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Four Seasons Transcription: How To File A Complaint

Posted By: Needing_Money on 2007-11-12
In Reply to:

If you would like to file a complaint with the BBB regarding payment not received from Robin Hall and Four Seasons Transcription, you can do it online at http://vabbb.org/newindex.html.  This is the Virginia branch of the BBB.  Any information such as a phone number of Four Seasons, you can find on her website at www.fourseasonstranscription.com.  I have already filed a complaint.  This is the first step I'm taking to get my payments for the last 6 weeks.  WARNING:  DO not work for Robin Hall.  Any complaints you hear here are true!  She uses fuzzy words to tell you when your payment is coming.  She DOES NOT pay or DOES NOT pay regularly or on time. 

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You can file a complaint with the
distrinct attorney in the city in which they are located and this should put an end to this nonsense.  Rubber checks are illegal all over the country.  Then file a case in small claim court and include ALL expenses you incurred from late charges, etc., as a result of this check 
How do you file a complaint in CA?
Who would you file a complaint with if the company who is not paying is in California? The California Labor Board, Attorney General's office, and Better Business Bureau?
file a complaint with the
Better Business Bureau in your area as well as the area the owner of the MT company lives.  This does not take but a few minutes of your time.  Consider calling the police to ask what can do?  It is illegal to bounce checks........ Good luck!
You can file a complaint online at www.bbb.org
Tell her to file a complaint with Dept SM
of Labor and let them tell the Dept. of Labor that.
I did file an SS8 complaint and you are correct - snm

Yes, you will have to refile your taxes if you are found to be a an employee and not an IC.  You will not be assessed penalties and interest on anything you may owe.  Remember some of the things you deduct as an IC are no longer deductible or fully deductible as an employee.  Your employer will be hit with back taxes, pentalties and interest. 

I've heard people say the won a huge amount of money when they did this and you know what, they are lying.  The company will not owe you anything directly.  Any changes that take place are between you and the IRS and the company and the IRS.  There really are no winners.

Depending on  your tax situation, you may owe or you may get some money back.  In my case, I broken even, but I had some extenuating tax circumstances.  I had to deal with an IRS rep and I was panicked because for one year I owed a huge chunk of change and for another they owed and I was afraid that I was going to have to pay up to get back if you know what I mean.  This is the IRS afterall, but after final review and analysis with the IRS rep, we just called it even (even though it was not exactly so) and the IRS signed off on it. 

Was a huge eye opener for me  The entire process probably took 18 months from the time I filed my complaint.

File a Complaint with Labor Board
File a complaint with labor board in their state and familiarize yourself with the complaint form for retaliation in case they try to penalize you.
Go to your State Labor Board & for a few bucks, file a complaint.
Four Seasons Transcription?
Anyone heard of Four Seasons Transcription?  They are located in VA?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Happy Holidays!!!!!! 
Four Seasons Transcription

Do not join Four  Seasons Transcription, Virginia, USA. I got duped 2000 K.

Four Seasons Transcription
Is there anyone else working for this company as an Editor or MT that has been promised to get money recently and still waiting?  I read the posts below about someone not working there anymore that hasn't gotten paid but what about current employees? 
Four Seasons Transcription
I too am dealing with this company. I am 4 checks behind. I signed a contract and am headed to my lawyer. She told me that she was having problems with her accountant, but assured me that she would send me a check herself. Yeah right! Started out as a good thing and then I never received direct deposit. She said it was a miscommunication with her accountant, then received a check several weeks later. I was very patient with her but now I am 4 checks behind and still haven't received any checks. Everytime I contact her its one excuse after the next. I am fed up and will let my lawyer deal with her.
Four Seasons Transcription
I too am dealing with this company. I am 4 checks behind. I signed a contract and am headed to my lawyer. She told me that she was having problems with her accountant, but assured me that she would send me a check herself. Yeah right! Started out as a good thing and then I never received direct deposit. She said it was a miscommunication with her accountant, then received a check several weeks later. I was very patient with her but now I am 4 checks behind and still haven't received any checks. Everytime I contact her its one excuse after the next. I am fed up and will let my lawyer deal with her.
Any info on Four Seasons Transcription? Thanks! NM
Four Seasons Transcription; anyone with personal (sm)
experience with this company?  Is the Vianeta platform easy to use?  Did it seem like line counts added up appropriately?  Was the company organized and easy to work for?  Did you have plenty of work?  Sorry for all the questions. I just want to make the ''right'' move. Thank you.
Need feedback on Four Seasons Transcription
Any info on Four Seasons Transcription?
Four Seasons Transcription - good, bad?
I'm looking for information on Four Seasons Transcription.  Are they a good company to work for?  Any help, information, or opinion is appreciated. 
In the same predicament with Four Seasons Transcription..sm
Could I possibly find help here also???
Feedback on Four Seasons Transcription?
I need the good, bad and ugly on Four Seasons Transcription.  Feel free to email private responses.  Thanks!
Another one burned by Four Seasons Transcription

I was a current employee of Robin Hall's that still hung on thinking and believing she would pay me.  My paycheck was 5 weeks late when I finally said enough is enough.  I told her I quit as of 02/01/08.  Since that time she does not show online, does't answer her home phone, cell phone, or e-mail.  This woman is a very very good con artist and apparently has been operating this way for a long time.  I even called on her business number listed on her business webpage... guess what... that number has been disconnected with no forwarding number.  I still have yet to be paid and she owes me over $800.  The part I feel the worst about, I referred a friend to her shortly after I started.  She owes my friend over $900 and can't get a hold of Robin either.  I know there's probably not much I can do about what she did to me but I hate that fact that she will continue to cheat honest, hard working MT's.  I've posted on just about every site I can think of from Guru (where she found me) to Freelance.com.  If anyone can think of any other sites I'll post on them too.  I can't stress enough, please before you accept a position IC or employee status with ANY company..... check them out in any way possible.


Four Seasons Transcription Owes Me Money
She owes me money too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I sent you an e-mail.
Update on Four Seasons Transcription/Robin Hall. sm
Well, the update is there is no update.  She still has not paid me the money she owes me and refuses to answer emails, etc.  I've heard she's suing me for making slanderous and libelous statements.   She obviously has not looked up the definitions of slander or libel.  I've not made one FALSE statement.  I've had mutual acquaintances forward me emails/instant messages from her where she's making outrageous claims like she's mailed me my money by certified mail and I've failed to pick them up and she's emailed me but I refuse to answer her.  Totally nonsensical garbage.  I hear that she's advertising on guru.com these days.  I really need to know where these unethical imposters get off thinking they can just steal our services and get away with it.  I guess because they can.  Boy, how I wish some hospital would stiff her like she's stiffed me.  Thanks for all your kind words of encouragement.
FOUR SEASONS TRANSCRIPTION...PAY YOUR MTs.. Poor BrokeMT has been fighting you for months.
Just pay her. If her bank truly rejected her DD numerous times, then why wasn't she sent an actual paper check. Companies like this need to be run out on a rail. You give MTSOs a bad name.
If Four Seasons Transcription/Robin Hall owes you money...sm
please email me.  I am receiving emails from new victims of her's almost weekly.  Hopefully we can something done together since none of us seem to be getting anywhere individually.  It's became blatantly obvious that lying, conning, and stealing from us is just the way she runs her business.  Upon comparing notes, the common thread seems to be her excuses, i.e., her clients not paying her, our banks, and her accountant.  The payroll company is another of her favorites.  She even uses some of the exact same wording.  (She must have created templates for these excuse emails)  I finally quit when she owed me 4 invoices.   Her newest maneuver is firing people whose production has gone down solely for the reason that they're not being paid.  SHE MUST BE STOPPED.   As we speak, she is probably sitting at her black-hearted little computer shooting out her excuse templates right and left.   The post below by just passing through is kind of baffling.  I'd sure like more details about that situation.  Robin can sue me until the cows come home, I did NOTHING wrong.  I did get a reply from the BBB, and they said they didn't handle complaints of this nature.  Guru.com said they're keeping a close eye on her.  I feel our best bet is to pool our resources, hire an attorney, supply him/her with all the evidence we've collected, and let a court handle it.  Even if we cannot recover any of the money she already owes all of us, perhaps we can prevent her from ever doing this to others in the future.   Please email me if you're interested in joining forces against this rogue MTSO.
Four Seasons Transcription and Robin Hall...a tale of deception and duplicity. sm

I went to work for this company in November. I was assigned two large hospital accounts in Canada. After a few months, she lost one of them. She had to let go all of the MTs and editors she had hired to work on that account but asked me to stay because she said I was her best Editor and highest producer. I did. Everything rocked along for a few months without a hitch. Then my paycheck starting arriving late, at first a week, maybe 10 days late. But I was cool with that and didn't complain. Then one paycheck was weeks late. I contacted Robin and she told me that my bank was rejecting my direct deposit because my account had been closed. So I argued with the bank back and forth for weeks. They maintained that no deposits had been attempted. By then I was 2-3 paychecks behind. She continued to insist my bank was rejecting the direct deposits. I asked her for proof from her payroll company (rejection notices) but of course they never materialized. By August 1st, she still owed me 4 paychecks and I told her I could no longer donate my time and services to her cause. Throughout this time, she steadfastly stuck to her story that the hospital had not paid her, ergo she could not pay me. I've been in contact with a few of her current employees and know she's paying them (though late). As far as I'm concerned, this woman is nothing but a common thief. She stole my time, my experience, my talent, and my trust. I'm posting this because I'd like to save some other trusting soul from this same fate. I have no idea how this woman can lay her head on a pillow every night and actually go to sleep. A pox on her!!!

May be set on incorrect file setting? type of file??
If you are using, for instance, Express Scribe to listen/transcribe, there are about 10 or so types of setting for the file you use, wav, mp3 etc.  If so, go to the top of screen, look for setting. I just click all of them. 
The file to save is the SPF file.
Four Seasons? (sm)
Anyone edit for them? Sent my resume and they sent test but I have no Vianeta experience.  Anyone have any idea what line rate 'range' may be and what type of work they do? Direct deposit? 

Text removed by Administrator as it was threatening in nature.

Four Seasons

I am so sorry this happened to you.  Can you contact the Department of Labor in your area?

I almost worked for her in QA, but believe it or not, the day she was suppose to call me for training, she didn't call and never did call me again. I thought well maybe that should tell me something about this so I never pursued it.  We had already signed the contract and everything!!!! 

Hey Four Seasons
Robin Hall, pay your MTs.....................NOW!  You cannot hide from the law.
Has anybody been paid by Four Seasons yet?? nm
Four Seasons 1099s..
Did anyoneget their 1099s from Four Seasons yet?

Seasons Greetings to Our MTs !


       It is that time of the year again time to thank you for all of your hard work, and the high quality of your deliverables.  It is because of your skills and long hours of dedication that management has had yet another very profitable year.


      Therefore, in spite of cost of living increases for our MT staff, in order for our management to maintain the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed, MT line rates will be cut yet again, back to earnings realized in the mid-1980's, to maintain management salaries, plush offices, free lunches and holiday parties.


      Someone must sacrifice, and we are counting on the transcriptionists once again as we cut customer prices again in order to maintain work in the United States, raise management salaries and continue the perks which management enjoys at the office.  MTs must bear the brunt of the customer rate cuts, and it is the MTs that will fulfill the promises we have made to our accounts.  MTs will continue to sit patiently, without hourly compensation, waiting for work to be dumped into the system at the whim of the customer. 


       From a fiscal standpoint, management salaries must be maintained; MTs will be on their own to make ends meet.  MTs are expected to find ways to work around the pay and benefit cuts, by taking on two full-time jobs to earn the same salary that one full-time job afforded in past years, or by moving their families into cardboard boxes under the interstate.


       I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday cards signed by all members of office management during a workless afternoon and free lunch.  The cards were sent out a couple of weeks ago, as the office will be closed for four days over the holiday.  Please contact leads or other MTs with questions or to report changes in your contact info

(new addresses under interstate, disconnected phone numbers, etc.), as management will be out of state, far from the office, receiving full pay for each of the days that the office is closed during the holidays.


      MTs holiday schedules will remain the as always, and those who want to earn holiday pay will need to work two days prior to the holiday, two days after the holiday, three weekends in a row, and all other scheduled days for the next month, in order to earn $0.000000021 extra per holiday line.


       Happy Holidays to all transcriptionists and their families, and may 2009 show continued success, salary raises and perks for members of management.




Gree D. Boss, CEO

Four Seasons and the infamous Ms. Hall. nm
BBB complaint
I don't know why, but I remember a few years ago that they added a fee to place a complaint - at least in Texas.
was there any complaint
posted here,,it was a questions.  Managements perhaps, guilty perhaps.  How can you interpret asking a question as a complaint? 
I am not sure what the complaint was...and please
don't let your 10-year-old on the forum. Your child just said thumbs up to all the thumb suckers.
Robin Hall/Four Seasons - Whereabouts??? sm
Wondering if anybody knows what happened to Robin and/or Four Season Transcription??  Her website is down and email bounces back.  I just received a 1099 from her for 2008 and I haven't worked for her since 2007.  She didn't pay me what she owed me in 2007, much less anything in 2008.  Has anybody been in contact with her lately???  Thanks!!!
I don't understand the complaint either. sm
Maybe she has another cushy gig lined up and that's why she isn't mad.
Really, not one single complaint??
That was my complaint as well. You waste sm
a lot of time filling in demos. I tried it for about 6 months, but I just could not seem to up my count whatsoever due to that. I will say I never had any ESL docs.
another way to post complaint...
against those companies that steal our services by not paying or paying with bad checks etc. Like D&L in PA. All corporations file with Dunn and Bradstreet - they assist these small companies grow their business - send them an e-mail informing them of the companies practice so it goes in their files - anyone searching them out for business should know how they treat their independent contractors and employees. If all credit reporting agencies can do this - why not the people actually getting shafted.
Complaint filed
I think we all should go online and fill out the complaint form and mail it in along with a copy of all the complaints on this site.  I would love to see that disrespectful SOB do some jail time.  
Anyone with any recent info on Four Seasons? Is this an offshore service? sm
Cannot find anything in the archives, or anything that was recently answered in a page-by-page search.  TIA.
Same thing happened at Four Seasons and Eagles Landing
Apparently, MTSOs feel they can call all the shots without remorse.
My complaint is different QA people all telling me something different. nm
If you only complaint is QA telling you something different, then show them !!
However, you said the account was too difficult for you. So, I assumed you could not handle it. If the QA dept is incorrect, point it out to them and show them where they are giving you wrong info. Simple as that, if that is really all it is.
Why would it cost to make a complaint? -sm
If they start charging, no one will ever make any complaints.
I didn't even say it was a complaint, just true
it is nice to get the information you need as an MT, and some places give you nothing, but it was an incredible amount of books, I've never gotten that many before,and I truly did not have room for them all, not a complaint, just a statement.
My only real complaint is that the medical ins
has really deteriorated this year. There is always lots of work and they are good about giving PTO at least my supervisor is. Sometimes I have to jump around to different accounts but they are the same accounts all the time so I can pretty much get used to them. Hope that helps you.