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Does Spheris off-shore? Do they have a New Jersey

Posted By: connection? nm on 2006-01-15
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Off-shore men
These men are raised in a society where women are considered little more than property. Women have no voice, they are there strictly for the  convienence of the men. The men come here expecting to live their lives and run their businesses as they did in their home country. In fact, many of the home offices of the MT companies are now in the third world countries. Ithink offshoring is showing to be a big wake-up call to the average US citizen as to how the globalization of the economy is going to go. It is not they we are pulling anyone UP to our level, it is more like we are being pulled DOWN to their level doing business.   My experience with off-shored men is they have no respect for women, they are much less than honest, at least in business and any action justifies him getting what he wants. This is my experience from a business stand point.
No off-shore; they are big on that. sm
6 paid holidays, Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, MetLife dental (GOOD dental plan), and I think a week of PTO first year but it goes up after that. I've been there a long time (almost 9 yrs) so I don't know what new MTs start at. I like the shift differential and the incentive plan; don't judge on your base line rate offer - you can make a lot more.
TransHealth does not off shore.
you said off shore and New grad MT's
which means if I pay my experienced MT's 9 cpl, then the newbie should get 4 cpl, because I have to pay an Editor 5 cpl to QA their stuff to get it up to the 9 cpl quality.  But then everybody screams about newbies only making 4 cpl????
Must of been one of her off-shore MTs posting that one nm
Off Shore Folks
Last quote we got from an Indian company --- they were up to 7cpl for 24 hour TAT and 8cpl for 24 hour TAT. I suspect what with the continued decline of the value of the dollar, along with the concomitant raise in standard of living in India, this is an issue/problem which may be resolving itself.

Yes, some of the damage already done, but markets have a way of correcting themselves.

-- HD
Like Ascend. There is an off-shore
connection and the owner is ESL. 
Webmedx does not off-shore. nm
I think that off-shore workers

You just summed that up for me.  I am glad you told the truth in that you like using slaves to transcribe who are none the wiser. 

As an IC, I choose my own hours, days, lines, etc.  You as an MTSO consider that whining, when it is the law. 

So if you sleep at night knowing you are abusing and mistreating offshore workers, then good for you!  It actually just proves you have no heart.

Another point I'd like to make is that if you need subs to make you money, you must be a horrible Transcriptionist yourself. 

Any doctor that old me he doesn't care who types, when, and how would be off of my list of good doctors and I wouldn't waste my time.  That doctor obviously doesn't care about people but only his own pocket and that would include you as the MTSO.  That same doctor that told you he/she doesn't care will drop you as an MTSO in a minute when he/she finds a better deal.

Always remember, we reap what we sow.  Try and have a good day, master!

North Shore
In Mass are you talking about. I was supposedly hired by them in 2004. They had me waste my gas and time driving there to train on their system. I was very well qualified if I don't mind saying. The owner has her little canary friend working for her.  They are not a company I would recommend. I feel they are dishonest and sneaky.  The owner sat with her fat arse in her office all day and counted her pennies. There line count was all funky..so just stay away.  
I think they are in New Jersey. nm
Not sure how it is now, but they were in New Jersey sm
and required you to fly there to train. They hired full-time only, and paid some weird way, like by the page or something. Could be different now ... this was several years ago.

Good luck!
Only 1 in New Jersey
There is only one DocuMed in New Jersey. It's located in Lakeside. Please trust me on this one. You do not want to work for these people.
Is this company off-shore owned? sm
I will bet this company is off-shore owned.  My experience has been these companies expect US workers to work like off-shore workers.  They think we are so grateful to have a job, any job, that they can walk all over us and we will take it, just like they do to their countrymen.  US workers who go along with this kind of illegal abuse, deserve what they are getting.  Make MT the job you want it to be, don't accept just anything.  Pick and choose the companies you work for, find out if they are off-shore owned with the token US front men.  Find the kind of accts you want to do and at a price that is agreeable to you.  Testing gets easier every time you do it.   Get proactive.  This will take time, don't rush yourself and don't quit one job until you have another up and in place. 
Silent Type definitely DOES NOT OFF SHORE!! (sm)
They are a great company to work for. CEO is totally hands on and knows whats going with her company; which is rare!! The more you produce the more you make, paid per page, not line!! A plus there, and bonus tiers for page counts. Once you try the best like ST, you won't regret the switch!
I understand they off shore to India and
may even have a company over seas as well. Not for me.
North Shore Transcription
Just curious if anyone here has ever worked for NST, Peabody, MA.
Most of the work is done off-shore. I feel
Another list of MTSOs who DO NOT Off-Shore and

I probably have some of these wrong and still missed a ton of companies, so please feel free to correct the list. 


If I could not find a definite “U.S. Transcriptionists Only,” but did find “NO OFFSHORE APPLICANTS” I added it to the list.  They could still off-shore, and just not put that in their Job Ad or on their Website.  So, if any of the MTSOs below do off-shore, please correct. 


Some do use Canadian MTs, but I did  not think we were getting that picky. 




    AccuSTAT  Inc – Wisconsin

    AccuStat EMR  - South Carolina

    Advanced Medical Transcription LLC (AMT) – Kentucky

    Advantage Transcription Services – Ohio

    American Transcription Solutions  Inc (ATSI) – Florida

    Amphion Medical Solutions - Wisconsin

    Augusta Coding and Transcription  Inc (ACTI) – Georgia

    Axolotl - California

    Breitner Transcription Services, Inc. – Massachusetts

    Chase Transcriptions, Inc. – Ohio

    Chronicle Transcripts (CTI) - California

    CPR Technologies - California

    DTS (Digital Transcription Systems, Inc.) – Oklahoma

    Encompass Medical Transcription, Inc – Wisconsin

    eTransPlus  - Tennessee

    ExecuScribe, Inc. – New York

    E-Z Scribe Medical Transcription Service – California

    Fast Chart- (Division of Applied Medical Services) – North Carolina

    Freedom Type – Wisconsin

    FutureNet Technologies Corp – California

    GTN (Global Transcription Network) – Texas

    InScribe  LLC – Kentucky

    Keystrokes – Illinois

    MD-IT (Medical Documentation – Intuitive Technology)  - Colorado

    MedScribe Information Systems Inc -  Florida

    Med-Scribe Transcription Service  Inc – New Jersey

    Milner Transcription Services – Georgia

NetMed Transcription Service LLC - Michigan

    New England Medical Transcription (NEMT) -  Maine

    Opti-Script Inc – Pennsylvania

    Oracle Transcription  Inc   (OTI) - Maryland

    Probity Medical Transcription – Pennsylvania

    Professional Transcriptions Inc  (PTI)  - Florida

    ProScript Documentation Services – Florida

    Psychtrans Transcription Services - California

    Silent Type  Inc – New Jersey

    SoftScript  Inc  - California

    Southern Transcription Services (STS) – Georgia

    T-C Transcription  (Transcriptionists Recognize) – Florida

    The Transcription Doctors, Inc  (TTD) – California

    The Transcription House – Arizona

    Transcriptions South Inc (TSI) - Florida

    Transform Inc – Nevada

    Transolutions Inc – Illinois

    TransPortal  LLC – North Carolina

    TransTech Medical Solutions  (TT) – Texas

    TRX  Inc – Oregon

   TTS, LLC (Transcription, Technology, and Support) – New Hampshire

   U.S. Transcription, Inc.  (UST)  - Wisconsin 

   USA Medical Transcription Inc – Florida/Missouri

   WebMedX - Pennsylvania

   wordZXpressed Transcription Services   Inc  - Georgia

   ZNF Medical Transcription  Inc – Florida

   ZyloMed  Corp – Florida





 Below are the MTSs I could find that DO Off-Shore, but again, I think this list may be missing a few companies also.  Please add on if you know of any more. 





Acusis – Pennsylvania

CBay – Pennsylvania

Diskriter – Pennsylvania

DTS America, Inc (Dedication, Technology, Service) - Tennessee

Focus – Massachusetts

MedQuist – New Jersey

Medware Inc – Florida

OSI Transcription  (Outsourcing Solutions Inc) – Florida/Georgia

Precyse Solutions – Pennsylvania/Georgia

Spheris  - Tennessee

SPi Healthcare - Tennessee

Sten-Tel Transcription  Inc – Massachusetts

Superior Global Solutions – Texas

Transcend – Georgia



Heartland Information Services – Ohio (TOLEDO, Ohio -- Heartland Information Services has merged with Spryance, Inc., forming one of the premier offshore transcription providers in the United States. November 2006)


How is the weather in New Jersey about now.
And how is the weather in New Jersey now for you too.
In New Jersey, from what I understand...
but, honestly, I'm not completely sure.
New Jersey last I knew. nm
Med-Scribe out of New Jersey --
I'm thinking of responding to an ad from them.
DocuMed of New Jersey
I worked for them briefly during a slow period with my main service.  The work they gave me was great, their pay rate was commensurate with my experience, and everyone I dealt with in their office was very helpful and friendly.
Med-Scribe - New Jersey

Has anyone worked with the Med-Scribe in New Jersey?  If so, what do you know about them?



All Type in New Jersey
If you have good or bad things to say about this company, would like to hear what they are.  Thanks for your time.
All Type New Jersey
I love All Type, I''ve worked with them for almost a year now and I have had nothing but a good experience.  Everyone has been helpful, I love the DocQScribe platform.  In my experience those who post nasty or rude comments about a company are those who didn't meet the level of quality that a company requires.  I work for two different companies and both of them have been professional and each have good and bad things, but mostly good.  I would be cautious of those who post mean-spirited posts on this site.  I hope you find the perfect fit for you.  .
I was told by their recruiter that they outsource off-shore.
North Shore Medical Transcription


I just tried to send you an email but am not sure it went through. I worked for NSMT from 1991 till 1995 and all I can say is it's a very reliable and solid employer if you show you can be relied upon as well. It's really nice having a one-on-one rapport with the person(s) running the company. I ran across an ad recently by them on line, and its led by the same woman. She's a tough cookie, no nonsense, but a really good person and a terrific manager. As far as getting work and being paid on time, as an employee that was never a question for me. If she's doing IC these days, just keep in touch with her and she'll work with you I'm sure.

Everyone's different, but I'd say this company is definitely a good bet. I don't know what accounts they have these days, but there was a good variety. I worked on site at the Lahey Clinic most of my time there and it was a super assignment.


Correct --did NOT off-shore work to India sm
The rest of the post was **...SENT WORK TO INDIA A FEW MONTHS AGO** making it sound like MTs were laid off BECAUSE their work went to India.

If you have any familiarity with this company, you know that the none of the DRC/Acusis accounts are allowed by the clients to be typed outside of the US.

So YES, there was a lay-off, but NO it didn't have anything to do with India.

PS: Offshore and outsource are not the same thing. But you know that, too, right? ;-)
North Shore Transcription Company
Can anyone give me any information on this company.  I was thinking about applying.  I could not find a website for them on the Internet. 
Correction to list below of Companies that do not off shore
Optiscript in State College,Pa DOES off shore. I was offered a job with them until I heard from a very reliable source that they even have offices out of the country. Stay away!
Does Encompass off-Shore? Ad says "At this time,

I saw the ad they have on mtjobs and find it curious. 

They state:

At this time, we are unable to offer employment to persons living outside of the U.S.

Sounds like they have some non-US MTs working for them.  Do they off-shore?   Most ads just say NO NON-US Applicants, not AT THIS TIME? 

Any insight? 



Yes, I agree with calling New Jersey
What has happened is that P and M have a lot more authority than they are capable of handling. for example, I know of an MT whose son was killed in a car accident. For obvious reasons during the funeral and shortly thereafter she could not make her lines, they threatened to cut off her health insurance, single mom. That one broke my heart and I knew I had to leave.
Nope, don't live in Jersey
That would be a really long trip for me to pick up equipment. It would be nice if they would mention that in their job posting. Oh well ... thanks.
Anyone hear of Cornerstone in New Jersey?

They have a job listing on MTJobs that sounded pretty good.  I need information from someone who has dealt with them before, though.


silent type...have to go to New Jersey...nm
I think that is ridiculous and outdated!!!
Does anyone have actual experience in the quality of off-shore work?
A physical therapist in my area said they kept a file of the funniest errors they received from the off-shore work. I do believe that most of the hospital staff that get the work back care diddly-squat about quality -- it's probably not read, only filed.
Well there will come a point in time and it may have already happened that New Jersey gets so many
complaints and so many MTs quit that these 2 ladies may have gone as far as they can. I think it is already getting there. No one wants to work with them anymore or cares if the works is done or not. You can only push people so far and that is all they will take and it is obvious that has already happened with Amherst.
Advanced Medical Transc. New Jersey - sm

Anyone know anything about this place.  Saw an old post to stay away.  Anything current?

Took the test and heard from them within 1 hour wanting to hire me.  Lady hard to hear, lots of background noise, very weird test, undecipherable phone number.  Wondering if I should even bother with all these red flags.

I just spoke with a company from New Jersey today...sm
Rude was not the word for this recruiter...My goodness, makes me think that is the norm in New Jersey.  geez!!!
Any current information on Med-Scribe (New Jersey)
Just wondering if anyone currently works there or knows anything about them. Thanks
I believe that the Medscribe out of Florida is a different company than the one out of New Jersey
but I could be wrong... I applied with the one out of New Jersey and there never seems to be anything on here about them, which to me is a good sign. This was for an Dictaphone account also.
Look up the area code, they are located somewhere in Jersey...nm
Well if it is Amherst stick together and all of you call New Jersey. I did and a lot of people in my
office did and I dont know if it did any good or not but when I talked to New Jersey I got the distinct impression that were getting a lot of calls. They were very grouchy for sure. Dont just sit back and take it or nothing will change for you. There QA plan is so abusive it should be thrown out. You wouldnt believe the things they take off for to make sure you dont get QA points. They are a very very abusive office and it seems as though they like to make people miserable so it seems they must be very miserable women. You know, misery loves company.
Documed Medical Transcritpions, LLC out of New Jersey...anyone with info?

Does anyone have any personal information about Silent Type, Inc out of New Jersey, or

Van Belkum out of Michigan?  I posted on w/e, when not many on the board.  Will try again.   Thank you.  

Trans-Scribe out of New Jersey... any info on this company?
NJPR is in NJ, not NY, stands for North Jersey Physicians Review I believe,
try googling for a web page, I am quite sure they have one, you can the info and I think a phone number there to call.
Any recent info about Cornerstone Professional Services of New Jersey??
Would love to hear some very RECENT information about this company, regarding staff, pay rate, workflow, ease of platform, etc.  Only found old information in archives.  If you don't want to share on the board, please email me. Thanks for your help.