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Posted By: CTmt on 2009-03-16
In Reply to: I started a little over a month ago and - anonmt

Hi, I also started about a month ago and I was just wondering which account you are on? I never get any notices about formatting and I am on Apex also but maybe it has to do with the account? TIA  

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Does anyone know what Chronicle
transcripts starts their MTs at paywise?  TIA
Newbie, I have worked for Chronicle Transcripts for 5 years and think you should look no further. I have found them a great company to work for, with good benefits. As for being overworked versus steady work, the work is steady; I have hardly ever been without work. As with any company, you would of course be expected to diligently work your shift, but I do not consider that being overworked, I consider that being responsible. So if you're responsible, love being an MT, and are looking for a great company to grow with, Chronicle would definitely be the place!
Sounds like a disgruntled one to me. I've worked for Chronicle for over 7 years and have never had any problems with anyone who works there. They don't play games, pay well, and always have work. They do expect you to produce quality work and be dependable.


I just started working for Chronicle about 2 weeks ago as an IC.  Not sure if I can help much, but please feel free to ask questions..  I searched very long and very hard and kept spreadsheets and compared and on and on.  I received at least 5 offers and went with Chronicle.  Give my a holler if you are still looking.


Chronicle was okay


I worked for them about 2 weeks. I hated the platform and could not make any $$ so I quit. I could type and type and only make about 30 lines per report.
working for them for a few months and very happy with them. I get good line counts and they pay right on time!!
Chronicle - NO
Worked for them twice.  I quit last month.  The Platform STINKS!  They just aren't MT friendly.  I don't like or recommend them.
Can anyone give up to date information on this company?
Don't listen to the negative things about the company on this board. Not every company is suited for everyone.
Chronicle is another one. You have sm

to have Word 2003 to operate their platform.  After getting that all set up with the thought of lots of work available and then NOTHING.  Now they are hiring again a week later with the same statement, a lot of work. 

As far as Chronicle I love it. Don't know about Precyse.
Chronicle MTs
If you currently work for Chronicle and would like to network and perhaps find a friend, please reply.  Working at home gets real lonely sometimes. 
Anyone have new info on Chronicle Transcription and their platform, work availability, dictators, pay practices.....?  Last post I found was from 2007.  Would appreciate an update with current info.
They don't pay for spaces and that's 17% of your document, what is not ever explained is you cannot compare characters to lines. You have to be told how many characters you need to do per hour, not lines, it's not lines they are going on, it's characters. And we still hit the space bar regardless of the 55 characters, actually if the formula is done right it should be 54 characters not 55, take 17% of 65, and it's 54 characters, the 17% is without spaces, or hitting the enter key, etc., it's what you see on the page, nothing more. You can type, and type and type and you get no where because it still takes the same amount of time to type 55 characters as it does to type 65, because we still are performing the keystrokes, but not getting paid for them.

I just finished my 2nd week, and I am really happy at Chronicle. I am not sure which account you are on but with my account there is over 1000 jobs available at any given time. My QA is super nice, but I did read that there is one QA in particular who is pretty tough to deal with. I have never had any problems with numerous rule changes like other posts mention, and I don't find that big of a difference with the VB line count. In 2 weeks, I only had Apex freeze up on me once and it lasted for only a couple minutes. From everything I have read, I think I must have gotten lucky with the account they gave me.
Apex is the platform I type on and I actually work on a multispecialty clinic account. Maybe you should check and see if you can be switched if you are not happy. Good luck, I hope things work out..
I have been there almost a month and the account I am on has a ton of work. There a few different accounts and I think one is pretty light on work. My training was great and the QA is really helpful and always nice. I work part time and although my income is necessary, I am not the sole provider so I don't want to mislead you by any means and say you will be set working there. They do go on a visible black character line count, so they do not count spaces, but 55 characters make a line instead of 65 and honestly, honestly, honesty I see little to no difference. In fact, I am a pretty slow typer and rarely bang out high line counts. My last job it would take me soooooo long to reach my line count for the day that I felt my closest relationship was with my computer. Now by the end of my 4-hour shift I find my line counts to be higher then ever. I am really pleased. I was just in your boat not long ago and I would apply and test and get really excited about possibly joining a company only to come on here and see a bunch of negative postings that would burst my bubble of hope.  I never even knew about this site until I became one of the thousands unemployed. Now I just come on to read the drama of the day.  Good luck to you and your family.
Thanks for your story, hopefully I don't end up feeling that way since it is really tough to find a decent job. I am thinking this has to be a different account than what most are complaining about from their past experience at Chronicle. This is not an acute account. It is a clinic. They have had it for 2 years, but I guess they were doing maybe only overflow. Now they have the whole medical center. I have heard of the trouble with Apex and have not had those issues, maybe because I added more memory to my computer right before starting. I have not had many questions yet, so I will have to wait and see what happens there. There are a ton of normals so it makes life easy and I do hear static but once the dictator speaks the static is gone. O-well, I won't crusade anymore but I am going to stay optimistic as I am quite happy so far! I am happy you found your home!

Can anyone comment on if the pay is on time and accurate?

Sounds like the same account you are on. I will send you an email in a bit and chat more!
I have to second that opinion -- don't bother.

Does anyone  have any information on Chroncicle?



Chronicle Transcripts
I've worked for Chronicle Trasncripts for over 5 years and love every aspect of my job. I find the platform easy to use and in fact it is being upgraded as we speak.

The support offered by Chronicle is excellent, in my opinion. You get feedback from their QC Dept and they have a mentoring program for additional support.

Plenty of work, good pay, good benefits.
Chronicle Transcripts!!

Chronicle gets my vote!

Chronicle Transcripts - sm
Would anyone who works for them be kind enough to e-mail me for some private questions I have.  Thanks so much :)
Chronicle - any comments also

any one with recent Diskriter exp?  Hospital benefits sound great -- why has it been posted so long. Thanks everyone.


Chronicle California

Anyone work for them? How is/was it?  Thanks in advance.


Chronicle pay rate
Yeah, but the counting on the Apex platform seems to be very slow...  Headers very time-consuming, too.
Chronicle Transcription - What are the
line requirements for an IC?  Part-time?  Also, pay range?  Any if is appreciated!
Chronicle Transcripts

Hello fellow MTs!  Anyone care to share any info on this company?



Chronicle Transcripts

They're certainly a nice group, but may be a little manipulative as well.  Not unlike a lot of companies, they seem to expect that the company's needs come first and your life comes second.  Don't be shocked when they call you at times when you are not scheduled.  The QA can be a little condescending, or at least seems that way in email.  The platform stinks (APEX); really difficult to get a decent line count, plus it had the habit of breaking down at least once daily, often in the middle of a report.  If you have nothing else to do with your time and you don't really need a lot of money, and you do transcription because you just really LOVE it and would rather transcribe than do just about anything else, including sleep, then they are very pleasant to work for; however, if you want to work your set schedule and not be bothered on off hours, this company may not be a good fit for you.


chronicle transcripts

I am scheduled for a telephone interview with Chronicle Transcripts next week.  Do they require you to have any special equipment outside of Windows XP, 512 mb, USB port footpedal, sound card to hear the audio files?  I know most companies do not require anything other as stated above, but I thought I may have read somewhere they required something in addition.


Just wanted to know if I have everything I needed, if they offer me a job.



Chronicle is hardly a candidate.

If you like to run out of work when they promise you won't, low standards, no ethics, platforms that constantly crash, skewed line rates, people who don't know what they're doing, and to get overall crappy service I suppose it's good.

Chronicle in California
Anybody heard of this company?  How is their platform?  Do they pay on time?  How is QA?  TIA
chronicle Transcript
I made the classic mistake.........I was promised a full time position with Chronicle Transcript in California.  I went part-time with my full-time job because they treat me like crap, but we have always had work............well I have no work at Chronicle.................do not make the mistake I made, because these people do not care that we have bills to pay............have families depending on us.........I am telling you don't waste your time buying word 2003...........it will be a waste of your money............because they don't provide enough work to pay your bills..........I am scared to death that I may lose my car...........
Chronicle Transcripts in CA - Anyone

here tested with them recently?  Hard, ESL?  Any advise to share would be great. 

Thanks in advance.


Forget Chronicle and I don't
even know why they would be hiring.  There is never any work anymore.
Chronicle does the same thing. Keeps
advertising for plenty of work but they keep running out of work.
Any current Chronicle MTs here that can (sm)
share their experience?  Pay, hours, type of account?  How is QA?  My current work situation is getting iffy and I'm looking for ER and acute care.  Their ad on MTjobs says they have lots of work.  Is this really the case?  I don't want to fall for that line again.  I like my current company but the work is becoming more and more scarce. 
Chronicle Transcripts
Any new news on this company?  Anyone out of work consistently with this company?
I'm a newbie and think Chronicle
I have run out of work sometimes but it's not all the time.  One of the QA people has been very nice and provides a real mentoring experience for me which I am very thankful for being new to all of this. 
I just left there about 3 weeks ago. They have Apex and another platform now. I didn't have any problems with the platform I was on. Work volumes were very, very low most days. I had 2 different accounts and there was no work on either for several days at a time. I didn't have problems with QA. My problem was with disorganization. I liked the company as a whole and I loved my account, but I wouldn't go back mainly because of the low work and no opportunity to make up time because of low work volumes most of the time.
Chronicle Transcripts in CA?

looking for current experience with them?  Training, pay, platform, QA?  Is there enough work? 

Chronicle Transcripts. Has anyone

I went through training and now I'm not sure I made the right decision.  Any comments from anyone who started recently?

I also just started with Chronicle and
Apex platform too and there is always TONS of work.  The trainer also is the QA person and is I deal with and has been extremely helpful.  She's always available to answer my questions.  It's a nice change to work for a company that has a QA person that works with me and is available.  The platform is ok and I haven't had any problems with it.  It's nothing fancy and pretty basic.  The demographics preload with the report and you only fill in the DOS so there's not a lot of time wasted on demographics which I like.  So far I'm happy there. 
Chronicle is great
If I was you I would not base your decision on whether or not to apply for a job based on what people post on this board, especially based on a post from someone who did not even give the company a fair chance and quit before even actually starting. I have nothing but good things to say about this company. The supervisor is quite informative and whether of not she has ever been an MT or not really does not matter much to me. She has answered all my questions and addressed any issues I had in a friendly, profesional and timely manner. I had the same feelings you did and almost did not want to take the job because off all the negative things I read. I had 2 other offers from MD-IT and Probity and I am so glad I went with Chronicle.   
Chronicle is a joke. Never had a
and dictators stink.  We used to run out of work a lot also.  Forget asking a question.  There there were different answers each day.  The line counts were terrible and impossible to make any kind of living.  I found the company to be very poorly managed.  Maybe that has changed but seeing the recent posts it doesn't look like it.  Pay was on time though when I was there.
Chronicle Transcription

sent me an email today saying they are hiring.  I had applied with them some time back.   I have not worked for them so cannot recommend or warn you to run.  The following paragraph is copied from the email. Just in case you are interested.

The account we are currently hiring for (either full- or part-time) is for a
multispecialty clinic with a variety of dictators and dialects.  Most of the
dictation is clinic notes.  This account requires sharp attention to detail and
the ability to unerringly follow instructions.

I can tell you run don't walk from Chronicle