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Posted By: Desperate on 2006-01-18
In Reply to:

If I had KNOWN I did something wrong, I wouldn't have done it.  Geez....I'm sorry....now can you please get control of the pit bulls??

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Moderator answered "Not True" which means she will not delete post with name and link (nm)

Delete them for sure
I know you will delete them or ask the moderator to do that but can you tell me one single word where I have been offensive and what you people all around 8 or more I think have doing right now. I am talking all alone with around all you people over here and what you are writing, isn't is offending.
So now you delete them instead of lock them?
Not being rude, just want to know why this is happening.
They got the ole "control, alt, delete."
And you won't delete the link? nm
Okay if you delete identifying info
You can save reports but you have to make sure that all personal identifying information is deleted.

Also, you can save them on disk or other media so that you don't have to store them on your hard drive.
Not okay - they'll delete post

Midwest, mid-sized company, not far from major city, US only.

Do you have an Autocorrect feature? You could delete what's
Delete extra "not", too early! nm
hiGoldberg - can a company delete posts here?
They don't like you working for another co. They will "accidentally" delete part of your f
Cont'd: They will try to delete part of a file from other co. I should know. nm
That should not be "try", they did delete my file and said it was an accident. nm
Great tip! Change, delete, or add as you go to make
You can always delete Vista off and load XP with new computers (nm)
What was written? Moderator is quick to delete
Moderator: Answer, please. Will you delete if posted? NM
Some of us are finding another board that doesn't delete our posts
There is a message in the above post. Forgot to delete the "nm."
George says what he means or is it he means what he
but he sure does apologize in a way I've never heard a person whose company is valued at $8m a year apologize before and I've worked for companies who played who is the president of the week game! All I can say is that his personal interview about his high school reunion has a distinctly different style than his late January postings in which he degrenates the poster he tries to engage. Just remember George's quote we are misinformed.
What it means to me?
As an employee of Heartland, what my understanding is of what that means to me....I am still an employee, and more than likely the purchasing company will need me just like Heartland needs me now. Waiting for the conference calls to hear more information.
It means
That SoftScript screws everyone who has a brain between their ears.  The "newbies", and no offense intended, run the company because that is all they have because anyone with any experience has LEFT and rightly so.  They take your lines, make you think you are insane, have you work 24-7 to get a decent pay, and god bless if it is on time, which it actually has been x2 since they have been bashed on this board.  THAT IS WHAT ALL THIS MEANS.  The management is the worst, QA the worst, and lies beyond belief.  That is what all this means.  DUH.
It means they need it right now!
What stat. means to you as a Transcriptionist is that the turnaround needs to be fast! It would be identified in your accounts specs or your contract or whatever what the turnaround is.  Maybe it is an hour, maybe 2 hours, maybe 4 hours after it is dictated.  Whatever it is, it means that they need it back quickly. It has priority over anything else.
what does this means?

Im a newbie MT and trying to find a job.  I would like to ask what does this means as for compensation?  Is this good? 

Compensation Information: Subcontract, 9 cents for 65 keystrokes

what does this MEANS....
Yes, I think that is what it means. Not sure why they don't just say so LOL.
It means there is no more. nm
So that means
You can thank the politicians in DC (both parties) for passing NAFTA and giving us the SHAFTA...
What do you think this means?
I'm wondering what this new COO means for us down here typing away in the trenches.  Does anybody know anything about him? 
for now usually means

until we get all our people making half what you do trained, then  . .  . .


SE means
statutory employee. Like an IC (independent contractor) you pay your own taxes, set your own schedule, etc, but as an SE, the employer pays part of the SS taxes. No benefits come with either IC or SE positions, other than freedom.
Thank you all, that means a lot to me
exactly, which means
if you are going to claim yourself 100%, you need to present it also. Talk is so cheap.
OT for some means OOW for others

I normally work 3-11 pm.  I come on and look at my email.  The boss approved OT early this AM because we were out of TAT; by the time I punch in we're within an hour of dictation, BUT SHE LEAVES APPROVED OT UP THERE, and by 8 pm I'm OOW because all the day people got the OT (and are still on there wanting more) and I'm lucky if I get my 8 hours working secondaries putting in a 10 hour day.

How so? If they are IC, and know what that means,
OK, that means no. I'm sure if the SM

money was in your account right now, you'd be posting it all over the boards about how you were right.

My pay was in the bank on the day it was supposed to be-I wish yours had been also.

I'm not sure exactly what this all means
but I'll see what happens if i still decide to send my resume. Thanks for the information.
By all means, when you having nothing
proclaim yourself in charge of mtstars QA, fondle that typing police baton for a moment or two, then launch into full-blown attack mode and WHUP UP. FOP.
I would like to know what it means
Know what IM means, but what do they
I don't think that is what she means
I think (and I could be wrong) her hospital was bought by CHS and she was an in-house employee. She and her co-workers have to be trained as if they were new hires to Spheris.  They will go through a 90-day probation period as would any other new-hires.  The Spheris Specials Team will be covering her hospital's acounts while she and her co-workers are being trained.  Somewhere on here it was discussed that CHS or whatever their name is was out-sourcing their work to Spheris and it involved the hospital employees being transitioned at their current pay scale but then it could go down to the Spheris pay scale.  She's not training anyone with samples, etc.
So, not sure - EMR means??
Electronic medical records and does this mean they are entering template dictation or their own typing dictation, what?  Does that work, time-wise for them as they chug out 6-8 patients an hour.. 
What it means
is probably FELLOW. They probably saw it on some physician's certificate or some place in academia. The difference is that in medical school or academia, the title of FELLOW is earned, not conferred upon oneself's like the nonsense spewed by AHDI. And, like you, I think it stands for something unprintable. At least to my own mind, that is about all it is worth.
She said "embrace it" which also means
embrace the low pay it briNG suction with it. How do you pay for a gallon of gas that has increased by 300-400% with a pay check that has decreased by 50-60% or more unless you are willing to give up eating, sleeping, and breathing to have enough hours in a day to correct the mistakes created by this wonderful technology, usually done on a program that would have been thrown into the trash in the early 90s because they are so poorly written and so user-unfriendly, that is being endorsed as the "coming thing". This post was written by someone in management who is not faced with losing money in any way, shape or form, because even if the hospitals pay less per line, they will still continue to make more because they pay their worker-bees a third of what they paid before for the same amount of work.

Well, just maybe the tables will turn and they will have some major major medical disaster caused because of an inaccurate report typed by one of these wonderful speech recognition devices that they are getting rich from and the untrained Editor they hired at a less than minimum wage to edit the report did not know the difference in what they were editing.
By all means, CALL them, and if that
doesn't accomplish anything, CALL THEM again!!! Explain to them that you are being patient, but DO require an income........ may just be a simple oversight. I never hesitate to call!!!
I think what that poster means is that SM

to ask for a job to do only 300 lines per day (which for an average MT is about 1-1/2 to 2 hours a day) and a specific kind of platform AND to just "hop on during the day" is just too unrealistic in today's world.

Most companies who hire for part time want a true part-time schedule, 15-20 hours per week, 600+ lines per day (versus normal full-time 1200 lines).

I mean, think about it.  300 lines a day is maybe 2 consults or 2 H&Ps, 1 psychiatric report....see what I mean?  It's really not much work at all. 

I thnk it means
your scheduled hours approved by your CSC. But don't quote me on that, there is a # you can call and I'll bet Monday morning it will be full of messages. That line is only M-F.
Not true by any means
Please, stop making up lies and get back to your MT work.  I feel sorry for you actually. 
and by all means - know how to spell -
especially RECRUITERS!!
It means QT is history
    It means get a job where your employer has no ties to India or any other country taking jobs from Americans. It means money and greed win once again.   It means a really good company sold its soul and a lot of great MTs for a scrapbook.  It means that if you check the archives as far back as nearly a year ago, you will find subtle and not so subtle hints that QT was in huge trouble and has been for quite some time.    If you've worked there for any amount of time, you already know there is trouble, whether you admit it or not. Good companies go bad.  Chalk this experience up and find a better one. 
Not sure what this means? You think it is speculation or what?