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Don't waste your time. Very

Posted By: disorganized and can't make any $$. on 2009-01-16
In Reply to: CHRONICLE TRANSCRIPTS IN CA - - Opinons anyone?


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My thoughts exactly, why waste my time when you know you are only hiring full time? nm
Thank you! I won't waste my time!

Don't waste your time
7 cpl is peanuts and not paying headers and footers is just wrong, you might as well be working in retail or answering phones for a living.
Don't waste your time

Don't waste your time
They are very unprofessional people.  Don't waste your time.
Don't waste your time
The QA people are not consistent. Don't waste your time.
RE: Don't waste your time
Is that the best you can do? If you did your work properly, then you would not have a problem with quality checks!!!!
Don't waste your time. sm
Been with them for a while. They cheat you on lines. They send out emails then don't follow through on them (regarding pay - I have one stating that from a certain date and ongoing that editors would be 6 cpl for over 1200 lines - Did Not Happen).

Accounts are not that bad. They do have a lot of ESL but most places do. The account specifics are tedious and have been redone and are still tedious if not worse so. This is really bad if you are on several accounts as you waste a lot of time going over them because god forbid you don't put that physical exam in paragraph form like the specifics state.

Very, very, very strict work schedule. Constant threatening emails about getting wrote up if you are not on to work when you are supposed too (yes I know you should be BUT there should be some flexibility as that is one of the big reasons we work from home).

Management leaves a lot to be desired. Can't get a straight answer. One will say this and then lo and behold another one changes it.

Line counting software goes down pretty often too. Of course, then you can't keep up with your lines until it is fixed. Once it is fixed, you will have to check to see if every job went through and most of the time you will find that at least 1 or 2 did not. Then you get to email and email and email and hope they get it straightened out before pay day.

Don't waste your time.
Don't waste time here.
Bad - do not waste your time.
Not being paid for the demographics and performing more as a secretary than an MT.  I did it for a while but finally got fed up.  There are a lot of other positions out there that does not require all of that garbage!!
Waste of time!
They call you once and never get back with you. Dont waste your time.
Me too. Waste of time.
LOL Don't waste your time
same old same old, some things never change, working out my notice now
Don't waste your time
The audio is very poor 80% of the time, and with the time it takes to study the seminar material they give you, the $50 per audio hour is not a good deal at all! I felt this did not compensate my time and skill as an MT. Also, I had to call and email often to remind the owner to send me my check.
Thanks, won't waste my time then, been
there, done that!
You sure have a lot of time to waste here. TT
Waste of time.
This example shows pure nitpicking and any QA who indulges in this waste-of-time should be written up and, if she does it again, relieved of her duties. MTSOs who dock pay for MT errors should ALSO be docking QA for this kind of nonsense. This splitting of hairs over minor points and nitpicking accomplishes nothing but to inhibit the MT by making her doubt herself, thereby slowing her production. Obviously, terminology, medication, formatting mistakes are valid QA concerns but this post shows what happens when a company permits its QA staff to run rampant with an inflated sense of self-importance. The QAs in this example are just as guilty of keeping MT wages down as the crooked MTSOs.
It IS a waste of time
Further, it enables an organization that has been instrumental in supporting offshoring. I have been an MT for more decades than I can count, and even in this economy I make great money. I have never needed the CMT, nor will I support the organization behind it. It's superfluous and it has, in my view, actually harmed the profession by getting in bed not only with offshoring but with MQ.
Don't waste your time
Read previous posts on this board.
Don't waste your time.
Spheris is not MT friendly.  Having worked there in the past for 3 years (and having had the good sense to get out), I know first hand how they handle things, like a 3-ring circus.  It is a wonder they haven't gone out of business because they are losing all their accounts and their people, from what I hear.  A few of their supervisors are vicious backstabbers and have a tendency to run good people off, but I guess that could happen anywhere. Spheris likes to buy out the little companies and put all their people in important places and goodbye to the rest of you little people. If you are planning to go to work there, please don't let me influence you in a negative way; however, I do hope you prepare yourself to work in at least 6 accounts on a daily basis after the first month or so.
waste of time reading someone who says nothing.
don't waste your time on Focus
see negative feedback on several pages
I wouldn't waste your time.
I wouldn't trust the companies saying you get paid when we get paid, as that could be never.  Word for Word is another company that has that policy, and they make you sign a contract that it is okay by you not to get paid until they do, yet they say it pays every two weeks.  I'm not sure, I'd waste my time testing.  I listened to a few of those files from Nicholas, and it sounds like the old bait and switch.  I'd be very careful if I were you!
It is really a waste of time. They same companies
they represent post ads.  Going through TM you just have to take one more test and do one more interview.  You don't get a better deal going through them and if they only represent a couple of companies, neither of them particularly that good that isn't much help.  You can get more info from the company ads. 
So true--Big waste of time.
You are so right--And it doesnt make one bit of difference whether QA is paid to find errors or not. The back-and-forth nit-picking, petty, so-called corrections that are usually just personal preferences is exhausting, demoralizing, and a big waste of time (which equals money) for the MT.
3 minutes is a waste of my time.
I have my own spread sheet that if I feel the need I can enter each account and it will show me what I'm supposed to be paid. Right now, Deventure pulled the info from all accounts for me. Escription shows you what your line count is after every note if you want to check. After a blank that line count can change and sometimes that doesn't happen for 24 hours, which would be AFTER they want the line counter entered. I turned down job offers from Transcend several times because I think their pay is low. If they cut mine from what I currently get, I'm out of there.
They are they most dishonest group of people to work for.  RUN, don't waste your time with them.  
I concur, don't even waste your time
I was there for about six months and it was one of the worst experiences I've had yet. My biggest gripe was running out of work all the time. I very seldom made more than 500 lines on any given day. When I complained to my prod. supervisor she was helpful and added on another account but it was more of the same. I wound up with three accounts with no work in any of them.

On top of that you get the usual mess of working with each client's profile preferences (which is no big deal cuz that's standard) but one hospital was a doozy. Pretty much everything you've ever learned about medical transcription, just throw it out the window because there were four pages of do/don'ts, and Always Always do this except for. Everything almost completely opposite of how we all learned. And that was just one account.

Why a company would allow any hospital to dictate such terms is beyond me. Then to make matters worse their QA was terrible. Literally I would get different rules for each QA. I could always tell who was on depending on how they checked my work. The pay was actually decent and they were generous with allowing me to have a flexible schedule. I never had any real problems with any staff although I wish I could find their recruiter and ring her lil neck.

Never again. Never.

If you're looking for part-time work to fill your time this might be the right place for you. If you're working to pay the bills, just don't even waste your time.
Don't waste your time - they're a mess
Total waste of time and money
No doctor or hospital even has heard of CMT. It's just crap made up by the AAMT to line their pockets with application fees.
Don't waste your time. Took a ridiculous test
Absurd. The test had so many holes in it, with areas where more than one answer could apply. It was ridiculous. And, I'm not a newbie - been doing this for 15+ years. I am now working IC for two companies, loving it. You can try it if you want, but I think the test was crazy.
Most of the AMTs I have known waste a lot more time than Indian ones do.
And i'm NOT Ms. Shapin, but I worked at SPI and we had a lot of slacekrs.

When I worked at SpearUs, we had a lot of slackers.

When I worked at TRS, we had a lot of slackers.

I've been in the biz for 31 years and dealt with a lot of American pieces of wasted breath because they didnt want to work, called in, whatever excuse they could get.
Waste of time for you only, but do not presume to speak for others.
You have no clue who I am.
Well they always have a range, and I would LOVE to know that before i waste time!!
I agree one test and you send your score or the link to your score with your resume LOL!!
Dont waste your time with Bayscribe.
Thanks for answering. It does sound like a waste of time.

Sound like your skills are constantly on trial.  Who needs that. 


Daily mails waste too much time
Honestly, no, I don't care for that stuff. It's a waste of my time to get that type of thing and go through it. I'd like to spend my work time really working and earning money, not wading thru useless information I dont need.
Agree. Don't waste your time buying
Word 2003 if you don't have it.  They say lots of work and then there is nothing.  Also check any QA you get back very carefully as I don't think the QA lady knows what she is doing and she also has an extremely condescending attitude if you have a question.   I learned quickly to not ask since I didn't appreciate being talked to like I was 10 years old.  I wasted my money on Word 2003 and I wished I hadn't.
Agree. Don't waste your time buying
Word 2003 if you don't have it.  They say lots of work and then there is nothing.  Also check any QA you get back very carefully as I don't think the QA lady knows what she is doing and she also has an extremely condescending attitude if you have a question.   I learned quickly to not ask since I didn't appreciate being talked to like I was 10 years old.  I wasted my money on Word 2003 and I wished I hadn't.
All Type will be a waste of your time and a disappointment-sm
They have lost more than a few MTs and managers recently and will lose many more before May 1.  This is because they have just notified of an approximately 39% pay cut.  Although this was legal, I believe it was very unethical.  Currently the offshore outnumber the American MTs 3:1. Editors are desperately needed to work the offshore reports that need a complete retype at .035 a line. It looks as if All Type is working to phase out American MTs completely and only use American editors and supervisors and to keep paring those numbers down as they get their offshore contractors trained. Losing my job to new technology does not make me happy but I understand advancing technology is going to affect us all and the way we do our job but I cannot stomach losing my job to sweat shops in a third world country. Don't just take me at my word - ask the recruiter.
They are a waste of time. Lots of posts in
the archives.
Do not waste your time testing until u know the pay rates.
I have been applying and testing for companies and am just appalled at the incredibly low rates that are being offered. Please don't waste your time like I did until you know the pay range.
Do not waste your time testing until u know the pay rates.
I have been applying and testing for companies and am just appalled at the incredibly low rates that are being offered. Please don't waste your time like I did until you know the pay range.

When you ask for the pay range, some of them will simply ignore the request for info. Pathetic.
What a total and utter waste of time
If THAT'S how they're handling it, just email Transcend directly and cut out the MIDDLE-MAN.

The two suits on here Wednesday left their email addresses. Just email them directly if all D and C are going to do is check with them for the answer.

We have important questions, and I believe we've let D waste MORE than enough of our time.
Anyone else working Easter with NO extra pay??? Seems like a waste of my time.. but..
Oh well, that's the name of the game. I work weekends, evenings, and holidays with no incentive other than they realize people need to earn a living.. but I'm not bitter hahahaha
I totally agree 100% .... couldnt have said it better myself. Waste of time here
I remember a call like that total waste of time
Why should I waste time proofing posts, they don't pay the bills. nm