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NJPR is in NJ, not NY, stands for North Jersey Physicians Review I believe,

Posted By: casey on 2006-07-11
In Reply to: NJPR - Margie

try googling for a web page, I am quite sure they have one, you can the info and I think a phone number there to call.

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Wondering if anyone is working for this Company, NJPR (in New York, and has any info about them.
Is anyone working for this company out of NJ?  Would like info please.  TIA. 
They are called North Jersey Physician's review, try looking up that. I have a friend who works there and is happy.
NJPR has been around for a
long time.  They are VERY particular though, but I'd say a pretty stable company.
Does anybody know anything about NJPR?

Has anybody worked for or know something about NJPR -Hospital and Medical Support Services?  They had an ad last month.  Thanks. 

Naturopathic physicians
Look up naturopathy and naturopathic physicians via googling, etc., and get a list of them and contact them individually to determine if they need transcription of their reports. Also contact naturopathic medical schools (N.D. = doctor of naturopathy) to find out some resources. You have a great idea; my friends prefer to see N.D.'s rather than M.D.'s. Similar education in the basics.
Ha! Indian physicians used to do MT!
Maybe they still do???

Back in the early days of MT offshoring (10 years ago) I was, briefly, one of the early editors for the big offshoring company in MD. According to the CEO of the company at a small group meeting I attended, the Indian MTs were mostly/all male physicians who could apparently make more $$$ doing MT for the U.S. than they could practicing medicine in India. I thought it was sort of unethical as I'm sure there is no great surplus of physicians there. But I guess that's capitalism.

Incidentally, they were TERRIBLE transcriptionists. Their transcriptions went through two layers of Indian QA before getting to us and I still rarely had time to correct all the mistakes.

Of course it's possible that everything has changed there since then.
Have you heard what physicians are saying?

Even docs themselves are saying that they have to double or triple-book appointments now just to meet the rising costs and overhead.  How is that not effecting patient care? I may not have ever had a doc that walked out of a surgery halfway through, but I have had a doc actually say to me when I asked about diabetes education, 'Just don't eat a lot of carbs.'  I had just been diagnosed with type 2 DM and had all sorts of questions, but he was in too much of a hurry because he had a waiting room full of people. He didn't even tell me what medication he was giving me, just said I could pick it up at the desk and got angry when I pushed for answers.  Is that quality?  

NJPR - anyone heard of them or working for them?
I can't find too much info on them.  I know they're out of New Jersey.  Thanks in advance.
Anyone have info on NJPR in NJ? Thanks in advance.
You have to have transcribed for 10 different physicians within the last 5 years. sm

Heard this from a friend who recently applied with them.

Physicians First Transcription Service

Has anyone heard of this company?   I know that they are located in Streetsboro, Ohio but I just wanted some of your feelings on this company before I applied.

Thank you,


Physicians Transcription Service
I worked for them for about 2 years.  Just call and talk with the owner.  She is very upfront and won't sugar coat anything.  She (Cheryl Roudybush) was very good to me.
I was also told need to look up referring physicians

Was never told of any raise off of QA only that where they are located they can't charge as much to the clients... yeah, okay, I believe that!  NOT! 


How well does eScription do on heavy ESL physicians?
Also, how long after using this platform did you find yourself doubling in your productivity?  Anything you could provide would be greatly appreciated. 
QA review
I have just been there a week, do radiology and was only in QA for one week, today I'm out, 3-hour paid training is $200. I think pay is all dependent on experience and etc. line rate I believe is how many lines you type per hour.
Did search, but found nothing. Any info on NJPR???
Thanks in advance!
Anyone work at NJPR-Hospital and Medical SM

Support Services? This is a new one on me. Thanks

NJPR Hospital and Medical Support

Does anybody have any information about this place?  Thanks. 

Company review?

What does anyone know about Orion?


Here's a review from last summer.
Can you tell me what JLG stands for so I can
look up company in archives??  Thanks much.
JLG stands for....

I worked for them once upon a time and it's everything but fun or funny.

I know what IC stands for...
as that is what I am.  I didn't know you weren't allowed to name accounts as the other poster listed hers...SORRY!
SCP...anyone know what that stands for?
In an ad for iMedX, for method of sending/receiving dictation they have SCP...what does this mean?
I think it really stands for
Independent Transcriptionist Alcoholic.  There isn't anything else that explains her views and her loony posts. 
I am not sure what DIT stands for but (sm)
the company is DIT Transcription out of Fort Mill, SC.  If you use the search box (not Google) to search the archives you will find posts about this company not paying its employees.  In my research I have found LOTS of employees who they still owe money to, amounts as little as $300 and as much as $3000. 
A good company will review them
A decent company knows which complaints are true and which are not and will want to weigh the validity of them. Yes, there are some chronic complainers. However, there are also some valid complaints repeatedly discussed here and some downright illegal employment activity complaints also discussed here. Were I an owner of a company, I would certainly WANT to hear feedback from my employees and attempt to come to some kind of reconciliation with them, if possible. If you ask me, this board shows how little communication is going on between employer and employee in this field and how little regard there is for the people who actually produce the work itself.

I posted a review within the past (sm)

week.  You should be able to find it if you search a page or two back.

I don't understand - are you still in Focused Review? sm
Error reports - you mean they are sending you feedback for your mistakes? or you are still formally being reviewed?
I work there and have never heard of someone being reviewed for a full couple of weeks.
review typed reports

The only way I know to review reports already typed is they go to QA for anything.  Of course, when new, the MT is on full QA.  

It sounds like the OP is wanting as much info on DQS as possible, so here are a couple things I don't believe I saw in this thread.

Keep in mind that as new accounts are started, there will also be blanks left, usually for demo things, landmarks, etc., so that is a big help, too. 

My LarTech Healthprime review
I have seen some older posts on Lartech Healthprime and I just wanted to give a good update/review on this company as I have 2 years of experience working for them.

Also I just wanted any out-of-work MTs to know that they hired me right out of training (I trained with At-Home Professions) but trust me, they have high standards when it comes to quality and they were patient, gave me a chance and helped me along the way.

My gripes (although this apparently is not LarTech's fault but the hospital account I work for) is that I get paid once a month and sometimes it is later than that, very inconsistent pay :(.

There is only two people I can get a hold of if I have any questions but they don't respond right away which is a downfall since my questions have to do with reports I am currently working on and I don't have time to sit around and lose TAT time waiting for them to get on, all communication is done via Yahoo messenger. They do respond to all E-mails, whether it takes them an hour or a day, they will get back to you.

They also do seem to have a problem with communication, for instance, I have been there for about a year and a half and I was only getting 7 cents standard, 3 cents editing and I asked them for a raise, he came back and said he already gave me a half cent raise and was surprised I didn't get that E-mail.

I know, the pay is super low, but I was out of school for a year looking for a job and nobody would give me a shot but they did and now I have 2 years of experience because of it, it beats the internship I almost chose to do for 6 months right?

Anyways, just wanted to get that info out there for any MT students looking to get their foot in the door, they gave me a chance from a very non-reputable school, why not you!

To clarify. I had a quality review
and the recruiter is the one who called me with the results.  I was asking specific questions about the review and certain items they couldn't answer.  Is this the norm?  I've been an MT for a while but have worked mostly for my own accounts.  Working for a transcription company is a new experience for me.  I just thought it odd that someone could tell me what I was doing wrong but couldn't explain why?
Review of Transcend for Those Trying to Decide...
First, sympathies to all of you at MDI. Been there, experienced it, it's pretty hellish to be involved in a merger on the best of days.

I've been with Transcend for some time now, and these are the points to consider:

The people are nice for the most part. I know that sounds like damning with faint praise, but I do have to say the TLs and upper management aren't asses about taking time off, helping with QA, etc.. when you can find someone to answer your e-mail.

The dictators aren't terrible. The worst ESLs dictate very rarely, so you only have to deal with them every now and then.

The platform is okay. Could be worse, could be better. I don't like it one bit personally, but to each her own.

Now for the other side of things...

There's no work. The jobs come in VERY slowly; it's the norm for me to log in to find maybe ten jobs waiting for an entire shift. I've spent many a shift checking every hour (as per company direction) to find myself wasting hours sitting at my computer surfing the internet. Yes, you can request secondary accounts... only to find yourself staring at another screen with no work on it. If you're willing to work on five to six accounts, you may be able to make the minimum line count, but I watch the numbers on ALL accounts and they're ALL very low on a consistent basis, so this is doubtful.

It's extremely unlikely you'll make the minimum to qualify for insurance or the sign-on bonus (if MDI-ers are being offered this).

Communication is very poor. It's the norm to send multiple e-mails about an issue to get no reply. The TLs and TMs change constantly and you're not informed.

If you don't make the minimum FT line requirements, you'll be sent letters of commitment which are basically written warnings about lack of production. If you inform them that you'd LIKE to make production but there's NO WORK with which to do so, even on your SECONDARY account, the answer is Try to get on another secondary, but for now we need you to sign this letter and return it. Basically, that translates as You're not making minimum because there's no work, but we're still giving you a warning. After this letter of commitment, they will give you one pay period to achieve the 900$ FT rate, then drop you to PT.

I'm making roughly 500$ PPP right now - started out making around 700$ PPP and watched it steadily decline (instead of increase) as the workload shrank.

I'm sticking it out for another couple of months and then I'm off to other pastures.

Hope this helps someone trying to decide about Transcend. Best of luck to you all, wherever you end up.
Can anyone tell me what T-C Transcription stands for or how
I would find a website on them or contact them?  Thanks in advance. 
DSG stands for what? What is their website?
AAMT stands for sm
American Association for Medical Transcription, not

American Transcriptionists. Their support of Indian MTs is actual their support of American transcription going to them. They back the industry, not the American MTs who need them the most.

LER stands for the owners name....
TSSC stands for?

 Sorry, I don't know all the company names by their initials.

BOS says no unless the word stands
alone - The patient has Alzheimer's. However, it is ALWAYS per client's preference. My account wants them.
yeah thats it but it stands for sm
something else. I can't remember what they told me. I do remember they would just whip off the initials and get very irritated when you would ask what that meant. The whole place makes me tired!
I can't remember what it stands for, but it is another
name for acute care.  Keystrokes always uses HIM in their ads instead of acute care.
The setting your own schedule thing varies. For example, physicians who work in the ER may be
independent contractors, rather than employees, if they are moonlighting on weekends or whatever. But notice they are told what hours to work... There's no way to keep a transcription service alive with people working whatever hours they feel like whenever they feel like. That's just not reasonable.
There is NO Medical Record keeping in India for hospitals/physicians.
Are there not enough physicians in India to keep work plentiful for their native transcriptionists?
I just can't imagine with India being such a large country that they are not swamped with MT work that can stay in their own country. I have always been curious in this regard. So tired of these large transcription companies using the shortage of U.S. MTs to get away with offshoring our work for slave wages. LET THEM TRANSCRIBE FOR PHYSICIANS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY AND FOCUS ON THEIR COUNTRY'S HEALTH CARE AND QUIT BOTCHING IMPORTANT MEDICAL RECORDS THAT BELONG TO U.S. CITIZENS WHO HAVE NO IDEA WHO IS PRODUCING THE REPORT.
Passed in Feb 2008-CMT Review Guide

Wondering. Normal to have your quality review
delivered and discussed with you by the company's recruiter?
Your work stands for your quality. If your
work is fine, you have nothing to worry about. If your work is below 98, you have something to worry about. You cannot score below 98% because of commas. Sounds like you are in a bit of denial. Your work is your proof. If QA is out to get you, then your errors are not errors, and that is all the proof you need. Only major critical errors bring scores down that low. You might be under the eye of QA, but I doubt its a vendetta. QA's job is to assure quality. Don't take it personally, take it professionally and aim to improve - for the patient's sake.
The hospital I work has no intention of outsourcing...physicians and administrators want inhouse tra
and Medquist hasn't bothered us at all. Our reps are still the same personable guys they have always been.
Does Webmedx automatically do an annual review process? sm
I recently had my 1-year anniversary and have not heard anything from anyone about a review.  I don't know if I should say anything to my STM yet or not.