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After trying a couple of MTSOs, my vote is TTS

Posted By: TTS happy on 2008-02-20
In Reply to: TTS - Destinyisntfree

Been there for a couple of months now and don't have any complaints, nice place to work, fair with line counts, flexible, love my account and platform, and all are helpful when needed. Worked for MQ for 20 years, the switch was nice and easy, and now I have far fewer headaches than when with the Q! My vote is TTS.

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You get my vote
I am in full agreement.  Whoever it is, I feel sorry for them because their entire life mus be miserable!  Nasty, nasty attitude.
Actually the HOD will vote on a
name change .. there is a committee in place to make recommendations.  I am not so sure that membership across the country wants to change the name (and it costs money) but the vote will be taken this summer.  I guess what I wonder is which do you prefer .. the jobs going overseas or voice recognition creeping in and changing the lives of many of us?  How do you have input if you do not become involved and speak for change and lobby for change and live and breathe it since it affects you so dramatically.  The association works at the direction of the membership and so unlike previously, the board is made up of working MTs.  We have created a world that is flat with the advent of the internet .. the cat is already out of the bag and all the salvos have been thrown.  I can't really find a way to blame AAMT, but I sure can blame some of the bigger companies with their bean counters who are looking at money only, not patient care.  I can blame the government who spoon feeds us information that is distilled and I can grumble all over the place, but nobody hears me except the dog.  I have 32 years into this profession and I see it eroded daily by poorly trained personnel, inferior equipment, MTSOs who only see profit, and a medical community indifferent to the caliaber of work being put out by many who sit and scream the loudest.  Then I come here and all I can say is .. oh boy!!
DSG also gets my vote! nm
one vote
Kind and professional people, great benefits, lots of work!
Here's another vote for MDI-MD

I would vote TT
I'm relatively new with TT.  I love EXText, though, and have used it many many times in the past.  Very user-friendly platform.  All communication I have had with their company is awesome.  They are very friendly and easy to work for.  So far haven't had any difficult dictators.....perhaps difficult reports, don't want to mislead you.  Pay is above-average after incentives, etc.  So far also have not run out of work.  I'm not one of the rah rah rah people for them, but in my experience I haven't seen a better MTSO and I have worked for several others in the past.  Never MQ, but I'm scared of them.  LOL  I really think you would enjoy working for them.  You may feel free to email if you've got any questions. 
You got my vote!!!
I don't come here often but I cannot believe the behavior of this poster!!!!!
I would vote they probably have an ad somewhere

Maybe you're not aware of the situation of the whole company and they may be hiring based on future plans.  If someone has received an offer, that's their business and you might not be aware of all things transpiring behind the scenes. If someone got an offer, maybe they should go for it based on other stats on the company. 

Another vote for MDI-MD!
Expectations are high, but it's a great company.
Another vote for MDI
The good thing about the 5 reports/20 minutes, is that you can keep your current MT job (they actually suggest that you do) while trying out MDI.  I've always found it scary to quit a job, jump to another company and immediately have a production quota to meet while still trying to figure out the new platform and account(s).  Maybe I'm just a slow starter, but I really appreciated the limit on reports while in training.  They do this with every new account you train on.  I've bounced around some in this business, and starting with MDI was about the most comfortable transition I've experienced. 
gets my vote for best so far!!

First Choice gets my vote! nm

MQ Monrovia gets my vote, too nm

Another vote for Interpro
thanks for the vote of confidence..sm
I just hate waiting...don't know why I'm stressing so much bout this, it's not like I don't have a job...thanks!
Thanks for the vote of confidence. It still would have been

them to have said while I was spending $500 to get a new computer

in order to type their work, that they probably would not have SE

in a couple of months, and just rent a computer until I could move over

to Employee status.

But you know what, when I was an employee they made it impossible to

make the lines in order to be an employee because I mostly crap and was

working 12 hours to get 1000 lines (and I know I can do acute care as

I have done this work for 20 years and had just left a hospital acute care setting where I had no problem making 1200 lines a day.

I'm just about ready to dump this whole thing.  But thanks for your

reply.  I'm still steamed that in dozens of phone calls my supervisor

couldn't have shared any of this with me.  That's what she's there for.

Keytrokes has my vote!
I've only been there a few months...but the management is friendly and helpful, and my leads have been great.  I agree with the other poster - wages are decent, benefits are good, work has been plentiful - what's not to like?  Good luck! 
Keystrokes has my vote also
They have the best people to work for. My account has to be the best, plenty of work.
Another vote for Keystrokes (nm)

SoftScript has my vote

They have a courteous staff at every level.  They offer a lot of support including matching new hires with experienced SoftScript MTs AND a real-time SS MT on messenger to answer sticky questions as you work.  They pay promptly.  They have a page full of contacts for every problem you can imagine, and my emails have always been answered promptly.  If you run out of work, you can email them and be put on another account within an hour.  They have classes so that you can train upwards.  The platform is simple to use.  There is a help page for every aspect of your MT work from the platform to lists of towns near the clincs you transcribe for.  They are constantly making small improvements to help MTs.  They are in regular email contact but they do not hassle you while you work.  And, their line rate is competitive for a national.  They even have a fun bonus program, and they write and say thank you (and to some of us, that does matter.) 

Perhaps the old SoftScript was different, but the current SoftScript gets an A+ from me. 

Keystrokes has my vote 110%
I work for Keystrokes and I love, love, love them. I am always left alone to do my work, and my account lead is the best! The employee intranet is so easy to use and it only takes a second to enter in your line counts at the end of your shift. At the end of the pay period, you just click on end pay period and you're done! They are also EXTREMELY flexible. I would recommend them to anyone.
Amphion is the place to work if you really enjoy feeling used and abused.
Transcend gets my vote!
I agree with all of you - management cares, my ROM is great, my TL is great and I got a nice hand-signed card and gift card for the holidays. I have no idea where all the negativity comes from, but I can assure people that we have some very happy people on board.
My vote is for Keystrokes...
I love it there!!!
My vote is for Keystrokes!!!
I vote for Keystrokes...
I have been there for over 2-1/2 years and I love it...great company
I vote for OSi ~ Employer of the Year!!
I vote for acute care.
Facilities have to have employees vote
on whether to accept a union or not at their place of employment or not. If the majority of employees vote no, then a union does not go into that specific facility.
Don't forget the option to vote this down (sm)
I think it's 10 votes to discard a post that gets the nasty post removed. I'd love to see more people using that feature here.
Please vote posts like the one above down. Just 10 votes. sm
People must not be voting or posts like that one wouldn't remain here. I'd love to see everybody using this feature to make the site friendlier.
Now you can make voice known & VOTE

This was posted by an employer on the job board here

Please take the time to sign the petition for Supporting H.R. 427 Notify American's Before Outsourcing Personal Information Act

http://www.rallycon gress.com/ support-for- h-r-427-nabopia/ 1585/

I also vote for Instant Text. nm
Having worked for Spheris before, I'd vote for Webmedx.
I tried to get on with them, but I was working three part-time IC jobs at the time so I couldn't get their test files completed on time.  I got maybe two hours of sleep three nights in a row because I had so much work dumped on me.  Blown chance!  I wish I'd blown off the IC jobs and finished the test instead.  The test reports were easy enough for me to do.  I asked for an extension on the test due date, but never heard back from them.  I understand their need for TAT, but they have to realize that it's tough to squeeze testing into an already overloaded schedule.  I'd much rather work one steady job than three IC contracts.
Another Sennheiser vote. I have the sport version.
Dont know who died but Oh Brother has my vote.
I agree, they are unprofessional and rude. They throw you into a pool that they have overhired for and there is not enough work to go around... then they cry and complain when youre not hitting your production. They set impossible standards.... unless youre a brown-noser, in which case, see those peoples posts as the ones who would say anything positive about DSG. Its like the movie Mean Girls, and the mean girls are running the show there.
I vote for MOVE ON!! Sounds terrible, and I doubt
Good luck to you, and so sorry this happened.
I also vote for Webmedx - used to work for the Q, left long ago sm
Have not worked for Transcend or SoftScript so can't judge. I agree with the above poster; pay good, shift diff, PTO, decent bennies. Lots of work. Keep in mind there are two parts of Webmedx - the one on Enterprise platform and ChartMatrix; the ChartMatrix side seems to have more negative reviews.
QT gets my vote! I love it! Gross line pay, on time, 1 account, steady work! Great place!!!! nm
If 10 people vote to have post removed it is removed
automatically.  Look near the bottom of this post and click on the blue vote/moderate and go from there.  I've already voted, so need 9 more.  This person does need to be banned though and as they represent themselves as being SS management, then SS should also be banned. 
And what about the MTSOs that ...
yell and scream and write nasty emails just because they happen to be in a bad mood? And that goes for some QA people I can think of too. They don't know or care to be civil. I suppose the double standard would apply here though. Only the peasantry should be given psychiatric tests?!
Is this the correct board for me to ask a question of other MTSOs? I'm new to these boards.  Thank you. D

Thank you!  I have been in business 12 years and, if you can believe it, I have never implemented any guidelines for acceptable error rates from my transcriptionists.  I have 19 transcriptionists and am finding that I need to do something to make them realize that they can no longer be lazy and just figure, oh, Dell will fix it.  We have reached a volume of work where I cannot fix lazy transcription problems any longer.  I am unsure how to go about this?  What are various ways to figure out the allowable error rate?

Thank you for all the help you can provide!  D.


I currently do offer a three tiered pay scale where the transcriptionists work their way up -- but I nevertheless find so many things they simply are not looking up or aren't sure of themselves and so will put question marks.

Do you know how the nationals figure the 98% accuracy? That's my real problem, I don't know how to go about figuring the 98% accuracy. 

Good luck on getting that big account!!  We have a large one starting on 02/01 and I'm nervous that with the sudden increase in volume I won't have the time to QA the way I have to now.  In my area it is hard finding really top notch transcriptionists -- the couple I am having trouble with have been with me awhile and I've tried and tried to train them but they lack self confidence and don't THINK about what they are typing -- hard to teach that THINKING skill!!!

Who are the top 5 MTSOs (most MT's)? nm
To all MTSOs...sm

I am just curious.  I am sure it is very hard for MTSOs to find dependable, well-trained, honest people that work their required schedules as it is hard for dependable, honest, hardworking MTs to find companies that pay well, when they are supposed to, and have decent accounts and availability of work. 

My question is where are you?  I have close to 15+ years experience in multiple phases.  I have been burned by 2 telecommuting companies already.  I have been employed with this last company for over a year.  I thought they were great but over the past 5 months or so things have began to have turned sour.  Plus absolutely no benefits are offered.  I can handle not having any benefits as long as everything else is good. 

I have been skeptical to change jobs but things have just gotten to where I am completely dissatisfied. 

If any MTSOs are hiring, I would be happy to take any test, send resume, etc.  I just don't want to be burned anymore.  I love this profession but times have changed.  But like I said, it is hard for the MTSO as well as the MTs.

My opinion, I think part of the problem is with offshoring and the fact that offshored MTs can be paid less, therefore dropping US MTs pay. According to a lot of posts and my researching, MT pay has drastically dropped over the years and it's not getting better. Maybe if the MTSOs would post on what changes are happening on their end that makes them lower hire-on pay, that would help. From an MT standpoint, it seems that MTSOs are dropping MT pay but still lining their pockets, which is not a fair assessment, but that's the way some see it. We work hard and have to have a pretty much ongoing education to keep up with the medical terminology. I know some with 20+ years of experience are very frustrated that they cannot get a decent line pay. I don't know what MTSOs can do to make the situation better. Not all MTs are unhappy with their situation. I am very happy with the company I work with, although I do miss the statutory status and bonuses that I previously had at MQ, but times are changing and we have to adapt, and no I DON'T like it! Anyway, this is just my opinion.
I figure, it could get worse and for me, it actually has, so I try not to complain too much, but it does get frustrating and I try to look at it from both points of view, even though I'm not an MTSO and never actually owned one myself.
In the last 5 years that I have worked for an MTSO, I have seen a lot of changes in these companies and the way they treat their employees. When I first started working from home for one, the pay was good. They didn't bother you. They got your work to you...their were benefits. Now...with more experience and even certified, I get the run around too. Take a typing test with 20 minutes of dictation. Like being certified isn't good enough? My biggest concern is the fact they need to rethink how work-at-home employees should be treated. They tend to group us all together and try to treat us like we work in an office. It just isn't going to be the same. We obviously made this choice to work from home for our families. We give up a lot working from home, but they try to pretend that we should pay the same dues. The fact that they NEVER EVER CLOSE is a big one. Not to many companies out there make their employees work all hours, all days, all holidays with NO!!!!! reward for it. No thanks, nothing. They expect you to work on Christmas day in your home where your family is celebrating, perhaps 5 - 10 feet away and not participate?

For instance, I had to work last Christmas (and trust me, I've paid my dues on holidays). But it was a new job, so I had no choice. Sure I started late. I spent the first 2 hours celebrating with my family, opening presents, etc. As soon as that was over, I got on here and started working. I made my line count well before my shift was to end, but I got the mean e-mail about not working.

I think they need to get real. We work from home. We don't leave our problems at home when we go to work. Sure, you have to separate home from work while your working but I think they need to treat us with a little respect. Perhaps realize that we sacrifice for a reason instead of pretending that our reason doesn't exist.

Maybe they should take a clue from Google on how it treats its employees? Man I would just love to work there!

I feel so frustrated in this occupation lately, that I don't know what to do. I get the run around myself. Scheduling interviews and putting your whole day off for it and then the recruiter doesn't call!!! But e-mails saying sorry can we reschedule? NO, we can't.

I've seen and done it all in the last few years, offshoring, holidays, bad employers, horrible bosses. Its been a long time since I enjoyed my job.

Sorry if this runs on, but its late (since I have to work late shift to compete with the overseas people because they work while we sleep!) but I'm tired. Time to go to bed!

Here's hoping that something in the future happens and once again, our jobs are great and we brag to everyone about it!

This is what I believe about MTSOs

Most all of them are probably offshoring work secretly or not.  They overall don't respect their MTs.  They offer baloney rates.  They lie through their teeth.  They offer steak and deliver animal chow.  They punish all MTs supposedly because of the faults of a few MTs.  They keep tabs with countless instant messages and phone calls to keep their ignorant little children in check.  They are constantly running ads because they can't keep good MTs. 

How can any industry survive with this treatment?  I think almost every one of them is offshoring whether they admit it or not.  What other explanation could there be?  It can't be simply because the MTs put up with it.  There HAS to be something else behind it.  MTs as an industry don't put up with any more crap than any other type of employees.  BUT the MT industry has a way of offshoring work with nobody the wiser, unlike other industries and I think that is what is behind the whole sham.