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Another company shares accounts at same hospital..

Posted By: msme on 2006-04-04
In Reply to: Question for D&L Typing ICs - ic mt

they pay well. contact phoenix med com at phoenixmedcom.com. they do lots of ortho too!

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either I own shares, or it is NOT my company


How many times did I try to explain to family, to church, to friends -- Sorry, I NEED to help my job -- no.  No more will I break neck and deny important people or events for my job, unless I OWN part of that company.  That would have been a viable thing for Ms. D, had she opened that possibility up to us, to buy into it. .  What's done is done, but I am on my way out of this mess, God willing.

Diskriter off off offshores - and on some hospital accounts - they have not informed the hospital
Hospital accounts...Sm

is what I worked on, one a teaching hospital.  I am a very fast typist, used my Bayscribe Expander to the max, and have been a Transcriptionist for 30 years.   There are other transcriptionists, as well, that can do that many lines at MDI.  

I also take a lot of breaks and work in 1 to 1-1/2 hour increments.

I left this kind of money because I now have a lot more flexible schedule and yes, believe what you want, I do make more money now.   

in hospital accounts

Does anyone know how most hospitals pay if you work in house? Do they pay an  hourly rate, or do they pay per line?

I do 1200 lines a day in 2 hospital accounts and I can
usually get my work done in 4 to 5 hours.  BUT, if the kids are around or whatever, then of course, it takes quite a bit longer.  Also, I have a lot of Instant Text saved etc. and normals that my doctors repeat in their reports.
Happy with my own hospital accounts. No more nationals for me. nm
Diskriter versus hospital accounts

Did they explain the Diskriter versus hospital status to you when you spoke with them?  I'm a little confused about that from the above posters.  Thanks!

Diskriter MTs, is hospital account or DR accounts a
On accounts they are losing, one isn't a large hospital in LA? (sm
I figured if they ever lost this one we would be notified in advance. (or at least hoped) This one they got when they bought YOG out, large, large facility. E-mail if you wish.
Hospital accounts can be worth their weight in gold.
I work for a hospital, and I'll never go back to a national again. However, I do believe I work for the best hospital on the planet, too.

We are on production, but if we run out of work, we're still paid (they value their MTs). Great benefits, fantastic incentives, Planetree philosophy, conscientous dictators, life doesn't get much better than this.

Strongly consider working for a hospital rather than a service. I think you'll be happy.
Out of work here, too--and I have 4 huge hospital accounts!! GRRR nm
Any with MDI that work on the Northern Virginia hospital accounts?
I work for one of the other services and received some disturbing news this week.  Just want to verify what I was told is true.  Please email. 
so why not buy a few shares and make money off them anyway?
This is just your opinion. Not every MTSO or recruiter shares it. nm
?If it's not Word-based, it shares a lot of the same commands..sm
So whatever. Ctrl-C, V, X, etc. Agree it can be slow but has gotten better. By far not the best I've used, but also not the worst. Almost last, though. ShortHand is crap, but you can use IT. Good luck.
I went from hospital to company

This is just my experience though.  I am sure it is different for everybody.  I had much better pay and better benefits at the hospital.  I also liked having my work done in 8 hours and leaving it there and going home.  What I mainly miss though is the $145 a month health coverage for the whole family.  It had a $100 deductible.  Also, I knew the area well and spent less time on Google than I do now.

The cons were the favoritism, office politics, pressure to buy stuff from charities, kids soccer teams, coworker's MLMs.   Plus we were all on production and the hourly people (other MR personnel) never completely understood and would talk loudly, interrupt us with the latest gossip, had multiple loud phone calls to their kids, spouses and ex-spouses.  Books were thrown, slammed down etc.   There were cat fights between coworkers. 

I really like the work atmosphere at the MTSO better.  There is no one here but me.  The MTSO is much stricter on quality which is good because of that I feel I have become a better MT.  Overall, I do like the MTSO better except the pay, but I really would not recommend one to a newbie because you cannot call someone over to listen.  

You won't find anything like that with a company. Hospital sm

benefits are much different, but there aren't many of those jobs left.  They are tumbling to the nationals increasingly.

Wmx has 6 paid holidays for all full time employees.  Graduated rate of PTO, 5 days first year, 10 days for the next 5.  You won't find any company that offers any benefits at all to part time people, as far as I know.  The insurance cost at Wmx are cheaper than, and the coverage far superior to, any other companies I have seen. 

Well, that would depend on whether you are talking company or hospital. sm
Companies are low paying; however, clients of your own is where the $$$$ is.

VR editing 10 cpl with client
3 cpl with company.
Probably each company has their own rules, but when I was working in a hospital sm

generally, it was 7a-3p for first, 3p-11p for second, and 11p-7a for third, not including lunch breaks.


Hope this helps.

our hospital needs info on a company called ChartNotesPRN - sm
Has anyone ever worked for them?  Do they offshore?  Please let me know.
Went from hospital to company using DQS, line count has definitely went down, don't get paid for
demographics even if we have to enter them in. I've put a lot more abbrev in my Expander since switching over to DQS to help compensate.
12 cpl editing; 18 cpl transcribing - not working for a company, but a hospital. nm
If the hospital employees know, then the company knows. Keep your mouth shut and get out.
Who did they outsource too? Seems like I briefly worked for a company that did ER for a hospital in
either Wyoming or Montana. I cant remember.
I have a friend working in a hospital and she is looking for a company from home as an employee.
Would anyone care to recommend a good company?
The hospital may pay a line rate to the VR company based on usage...nm
It is not a company. This is a hospital, not a MT company.
sent you an email
Is that one of the accounts at the PA company?
Just curious...
I think they are a reliable company but some of their accounts are almost 100% ESL and very
difficult.  Check which accounts they are looking to hire for and let me know.
Is there any company that does not constantly switch you around on accounts?
I am worn out with working my fingers to the bone typing endless ESLs with thick accents, but just when I get the hang of them, BOOM, I am switched off these accounts and have to start all over again with a new work pool.  I am talking about hundreds of docs here and a half dozen different hospitals. 
Have 4 accounts and no work. SR doesn't pay enough. Like the company, but..
Unless the company just has clinic accounts, they usually require
that you work one weekend day and there is no differential for that.  There may be a differential if you work both days.  I get shift differential for working outside first shift hours.   There are always exceptions to the above, though more and more companies are going with a weekend day required. 
Regarding Spheris, are you allowed to use your own computer for this company and are the accounts
full of ESLs. I know they used to take off for QA or something. Do they still do that. I am just curious as it seems like some people are liking this place better and just wondering if they have gotten more lenient with their MTs as far as time schedules etc.
The company I work for does it, to keep all accounts in TAT, can be frustrating but most of the time
am just happy to have work.  I am not sure, but I think I work for the same company as the previous poster, and I'm going to stick it out because it does seem to be getting better lately as I think the accounts are better covered now.  If I were you, I would ask what the deal is, who knows, they might give you a straight answer or change your accounts if they find out you are unhappy, you don't know until you give it a try.
You obviously know nothing about the owner or the company. Many accounts are going to internet base
Long distance is not a big deal with digital connections.
Jewish is the main hospital, St. Mary's is another hospital under their management. (nm)
Keystrokes accounts are stable. The company treats every customer
like their only. No accounts have been lost. I have been there for 3-1/2 years. Same accounts plus double since I started.
Too funny - whenever someone likes their company or accounts, someone has to say "this person is
There are good and bad things about most companies. I'm just saying what I personally find to be true for this company. Take it or leave it.
I see Precyse is hiring for new accounts. Would appreciate recent info on this company. (sm)
most of what I have found is pretty old.  Are the current employes squelched when it comes to giving out information regarding the company or are they just so busy they don't have time to mess around on the boards?   E-mail if you are concerned about being flamed or don't want to post for whatever reason.  TIA.
Is it good work ethic to ask to change accounts at natl company? Please SM

I work for a national company and overall I've been quite happy. However, they changed my primary account last fall, and I have been miserable since then. It is a teaching hospital, several hundred docs, tons of different rules about format, etc, that change almost daily, 80% ESL, and I am very unhappy with it and making less now than I have in the last 7 years I've been doing acute care transcription because I'm so slow on it. I get paid 8.5/line.

My question is, is it wrong to ask to change accounts? My quality is great, they are very happy with my work, and in fact have mentioned that many MTs have quit rather than do this account, and of course I realize someone has to do it. I'm so unhappy, yet I don't want to appear incompetent or a cherry picker, etc, if I were to ask for a change (which they would not have to do), and I would like to stay with this company if only I could find a way to be happy with the work, because it is a good place overall. Any thoughts on this? Thank you.

Didn't you post this on 03/04/06 on both the Company Board and the Hospital/Clinic MT Board?


No - it is not always slow! Depends on the company and hospital. I have never been slow this time
Slow time is usually in September when everyone is back to work/school from the summer months.

Been doing this 24 years and never slow this time of year. Actually, I am drowning in work - can't keep up.
Like I said - it depends who you work for. I work for a hospital at home - not a company. nm
First for hospital, then outsourced still on same hospital work
and believe it or not, the hospital was so much easier. Had worked at the hospital for 11 years before they outsourced and then worked another 3+ years for the company they outsourced to. What a difference! The company had so many rules and regulations you could hardly keep up with them all, thousands of them, on the same account, mind you. The higher ups would not leave you alone, constant IMs about any and all. I have gotten to the age where I do not need all that and walked the other week. Have scheduled testing with another hospital for this month. Hope I make the cut, love the hospital work 1000 times more than a company.
Strictly IC, good company, hard accounts, good platform.
Good pay, always on time, no direct deposit though.
Suggest you find a 2nd company for backup. The backup accounts
are dried up, too, and you can ask for work daily and still never get any.  Once u get stuck on an account you are there til u die unless u happen to be management's favorite.  u never hear about any new accounts opening up, new platforms,  Be prepared to read the intermet message boards to find out what is going on, that is how I found out they had Beyond Txt and ExText, or had any work available, (supposedly) since they keep advertising for help, but I still do not have enough work to keep busy.   Liz wrote this big long message on here a few weeks ago, but nothing changed, nothing happened.  It is same as always, hot air to try to calm people down.  the
Just be aware that not all Escription accounts pay the same. I worked for one company on Escription
struggling to maybe make $50 in 8-10 hours. I didnt know the difference as that was my first job on that platform and I just thought it was not a money maker. Then, I switched companies. I average $20-30 an hour and once I made $50 in an hour. I tried yet another company and I was lucky to make $9 an hour. The bottom line is that not all companies are alike, even though they use the Escription platform. What I have found is that goes according to how they set it up i.e. paying for footers, headers, spaces etc. Just dont be shocked if you dont make what you think you will. The companies know how to set it to where it benefits them and not you. As is the norm, not all companies are created equal out there regardless if they all use the same platform. That is what I am getting out.. Good luck.
Are they losing accounts. Do most of their accounts stay for long period of time. I have
heard pros and cons about the quality of their work.  I guess it is much cheaper than other companies can offer.
Because the girls that monitor the accounts in the office were told the accounts either go on DQS or
move on. All accounts to be with MQ must be on DQS and no more different platforms. ONE ONLY DQS. They can send more work overseas then.
MDI-FL but not all accounts. Only the internet-based ones. C-phone accounts are fine.

So, yes, let me clarify before everyone gets in an uproar.. There is work IF you want to use a C-phone. IF you signed up for an account that is internet-based, you will be disappointed. Not enough work to go around. Just my personal preference.. I have no desire to do a dial-up C-phone account using my long distance.

Some do and have good accounts and fully loaded ESL accounts
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