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Agree with some of the comments but

Posted By: MTMT on 2009-01-19
In Reply to: CHRONICLE TRANSCRIPTS IN CA - - Opinons anyone?

not all.  I didn't need Word for the platform I was working on.  It was called APEX.  It was ok but a little slow.  I also don't agree with the QA comments.  Maybe they have different QA for different platforms I don't know.  The person I was dealing with was very helpful and I could ask any question and get a quick answer.  I did leave Chronicle but mostly because I got a better job towards the end.  I don't think the office people have experience in this because some of the directions were mixed up and hard to understand.  I would probably say they are a 4 on a scale of 1-10.  They are friendly like they advertise but friendly doesn't always help.  They can definitely improve on there communication to the work staff.  Good luck though if you decide to go with them.

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Agree with comments above, good and bad, BUT SM
if you need insurance, FORGET IT. They recently implemented terrible insurance plan with high deductable (like $2000), no med coverage and $10,000 out of pocket expense for year.

Otherwise, it is just fine and I work on high level account with lots of ESL. Not a big problem. The company will work with terrible dictators to get them in line.

Just insurance stinks, as previously noted.
Totally agree with your comments. OP needs
to learn to relax & not waste her energy worrying about something that may not occur.This is an exceptional company to work for; however,things do happen! If, by chance, the trainer does run late,in all likelihood it's because he took extra time making sure one or more of his prior trainees thoroughly understood their platform. The trainers(operators)are just a great bunch of guys that go out of their way to ensure that you are comfortable - no matter how long it takes of their time. If they don't get with you in your allotted time frame, call them. They will get back with you & spend however much time is needed for you :o)
Agree. Funny comments better used on Gab
Why so very few comments regarding Diskriter? Are comments by employees not permitted SM
on public forums. I have always been interested to see comments on this company, as they are constantly advertising and seem to have an attractive employee package. Unfortunately, never seeing comments on MT boards makes me extremely uneasy. I'm sure they could have stipulations in their contracts that prevent them from commenting, but even so I would expect to see good or bad comments even from ex-employees. Hmmm? Plus, if the anonymity is supposed to be in place on these boards, how can it hurt for employees to make a general comment, good or bad?
Any comments on DRC?
Ggood, bad, indifferent?  I'm thinking that being paid by the keystroke is not the way to go. Can you make any money that way?
There are some comments below
Any comments about MDI-MD?
How is BayScribe? Do they offer clinic and radiology or just acute care? TIA
Does anyone have any comments on DRC? How
Good, bad, mediocre? Pay on time? Flexible?
Anyone here with OTI? comments??
Can anyone tell me if this is a good company to work for and if they run out of work frequently, etc?
Pay is on time. Line counts are accurate. Account specifications are minimal. Account specifications are different for each account. Work is very feast or famine on most accounts. Minimal work, if any on weekends. No QA feedback, only minimal feedback from supervisor on occasion. General information about quality issues is inconsistent. The platform is simple (MQ's platform). Management is very unorganized. Quite a lot of poor dictators. Some lousy sound quality. Minimal ability to control speed on sound. Difficult to make respectable line counts per hour. Pay per line is reasonable. These are observations from multiple people working for DSG. Overall better than some companies. Benefit costs vary on your location if you elect to be an employee.
Comments re: MDI-MD anyone?

Are a Transcriptionist who has worked for MDI-MD?  Would you mind giving your 2 cents on your experience?  I'd appreciate any information.  NOTE:  No recruiters need reply to this!  Thanks so much.

...NM up there. Those comments were
I think if you have comments about it you should do this
Put it in the suggestion box. If you know what another company is offering, then let them know. There is no need to bring it here as this will not do any good. Take it to management where results can be possibly achieved.
There are a few comments about them at
OSi comments
Got pay direct deposited a day early because of the holiday. Got work through the holiday. Got updates regularly throughout the holiday on workload available. That's about all I need from a job.
any other comments
Any others got comments on Diskriter. What equipment or what do you need to take the test?
Some comments....sm

This is definitely a wonderful company to work for, especially if you need benefits.  The supervisors are very nice and very helpful.

This company does have some absolutely terrible and horrendous ESLs, but on the other hand, you can send blanks to QA and are not penalized.  You do have to remember that if you send a report with a blank to QA, they analyze that report and it goes toward your QA score for the month, which they do on random reports and also, as above, any reports sent to QA for blanks or questions. 

Also if you are looking for flexibility, know that they are not very flexible with your schedule.  They want you to work the hours you committed to and not type outside your schedule very much.  They will, however, let you off for doctors appointments, etc.  If overtime is offered on your account, though, you will get lines-and-a-half.

One other thing is that they do expect you to do your committed lines for the day.  In other words, it does not seem like they will compromise this with a very good MT who has high 99s on QA scores but is just not as fast as she used to be.  Some places say if you are putting out very good quality work, they will allow you to do just under the required line count for the day or pay period.  Axolotl does not really hold to this idea.

Lastly, to add a cc to a report, you have to click on a separate toolbar button, and this is extremely slow to bring up the doctors' list to choose from.  This does affect your momentum, and some people have a wait literally of a few minutes for the lis to come up.

All in all, Axolotl is a good company.  Above are just a few things I feel might make a difference to someone considering them.

Comments to your comments

I don't understand why people come on here complaining because they have to produce 1200 lines a day when they new the minimum line requirement before accepting a position.  It sounds like they don't want to work their schedule that THEY MADE themselves and AGREED to work.  If you don't want a schedule, then work IC and receive no benefits for another company.

Axolotl does expect you to work the hours you SET when you accepted the position.  They are very flexible to work with if you need time off or to rearrange your schedule but to be late every day or quit early daily, no they are not flexible with that.  They have TAT agreements to reach and need people there when they say they are going to be.

As far as making line count, they do expect you to be able to reach 1200 lines a day but they also are very patient with new employees.  People they hire are told in the interview that they have to produce 1200 lines per day.  If someone cannot reach it, then they shouldn't take the job.  The platform is easy and you have a lot of resources given to you. 

As far as the ESLs, there is 1 account that is high ESL and they are horrible!!!  But this is 1 account out of how many acute care accounts??  If you are not hired to work that account, then you do not have hardly any ESL dictators.  If you were hired to do that account, then you were told up front that it was a high ESL account.

As far as the CC button, I believe it has been sent out in at least 2 e-mails that the next patch/upgrade that support is going to do, the CC button will be fixed.  Did you not receive this?  I never have to wait more than 30 to 45 seconds.  Is it a pain sometimes?  YES.  Has management acknowledged that this problem exists?  YES  Are they planning on fixing it?  YES

Other than a brief wait for the CC button, the system is not slow.  If you have to wait even 1 minute for the CC button, you still should be able to meet your productivity requirements.  Someone not working their schedule or meeting productivity is not an Axolotl problem, it is an EMPLOYEE PROBLEM.

see comments a little further down
Just a few comments - sm
First of all, I have been with the company for a long time and I have floated along with a lot of changes since starting with them. Some of the changes were very easy, some not so easy and maybe even a little painful at first.

I was leary about switching to VR but if I wanted to stay with my primary accounts, I had to give in and go with the flow once again. I'm glad I stuck it out because I love VR. The only problem is that I end up running out of work sometimes because I am faster now.

VR isn't going away. That's pretty clear. You either adapt or find another career. I made the choice to find a way to make it work in my favor.

ESL doctors aren't going away either. Same deal. We have to learn to figure them out or we won't have any work.

Lastly, I find it disturbing that you would name a client in a public forum. Most companies, including Transcend, discourage or even forbid naming of their clients for obvious reasons -- the competition is tough.

Whether or not you think the account is terrible, there are people working on that account who might really like it.

My primary account used to be the dreaded account but I personally loved that account and still do, years later. I have come to think of it as MY account and I would be furious if a competitor came along and snatched it from me.

In the future, I would advise that you use more discretion when discussing accounts.

Better yet, don't discuss them at all. You aren't the only one working those accounts. Some of us like them, appreciate a challenge, live up to the challenge, and we WANT the work.

Don't cut us off at the knees because you aren't happy.


LOL--Scribbles, I have to say thanks for the laugh!  According to others' comments, I should apparently be on some heavy medications for being so psycho!

I have to fess up; it is my help-wanted ad.  Apparently, trying to fill everyone in on the details makes me wayyyyy too difficult to work with?  In the past, I was tempted to apply for online positions, but I always felt they lacked in a lot of detail, which kept me from applying for the jobs.  I figured that if I supplied all of the details up front in my ad, then it would help to keep the same questions from being sent to me from people interested in the position.  Sheez, no matter what ya do, someone is going to find flaws in the plan.  Calgon take me awayyyy! 

Thank you for your comments!
They are much appreciated!
Can't add a lot to the other comments

except that when they say IC, they really do mean it.  I've been an IC other times where they wanted some ballpark shift hours, then called and bugged the crap out of me if I was late a few minutes logging on, or gave me grief if I asked ahead of time to to work other hours occasionally.  At one MTSO, even though I had prevoiusly scheduled time off, some attendance-taker would call demanding to know why I was not working, and this happened EVERY TIME I TOOK OFF! 

Naturally, you will find more work at certain times and on certain days, but you'll figure that out pretty quickly.  If you can be flexible, you will have more than enough work.  Have yet to seriously run out of work.  It may get thin once in a while but no hours or days of no work.  I think they are pretty efficient in their hiring practices, but they really do expect you to produce the number of lines you estimate on your schedule. 

MDI seems willing to pay for experience so don't be shy telling them what you want.  Good luck with your interview!

Thanks for your comments, yes this does help a lot.
I really want to stay loyal to TT, but a drastic reduction in pay, cut in half, etc. I can't afford that at all. I had 2 job offers from smaller companies which have no VR and I was going to stay at TT. But, as my DH said to me this afternoon what is loyalty? I can stay loyal to this company, but are they showing loyalty to me? This really is kind of sad to me. I thought I had found a home. But waking up, smelling the coffee, and briskly moving on before I cannot afford the coffee... thanks so kindly for your help!
Most of your comments are true; however (sm)

the comments I made were not due to bitterness.  I left on a good note not wanting to "burn the bridge" so to speak.  I make more money at my other IC jobs than with Transcend.  Each individual must choose which job works well for them.  It's nice you are happy and making a decent wage.  I wish you the best.

Any comments on CortMedical?
Anyone have any comments on Spheris?
MEDWARE FL .. any comments?

I've seen in the archives comments that their platform is not well liked, other than that ... do they have lots of work?  is QA a mess?  will they allow overtime?  are benefits/PTO any good?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for your nice comments
Hi there,
Why don't you come on back to MDI? We pay ULD up to $29.99 per month for FTE. Your comments were very, very nice and I truly thank you.

My e-mail is Liz@medicaldictation.com.
even if you just want to chat.

Thanks again,
Anyone with Compudex out of NJ? Any comments? nm
Comments about CyMed?

Considering them.  Need info.

Any comments on Medware?
They are advertising for ER MTS.  How is the pay scale and do they have incentive and shift differential?  I don't care about their being picked by AAMT because I don't feel AAMT always is looking out for the MT (supportive of outsourcing).  Are they decent to work for?
There are tons of comments
All you have to do is start going back on the company board. On each page of posts go to edit on your menu bar and then select 'find on this page' and type OSI. Or you can search the archives. Most of the posts are not good at all.
I'm seeking comments on
Any info is appreciated.
Any comments on Execuscribe.
Any information is appreciated.
DISKRITER? Any comments, please....
Need to give them an answer!
Thanks for your comments, and I understand ... SM
exactly what you are saying. The same scenario may be happening in the company I work for, or so it is rumored though not out in the open yet. Will we all quit our jobs if we find out it is true? I highly doubt it.

If you don't mind my asking, if you say you are away from the MTSO game, does that mean you have gotten out of transcription, or have gotten your own accounts? Did you decide to leave a company because of off-shoring?
Any comments appreciated.


additional comments
There are currently no weekend bonuses. It's the usual to run out of work evenings and weekends, especially on Sunday. Management has been specific that they want the work cleared out by the weekend. Yes, they have a newsgroup that MTs can use to ask questions and give each other normals or samples. They are growing rapidly and becoming less responsive. Not sure how you managed to produce 1500 lines a day -- were you on clinics or acute care? QA people have absolutely no contact with the MTs. I don't consider that supportive or helpful to the MTs at all. You can go in and review your reports once completed, but you cannot review your original report side by side with the finished report.
Don't let the comments scare you
You are right, there is plenty of work at DR, plus they pay downtime if there is no work. Have been getting quite a bit of OT lately.  Management is going through some changes, but hasn't affected me at all.  DR is not the best, but I have worked for MQ part time also (quit in November), and DR is not nearly as disorganized as MQ.  I'm sure there are better companies out there, but I'm happy at DR so far.   
I found a few comments...
from 2005 by using the Search function up above with Chase Transcription...those comments didn't look particularly encouraging so would be interested to hear any current opinions, too. Don't remember for sure, but there may have been some comments a few pages back, will have to do a search page by page forthose since not archived.
Transcend/Beyond Txt - any comments - nm
MedScribe - comments please - nm
Thank you for your comments. It sure helps! nm
OSI - good/bad comments?
I am considering a part time MT position with OSi and would like to hear some feedback from anyone who works/worked with them.  Thanks!
In response to the comments....sm
We are as frustrated as you are with the client that asks us to get on/get off. We do use offshore work only to cover when we cannot get US based MTs to work. If anyone has any questions about MDI you may e-mail me at Cindy.Oldham@trcr.com

Never got email, not sure why. Thanks for all the comments.
Thanks for your comments, Management! - nm
Chronicle - any comments also

any one with recent Diskriter exp?  Hospital benefits sound great -- why has it been posted so long. Thanks everyone.


NetMed in MI? Very few comments here. sm
I'm checking out a handful of companies. Don't need health insurance, but trying to find a good match with full time M-F work, preferably assigned accounts. 20+ years MT experience. Love the small company I presently work for, but not quite enough work for me (I have really high line counts some days, but other days are terrible with shortage of work) Unfortunately, the docs from the teaching hospitals have a very inconsistent dictation load, and my income is being affected by this, thus I am pursuing a different company. Thanks for any input.
Any comments on Transcend? NM