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This is great news to me!

Posted By: More work for me when... on 2009-04-22
In Reply to: The ax finally falls at TT - UGGHH

the people who are griping about something they have no experience with are gone. I have never had a cut in my pay with VR.

Good riddance.

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Well then, if no bad news about MD-IT, must be great!!!

I believe I can safely assume, from experience, that no news is good news regarding medical transcription vendors.  If someone asks about a particular company and there are no negative comments, then it must be great.  Heck, there's an entire forum dedictated to the worst vendor on the planet - MedQuist!  And, rightly so - I was there for several years.

Great .. that's good news. Thanks so much. :-) nm

I hope it's great news!
We all need some good news anymore, LOL.
You should feel great now! All good news.
It's a relief for all of us Ex-Qers who are used to being abused.
Great news on insurance, I never doubted this would happen

Well, see, TT did come through on helping more with the insurance.  Rates dropped considerably AND they are still doing research for getting even better rates and plans.

Nay sayers, you could have given them time and had a little faith.  I worried, but wasted time worrying, because the big boss did what she said, and they always do.  Congrats TT MTs. Things looking better every day.

Great News!! I was able to cash the check yesterday. I called the branch directly and they said-sm

right now it was good.  I do live in another state but her bank was bought by a bank that is local to me.  I went there as soon as I could get there and they cashed the check for me!!!  She owes me another small check ($84 and change) which I still have not received.  I was beginning to think that I was never going to see this $$ (the last time I was able to cash a check from her was back in January).  I guess if I bug her enough I will get my other funds.  I think she just wants me to go away which I will as soon as I get all the funds owed me.  She also owes me a 1099 but I am not going to stress over that.  I still have my records.  Thanks all for your ideas. 

No news is good news for me. I check my audited reports all the time
If I need to talk with one of them, I call or IM them.  But, no, I have learned that if I am doing a good job, they leave you alone to do your work.  They are not in any way a company that micromanages as long as you do what you are supposed to.  If you give them a reason to think you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing, they will keep an eye out on your work, etc. 
I thought no news is good news, too. Then got email about
No news is good news! If there's a problem, they'll
I guess no news is good news! :-)
Thanks anyway!
If no news is good news why is a person
I agree - no news is good news - sm
They are busy making sure you have work and want you to stay productive and busy.  What is there to talk about?  I personally like being left alone to do my work.  As long as you get a check and the work keeps flowing, just do your thing! 
Is this news should have been labeled NEWS ALERT ...
This is breathtaking information and everyone who works at TT or is considering has the right to know. It will be buried with a title like is this news? It seems as if you are responding to the first poster's complaint of no work.
Sometimes.....NO news is Good news. sm
Maybe you are doing just fine and everything is correct. Maybe they do no feel you need feedback because your quality is excellent!!

Good thought for the day :-) !!
good news and bad news ----
Good - plenty of work, just landed a new acct.

Bad - Check posts from a few weeks back. Out of the blue, everyone got a huge pay cut.
Webmedx fits that bill, great company, great benefits, great pay and always on time. NM
Great company, great boss, great account!!!nm
System great, pay good, everything great, but most managers from old Edix, problems, poor people ski
when you are out of work, you are out of luck. If you are good at brown-nosing, are tough enough to be without any self-esteem, and have maybe money coming into the household on the side in case you tick someone off, then you may succeed, for a little while.

Don't ever ask questions or have problems with anything. Don't ever have a problem. Don't think you will have any control over anything you do, either.

A few 'good' managers remained when I left, but the new ones were all from the old Edix, and were completely into numbers, cared nothing for individual MTs...if there is work, you BETTER be working. If there no work, you will hear nothing, no one will help you.
You are pathetic! I have a great life, loving family, work for a great company.
You might want to fix that.

You really don't have to shout (angry person), but yes you are wrong!!

That is my last word to you!

I will add that getting a great pay check every other Friday from Medware really puts a huge smile on my face.
Oracle is great. Bayscribe is wonderful great line counts.
The trainer at OTI will always answer any questions about the platform and if you have any problems they have already worked them out, so just ask. Good luck!
YOG - Lots of work, great office staff, great money. NM
Loved Alltype! Great management and great accounts.
wah  -  i miss it there!
That's news to me???
Have been an employee for many, many years and have never been reimbursed for any long distance charges. 
here's news.
Well, Transtech now has Tracy B from MQ and then down the crapper to Heartland at the helm as their new CEO.  How long do you think that will be a good place to work????  About 30 seconds!
But it's such old news
The same two arguments keep coming up again and again...that e-mail and the opinions about the QA director.  The QA director seems to stir up ire.  I don't know. I haven't had to deal with her.  I just know that neither of those points are hindering my job as an MT at OSi.  I'm making more than I ever have and am furthering my career.  I might possibly think twice about ever applying for a QA position with them, but I know that right now I'm really happy with OSi, with the people I deal with, with the amount of money I'm making with them, with my benefits, etc.
Now for the bad news...
I had an offer from them, and while thinking about it (actually debating say with MQ or go with them - their pay, PTO, benefits, healthcare company - EVERYTHING is exactly the same except for $300 equipment deposit) a computer appeared on my doorstep, the trainer called me, tech support ... all of this happened, yet, they did not even have a formal offer acceptance! It's been over 2 weeks now and the computer is still here ... are we starting to see a pattern here? Sound MQ-esq????
Run away before you do ... bad news.
Boy news to me
Like I said I could be wrong, never heard of it before.  Then tell this poster where you got it and what it cost you and help  her out.  What company do you work for?
Bad news sm

I worked there.  The manager is extremely nice in the beginning and then is really mean and rude after you've been there awhile.  I would never consider working for her again even if she paid .15 a line.  It's just not worth it to me.


Feel free to do a search on this board.   I thought maybe things had gotten better, but there are others who had the same experience with them.


Good luck!

bad news
Run Forrest Run....
Bad news
Cquence was not for me. It is difficult to learn and absolutely 1 of the worst platforms I have ever worked on.
D&L...any news?
Anything new on D&L ? It has been pretty quiet this last week or so.
Just a little news
Word on the street has it they laid off all their techs but one, and the other people now work from home. So now they will have to pick up the pieces and start over or get jobs (that is funny). Maybe they will have to start cutting their own grass, trimming their own shrubs, and getting their groceries themselves, tsk tsk
Has anyone got news on D&L?
just wondering if they are still in business.
Bad Bad News...
A lot of horror stories about AT have been posted in the past, I know a few people personally who had terrible experiences.  Alltype issues seem to be bait and switch, lack of ethics and basic honesty, and mgt that will do anything for the bottom line.  If the new owner hasn't completely purged them check the archives  out, they may help you...just watch your back if you do take a job with them.  GOOD LUCK.. 
I think so too. I saw on the news where...sm
people are foregoing medical care such as surgeries, tests, and even doctor visits because they can't afford the copay or deductible. One lady had cancer on the news and needed to have a CT scan and she said even though she had ins she couldn't get the CT scan because she could not afford the deductible.
Is this news?

I would never bite the  hand that feeds me or bad-mouth a company I worked for.  Since I have been gone from TT now for a year, I feel  no obligation whatsoever.  I did a lot of research before I quit and my conclusion was/is that TT is just a drop off station for Dictaphone.  I did research on my 2 primaries (lost) and found that both dried up when they fully implemented Dictaphone VR.  I further concluded that the hospitals switch over to a very few in-house MT editors and poof, all TT gets is overflow.   I seriously doubt that they have many, if any, contracts of their own.  Obviously things have gotten worse since I quit so why would anyone expect it will improve?  I think not.

The TT management person I was so proud of, I am now not so proud of anymore.  I don't know what happened to her.  The person I have known so long didn't have it in her to be be less than straight forward.  She did, before I quit, even learn to  hit the ignore button on my emails.  This hurt me tremendously!   Didn't even reply to my letter of resignation.  Thus...I highly doubt that any of you who claim to be in the know know anything at all unless you are part of the management team or have done a lot of research and if you've done your research, you know it ain't good..

Don't worry, I don't have to sign my name, TT management, when they read this, will know exactly who I am.


Might have some bad news here
According to the year you were born, when you reach 66 it might NOT be the retirement age for you. I was born in '43 and the age for full retirement went up with my birth year. They will be increasing soon to be that you have to be 67 years to reach full retirement and so on. In other words if born in 1955 your full retirement is 66 and 2 months, 1956 it is 66 and 4 months so people are living longer and retirement also going to older years to be able to draw full retirement. I did not want ANY money prior to my FULL retirement age because for every 2 dollars you make working (if you continue working which I am doing) they take back 1 dollar of that. If you donít want a chunk of money missing then you can only work so many hrs a month- to heck with that. I waited until full and now that is exactly what I take along with my salary doing MTing and so glad that I waited.
It's a great company -- lots of work and great pay. sm
Web site is www.mditrans.net.  If you need anymore info, feel free to ask. 
Axolotl has AWESOME, AFFORDABLE insurance.  Family plan medical and dental costs a little over $300.00 MONTHLY.  They also pay for family plan vision in its entirety.  STD, LTD, 401K with match and flex spending account, great PTO and HOLIDAY pay.  OH and paid downtime in the case you run out of work, which doesn't happen often!!! 
Well, yes, it does. Here is the news flash ...
I had my dates wrong but yes, MQ purchased Lanier.


MedQuist Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Lanier Healthcare
MARLTON, NJ - June 26, 2002 - Medquist Inc. (www.medquist.com) has signed an agreement to acquire Lanier Healthcare from Platinum Equity, LLC (www.peh.com). The transaction is expected to close July 1, 2002.

"Lanier Healthcare's distribution channel, customer service infrastructure and technology capabilities are a perfect complement to MedQuist's medical document management service offerings. This transaction will enhance our dictation, transcription and coding suite of solutions and will be immediately accretive to MedQuist's earnings," said David Cohen, chairman and CEO of MedQuist.

"Lanier Healthcare is excited to become part of MedQuist," said Dennis Mahoney, president and CEO of Lanier Healthcare. "Both companies have complementary product and service offerings that will enhance the value we bring to our combined customer base.

"The combined operations will provide solutions that incorporate the latest technologies, such as speech recognition and natural language processing, to capture, document and distribute timely health care information.

Why don't you go ahead and tell them the BAD news? (sm)
They added a tiny bit to the benefit package (still not comparable to other nationals), still no weekend or shift differential. AND they raised the minimum line count from 10,000 lines per pay period to 12,000. It will be imposible to achieve 12,000 lines on those horrible VA accounts. The recruiter will tell you that you won't get paid for headers or footers because they automatically populate WRONG!!! You will spend an unbelievable amount of time in the demographic screen.
Ohhh, the news is not really all that old. I still think OSi is just a
Would like to give you better news, but I can't.
I worked on the platform since the very beginning of rolling it out and stuck with it for about 7 or 8 months.  It doesn't get any better than what you're experiencing now and after all that time on the platform with the terrible voice quality and all the problems I finally quit.  Before the transition to BT I was producing between 13 and 17K lines per pay period.  After 8 months on that platform, I was down to 8 or 9K lines per pay period, and I had been with them for years on the same accounts that I typed in VWP.
QA people are bad news.
Don't waste your time with Transcend Services. Some of the people there love to degrade and put their MTs down. Not worth the aggrevation.
latest news
You're right. DSG made me absolutely miserable. I finally quit. The lack of organization, the constant changing of the specs for each account, the constant shuffling of which accounts you worked on, now keep a log of all cc's sent per report and send it to operations each day, plus the fluctuations of work available just got to be crazy.
I think this had been a very good company and it's sad that something has gone terribly wrong. They need to step back and look at their management style and their growth, and reassess what's going on. They can't keep experienced MTs or QA people, they are now loaded with very inexperienced MTs. They are in deep waters and need to take notice.
Medware....bad news
Just FYI...I just quit from there because 3 out of 6 paychecks were incorrect!! I was constantly out of work even though I was supposed to be with several back-up accounts. Good luck with that...I would not go there at all. They promised me $ for referrals and I brought 2 more MTs to them and I received not one dime!!
Any news on Medware 401(k)?

I posted a few months ago about Medware withholding salary for my 401(k) account but not depositing those funds.  I reported them to the Dept. of Labor and an investigation was started.  I'm wondering if any current Medware employees have any news about what is going on?  I have not heard back from Labor, they said it would be a long process.  Thanks for any news.

Any good news on MDI-MD?
For some reason I can't get my search to work.  I think there've been some posts in the past, but anyway, any current information on status there and how do you like it?  tia
I have never seen this in the news, which I keep up on daily.
Got a news bulletin for ya :)
Its the *U.S.* that is not so scrupulous. Or do you think the farming out of our jobs to people making pennies a day is scrupulous? Yes, the governments of Korea, China, et AL are taking advantage of their own people but don't think for a second that the US is not CAPITALIZING on the situation.