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Posted By: Destinyisntfree on 2008-02-21
In Reply to: Do you do clinic or ? nm - Interested

I have done the clinic account from day one, as i did not have access to a serial port, and the other account they were hiring for at the time was on escription, which requires a serial pedal. The Clinic account is on ExText. I have seen a lot of people complain about ExText, but I have had no problems with it, although this may be because I spent the bulk of my career just working directly in word

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Two are hospitals, one is a clinic. The biggest one is a clinic that only does sm
oncology. We cannot post account names here and do not give out that information until confidentiality forms are signed.

I can tell you that a very, very large oncology hospital will be starting on March 1st that will need 30+ transcriptionists to run smooth.
9 cpl, clinic, 3 yrs exp.

I am getting some clinic but...
I don't want to ask for just clinic because I've always been told I'll have a job longer in this industry if I can do acute care. I'm thinking it's probably in my best interest right now to stick with acute care.
That sounds perfect. Is that company hiring? I have over 10 years of experience. Thanks!
Are they mostly clinic or ER?
Do you do clinic or ? nm
If you have clinic-only exp, it may be SM

more difficult for you, since very few services will employ someone for only clinic work and you may have to take on acute care, which will be a learning curve.

I think the biggest difference you would see money-wise is if you are getting your benefits from your current job, there is going to be a big shock when you see how much you will have to contribute to your insurance.  PTO/vacation time is much less working from home also.

I don't do clinic, so I can't tell you. nm

clinic mt
I was just hired at 9 cpl for clinic work, 10 years of experience. Very happy
What about OPs in clinic?
I have 4 years of experience working in-house for a local hospital (quit within the last 1-1/2 years). I worked on all work types, discharge, OP, H&P, consults, ER, and clinic. I just have to point out that the clinic work I am doing right now has just as much OP terminology as OPs do themselves. Most of my clinic dictators decide they need to repeat the entire op report in their clinic note, especially the cardiologists.

So to those of you stating that there is a huge difference between the 2, that might be the case for some, but definitely not for all.
Anyone worked for Bill Baker?
Are you clinic or Radiology?
Clinic work

Amphion has both clinic work and acute care.  They are wonderful to work for, and I would highly recommend them to anyone! 


Hello, I am looking for a PT clinic position (sm)
Either IC or statutory or even PT employee - I'm not a huge producer - I only need like 600 lines a day.  Prefer oncology and flexiblity and all over the net.  Hopefully, decent pay range 8-10 cpl.  Anybody know of a good place?  I've checked the job boards but word of mouth is usually a better way I've found in the past.  Thanks!
I am FT clinic if that helps! We need a few more
FT MTs on the account I am on due to them adding 15 docs to us.
Clinic work
Can anyone tell me companies that have clinic work?
I did not do just clinic work. SM
I worked at a large teaching facility of 800 beds. I did everything from speech therapy, pain clinic, wound care, surgery, H&P, consults, discharges, physical therapy, letters, oncology, you name it. This was a huge facility. And a teaching facility to boot! I was never rude to the woman or anything of that nature. She actually told me that she lays in bed all day with her laptop doing this work. Maybe she fell out of bed the day I interviewed with her, and it put her in a bad mood. :)

All worked out well in the end because I ended up getting a managerial position that pays $52/year along with incentive and overtime.
Are you hospital or clinic?
QT & EFD do; QT is IC only; not sure about EFD, but was offer 0.07 for clinic. nm
I went from clinic to acute

I worked for about 10 years as an IC for clinc work, then lost my account (like you).  I got a job in house at my local hospital and also applied with a national for PT work at home with a teaching hospital.  Things were slow going at first, having to look a lot of things up, etc.  I left the in house job after a couple years to be at home full time again.  Being in house helped a lot because of having the other girls to help and I also learned the ins and outs of HIM dept.  Poster below is correct about teaching hospitals being difficult.  But if you are going to learn acute, you have to do them.  I find the work very interesting.  I now work at home as a full time employee for a teaching hospital and couldn't be happier.

See what companies will test you for acute care even though you don't have experience.  I passed my test by a national.  The test took me a while, looking things up, etc, but it was worth it.  Just remember things will be slow for a while.  I only did about 150 lines an hour in the beginning (now I am at 300+).        


Don't think she does a vet clinic, must be a mixup
Will be on multispecialty clinic...
having never done radiology, but years of clinic work!  Will be working on c-phone which is also something new for me.  learning learning learning!
clinic is not like ER, pays less than acute, you may have a few ESL in any clinic company, and is different from acute in that you have all different specialties who have different word lists, from ENT to dermatology to pediatrics, etc., and once you learn them, make macros or normals, you can make more LPH.
I work on it for a clinic and really like it. sm
It took me a few days to get used to it, but the line count is good and I use ShortHand with it. If it is the same clinic, you are lucky. I have been on it for 5 years. They are not usually hiring for this account as no one wants to leave it but my lead told me that they have added some doctors. Good luck !
Clinic work
It is for clinic work
clinic for Spheris
pays 6.5; on the low side. I was on the same account, large multispeciality clinic with few ESL, for 4 years. They pay on time, my supervisor and QA were good. They have incentives. They do offshore. Their insurance is not good.
DRC has clinic work. nm
Looking for clinic transcription

Can anyone refer me to any good companies that strictly does clinic transcription? I have been out of the transcription field for about 4 years now, but I am looking to get back into it. I have 2+ years of experience transcribing for a pain management practice.



are you doing clinic, hospital, or ER?
yes for multispecialty clinic


I am not sure if they have filled all  the acute care positions but they have a new account starting for multispecialty.

I take it you still work for them? Are you on clinic or
Is it one hospital?  30 doctors?  Can you tell me the hospital/clinic name?
It is an oncology clinic. Cannot say the name. The other two are
I don't do clinic, but it is very easy
to make money with clinic dictation.  You usually have a limited number of dictators and can make lots of macros/normals and really produce a ton of lines. 
Clinic or acute?
Do any of you happen to work on the clinic side? Just wondering. Thanks.
Does TTS have clinic work in the a.m.
Trying to get that instead of evenings. Thanks.
they have mostly acute but some clinic
If you are looking for clinic, there is plenty of it. nm
I do PT clinic work for them...
my account always has lots of work.  The platform I am on is Chartnet which is absolutely my favorite platform - very user friendly. 
clinic or acute
The ad says that they are looking for acute cardiology. I am thinking this is a hospital account. I could be wrong. It does not specifically state clinic though.
If you only do clinic work,
you are lucky to get those rates. Acute care is much more difficult and that is what most of us get offered.
There certainly is a BIG difference bet. clinic vs AC...sm
The pay is much, much lower for clinic as the fund of knowledge is usually lower for a clinic position. Check any job out on any job board - you will see the difference. Of course, there are exceptions such as Mayo Clinic, which would then be more specific and would require a broader base of knowledge. Generally, however, that is not the norm.
You must not have much experience with clinic
There is no difference in the terminology.  I have transcribed many clinic notes that delve into a lot of terminology.  I'm not imagining things, okay?  I know that clinic notes can be just an intense as an acute care report.  It's okay though if you don't believe me.  After 20 years, I think I know what I've transcribed over the years, and I most certainly have transcribed instrument names, meds, procedure names, etc. in a clinic note.   
TT has clinic work
If you do clinic work, Yes...sm
Usually anyone doing clinic work instead of acute care can get the Mon-Fri schedule because most clinics don't send in transcription over the weekend hours, and/or have a longer TAT time for their reports than an acute care hospital does. I love clinic work and like Mon-Fri, so that's where I stay.
It has taken away clinic MT work.
My doctor's office uses it. It is a 300-doctor clinic and they have no MTs.

EMR has not affected me personally because I do acute care but it certainly has caused MTs to lose jobs.
I also love clinic and having the same

In reality, anyone who has been in this business a long time can usually switch over to acute care without a problem, but having different dictators does drag your line count down since you have to think harder.

My specialties are cardiology, neurology, and ortho.  I started out my very first job transcribing radiology and it went from there.  I did have to do acute care once in a while and it was a breeze since it was the same dictators and at a hospital.  So, I was familiar with the dictators from other areas of the hospital. 

Radiology is a great specialty.  I felt like I learned a ton about so many other specialties just by transcribing those radiology reports.

MT since 1989... 

On clinic accounts, sure. nm
Grateful to have my job, though.
9 cpl as an IC doing clinic notes vs. 8 cpl is
still quite a bit of difference, especially 8 cpl as an IC at Softscript...
What to charge for clinic work...
I was just called by a local clinic and asked to do some overflow clinic work - they are behind and are looking to hire - I'm not interested in leaving my acute care for a national, but wouldn't mind helping them out. I was asked how much to charge and I haven't any idea. Is anyone willing to share what they charge for doing clinic work? I would work at home using my own equipment.
I also do overflow work for a clinic..
I charge 10 cpl, but I know that their other replacement charges 12 cpl. If it were a specialty clinic (mine currently is family practice and easy work), I would charge no less than 12 cpl. I'm not sure but it may also depend on where you live geographically.  I live in Idaho so I'm sure since our cost of living here is fairly cheap and that would be the standard. If you live in a larger place, maybe you could easily ask for more. Just giving you my input..