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Benefits are good at Medware

Posted By: Wilma on 2006-04-22
In Reply to: Can you give specifics? Are the benefits at least any good? nm - Communication okay?

They offer United Healthcare and it costs me $17/week.  $250 yearly deductable and also includes a prescription card.  I have been with Medware for 2 years and they are a good company to work for.

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Medware or Webmedx? Which is better in terms of accounts and benefits?
I am trying to decide which company to apply with. I also need flexiblility. I can work full-time hours but not the same shift every day and I know some companies want a set schedule every day. I work a lot of weekends.
Any current information on Medware such as work load, pay, benefits, etc.
Thanks for anything you have.. the good, bad, and ugly.
Fairly flexible but they do like a schedule. Insurance is good. Benefits are good in my opinion.

For the past week, work has been a little slower but I think that is common in every company..some days busy and other not.

TransTech for many reasons, good pay, stable company, good benefits
and flexible.
I have looked around the last 6 months and have found nothing better. Have turned down numerous jobs, and have finally decided to stay put. The better insurance plans were announced and even moreso than ever, I am staying put, and my paycheck is happy about that because it is getting better every day. Good luck to you.
Good company, great people, good benefits.
Affordable insurance. Good luck!
Webmedex or Medware? Which would you choose in terms of benefits, specifically medical ins costs.
Any know what the difference is with these companies in terms of pay and what the preminums are for family medical insurance?
Yes there is! Good pay and good bonuses and good benefits.

Management is good, benefits are good
As with most places, familiarity and building your templates is the key to lines. I never run out of work but, on the other hand, I said in my hiring interview that I had been through a series of good companies but where I was constantly running out of lines and so that was a huge priority for me, and they have honored their promise to keep me in full-time work. Insurance is cheap and good. PTO starts accruing from day 1. Holiday leave comes out of your PTO, but you earn 3 or more weeks a year (based on your lines typed) and they don't insist that you work it. I had Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, and New Year's day off for the 1st time in (seems like) forever! I would say, in all honesty, that the only thing I don't like is that I have to go to another page to check my lines but that takes a few seconds and is more of an inconvenience than anything.
Good pay and benefits
 Does anyone know of a good company that is willing to pay 10cpl for someone with several years of experience?  Would they also have a good benefit package?
In this day and age, any benefits are good to
work at home. I have great MQ bennies but no work, so what good are they????
Help! Looking for good benefits, especially medical.
Spent the past couple of weeks applying for a few job openings and got offers from each company. For a variety of reasons, I am still looking but without exception, I found the benefits package insulting. I'm not that picky. Just want medical insurance that I can actually afford to take advantage of...reasonable deductible, at least fair to good coverage and premiums that won't break the bank. Any ideas?
saying any benefits is good is devaluing yourself
on, it isn't their problem you are broke. Take personal responsibility for your life...that is what made this nation great. Life, liberty and happiness. Find yours. Get a second job, quit MQ but insist on being valued for what you do. If you don't, stop blaming someone else.
TransHealth's benefits look very good SM

and pay is very competitive (meaning 8 to 10 cpl).

Family coverage is about $450 a month...so, although not cheap, much better than what you're having to pay now.  Also, they start the first of the month after you start.  So, if you start on Feb. 15, medical benefits kick in March 1.

They have an ad on the Job Seekers board.  You should check them out.

(I just finished the testing process and am waiting to hear back from them.  Dictation portion was tough, but the rest was not too bad.  Verbal quiz was scary, but not difficult.  Someone with the amount of experience that you have would do wonderfully, I'm sure.)

Good luck!  

Job #1 if you need benefits. Good luck! nm
Keystrokes has good FTE benefits
So sorry about you losing your job, and I hope you find something you enjoy quickly. 
Good benefits at Webmedx - sm
medical, vision, dental, life and disability insurance; PTO and holidays. Lots of work, you use their equipment. ESL - that may be more of an issue. But it doesn't hurt to find out what is open at this time. Good luck to you. I was outsourced from my hospital job about 10 years ago and feel lucky to have ended up at Webmedx.
As long as you don't need benefits, good place.
MDI florida, pretty good benefits,

transcription super, Debbie, very easy to work with, down-to-earth. Pay 10 cpl if you have Meditech experience for acute care/radiology.  Saw in one post where they were willing to train.  Worth looking into.  I work for them, good company so far.

Can you give specifics? Are the benefits at least any good? nm
Webmedx is great for me; good benefits, sm
PTO, reasonable insurance cost. Plenty of work, decent platform (although we had some trouble last week but that's rare). I realize one company can't be right for everyone, but Webmedx has been great for me. 8 years and counting.
10.5 w/ benefits & niceness feels good to me
Webmedx has pretty good benefits sm
The benefits at Webmedx are pretty good. You are eligible for benefits after 90 days. I am paying about $400 per month for a family plan for health, dental, and vision. The coverage is pretty good for general visits and pharmacy, but there is either a $1000 or $2000 deductible (depending on which plan you choose) for hospitalization, after which insurance pays 80% and you pay the rest. There is also a deductible for certain medical supplies. My son is a type 1 diabetic and we have to pay a $1000 deductible for his insulin pump supplies. Not the best insurance that I've ever had, but it is much cheaper than what my husband can get through his work (he would have to pay $1000 per month in premiums for a family plan).
It is good for employee, horrible for IC. Why no benefits? sm
There are too many companies out there (Keystrokes, WebMedx, etc) that will pay 9 cpl and have benefits. Don't sell yourself short. You have 10+ years and know the Basic 4. You should get employee status, at least 8.5 cpl and full benefits including PTO and insurance.
So far so good at Medware
Is 9cpl a good pay for employee position with benefits?
Trying to make comparisons.  Thanks
Medware is a good company
I type on Merit and started a little over one year ago.  My team leader is very nice and I am glad to have finally found a good, steady income.  I was always out of work before and now with Medware that rarely happens.  Yes it is shift work for the ER accounts, but no one has asked me to work a different shift than I was hired for.
Medware has been a good choice for me
I am on the EXText platform, acute care.  They have been a good service to work for, I like my team leader and needed good insurance.  Plus, direct deposit is better than waiting on the mail like my old position. 
Medware has been a good company
for me.  Steady work and I like the benefits and the direct deposit.  EXtext software or they also have their own software.  Depends on what account you are on.  They have been pretty good for me.  I started a little over one year ago, first as a PT employee and then I went full time after I checked out the platform.
Is $15.00 per hour with excellent benefits good pay for a pathology transcriptionist
There is an ad in my local newspaper for this position, and I am considering applying.  It doesn't mention anything about incentive, so I doubt that there is any, but the way the transcription industry is going, I think this may be my best shot for the next 15 years.  As I turned 50 yesterday and looking to retire at 65.  They have pension plan and 401K with match, long and short term disability.
P.S. Exact same hours of my choice, benefits, etc,, Good luck All!!....NM
Good and Bad - some gifts bought/missed WMX benefits call (sm)

Of course I procrastinated to attend the call on my day off, then off I went with my daughter shopping. 

Did I miss anything much other than explanation of health plans?  Is there a web site they referred to you?  Should I call HR and admit I am a moron? 


Gotta agree -- YOG was the best! Great pay, good benefits. I quit sm
the moment I heard she had sold to MQ .. ugh. 
Good luck to you. Hope they are lenient with the benefits with all the low work. nm
Medquist and Medware good companies? NO.
They may be good for their stockholders, but they are not good for their employees....what kind of a list is this anyway?

Seeking company that offers good benefits including insurance.
Ideally, I'd like to find a company that offers medical insurance at a reasonable cost for family (under $500 a month) and a decent line count rate. Anyone have any ideas on this. Thanks.
That's strange. When I received an offer, I thought it was competitive and the benefits were good
especially medical insurance benefits for family. Maybe I did not look at them very close. Could you elaborate on what you were offered? I really thought they were decent pay and benefits.
Transolutions? Anyone know how good their medical insurance benefits are, costs, etc..specifically
family coverage. They say you only have to work 32 hours to be eligible so I'm curious what their benefits are like. Thanks
Focus Infomatics--Anyone have any experience with their insurance benefits, good rate, etc..
Yes, I know all there is to know about them in the negative form but people respond only if you know about their insurance plan. Thanks
Great company -- good benefits, average pay, easy-to-achieve sm

incentive tier, ExText platform, pay by direct deposit every 2 weeks, always on time.  The people in management seem to genuinely care about the employees, which is a nice plus.  I have been there since October and am very happy.  Of course, one man's paradise is another man's hell it seems at times, but it is a good fit for me.


Good luck! 

I had no idea, I thought Medware was one of the good guys.
Guess I won't be applying with them after all.

To those already with them, I hope you can all agree to not assist offshore typists to take jobs from US MTs.
Medware, good platform, plenty of work
I have worked for them almost 3 years now, they are a better than average company and pay on time every other Friday.  Check them out, you will be happy you did.  Kim.
Can anyone provide a name of a good smaller company to work for that offers decent benefits..
I want to get away from the "nationals". I know there are smaller transcription companies out there looking for a good MT.. Hopefully someone will have some good advice for me.
Not just this week, a long term problem. Nice people, good benefits, but
The best co. ever! Good work, good people, good pay, good bennies.
She's giving work TO Medware, or is Medware giving work to her company? Medware has no work. nm
no message
Also looking into them. Do they have benefits?


How are the benefits and
do they pay according to experience, i.e. will they match what you are making elsewhere if they have more work than one can handle lately if one tests high with them? If you know, please tell.
DSG benefits
Quoted me at over $1000 per month for two people. Needless to say, did not take it!
Same here! What benefits?
? Benefits
What health insurance benefits does KS have? I have heard they are not paying anything toward it and it is very expensive.
I just put in a call today as I am looking for benefits now as my husband was just laid off. I can take Unicare for $354 per month until January 1st when Blue Cross/Blue Shield kicks in. The cost on that is $256 per month (my share) as Keystrokes picks up 25% of the employee portion. Seems to be average as that is around what my husband paid at his old company.