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Happy with my own hospital accounts. No more nationals for me. nm

Posted By: 25 year MT on 2005-12-28
In Reply to: Where are the VERY experienced MTs (20+ years) happy? - sm


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I'd be happy if these nationals would offer insurance
and other bennies NOT contingent on line counts, or lower the bar a little, at least. I'd get a job there and stay forever if that were the case.
Diskriter off off offshores - and on some hospital accounts - they have not informed the hospital
I honestly am very glad you're happy! I juggled 2 nationals for a while, and it was exhausting.
Though if I could, I would probably go back to Spheris. Long story there, but probably would not be rehired as I never made it thru training. Just trained with the biggest bunch of, well, MTs. If one more person clapped those little hand icons at some lame joke, I thought I would vomit. Actually did vomit...I was very ill, and just folded...Get rid of the clapping hand icons!!! 
Hospital accounts...Sm

is what I worked on, one a teaching hospital.  I am a very fast typist, used my Bayscribe Expander to the max, and have been a Transcriptionist for 30 years.   There are other transcriptionists, as well, that can do that many lines at MDI.  

I also take a lot of breaks and work in 1 to 1-1/2 hour increments.

I left this kind of money because I now have a lot more flexible schedule and yes, believe what you want, I do make more money now.   

in hospital accounts

Does anyone know how most hospitals pay if you work in house? Do they pay an  hourly rate, or do they pay per line?

I do 1200 lines a day in 2 hospital accounts and I can
usually get my work done in 4 to 5 hours.  BUT, if the kids are around or whatever, then of course, it takes quite a bit longer.  Also, I have a lot of Instant Text saved etc. and normals that my doctors repeat in their reports.
Another company shares accounts at same hospital..
they pay well. contact phoenix med com at phoenixmedcom.com. they do lots of ortho too!
Diskriter versus hospital accounts

Did they explain the Diskriter versus hospital status to you when you spoke with them?  I'm a little confused about that from the above posters.  Thanks!

Diskriter MTs, is hospital account or DR accounts a
On accounts they are losing, one isn't a large hospital in LA? (sm
I figured if they ever lost this one we would be notified in advance. (or at least hoped) This one they got when they bought YOG out, large, large facility. E-mail if you wish.
I find that those with experience with any nationals or many nationals
usually are invaluable if they have many years of experience.  The more nationals they have worked for, they have been exposed to many dictators and that is a plus!  I say send on the resumes if that is the case.  I also find that many hospital employees whether it be for 1 year or 10 or more usually are limited in style issues, but not a major disaster. 
Hospital accounts can be worth their weight in gold.
I work for a hospital, and I'll never go back to a national again. However, I do believe I work for the best hospital on the planet, too.

We are on production, but if we run out of work, we're still paid (they value their MTs). Great benefits, fantastic incentives, Planetree philosophy, conscientous dictators, life doesn't get much better than this.

Strongly consider working for a hospital rather than a service. I think you'll be happy.
Out of work here, too--and I have 4 huge hospital accounts!! GRRR nm
Any with MDI that work on the Northern Virginia hospital accounts?
I work for one of the other services and received some disturbing news this week.  Just want to verify what I was told is true.  Please email. 
I am happy for you that your accounts have not been moved to Beyondtxt yet! sm
I will be interested to here your opinion of the software when they are moved over in a few months.
Jewish is the main hospital, St. Mary's is another hospital under their management. (nm)
First for hospital, then outsourced still on same hospital work
and believe it or not, the hospital was so much easier. Had worked at the hospital for 11 years before they outsourced and then worked another 3+ years for the company they outsourced to. What a difference! The company had so many rules and regulations you could hardly keep up with them all, thousands of them, on the same account, mind you. The higher ups would not leave you alone, constant IMs about any and all. I have gotten to the age where I do not need all that and walked the other week. Have scheduled testing with another hospital for this month. Hope I make the cut, love the hospital work 1000 times more than a company.
A lot of people mention how they won't work for nationals and the smaller companies are so much better in their pay and treatment of employees - can anybody name some examples of smaller companies who are better? There are so many out there, a few examples would help.  Thanks.
No I don't do nationals.
I have over 15 years of experience on-site and was asked by physicians to work for them from my home office.  I have only tried one national, and I did not like the platform.  It was VR.  I'm a free spirit, I guess.  I'm an independent contractor, keyword being independent.  I guess once you are your own boss, you pretty much get set in your ways.  I don't know.  I make great money though, and to me, there is nothing unrealistic about my paychecks.  They seem very real to me.  They cash at the bank in a realistic fashion.  I use the real money that comes from the real physicians that I work for and I transcribe for real patients and I do a REAL good job or else I wouldn't have my real good paycheck.  Everything seems pretty realistic to me.       
Transcend is an excellent company to work for, I have not had a bad experience with anyone there.
50 nationals?
Wowser.  You must have a hard time remembering your reasons for resigning.  My goodness.  That is a large number of companies.
11 cpl--Nationals exist!!
Check with MDI in Gaithersburg, MD. If you are absolutely top-notch, they will pay you 11 cpl and you work 2 weekend days per month. You have until 11 PM to complete your lines (at least 1000 for full time and that may have changed) each day, after that, it is a "new day." You certainly can work from 11:01 to 7:00 AM but you don't have to. They are lovely people to work for. Pay is always on time--direct deposit. You would be a statutory employee.
I IC for two nationals, neither of which care that I sm

work for another--nothing to the contrary is stated in the contract.  Thank you, though, for having the integrity to ask.

I work for 2 nationals and one knows

that I work for the other. I asked them when they were hiring me if it would be a conflict of interest and they said no. Only my team leader at my main job knows I work for the second job. The only problem I have is some days I get their programs mixed up. I'm constantly hitting control S to spellcheck and send the chart when it's F7 at the other job.


Really? It's the same as most nationals offer. sm

Considering I'm just a 3-1/2-year MT I thought it was good pay. 

Maybe I'm letting myself go too cheap?

Most nationals are going to have a lot of ESLs. sm
I was told by one MTSO owner that they needed American MTs to do that kind of stuff overseas because they couldn't ship that stuff out and expect any kind of quality in return. So as long as there are crappy ESL dictators, they will need American MTs.

I think it is funny that even their own people can't transcribe that stuff.
There are several big nationals in Florida with
hundreds of MTs. There is not just one company in FL with hundreds of MTs
Yep. Which is exactly why I'm giving up on nationals.
been with 2 large nationals; will never do that again.
Much better with the smaller companies.
Nationals pay by the line, if you are an IC there is no OT - sm
You want more money, you work more basically. I don't know of any companie that pay hourly, it is all by the line, and incentive pay can up your salary. Some companies are better than others in terms of dictators and it is hit and miss until you find a good fit for yourself and your goals.
Largest Nationals?
What would you say the top 5 largest national companies are?  Thanks!!
I prefer nationals. SM
I have worked years in hospital settings. It does have its advantages. Here's what I see the pros/cons are:

Inhouse Pros:
-- When you are done for the day, you're done!
-- You are not faced with family/friend disruption (see cons, too)
-- Company provides everything
-- Socializing is easy
-- Provides a change of environment
-- You have immediate access to assistance on all levels
-- HR and Payroll are usually in the same bldg and you can go down directly to them
-- Mgmt is readily available
-- You can usually view the entire workload and see how it is being distributed or balanced and have more input
-- Workload is limited to your employer's work only

-- If you get too close to coworkers, they become intrustive on your work
-- If you don't share coworkers' perspectives, you can be given quite a cold shoulder treatment
-- You have to conform to a dress code usually
-- You have to leave the house in bad weather, park - sometimes walk a ways or even pay fo parking, etc.
-- Usually much more structured work and break times that are not too flexible
-- Usually paid hourly..sometimes with incentive plans. If you are really fast, probably not a good setup for you.

Love Nationals:
-- Work from home
-- Co provides equipment
-- Plenty of work and varieties of work
-- Paid on production -- great producers do very well
-- No worries about coworkers and social settings (getting along with annoying workers, etc.)

Yeah, those nationals are going away... NOT. SM
Hospitals and clinics outsource because they get sick of MTs saying Oh I won't work those days or that shift or something else. There are some good nationals and some bad nationals; don't lump 'em all into one.
Raiss with nationals
Anybody ever get a raise with a national company?.....seems like .08 cents forever

I see a lot of griping/complaining/bashing regarding various companies on this board and quite frankly in 30 years of doing this, I have worked for most of them.  I read complaints about ESL docs etc and quite frankly, I blame it on our educational system.  When I was in school, I learned how to spell phonetically, therefore if a word had an f sound to it, I was taught that MAYBE that word could be spelled beginning with ph. 

I didn't go to school to learn MT, I learned it on the job in a hospital with dictation tanks and an IBM Selectric typewriter.  Right now, corporate America is going through a hard time, but yet I see MTs on here griping about the fact that they didn't get anything for Thanksgiving/Christmas/MTWeek  -- well got news -- even corporate America isn't doing that any more and if they are, the companies are few and far between. 

I get soooooooo tired of seeing posts to the effect of well, I only want to work M-F or what is acute care?  GEEZ  -- give me a break!!!! There are many companies, i.e., Sprint, Verizon, and others who offer 24/7 tech support/customer service, but I sure the heck don't hear them complaining.  We are a nation now where MASSIVE corportate layoffs are going on and we are headed for a recession/depression.  I would suggest that you quit complaining and posting negativity and be thankful that you have a job, no matter what.

Off the soapbox for now


I have worked for 6 nationals
one who could not keep enough MTs to carry the workload - forcing them to call EVERY SINGLE DAY I WAS OFF. I stopped answering the phone and found greener pastures where I may get called very occasionally but not EVERY off day.
Sick of nationals
Do not rule out larger private practices. I worked acute care for 13 years and then was outsourced. Then I spent 1 1/2 years messing around with Nationals and then found a position with a large orthopedic practice, 50+ docs. Very good benefits and I do work from home, though working from home was not an issue for me. With experience, these jobs are out there but you have to be willing to jump on them when they come up. Good luck.
Most nationals don't hire IC
Global Solution will not hire ICs. They called me to talk about a job but when I said I would not go employee that was the end of the conversation. I have turned down a few good jobs because one, they wanted me to be an employee or two, they wanted me to be an IC but treat me like an employee. It has sucked out there. 
What nationals use Dictaphone ExText?
Do you think nationals have licenses in all 50 states? Not. nm
I want to do a comparison now that everything seems to be changing at MQ and the other nationals. sm

what is the starting line count rate for acute care at some of the big nationals? or the range?  How about for radiology or pathology?  Do most have incentive programs and what do they consist of?  If we could put it all together, we would eliminate a lot of posts and maybe have a reference for those of us looking so that we do not waste time, energy and the possibility of being lied to.

Here is what I know:

ETranz - 0.10 per line but my checks keep bouncing when I finally get paid very late.  No incentive.  No direct deposit.

Transolutions - 0.08 per line.  They supply the equipment and computer (or did 2 years ago).  Their system is a dinosaur.  I always got paid on time. 



I work for 2 nationals, and I think as long as you are an IC sm

no one really has a right to tell you that you cannot work for as many people as you want.  However, as someone pointed out, most companies nowadays have you sign a contract with a no-solicitation clause, stating that you cannot solicit work from any of the accounts you have worked on for them for 1-2 years.

Still, I do not broadcast to either company that I am working for someone else.  I simply let each company know the days I am available to work for them.  

Hope this helps.  Try not to let the nasty/negative posts get to you.  There are always those in every group who take more joy from tearing someone down than listening and possibly lending a helping hand.  Fortunately, they are NOT in the majority.

Good luck!

I've tried many, many nationals. Amphion is the only one
that I truly like. I think if you go to their website or check the Job Seekers board, there will be a rundown of their available benefits. They've given me everything I have asked for. I never run out of work. They don't pound me with ESLs all day long either.
Sick of Pompous Nationals

How can they sleep at night offshoring their work to make a buck knowing that the MTs who are hanging in there with them cannot pay their bills or feed their kids.

I hope they all fail.


Insurance deductables at nationals
If you work for a national, what is your deductable per year for insurance?
Seems like nationals are always hiring though, so I guess it
Most don't play that way though!
Both nationals I work for are low on ops. Which company sm
do you work for that has so many?
I worked for 2 other nationals before Keystrokes..(sm)
I can tell a HUGE difference in the personal attention they pay to their employees. I felt like nothing but a number at the big nationals and I finally feel like I am actually a person at Keystrokes, one who counts. I also believe they will do everything in their power to keep it that way too.
Large nationals don't like radiology because of TAT
One thing I learned from nationals is that sm
you never get the same response twice to the same question. Best thing to do is to ask each person the same darned questions, take names, and write down the responses and repeat them back. When you get an inconsistency, bring it up then in a very nice way. Many times a company's staff is scattered in different buildings, sometimes even in different states so they all have different information.

It's going to be a while before more companies get their programs tweaked to adjust to Vista, so it's best to get yourself a nice new or refurbished computer with XP on it. As you see from other posts, it's very possible. Maybe you can find one locally at a little tech shop.

Relax. This will eventually work itself out. You just have to go step by step. Never mind the people hassling you here. There are more of the helpful ones than the negative ones.

You will get through this. I agree, though, computer hassles are soooooo stressful!

just random wondering about nationals...

Been an MT for 10+ years, have worked on own accounts and for some nationals.  Like to read the boards here, contribute when I can.  I also look at the job boards and hardly ever see anything new--there are the random exceptions from services that don't keep the same ad running forever.  I know it's difficult to get an account then staff it to keep the turnaround going.  In looking at the job ads posted by nationals that keep looking for new MTs ad nauseum, day after day, week after week, how on earth do they ever get enough people to actually do the work they say the need help with!  I just can't believe that with the musical chairs MTs go through to find the right mix of work and skills that any of these outfits stay in business.  I know they just keep an ad going for infinity just to see what might come their way, but are they really that hurting for MTs?  It's a puzzlement to me... Just rambling on a hot summer night.