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Do you work for Spheris?

Posted By: sounds like their philosophy on 2008-06-01
In Reply to: Companies offshoring to India - AmericanMT

When I worked there a year ago they actually asked us to voluntarily make samples of our work to help train our overseas replacements, ON OUR OWN UNPAID TIME, yet!  

Strangely, many of us declined, since our replacements were already getting the best accounts, better company computers than we had, and company sponsored picnics and bonuses (which we did not get).  Somehow the spirit of giving a little bit more wasn't upon us. 

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Spheris has work and they would love to have you work
How is Spheris to work for? TIA nm
Spheris, anyone work for them...

If you work for Spheris could you email me off board and let me know what you think of this company as I have an interview call with them the last week of May.


Lynn J.

I work for Spheris now. I don't know what their SM
health insurance will be like in a month or two when we find out our benefits (or lack of same). I don't know if they will even offer health insurance. That is what I am most frantic about.

I have friend at MQ and she says it isn't so bad. I know, I know, I hear otherwise, but honestly the money is secondary to insurance right now.
You don't want to work at Spheris, for sure, run, run. nm
Does anyone work for Spheris?...sm
I ask because my friend was telling me about a friend of her's situation.  This girl works at Spheris, and the amount of work has went down so much she said that one day she only got to work 2 hours.  She said her pay has went down $400 per month.  She is so stressed she sits and cries.  I don't blame her.  Does anyone on here work there and also having this experience? 
I work for Spheris too. SM
I completely agree about the platform. It's terrible and it's designed so you don't make any money.

However, getting angry at Indians isn't the answer. I personally believe the place is owned and run by Indians, but I don't consider that a major problem. It's just that their platform stinks.

If you still feel like discussing it, feel free to email me. I'm as disgusted as you.
Spheris...no work
I don't know what to do.  Since starting I have been out of work.  WHY DO THEY HIRE IF THEY DON'T HAVE WORK???  My sup said to change my shift.  I took this job for the shift.  I don't really have the option to change my shift.  I am so sick of this.  I am in CA too.  Don't they legally have to pay you if they are not providing you work for your scheduled shift?  I need to look into that.  I can't afford this.  Okay, vent over.
Used to work for Edix - how is Spheris?


Used to work for Edix.  How is Spheris?  Have been out of the field for a few years due to health issues.  Want to hear it all - good and bad.  Thanks,

Hopeful MT

I was very encouraged about Spheris when I went to work for them. sm
Just speaking from my own experience, I feel like I should never have accepted a position with them in the first place, mainly because they didn't offer SE status. However, I did work for them for several months before finally throwing in the towel. To be honest, I don't know how I lasted that long.

The main thing is line count. Although I have averaged more than 300 lph for many years, I couldn't get over 65 lph average with spheris. On a really good day, I might get 75, but it had to be a perfect day where nothing went wrong with the platform, docs were clear, didn't have to look anything up, etc. I started thinking they must have been creative with the way they count lines (or it may be a combination of things such as not getting paid for demographic info, etc), but I can't prove it.

Low line count could also be due to:

Requirement to read e-mails before even getting started to work. Ordinarily that would be a reasonable request, but first you have to weed through the 50 or so that are not even for you (but come to you anyway!!!)-- and they keep on coming all day long. Total waste of time that you don't get paid for.

Searching the specifics (pages and pages) slows you down. And specifics is really a misnomer because there are a lot of exceptions to the specifics, such as do it this way - unless there's going to be a blue moon, in which case, don't do it then unless BOS - or doc - or clinic says okay; however, never mind what they say if the blue moon occurs on the 17th day of the month - unless it's a Tuesday. I know that sounds ridiculous, but that's the best way I can explain how it is.

Needless to say, I found it very difficult to accomplish anything under these circumstances. I expect to have account specifics and to have to do some looking up, but I feel that a company like Spheris should have most things, such as referring docs, clinic specs, etc., in their database and use a hotkey to access them and insert into the document. The first company I ever worked for (7 years ago) had this, so I know it can be done.

The time clock was also an issue for me - I don't mind giving a general schedule of when I'll be working, but I don't want to punch a time clock, and I'll never do it again unless someone wants to pay me an hourly wage.

You can't use your own expansion program. They use Shorthand. It's a good program, but it's pretty unlikely that you can merge your own shortcuts into it.

I wasted a lot of time, and lost a lot of potential income, while working for Spheris. I thought they would be a perfect fit for me for several reasons. One: Because they were well-known, I thought that they would offer job security as far as checks being on time, etc. But if you only make $150/pp, what difference does it make!

So while I was still with Spheris, I searched the MT Stars ads, and I discovered there are a lot of small companies out there that don't get a lot of attention. I applied to two of them and accepted SE work from both. They're very well-run, have a lot of work, pay is on time, and after only the second week working for them, my line count more than tripled what I made after several months with Spheris.

Sorry this is so long. I hope it helps a little in your decision.
Spheris never runs out of work
I have never run out of work working for Spheris.
Spheris low work load
Thought I would respond to the post about Spheris at the top as soon we would be booted off the page.  Yes Healthscribe did outsource to India all along.  As a matter of fact they were very proud of that fact.  They did not send all of the work over there and seemed to keep plenty for their US MTs, however, that is exactly why Spheris took over Healthscribe is because of the India link.  That is the main reason they bought Healthscribe, which is exactly why they are letting all the good MTs go and not paying them, etc.  They want them to quit.  Cheaper than paying unemployment when they eventually let them all go as all they ever wanted out of that deal was the link they had to India and India employees.  That is no secret and is exactly why they are all being nudged out of work.  The work is there.  Your work is there, it is just being sent elsewhere and where as it should be illegal, well it is not.  It is just morally wrong and not very American but I think those types of things such as morals and being proud to be an American get thrown out the window when these companies see $ in their pockets.  Good old fashioned American pride is not important to these people anymore and thus the results we are seeing.  It will be lost for our children and even worse for our children's children.  That is why it is so important for us to stop going to hospitals or write to our hospitals that outsource and to get everyone you know to do it as well and make a big stink.  That is why it is important for every American MT to rebel and not work for these companies, for their slave wage, etc.  They will always need some American MT for that one account who does not want their work overseas and I know Spheris has a few of them, and if they cannot get an American MT to work for them, well, ....I guess they loose that account eventually, and as they get more that want their work brought back to the U.S. and they have no MTs from the U.S. to provide that to them, they lose another account and so on.  Eventually the work will get sent to the companies who do promote strictly U.S. work, where it belongs, and the goal of being the largest company, which is what Spheris is striving to be will slowly start to shrink and then American people, we have one.  Give that some thought!!
I was out of work at Spheris the second day I was there, and it has continued. SM
I'm sure it depends on a lot of things, but I am looking elsewhere.
I work for Spheris, and I have no complaints. SM
I am level 8 (I think there are 10 levels), I make 9.18 cpl. I have been with them for 6 months. Go for it.
Spheris is good to work for.
I worked for Spheris for a while.  I thought they were very good to work for.  I have no complaints.  They were very flexible on my hours when I needed it. 
Anyone work for Spheris? Would appreciate any info

You can email me if you would like.  Thanks.

Oh, you work for Spheris Mom2? Me too.
Not knowing what the heck they are going to do next. Boy, I need a change.
I work for Spheris and have not heard this but sm
the MTs are the last to know.
job offer with spheris, anyone work for them?

they want me 2nd shift, 50% VR and 50% transcription so they say.

Any good things about this company?  anyone?

Spheris isn't the only company getting prior MQ work....sm
our company has also picked up several million dollars worth of business that MQ used to have because of the clients either having been overbilled by MQ or fears that they would be with all of the legal problems MQ is having.  Other current MQ clients are getting bids for when their contracts expire so I expect the MQ "tumble" to continue. 
How do you get to work for both. Spheris told me it was conflict for me to have another job.
Especially with a national company. They wouldn't even talk to me about why I should leave MQ for them as long as I worked for their competition. How did you swing both jobs. I know MQ doesn't have a problem with me taking another position but Spheris was anal about it.
What is the word on Spheris? Are they good to work for? sm
Would like to know pay range for experienced MT, monthly deductions for insurance, etc...run out of work?
Any other Spheris MTs running out of work consistently? NM
Spheris is not a good company to work for
I stayed with Spheris for as long as I possibly could, and pleaded with them for more work. I was without work more than I was with work. It was a nightmare. They have very poor communication and I ended up in a big hole because of them. They tell you one thing and then do another.
Spheris a good company to work for or maybe
Transend?   I current work for MQ and even though I like my job, I am not too sure if it will be here seeing as all of our work is being sent to our friends in India.  I was wondering about Spheris.  I was going to apply to them about 3 years ago before I got my MQ gig... Would you say that they treat their  employees fair and not bounce them from account to account?  Do they change their employees schedule like crazy?  I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and maybe answer me back... lol!  I am a single mother so MONEY is really important right now.  My bills arent but 1700.00 and you would think that I would be able to make it... but NOPE!!!  In fact I am in the hole!!!!
Spheris sends most work to India. SM
They are most certainly NOT a company to work for, if you are a single mom.
I work on Winscribe for Spheris. Its a piece of cake. sm
It shouldn't take no more than 5 minutes to learn.
I did not work for Spheris when I used Vianeta. It was a differenc company. nm
Anyone work for Spheris doing VR? Could you share experience, pay, line count etc..
Also, what are the benefits like i.e., medical insurance etc??
Well, just wondering if they are getting ready to sell out or merge with Spheris. I dont work for
them either but from what I have ready this is close to the way they operate.
I still feel like a team player of Spheris, as the shackle scars are still on my legs! Spheris was

Micromanaged to the microsecond, or ms!  Horrible. And part of a team?  Total opposite - part of a team as in prison.

Don't imply you're worried at all. Just stating fact that Spheris does NOT allow a Spheris MT
work concurrently for MQ - no exceptions.  MQ, on the other hand, does not have the same feelings as Spheris.  Just all I had to say so that MTs aren't misled into thinking they can do the same "legally". Even went to the ropes on this issue with Spheris, as I was professional as well, and wouldn't share info, etc. The point they raised was that MQ is their direct #1 competition, and if I was typing for MQ and doing great work, that was in direct conflict of interest with Spheris' best interests.  Guess which one I obviously stuck with!!
Thank you, Spheris recruiter! Anybody wanna place a bet that there are lots of Spheris
HELP WANTED ads on the job board?? So funny!! Out of the blue, Spheris, we love you!! Lets all run and apply NOW!!
I also know Spheris would fire you if they knew you worked for MQ. That is a BIG NO with Spheris!
Spheris - any spheris employees out there care to s/m
comment on the new Cornerstone platform, good, bad? Will we all be going to SR on this? Thanks.
I make more than that with Spheris but never have work. I would rather make $1.25 and have work. s
My SIL works for KS, and she gets paid double for linked reports too. Where do you get $2.25? I am ready to leave Spheris.
Not only that, but I would MUCH rather work for Keystrokes than Spheris as Keystrokes doesn't

My experience with Spheris isn't bad at all. I have been with Spheris sm
6 months and already have 40 hours PTO. I was shocked.  Spheris is a  great company.  After 90 days I did get my sign on bonus and didn't even have to ask.  There is soooooooooooooooo much that Spheris offer I wasn't even aware of.  I am so glad that I didn't listen to the negative posts on this board in regards to Spheris because I am a happy camper.
MQ vs Spheris
I worked for MQ about 5 years ago. I wouldn't recommend them. Not enough time to go into it. I understand things may have changed, but I still wouldn't recommend them. From what I've read on boards, they haven't changed.

I've been with Spheris for almost three months now and I really like it. I'm making good money working Mon-Fri and I'm not getting hounded by a supervisor for petty stuff. I enjoy working for Spheris. I say, give them a try!
Spheris is

Spheris is hiring for all shifts, PT and FT, acute and clinic.  I've been with them for about a year now and am really happy there, after having worked for 2 other nationals that I didn't have such great experiences with.

I'd be happy to pass your resume along to a recruiter, if you'd like, or answer any questions you have.  My email is carasoffice@yahoo.com.

Good luck!

They tell everyone that - not to say you are not a good MT.  But I was too, but when I reapplied, they said no - I think because all their new Spheris management is installed now, the ex-Edix management is probably gone (except those who fit in with the new regime), and they just don't want to be bothered with ex-Edix people.  Just my theory.  At any rate, plenty of us have posted on this board, so it is obvious that most if not all of us are not being rehired.
Try Spheris. NM
TO: MTMQ... Why are YOU making this business? Are you the board monitor. It's none of your business what anyone Or when anyone posts on this board.
And just how they going to get anyone's identity on here. What she is doing is NOT dishonest, It's smart because even if they do find out, she has another job to cover herself. BusyMT'ing is diong the right thing by protecting Her interests, which you have to do in this dog-eat-dog MT world. My hats off to you BusyMT'ing. You go girl. And if you really think about every MT company is competition for another MT company no matter how you look it. If one is independent, no company has any say what you do.. IC is the way to go. More pay and you answer to no one but yourself...
Yes, we will see. Spheris has only
acquired one company. Spheris was formed with the merger of Total eMed and EDiX. So, Spheris itself has only made one acquisition - HealthScribe/Acivis.

I think they have to get this acquisition settled before buying anything else and when/if they do make another purchase, I think it will be more global oriented, not US-based like MQ is. That is strictly my perspective.
OSI or Spheris
My husband came home on Friday and said he was going to be laid off soon.  I am still trying to accept this and what it means to our family budget.  I got a job offer from Spheris and OSi to begin in their mentor programs.  I am really lost and don't know which would be better for my family.  Please everyone give me the heads up on both companies.   I know Spheris offshores, but have plenty of work.  OSI seems to be running out of work.  Which program should I choose.  Both recruiters tell me their companies have plenty of work.  HELP
Spheris or OSI
OSI pays better than Spheris. I work at OSi on an account that runs out of work but I can make $500-600/wk...I worked for a lady locally and used to make $1000/wk on the same account, but she lost the account to OSI, and they keep a little more for themselves if you see what I mean. I know someone who worked at Spheris and only made $300-400 week, and then she made $600 wk at OSI. And let's just say her speed didn't bring her down.
re: spheris
I currently work for Spheris. I find their platform makes it difficult to get a decent line count.... it feels like I type alot more then what the platform tells me??
why Spheris...

MQ or Spheris
Keep looking. Don't go with either. You'll be sorry if you do. Have been with both and there are better options out there.
It's great if you have 20 years experience and like to make 8 dollars an hour.  They formulate it that way, so even if you get a raise, you get yet another pay cut.  McDonalds is sounding pretty good right about now!