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Great news on insurance, I never doubted this would happen

Posted By: tt2 on 2008-01-29
In Reply to:

Well, see, TT did come through on helping more with the insurance.  Rates dropped considerably AND they are still doing research for getting even better rates and plans.

Nay sayers, you could have given them time and had a little faith.  I worried, but wasted time worrying, because the big boss did what she said, and they always do.  Congrats TT MTs. Things looking better every day.

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Liability insurance old news -

Some years back this type of insurance was not uncommonly required of independent contractors. Some companies made it mandatory as part of your contract.  It mostly fell off as a requirement in the 1990s because the focus of responsibility began to be pushed back onto the signing physician.  The doctor has malpractice insurance and statistically have been the ones getting sued.  Not many MTs were being sued for this reason and those cases have dropped to nil in more recent years.  AAMT offered this insurance to their members.  I don't know if the Writer's Union continues to offer it.

Having heard the changes this particular company has been experiencing, I am not surprised to hear they have instituted this requirement.  As they have begun to be a less than desirable employer, they are attracting substandard or less than qualified MTs.  Perhaps it has become an issue for them with one or more clients, but that is speculation on my part.  It is not hard to speculate on that as being an issue, though, given the downward spiral they have yet to pull themselves out of.

The fair thing for them to do would be to put it in their ad.  Perhaps they instituted this change between the time you applied and the time they told you about it.

This is great news to me!
the people who are griping about something they have no experience with are gone. I have never had a cut in my pay with VR.

Good riddance.
Well then, if no bad news about MD-IT, must be great!!!

I believe I can safely assume, from experience, that no news is good news regarding medical transcription vendors.  If someone asks about a particular company and there are no negative comments, then it must be great.  Heck, there's an entire forum dedictated to the worst vendor on the planet - MedQuist!  And, rightly so - I was there for several years.

Great .. that's good news. Thanks so much. :-) nm

I hope it's great news!
We all need some good news anymore, LOL.
When did this happen to you? And what are the initials of your TL? Mine is great as well and wonder
You should feel great now! All good news.
It's a relief for all of us Ex-Qers who are used to being abused.
Axolotl has AWESOME, AFFORDABLE insurance.  Family plan medical and dental costs a little over $300.00 MONTHLY.  They also pay for family plan vision in its entirety.  STD, LTD, 401K with match and flex spending account, great PTO and HOLIDAY pay.  OH and paid downtime in the case you run out of work, which doesn't happen often!!! 
Nah, never doubted YOUR posts for a second, CB
I've been following your posts since before you were merged into Transcend.

No worries...I KNOW you're the real deal. I was referring to the other posts by posters I'd never seen before on here that were a bit TOO optimistic and pep-talkish that had a 'planted' (for lack of a better word) to them.

Nope, I never doubt your credibility for a second :-)
Great News!! I was able to cash the check yesterday. I called the branch directly and they said-sm

right now it was good.  I do live in another state but her bank was bought by a bank that is local to me.  I went there as soon as I could get there and they cashed the check for me!!!  She owes me another small check ($84 and change) which I still have not received.  I was beginning to think that I was never going to see this $$ (the last time I was able to cash a check from her was back in January).  I guess if I bug her enough I will get my other funds.  I think she just wants me to go away which I will as soon as I get all the funds owed me.  She also owes me a 1099 but I am not going to stress over that.  I still have my records.  Thanks all for your ideas. 

right, and the insurance is not that great
pay is 6.5 to 8 cpl, unless you're on a special team where you move around alot on accounts you get 9, the insurance is not cheap and has a huge deductible.
Axolotl carries BS/BC with very great rates and coverage!
Axolotl has a great insurance plan with very competitive prices. 
Single plan $52 up to $150 for family bimonthly.  They pay for vision.  Dental ranges from $3 to 13 bimonthly.
Great company and they pay employee insurance. nm
Axolotl has great affordable insurance!
Their rates are better than any MT company that I know of.
Yep...great insurance, but I HATED working for them.
For years I had wanted so badly to work for Axolotl. I was finally hired and found it to be one of the biggest disappointments ever. Left there and never looked back.
No news is good news for me. I check my audited reports all the time
If I need to talk with one of them, I call or IM them.  But, no, I have learned that if I am doing a good job, they leave you alone to do your work.  They are not in any way a company that micromanages as long as you do what you are supposed to.  If you give them a reason to think you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing, they will keep an eye out on your work, etc. 
Axolotl insurance. They have great rates but what is the coverage
like?  Can anyone tell me what insurance company they use and what your experience has been?  TIA
I thought no news is good news, too. Then got email about
No news is good news! If there's a problem, they'll
I guess no news is good news! :-)
Thanks anyway!
If no news is good news why is a person
I agree - no news is good news - sm
They are busy making sure you have work and want you to stay productive and busy.  What is there to talk about?  I personally like being left alone to do my work.  As long as you get a check and the work keeps flowing, just do your thing! 
Is this news should have been labeled NEWS ALERT ...
This is breathtaking information and everyone who works at TT or is considering has the right to know. It will be buried with a title like is this news? It seems as if you are responding to the first poster's complaint of no work.
Sometimes.....NO news is Good news. sm
Maybe you are doing just fine and everything is correct. Maybe they do no feel you need feedback because your quality is excellent!!

Good thought for the day :-) !!
good news and bad news ----
Good - plenty of work, just landed a new acct.

Bad - Check posts from a few weeks back. Out of the blue, everyone got a huge pay cut.
Webmedx fits that bill, great company, great benefits, great pay and always on time. NM
Great company, great boss, great account!!!nm
401k funds are protected by govt insurance similar to the insurance
that banks have (FDIC). It is safe even if the company goes under.
The insurance cost is double for Transcend but insurance probably doesn't factor in for her.
I have heard more good things about Axolotl than Transcend, although it seems Axolotl may be less flexible with your schedule and someone told me that QA was pretty strict, which should not matter either if you have worked for a hospital and know what your QA score is.
The insurance plan in my opinion is excellent insurance. I am not sure if it will change when it'
time to renew or not. I really hope not but I know that a lot of companies change every year in an effort to keep costs down because most insurance companies start raising rates after you have been with them a year. The insurance is Great West and they also have excellent dental and vision plans. I believe the cost is less than $70 a pay period for the employee.
Insurance sucks compared to my old insurance... sm
The insurance seems like they don't want to cover anything, even simple prescriptions I used to pay 4 or 10 dollars on I now pay 20 to 43 dollars.  I like the company/people so far, just don't like the insurance.
System great, pay good, everything great, but most managers from old Edix, problems, poor people ski
when you are out of work, you are out of luck. If you are good at brown-nosing, are tough enough to be without any self-esteem, and have maybe money coming into the household on the side in case you tick someone off, then you may succeed, for a little while.

Don't ever ask questions or have problems with anything. Don't ever have a problem. Don't think you will have any control over anything you do, either.

A few 'good' managers remained when I left, but the new ones were all from the old Edix, and were completely into numbers, cared nothing for individual MTs...if there is work, you BETTER be working. If there no work, you will hear nothing, no one will help you.
You are pathetic! I have a great life, loving family, work for a great company.
You might want to fix that.

You really don't have to shout (angry person), but yes you are wrong!!

That is my last word to you!

I will add that getting a great pay check every other Friday from Medware really puts a huge smile on my face.
Oracle is great. Bayscribe is wonderful great line counts.
The trainer at OTI will always answer any questions about the platform and if you have any problems they have already worked them out, so just ask. Good luck!
YOG - Lots of work, great office staff, great money. NM
Loved Alltype! Great management and great accounts.
wah  -  i miss it there!
I don't think that could happen at....
Heartland, only because they already have 2 Indian facilities plus a domestic team? Do you think?
It can happen anywhere...
We were told so many lies by the woman who owned our company, who stayed to run it after she sold it.  And the lies told by the company who bought the company were just outrageous.  I never would have believed this could have happened, or that the former owner would have become so dishonest and manipulative.  It was to the point where no one in the company trusted people we'd known and worked with for years.  It was really awful and it can happen in any company.  I hope it doesn't happen to you at Heartland but look at what's gone on there in the past few years.  How much turnover has there been in upper management?  If the president, who founded the company, was fired, why do you think anyone at the parent company cares about you?  They care about one thing and that is $$$$$$$$$.
When did this happen??
I have been with them for quite a while and have not heard anything yet.  Would not surprise me though....I'll have to think about whether to cooperate with this or not.  I already know I'm nuts....ha :)
That did happen....

.....at the end of 2004 into 2005 that did happen with my company.  It was not an issue of the company not being able to pay, they were trying to get set up with direct deposit at the time.  I was a fairly new employee and my first check arrived without problem.  My second and third ones did not arrive but when I brought it to their attention, they immediately wired the money to me.  Once all the paperwork and computer set up was taken care of for direct deposit, we've had no trouble since.  I was rather upset and concerned at the time too, but the people were so down to earth and kind I just knew they would make it right and they did.

If you'd like to email to see if we are talking about the same company, please feel free.

Will NEVER happen
Does this happen often??? because
I was going to use their online application to apply for a job today!
Unfortunately, what seems to happen
on these boards is that certain people feel that it is their way or no way. We are all entitled to post our opinion about a company. I personally would prefer to hear all of the comments, good and bad. I won't base my decisions on what others say but will certainly pay attention to what is said. There is no point in any one getting offensive. If you don't like what is said about your company, then don't read it, but just because you don't like it does not mean that it is a false statement. We each have the right to express our opinion on this board; that's what we do and there is nothing preventing you from not reading it. There is no point in beating the issue to death.
Did this happen to all QA
Did this happen to all QA or just a few
Would you happen to know if (SM)

you must use their computer euipment?  TIA. 

Does this happen often?
I just started with TT and so far I haven't run out yet, but I'm only part time. I was thinking about going full time, but not if there isn't any work to do.
,,,it can happen. nm
When did this happen? sm
When I was there they only had one plan that was hugely expensive and no one bothered to ask if you wanted to sign up, although perhaps they assumed (rightly so in my case as a newbie) that one would not be able to make the minimum lines in 30 days.