . . hire and actually promote professionals who have forgotten more than many MTs know, have years and years of experience, work when needed, don't rock the boat, and produce excellent work?  At my company, the editors and managers usually have just a few years of experience as an MT, if any, and many have no management experience.  Some managers have never even seen a typed document.  That doesn't make sense.  What companies give one a chance to actually grow with them?  Any of them?  How do the promotions go to those who took an on-line class and have been an MT for 2 years?  Kudos to anyone who could answer this . . . Bewildered 

He said that some companies do that, but
usually when they do there is a reason for it, so told me to keep an eye out for future class action lawsuits or that sometimes they use it as a means to withhold severance pay, etc.  IMO - basically it's a CYA letter.  Atty agreed.  But again, IMO, why be worried about a CYA letter if you have nothing to CYA for?  Any company that wants ex-employees to sign a release from future lawsuits is definitely not up for nomination for Employer of the Year, that's for sure and just one more bit of proof that it isn't the MLSs at fault.   I'm not concerned about it, but I'm sure as heck not signing it either.  I just think it's hilarious that a few Transcend groupies come out of the woodwork ready to blame the MLSs that left as if they weren't the GOOD transcriptionists and that's why they left.  Seems to me if they weren't any good they wouldn't be able to get hired anywhere and so would want to stay put where they know they have a sure thing.
Some Companies...
Charge you per report for their useless template. What a rip off...
QA Companies
Anyone who works as a QA; I am curious as to what you think of the company you work for?  Good or bad.  Looking for a new QA position and would like some information on the companies.  Thanks.
Here are some companies
First Choice Medical
QT Medical
JLG - some accounts still on WP.

That is all I know of right now.

Good luck.
Some Companies Pay Less
Some companies, especially small ones, lure you in by starting you at less and tell you that once you're off probation in a couple of weeks your line rate will be raised a couple of cents.  Months later, despite quality work and that pitch-in attitude during backlog periods, you're still making 6 cents a line.  A lot of good begging does....What a joke these companies are...........
Any companies out there?


1.  ENT, cardiology, family practice or internal medicine work.

2.  Require a minimum line count of 500 lines a day with the option to do more.

3.  Word based with a 24-hour TAT and have direct deposit with assigned docs/accounts?

Are there any companies out there using DQS except MQ? (sm)
If I were going to try to work 2 companies at the same time until I could decide I thought it would be easier if they used the same program.  This old dog is getting too old to learn too many new tricks at once. 
That would be companies. If you
want to make it in this biz, you have to learn to spell!
Are any companies besides MQ using VR right
Not sure of any companies (sm)
I've worked on it for hospitals.  I am not aware of any MTSO's that use it.
Diskriter has some ChartScript accounts.  A lot of hospitals use ChartScript also.  I used it with my in-house job.  Very productive platform. 
None of the companies do! That's the name of the
There are probably less than 5 companies
(and that is probably stretching it) that don't offshore.  I've interviewed with probably 8 companies the last 6 months, all either offshored or had less to offer me than QT.   I immediately turned down all the companies that offshored (that I knew did anyway) and all the others I turned down because it would have been a significant cut in pay.   We have a no frills lifestyle as it is so there isn't room to take a cut in pay. 
With all the companies looking for MTs
I don't understand why you are thinking unemployment.   I think you have to be unemployed xx days before you are eligible anyway.  
Which companies use - sm
ftp sites?
Not all companies
are like that.  That is unreasonable.  We do not expect that of our employees.  If you work both Sat and Sun you have 2 days off during the week. 
MT companies, do any of you......

have MT work available that does not entail heavy ESL dictators, like every single report?  I cannot make an adequate living on those types of dictators day after day into the night, and sometimes even into the next day.  I have 5 years experience with a lot of experience.

Just trying to understand what they want put down as far as their dictations is very, very tough, and I am losing my health as a result of having to kill my ears, straining to hear them, and trying to understand what they are saying at all.  I have no problem with some ESL, but I am having a very tough time with every single report being dicated this way by ESLs.

If you have a low ESL ratio, would you please contact me?  

I desperately need work.  I am an excellent worker, and have no money for my bills. 

I would really appreciate hearing from you.  Thanks.

Publishing e-mail addresses inside posts is not allowed.  Thank you.  Goldbird

They are two different companies
Not always, some companies pay
for experience and proven skills and you don't need a CMT. For me, having a CMT didn't always make a difference. Depends on the company. You can always make that 1/2 cent more somewhere else if you shop around. Some MTs without CMT make 10, 11, 12 cpl. I do,however, feel CMT is good for keeping up skills and with so many quality problems in the field I often wish it was a requirement! On the other hand, I knew a nurse who sat for and passed her CMT (the written part was probably a breeze for her) and couldn't transcribe to save her life! LOL!
As with most companies, there is
The average range is from 7 to 9 cpl. The line rate depends on many factors.
Most companies...
I suggest you don't go judging me since you don't even know me. For your information I have been working as an IC for over two years for a local company and I can work whenever I want and do as many lines as I want. If I don't work I don't paid. It's as simple as that. I also type over 1,000 lines a day so I am very reliable and my work is at least 99% accurate. My Turn Around Time is less than 24 hours. I just found this list and I was expecting people to be kind and courteous and not so judgmental.
Several companies came together to SM
form Spheris. There are several platforms out there. I work on TWS. If this is platform you are hired for, DO NOT USE DIALUP. I have nothing bad to say about it or Spheris in general, only, well, ask if you will use TWS.

Hi Everyone- I am looking into going to Career Step online schooling for MT.  My husband and I are expecting our first baby in Sept.  So I want to work from home but with flexable hours. (For those sleepless nights.)  Any one have any suggestions for me as to what companies out there would allow me to do so?  I have heard of Spheirs and Medquist but also heard they want specific hours you will work.  Any advice would be appriciated.