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For someone not trying to be a smart A, you did a pretty good job of it anyway. sm

Posted By: Nervous Nellie on 2007-10-31
In Reply to: Not trying to be a Smart A here, but (sm) - how would you like them to show you they care?

Showing that they care means not ignoring my requests for a third account.  I have worked other places and had up to 4 accounts and when work was low, I was still able to make 2000 lines a day by bouncing back and forth between all of them.

Sending me an email ackowledging that volume is low, that the servers have down, etc., is all very nice as far as keeping me informed, but it does not pay my bills. 

I wasn't asking for sympathy, but I also wasn't asking for your meanspirited retort. I merely vented here a bit, thinking (mistakenly) that I was among peers who would understand the panic that I feel. 

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Any info or Smart Med, good or bad? nm
Good Idea. You are smart to wait. nm
Thank you! I noticed that smart MTs with good grammar are on my side...nm
Does anyone recommend a pretty good company that is good to work for, pay always on time and plenty
of work.  I know that is asking a lot, but just curious?
Pretty good
They are really flexible on my shift.  I am working a split shift until school starts in the fall.  But, all in all I think I like getting my shift done in one setting.  The hospital that I work has very few ESLs too.  I am happy so far.  I would recommend them to work for. 
Pay is pretty good but.....
I worked for them for about 2 months (all I could handle).  The pay was decent (I was getting 8.5) but the account I worked was completely horrible.  So many ESLs that you could never make production.  They were not the nicest people either.  Not much help with problems and little to no flexibility in scheduling.  It just was not for me.  I think that there are a lot of people who like them and that is great.  It just was not the right fit for me.
Seem to be pretty good.
Benefits are decent. Family coverage is under $500. Acute care pay is good. Clinic not the best, but not the worst either. VR pay hasn't been worked out yet. Great supervisor (at least mine was). Mandatory OT was my only downfall. Overall, pretty decent to work for, though I have only had 1 other employer, so not much to compare to.
I am pretty good with the PC, but now you

What a joke!  You grow up!  My main course of duty is the content of the frikkin report and not whether or not my PC is compatible with your crappy MT software that you swear is MT friendly!  Cut me a frikkin' break! 

Okay, I'm done.

Amphion pretty good, uh?
Do they let you work 6 hours a day if you can get 2200+ lines a day -- instead of 8 hours to be considered full time status? If not, do you know who does?
Company is pretty good except...
for the last several weeks there has been a problem with work shortage on several of the accounts on the new platform. When you have four accounts you work on and you have no work that kind of makes you wonder. Other than that, the people are very nice, the pay is decent, and they have good benefits. For me it is just the work load issue. They say they have not overhired, but just makes you wonder. I think you made good decision, just make sure they give you more than one backup account, as I have no idea what platform they hired you for or what accounts.
What is the pretty good grapevine?
Quit trying to stir up trouble and post your sources that are so great.
Interesting. She's actually been pretty good to me
I'd follow her somewhere new if I had the offer.
Pretty good company
aside from their pea green web-site.
OSi, pretty good to work for (sm)
But the insurance is expensive at least for family coverage. Work flow goes up and down, it just depends on the account. They give secondary accounts if primary account runs low.  Everyone there is really helpful and nice for the most part.
As Tidewater they were pretty good
After they went to Imedx, a lot of the work went offshore. If you do work for them, be prepared to be pulled off your account at any time...be it that you find out you were just filling in and they never told you that, the work is going to the new system and is no longer available, etc. Used to pay by direct deposit, but that was very frequently not there when it was supposed to be.
Overall they are pretty good but they could improve
the payroll department. Seems to be a lot of errors, you get your lost money eventually but they seem to take their sweet time about it.
Their pay rate is pretty good........
BUT they do tend to run out of work.  Everyone that I know, myself included, got started at 10 cpl for typing, 5 cpl for voice recognition.  The PROBLEM is you do run out of work too often and they REQUIRE you to clock out when out of work and sit at your keyboard waiting for work.  It is possible that you could work 8 hours and make only 20 bucks.  So.....if the work was there I guess you could make a good living, but my personal opinion is not so much considering their work flow.
I have a pretty good idea but
let the brilliant Millie from below answer that.  She's your TT gal.
And if they're *pretty darned good* right now,

when you and you coworkers fix it so they're PERFECT, who's going to be editing these reports then?

Perhaps a better question is from what country will these people be editing these reports?

MDI florida, pretty good benefits,

transcription super, Debbie, very easy to work with, down-to-earth. Pay 10 cpl if you have Meditech experience for acute care/radiology.  Saw in one post where they were willing to train.  Worth looking into.  I work for them, good company so far.

Pretty good from what I've heard...
A friend of mine works for them. Said they are strict on accuracy and line counts but are also somewhat flexible in schedule.
That's a pretty good glimpse at how they operate. SM
Very unorganized.
I have been with co for a long time. I have it pretty good, but new
Not lots of ESLs and they are mostly pretty good. It is
the American dictators that are horrible, but there are other issues with the account.  
Seems a pretty good place to work. SM
I do sometimes run out of work. So far, I only have 2 accts, but it seems when my primary is out, so is my secondary, so I'll be trying to pick up more accts. Compared to my past work, I do not find that they have high ESL, pretty normal. I am a level 4. I think they may have 5 levels. Pay seems okay, even better than most. Good luck.
Webmedx has pretty good benefits sm
The benefits at Webmedx are pretty good. You are eligible for benefits after 90 days. I am paying about $400 per month for a family plan for health, dental, and vision. The coverage is pretty good for general visits and pharmacy, but there is either a $1000 or $2000 deductible (depending on which plan you choose) for hospitalization, after which insurance pays 80% and you pay the rest. There is also a deductible for certain medical supplies. My son is a type 1 diabetic and we have to pay a $1000 deductible for his insulin pump supplies. Not the best insurance that I've ever had, but it is much cheaper than what my husband can get through his work (he would have to pay $1000 per month in premiums for a family plan).
This sounds like a pretty good deal, especially if....sm
you are making $$. You can always contribute to an IRA that will be tax deductible at end of year. Sometimes going to a company for the benefits doesn't pay off - ask me: I tried it twice in the past month, only to quit both jobs after about 1 payroll period as it became obvious that they either didn't know how to do payroll correctly, or that the lines weren't correct (even though they claimed to pay for hdrs/footers/spaces etc!).

I would sure like to know where you work - I'm an EXText-er myself and want just PT. Care to share???? Thanks!!
Hey, wages were even still good 5 years ago, now pretty much gone. nm
Oracle is a pretty good company to work for but,
their home-grown software makes it difficult to get a good line count.
$7/hour is pretty darn good, I was making
the MT inexperience, as the inexperienced is all they are able to hire. Seasoned MT's know better than to go there.
Seems 11 cpl is pretty high, good luck finding that one
Keep us updated please.
I have a pretty good list. Any comments/corrections welcome. This is just from
what I have seen over the past few years in terms of growth, size and national accounts.

I put them alphabetical rather than size as I am not 100% on a few. There are 11 instead of 10 too.

This also leaves off a few that only have U.S. Editors with all work done offshore.

If I am missing any, I apologize. These are companies that I have seen at AHIMA, in magazines, on these boards, at AAMT, etc. I am not claiming perfection so I have omitted any, I apologize in advance.

MDI-FL/Transcend (same now)

No, not Humana. It's First Health. Pretty good coverage.
Spheris pays for training. It used to be pretty good. Don't know what
I've had a lot of bad ones...finally found one that's pretty good sm
It is a struggle though!! I have worked for several that stunk up the place!! LOL Been cheated on line counts, etc. My best advice is to see if there are any companies near you, smaller, home-based MTSOs who have fewer employees. A way where you can actually get to know your employer. I found one not far from my house who advertised on Craigslist and she has been pretty good to work with.
That's a pretty good offer. Does the line rate go up for over 175 lph? sm
Will you have VR thrown in there also?
The work flow is pretty good. It gets low around the end of the pay period. sm
I work on the DSG-2 side and the sound is pretty good.  Rumor has it we will be getting a new account soon but I don't know that for sure.
Transcend offshores, so I have a pretty good idea...
where the 40-50 reports are disappearing during *your* night (*their* day shift).

DSG supposedly doesn't offshore, so darned if I know why we keep running out of work, though I'm guessing just plain old overhiring; no doubt of displaced MTs from other offshoring companies, so it affects everybody, regardless of whether the MTSO actually offshores or not.
Worked out to a pretty good hourly rate, just not the right company for me. nm
So are all you Spheris posters able to make pretty good money there? .... sm

I have more than 25 years in this business, and I have always just steered clear of this company, but I either need to change who I work for or I need to supplement. 

I see they have production incentives, which I like.  I'm guessing you all like their system, if you are happy there.  How about their benefits - are they affordable?  Do you think their base pay is fair?  Are they flexible at all when it comes to you working your hours?  Are you happy with your account(s)?  Thanks for any specific info! 

I just started on eScription and it's pretty good. Higher than the last place I was
at. Starting base at 4 cpl, which is 1 cpl higher than I was making at TTS.
Yes, pay on time. We give a 2-week schedule. Accounts pretty good

MDI-MD pretty good. MDI-FL not so good. nm
I think you are very smart.......
I too started out making pennies 15 years ago. I wanted it bad enough though, so I took the job to learn what I didn't learn in school. 15 years later, I am confident in my knowledge and have no trouble getting a job. I have many offeres, and I decide who I want to work for. You too will get there. The fact that you are not expecting it all in the beginning says a lot. I sincerely wish you well.
Smart Med
Anybody know anything about Smart Med Transcription Company? 
Smart Med LP
Hello friends, has anyone ever heard of or worked for SmartMed, LP, or I think they used to be called esmartmed. They seem quite nice just putting out feelers.

Thanks again
Smart Med
Can anyone tell me about Smart Med?
Wow - she must be SMART! :)
Not trying to be a Smart A here, but (sm)
maybe by explaining about the new account coming on?  If they didn't care, they needn't have bothered. Did you maybe want them to pretend they're doctors and dictate a few reports for you?
YOU were smart!
My experience with All Type revealed a very unprofessional, dismissive and even childish management. Apparently its easier to loose good people (and maybe accounts, too?) than to treat them with a modicum of respect.

It is nice to see there are some smart MTs out there.