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Oh, I've been the recipient of that junk too.

Posted By: original poster on 2006-02-23
In Reply to: very true; also..c msg - aa

I've worked many, many evening shifts doing all the dictators and junk everyone skipped or logged off and left for me. But, it's my job to do whatever is assigned to me. But I'm not like that - I know those people have hurt us, as a whole, but I genuinely was very ill and the room was spinning while I was typing. From a quality standpoint - I hope they double-checked everything I typed that day, because I really was so sick. I've typed with clogged ears while battling a cold, coughing my brains out with bronchitis, even running to the bathroom with you-know-what, but this UTI made me so feverish, lightheaded and in pain from urgency and frequency, that I debated going to the ER ... it was that bad. Literally, I sat typing with tears running down my face. NO job is worth that.

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The recipient probably ignored the legal - sm
disclaimer contained in the email she received the letter under.  Oh, yes, a company would want her working for them in a heartbeat - LOL.  Follows directions, check - oops, not.  Adheres to confidentiality rules, check, oops not.  You're absolutely right though, it is HER letter, but HER letter that most likely came with a confidentiality disclaimer.
The recipient has chosen to share HER letter with us. nm

you get a form to put in your name, email, and paste your resume. MTSpot sends it to the recipient
i get it that's junk!!
Junk platforms
Yep, me too.  Walmart, here I come!!! lol.  I think I may do well on the night shift! After all, I'm used to it!!!!!  HEEEE
ASR and VR probably where the newbies go and you get the junk dontcha think
Have all the emails go to Junk so you don't see them. Keep calling until
I got out of that junk company a year ago - SM
Best move I made in my career! I was with Cymed before they became SPI. I left last February and went to Keystrokes. I'm more than glad that I did! They were still calling me almost every week up until August asking me why I wasn't working! What a bunch of idiots!
If you think you dont get more of the junk work when it is picked over by VR or ASR you had better
think again. The best attendings will be gone to VR and you will get the leftovers. I have been doing both for a year and I can guarantee you your CEO is full of it. Dont believe a word of it. You will either make less money on ASR or less money on the leftovers. Take you choice.
They have tons of ESL-lots of overflow junk. nm
Looks like junk mail to me, the kind you get out of newspapers!


I don't like all the junk mail. This trims it significantly..sm
I also don't like having my credit report hacked. Too much ID theft these days, and my financial advisor said it is the only way to fly these days. One of my credit cards was hacked a few years ago, so this extra precaution is something I'm willing to do to protect myself even more. And, no matter what, ultimately MTs should be hired for their skill and experience, not how much debt is being carried.
TT new account is cardiology, procedure junk that you cant get lines on.
So, it is working for nothing practically.  Just a new account on board for TT.
She is talking about QA and money is not tops. It is line pay for junk work.
They need to pay by the hour like they used to.
I thought it was just me, glad to hear others aren't making much with all the junk you have to ad
check both inbox & junk (turn off spam killer, if any)
What good does it do? They've lied, they've betrayed us.

They've taken all they are going to take from me.   I am not going to waste any more time being angry.   I hate the way things ended, but I refuse to accept the blame for any part of it because I know that was a lie too, even though they did try to blame the MTs.  I know part of the problem was quality issues, but QA wasn't to blame for that either, although they have been.   

It is time to pick up and move on.   I think mgmt will reap what they sow.   For those who worked on the main account Webmedx is still hiring, though the best time slots have already been taken.  



What the heck? I've never heard that in the 8 yrs I've worked here. sm
Go back to your STM or over his or her head.
Since you've brought it up, I've stopped SM

giving the negative info because every time I have in the past I am called a disgruntled ex-employee or told that my experience has no relation to what the company is like today.

I won't repeat the information I've given in the past, anyone can find it on searches.  I've decided to just let the people have their experience with the company and that experience will validate everything I've ever said about those people.

The same people own and run that company--they may have new names doing the management, but it still runs the same way.

You've got it ~ you've hit the nail on the head....

I can Google until dawn and still not find John Smith in NY - you know the neurologist...  Cut me a break!  I've now learned to ask my online company for a list of referring physicians (since none of the accounts are in my state) and also ask for websites for the hospitals, but I still don't take more than 5 min of my own time to find referring physicians.  I send it right through with a verify cc:... 

As far as making an educated guess, I would only do that if it was my own account and I know the dictator well.  For the online company, it is their responsibility to make that educated guess as it is their client, not mine.  I leave that up to the company to make assumptions; this way it is on their back, not mine when it comes to the legality of the report.  Ultimately, the physician is responsible when signing that report or there should be clause on those reports that state dictated but not read.  If that clause is not there, then it is the physician's responsibility to know the content, not the MT.  An MT can only transcribe what they hear and really should not be making educated guesses on anyone since we live in a world of sue-happy patients and their malpractice insurance is so high.  If there is a question, it needs to go the dictator to resolve.

JMO - been doing this for over 20 years.  

I've been a QA 15 years and I've never heard
of any company only paying for the actual Keystrokes of the blank. You would literally make less than minimum wage that way. Waaay less.
I've come here for as long as I've been...
...an MT, for the same reasons all of you do. I don't scan the boards looking for false accusations, but when something comes up that does involve me, I would like the opportunity to defend myself. That's all...
I've used it before...sm
If you are thinking of going with a company with the beginning letter of "e" and ending in "Z"....you will not be getting paid for spaces.  They allow ONLY 8% for spaces, which IMO, is retarded.  The platform is very easy, but this particularly company has it set up to NOT count spaces, you will be typing your fingers off it seems.
I've been doing this for more than 11
between 250-350 lines an hour where I am now, without killing myself. At Medware, I was lucky to get 200 lines an hour.
I've only seen 1. sm...
And it was at www.transcriptionoutsourcing.com . It doesn't say this or much of anything else on their website. I think I got this as a link from an MTDaily ad that had a different company name listed and when you clicked their email, the Transcription Outsourcing web site is where it took you. I'll look around and see if I can find the original ad. It was a small company. Good luck in the meantime! 
I've got?? i think this is better said I have 12+
I've been there too ... and it's getting very old
I've accepted offers with and tried just about everyone. So far, the one I trained on today has been the best to deal with. The trainer also told me she has been on this account for many, many years - and in that time has only run out of work twice, due to hurricanes. I'm getting very, very tired - I just want to find the right fit. I've found quite a few WRONG fits (and I'm not a newbie - I've got 13+ years on me). I figure, at this point, I want to pick the RIGHT ones, not just ANYone. I think I'll talk to DH some more and see if we can work something out. Who is the *&%* Company, it's late, I'm tired and I can't figure it out. If you want, and can do it, e-mail me separately. I have to make a decision with them soon. Thanks so much for at least your honest, yet positive, input. It's refreshing on these boards.
I've have been doing (sm)
some work for them lately. The stuff is mostly medical conferences and symposiums where people are giving talks. You generally get their Powerpoint presentation to help with drug names and doctor names. I did have one nightmarish assignment where there were about six people sitting around a table all talking at once and I was supposed to figure out who was talking when. The rest of them have been pretty good, though.
Just so you know, this is another CL, not the CL you've seen here for a while now, before the mov
Not me, I've been looking for (sm)
minimal part-time at least 9-10 cents per line for a long time.  You can find it and get nothing but the bad dictation.  BTW, I started typing about 30 years ago.  So hang in there if you'd like, I've donated too much of my time to this so-called profession.  And there are no hospital jobs around here.  I live in a fairly large city and the hospitals are ALL on VR or EMR.  It will reach everyone's town before too long.  It will be whoever will work the cheapest can have the job.  Not me, I'm not that cheap.
Wow! You say you've been an
Again, it is common sense not to post people's names on public forums for any reason. Sometimes, I can't tell if you folks are 12 years old or 98 years old.

Please do not post names.
Well DUH - so do I. That's why I've done

in one form or another (as an employee, as a contractor, as an MTSO) since 1983.  And have been with the same small service for many years.  And have had my own company/accounts since 1992.  But I know my skills are in demand.  That certainly seems to bother you a LOT.  You sure are defensive about this company, aren't you?

I've been both....sm
There is a little more restriction in my work schedule now as I have to work the hours I committed to in order to help the company keep things in TAT, but there is some flexibility if I need, for example, an hour or two for an appointment. Some companies are more flexible than others in this regard. Also, the amount of time you have to put in to acquire the required line counts is dependent on many things, such as platform, audio quality, dictator mix (ESL:EFL) and the amount of work available to you.

Be prepared to receive much less per line with a national company than you are making right now plus the fact that your taxes and SS will be withheld from your check unless you find a company that offers IC status. The other side of the coin there is that ICs are usually not offered bennies.

Hope you find something that is to your liking and works for you.
You've got that right! nm

Are people still posting complaints on the company board about how they need to apply for food stamps?  I'm glad I got out when I did.

I've said that all along.
If we want to take someone's personal advice (and who knows whose advice we are REALLY taking because we don't identify ourselves here) about who NOT to work for, NOT to trust, etc., surely we cannot be surprised that companies would have their own insider list of who does poor work, doesn't stick to schedules, is a lot of difficult to deal with personally, is a complainer, just doesn't produce enough, etc.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. At least they know each other there.

It doesn't bother me.
No, I've never had to do this...
just had to send a copy of my business license a couple of times. I've worked for about 5-6 different companies as an IC over the years and no one has asked for a copy of my ID.
I've never seen that
Granted, there are cruel sickos everywhere but where I live they chop the chicken's head off quickly before defeathering it. I've never heard of someone dropping a chicken in hot water while it's alive. Cows freely roam in rolling green pastures. Pigs do, too, except when in pens where they love to roll in mud. Your experience with farmers is much different than mine, I suppose, and I'm surrounded by them.
It's the best and I've used several sm
I get a better line count with ExText than any other platform I've used. 
I've done
Done MT for 10 years but only for local private practices and clinics.  No acute care.  Radiology, ortho, ENT, GI, GU, podiatry, even some legal.  No hospital tho darn it!  That's why I was hoping for the best on this one.  Its a hospital acct.  I don't think its worth it tho somehow.
I've never used it.
It starts accumulating right away but I've never had to use it. The recruiters are happy to answer any questions you have that I can't. :-)
Just like we've been saying all along. nm
I could've had a V-8!
Guess I had one of those duh! moments (that has lingered awhile). Ha! Thanks ... great idea! -

It's funny, I am pretty new at this, and things will all of a sudden come to me ... like I just recently realized it would be smart to include no phrases ... like: No frequency, dysuria, hematuria; instead of adding the no on separately. (It is usually a no anyway.)

There are so many facets to this field, that it is taking me quite awhile to put it all together. I don't have a lot of medical background either, which doesn't help.

Anyway, thanks again for the idea. I will try to continue to see the larger picture in using the expander.
I've never used it
My employer doesn't require it. Truthfully they probably don't even know the BOS.
Thanks--I've been looking through them too.
I've used both....sm
and I don't think there's a huge difference.  I do like the DQS format better, I think it's clearer, but they are both MT-friendly.  I did seem to have more trouble getting lines with Bayscribe, but that could be chalked up to the learning curve.  You can also have MDI import your Expanders from DQS.
It's just that everything I've been looking for...sm

in an employee position, they have it - an acute care account, a good line rate reasonable insurance costs with good coverage, PTO, 401K, typing in Word in the platform, equipment provided, and a sign-on bonus on top of it all.  Looking at it all listed out like that, well, it could apply to a lot of companies.  It's just something about talking to them that I like.  I hope I'm right!

Oh, they do have an equipment rental but that doesn't bother me.

I've only been doing this for
3 years, but like I said, this is the best offer I have had. I graduated with honors, have done good on all tests ever taken, never been turned down for a job. I know I'm very good at what I do, but from what I read on here, I thought that was a pretty good cpl. I read every day all these people with 15-25 yrs. experience only being offered that from most companies. I wouldn't even know where to look to make a substantial amount more and still have the flexibility that I have with them. I mean, I work M-F from 5 a.m. until 3 p.m. and some Saturdays, so don't get me wrong; it's not that I don't work, because I do. I just like the flexibiilty to be able to take off if I need to with no problems! Easy accounts, easy platform and really easy to make my paycheck be what it needs to be. Where you make 9.5 cpl, is it that easy?
I've been there too sm
If people would meet line committments the work would flow without going late and they wouldn't have to bring in new people. They are forced to hire when the work is not getting done.
Yes they do and I've had enough of it too
I've been through that and have already
been offered a position, I just haven't decided one way or the other yet.   I'm in a position now where what I was told before I was hired didn't turn out to be the way it is, so if I make a change I want to be sure of what I'm getting in to.  
I've said it before but
have you tried local doctors' office or local MTSO's. I work for a local nephrology office (I only have experience in nephrology, cardiology and very, very little experience in psychiatry and endocrinology. I make what I think is good money at least for what I need, and I get 5 weeks vacation and great benefits on top of that (I've only been there a year and a half). Good luck with whatever you decide.