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It took TTS a couple days to call me..

Posted By: Destinyisntfree on 2008-02-21
In Reply to: I hope so. sm - Anon

But it was definitely worth the wait. Actually, If i remember correctly, they were the last response i got to my resume, but ended up being the best all around offer on the table at that time.

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A couple of days
You should hear back in just a couple of days.  Be ready for a long telephone interview.
They got back with me within a couple of days. nm

not just these days over the last couple years
revolving door lol
Severaldiscussions the last couple of days. If you will
scroll down you will see them.  You can also open your post and click on the see related messages post and bring up lots more.  Click on those links and you'll find even more. 
Someone asked that a couple of days ago....
I would write them an email if it has been a couple of days.
Never hurt to try.
I did 2 tests the last couple of days, both through mttest, though

the tests were different. One test took about probably 45 minutes and that didn't include the transcription part.  I started the transcription and the dictation was so horrendous - sound quality really bad, barely able to hear any of the dictation, 2 ESL docs, and 1 really fast talking U.S. doc.   I do about 90% ESL, but goodness.  I have nearly 20 years' experience and I have decided it just isn't worth my time to do the transcription part.  I'm trying to get out of a stressful situation currently, and this didn't seem like it was going to be the answer.  I know that it was only a small representation, and I feel sorry for anyone without lots of experience trying to take the test.

The second test was so easy and even with transcribing the dictation I think it only took me 45 minutes tops. 

I don't know why I continue to test and look for another position, because I'm fairly comfortable with my dictators, my company leaves me alone 99% of the time, good line counting program, etc. and I turn down every position I'm offered because:  1 - no one offers me as much money (even though I'm not making gobs of money); 2 - no one offers me the flexibility that I currently have, although I don't have as much as I used to have; 3 - I've got 5 years invested in this company and I know what to expect; 4 - while QA is pretty stringent I'm 99% or better and go weeks at a time without getting anything back .......  I just need a change of pace, but at the same time I don't like change, I don't want to learn new dictators, don't want to learn a new format, don't want to learn the quirks of QA and all the other stuff that goes along with a new account/new company. 

I think the last 6 months I've tested and been offered 8 positions and some companies continue to call me and none has anything better to offer me.  


It's the weekend. Give them a couple of days. nm
It wouldn't be in the archives yet...it's only a couple of days old...
here is a link to it. I believe it is on page 3 or four of the company board.

I copied this from a post from a couple of days ago,

Credit goes to WIMT, who originally posted.

Hope this helps you.

F1 Begin block
F2 End block
F3 Format
F4 Get
F5 Recall
F6 Previous field
F7 Beginning of report
F8 End of report
F9 Lookup
F10 Delete line (from point of cursor)
F11 Exit
F12 File

Shift F1 Bold
S-F2 Italic
S-F3 Underline
S-F4 Set Attributes
S-F5 Center Text
S-F6 Join line of text
S-F7 Help
S-F8 Documentation
S-F9 Set Search
S-F10 Search
S-F11 Replace
S-F12 MAGIC (if you have access)
CTR-F2 Add Line
CTR-F3 Justify
CTR-F5 Convert case
CTR-F6 Transpose
CTR-F7 Delete BOW
CTR-F8 Delete EOW

I do my daily or every couple days after my shift. Much easier (nm)
The hiring process usually takes a couple of days,
but depending on the account it can take about 2 weeks to actually be working. 
yes, and then give is a couple days for snail-mail...after that - ask again. NM
I gave a couple of days notice, just til September 1st...
The day the merger actually occurred. It was about 3-4 days' notice.

So give her the couple days before the kicking begins. n/m
don't worry, these kinds of heated threads always die down in a couple of days
2 days. I didnt have to call them..but if you don't
the recruiter.
We are on 7 days/week right now for rad. You need to call your lead. sm
There is PLENTY of work in radiology. I have typed more rad in the past month than ever before with any other company.
The people I was instructed to call take days to answer. nm
That is what I just said. !0 days PTO, period. That includes vacation, sick days and personal days
They should have paid holidays so that you are paid if you take off. Also should inculde extra hours for sick days and personal days.

That annual raise of .002 is kind of a joke especially when at the same time they upped the minimum line requirement from 10,000 lines to 12,000 lines.

OSi just does not have the qualified people in management positions that I wish to work for.

I am glad that you are happy at OSi and all is working out for you. Their dishonesty and the way they treat people just does not work for me.

Of course they can get by cheaply by hiring unqualified people so that is very good for the owners.
You bill 30 days behind, and they snail mail it so it's late - about 40 days from invoice
No way jose - they even messed up their direct deposit payments
Maybe she/he works 14 hour days/7 days a week? nm
Yes, call waiting works. I also have call forwarding from my home line
Would that be 5 business days or 5 regular days?
So when are we going to be paid this time around since you're so knowledgable?

Sorry, but for some of us a day or 2 actually makes a difference.
Most want 20 hours over 5 days, but it could be more, or it could be spread over 4 days. nm
Correction - TH has 5 PTO days 1st year/10 days 2nd yr
Axolotl within 30 days. Transolutions in 60 days. NM
It is true. Any job has its good days and bad days.
Perhaps you'd like to just keep your old job and try this one out. Just because a poster here is crabbing about it, or even if as in the past there have been negative posts, odds are that there are very happy people who don't even post or know that this board exists. As Alice says. Everything is relative. The fact that this company is hiring and pays may be a place which is a blessing. As opposed to digging ditches on day labor for example. Or somebody might prefer digging ditches. This is just an example. Sometimes we who are employable, even though we don't make as much as we used to in this business, or as much as we would like to, we still if working at home do not pay for gas to go to work, career clothes, deal with office politics, have to look at a boss who writes us up if we are a minute late, etcetera. I don't make half as much as I used to, but I don't send my 3 children to day care which by the way saves us money. SO I remind my husband I am worth that in addition to my salary if I had a job outside. No job is perfect. I am not even sure if Focus is any good or not, I have not worked there. But if one poster says there are good days and bad, I say that is the most honest answer you are going to get anywhere, and if you need a job badly, how is it to hurt trying it out, until you know for sure for yourself? THanks for listening. But sometimes this board gets to be a bit much with the agendas of people railing on other people like the OP here who just wanted all opinions instead of just one side. Balance is always great. And, if things seem lop-sided, then it is a good thing to seek out both sides. IMHO.
I think they would. Those are good days for 10-hour days. sm
I have a set schedule but it is Tues-Sat and it works well for me. It wouldn't hurt to ask!
90 days is correct. 3 days off 1st year, 10 during 2nd.
You can call it greed, I call it feeling like
I am back in the 80s with the money I am pulling in. SS, retirement check and my paycheck, cha-ching. Not planning on taking it with me, never. Love to travel and have 4 places planned for this year. High maintenance lady here. Ta-Ta.
Were the 2 days weekend days? sm
They expect everyone to work a weekend day. Their definition of team player is to actually work 6 or 7 days a week. One might consider it if the pay was there & she gave out some decent work. It is the ideal place to work if you are a workaholic with no life.
11 days is more than you would get inhouse...usually 10 days.
We have the convenience of working at home and yet you want MORE than what inhouse positions offer?

Ask if those are calendar days or biz days too nm
A couple

Lee Perfect I believe and TTS.  Try putting your resume up as well.  I got a ton of hits off of here and another transcription job board and another job website.  Not allowed to give you names of the sites though.

There are a couple of ways....
You can either use Alt+tab and that will switch you toggle you between programs or you can just keep a notebook and write down the acc#. I thought this was going to really hurt my production but after you get use to doing it, it doesn't really seem to be a big deal at all. Good luck!
It took me a couple of weeks...
had to get all those shortcuts in but once you get used to it, it is okay.  I always keep track of how many reports I do and I don't look at line count until I do so many.  I can get my required line count in 6 hours or less and when I first started it was a lot longer than that.  So, it does get better. 
A couple questions

Do they hire part-time?   Do you need a C-phone or are they internet based?


...couple more questions if you can...
Tested for radiology, but I can do acute care. Can you tell me about the rotating weekends? How many weekends do you actually end up working over about a 3-month period? Does the software have a built-in expander?

I have a couple questions
Do they hire part time?  The website mentions Word 2000.  Does it have to be Word 2000 or will a newer version work, i.e. Word 2002? 
a couple more questions
What is the minimum line count you need with them for part-time and if you need to work outside of your schedule or type earlier/later in the day, how flexible are they with that?  Thanks for the info!
Just a couple questions

How is the platform?

Is rigid schedule required for full-time?

Are there production bonuses?

Thank you!

Yup. Same here. Just started a couple
of months ago with promises of good accounts, never run out of work, etc.  I really regret going with them.  Now looking for something else.  What a disappointment!  Same thing with Medware in the past.  So don't look there either.  These companies over-hire and offshore, and this is what happens.  Ugh. 
A couple of questions for you...
What do you mean by acquired 3 private accounts through them? They are your accounts? You bill them, collect the money? Or they are small accounts that only you do? Not sure what you meant there.

If you have no benefits, are you an IC? If you are an employee with no benefits, I'd be looking elsewhere. If you're not being paid what an IC would make, you're getting the short end of the stick.

If you are an IC, you'd need to rewrite your contract at the end of the contract period.

If you're an employee, go for it. Ask for what you feel you deserve. If they value what you do enough, they should be able to meet your needs (especially if they're getting away with not paying benefits!).

Best of luck!
I used it a couple of times and liked it. nm
Thanks-couple more questions
This helped some.  What is their line count requirement and is it pretty attainable?  Also, is 40 hours considered full time or can you work less than that for full time?  Again, thanks.
There's only a couple of accounts that way....sm
the majority of them don't have that type of set-up with the client and there's generally plenty of work available between a primary and secondary account to keep you busy.

As far as communication goes, I've received at least 1 e-mail a day on my account advising what the status of it was and any additional information that needed to be passed along. If you use an e-mail service such as hotmail you have to check your junk folder as sometimes your e-mail system will think their valid e-mails are junk mail and filter them out.
A couple reasons
Their VR software isn't as good as eScription, which is what I really like. It doesn't put in any punctuation unless the doctor dictates it. While you train, you get 2 cpl with a max pay between 3 and 4 cpl after training. It sounded way too labor intensive for that pay.
A couple of questions

TTS does this to all of  ICs. She literally will call MTs and threaten your job because you are not on the schedule for your hours.  I was let go because of not working my set hours, yet I did my line count on a daily basis that I said I would do.  Who would you report this to?  Would you report to the DOL or the IRS? 

I did this a couple of years ago--SM
Hospital benefits were great.  Acct managed by Diskriter staff.  I had a decent acct manager but I have heard some of them have not been that good (the person I worked for has since left).  I used Chartscript, I like that platform, but the lines were tough to come by.  I normally would do a good 1500-1600 lines a day at my previous job (and at jobs I have had since Diskriter) with about 6 good hours of working and for some reason it took a full 8-hour day to get 1300 lines with Diskriter.  That is why I left.
It has been a couple of years since I was there