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Has anyone applied to Webmedx, and if so, how long SM

Posted By: question on 2006-01-27
In Reply to:

did it take to hear back? tia

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Applied and tested with Precyse - how long

I tested with Precyse on Wednesday. How long should I wait until I hear from them. If I don't hear from them, how long should I wait before contacting them and inquiring about my scores.


How long after you applied did you hear back? nm Thanks

They've been around for years. Some of us old-timers applied long
Just applied with them. Patience, how long did it take for you to hear back from them?
Webmedx did a verbal test when I applied last year (sm)
The tester/interviewer was very pleasant and apologized for poor sound quality due to her using a head set (which she continued to use) during the testing. You could barely hear her and I had a bad feeling about the quality of transcription from this and turned the job down.

I applied at Webmedx, took test, passed, and they said no to my part-time schedule.
Maybe call and ask before you waste your time like I did.
Webmedx - how long til 150 lph?
Any Webmedx employees care to share how long it's taken to get to the 150 lph? Are you actually able to type 8 hours a day straight typing? That's a lot considering in other jobs you'd not be clocking out to go to go look at samples, use the restroom or stop to rest your wrists. Yet it looks like to keep a good LPH you've got to clock out for anything that's not straight typing. And then to keep the benefits at 35+ hours a week, you've got to be clocked in. Sort of a catch-22. :(

Newbie here and a bit discouraged. Please share. Does it get better? I'm hoping once my normals are built up for some of these ESLs things will look up. Thanks.
How long does it usually take Webmedx
to get back to you after completing their tests and questionnaire? 
As long as Webmedx pays well for VR
accounts, I won't mind, but if they do like Transcend, I will have a real problem. I can't afford to make half the line rate I make transcribing doing VR. We'll see and hope for the best.
How long you been at Webmedx? I currently work there and
think they are a great company except for slow issues. Where you going?
How long have you worked for Webmedx?

How long does it take WebMedx to get back with a

I passed the initial screening and test about a week ago, and the next day was sent an email interview that I sent in the next day.  Is it time to give up hope, and take the wait as a rejection. 

Webmedx hiring process - how long?
Once you know you've passed, any idea how long it takes them to get back with you with an offer?

thanks :)
How long does it take Webmedx to respond to an on line app? (sm)

Just sent it off Friday, so I guess it could take a couple of days.  I am just ready to make the leap and I think I am leaning towards this company.  They sound pretty good from their ad and I see few/if any negative posts about them.

Just curious how long the whole process will take from application to testing to potential hiring and beginning work.  Any input? 

How long does it take Webmedx to respond to an on line app? (sm)

Sent in the initial application, got an immediate E-mail with some different questions on it which I submitted 2 days ago. 

Really want to work for this company part time for now, possibly full time later. 

Any info appreciated.

Anyone that applied with Kathy Kirby hear anything yet? I am wondering how long it takes to hear a
response back
I also vote for Webmedx - used to work for the Q, left long ago sm
Have not worked for Transcend or SoftScript so can't judge. I agree with the above poster; pay good, shift diff, PTO, decent bennies. Lots of work. Keep in mind there are two parts of Webmedx - the one on Enterprise platform and ChartMatrix; the ChartMatrix side seems to have more negative reviews.
Can I asked when you applied? I applied a few weeks ago
and never heard a word and I have over 16 years of experience. I applied because I got a recommendation from a friend of a friend who loves working there..Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get anymore details other than that.  I'm all for even one positive at this point on this frustrating job search. Good luck to you though and check back with us to tell us how the interview went etc. Thanks
No. I applied, but I've applied SM

at a lot of places lately.  I got an e-mail from a lady whose name starts with an M, but she didn't identify her company in the letter.  She had my resume on the bottom of her e-mail, so I know it's someone I applied with, but I don't know which one!!  LOL  I'm thinking it's The Word Pros.  Anyone else apply to The Word Pros and get an e-mail from M?

I'd love to hear information about them as well.

Just Me

No problem :) No matter how long, it is too long for me - I am broke the day after payday. Kids wi
do that to you!

I know that they have worked very hard to make sure that checks are never late and I can say that in the past two years, I have had one problem (2 days late) and in the past 18 months, they have all been on payday and perfect.

I know that there are a lot of hard feelings in MT in general. I also know firsthand (and I am not mgmt) how hard KS has worked to get things going good.

I would not want to walk in an MTSO's shoes for any amount of money, but that's just me. I like to finish my work for the day, forget about work when not working and get paid on payday. I never want the other things that go with mgmt or owning a company of any kind :)
They definitely rip you off with your line count. Figured this out long ago and quit long ago
What really sucks is that I looked for a LONG, long time -sm
before joining DRC - wanted a highly reputable, not-too-big co. that was LOCAL, and that treated its MTs humanely. I'm very happy with DRC & had planned to stay with them permanently.
Long, long history of not paying...and
similar posts have been made here in the past few months. Everyone thinks they will be different, and then they end up coming back here to warn others that they don't pay.
What is Webmedx FL? Webmedx itself is located in Pittsburgh & Atlanta. nm
Webmedx ad apply at Webmedx or Transhealth ? (sm)
Apply to one address if you need equipment, another if you want to use your own?  Does this mean they are still acting as 2 separate companies?   Can anyone explain this?
but those were long, long lines for
most of the reports. You could make more with a 65-character line count.
HUH? I just applied with them.

Thank you to all who applied.
Great responses and experiences. Thanks.:)
Thank you! I have applied but sm
haven't heard anything yet. Just curious.
Is that why you applied?

just applied
Good luck to you.  The test was easy.  I did 100%. 
Just applied also and took
the tests.  Hopefully this a good company.  Still waiting to hear from Keystrokes.....  For being desperate to find transcriptionists for their radiology accounts, they sure take a long time getting back to you!
No, I actually just applied there myself. nm
Anyone applied to JLG? Ad says they need 100 MTs. (sm)

I have to assume they are growing big time to need this many MTs added to their work force.

I can't find any recent info on this company.  Any help appreciated.

I agree, there's nothing to lose. I already applied. As well as being an MT I also do insurance claims typing and it really isn't that hard. You just have to be able to type verbatim including um's and ah's. I get paid by the page now so to me it seems the pay may be actually better than what I'm getting now.
Anyone else applied to JLG? (sm)
Was told there were some changes and they would call and talk to me before the official offer letter was sent.  The lady I interviewed/tested with was very pleasant and I am guessing very busy.  Anyone else have input?   I know I can't be the only one who applied. 
Actually, I had never applied to them...
or even heard of them before I received the e-mail, and I have been happily employed for 6 years for the same company, so it is a mystery.
When I applied with TRS the -
recruiter couldn't even explain how pay rate was determined.  He told me is personal life story, which I thought was very unprofessional.  I found a job elsewhere. 
I just applied
I just applied there myself.  Do you know if the insurance is affordable there?  They sound like they have good benefits from looking at their website.
I applied too
I haven't heard back and at first thought the pay was low.  Then after I read the description of the work, it sounded too easy to get paid much more than that.  Let me know if you hear back from them.. Thanks.
I must have applied to at least 20 of
the wrong companies as well - looked for about 6 months - IC or employee - didn't matter - 25+ years experience MTing and 5 QA, and best offer was about 8.75 cents...with huge daily requirements to hit that mark - one offer for IC at 10 cents which never materialized - company folded. Lots of 7 to 8 cents per line offers - several 6 cents per line - needless to say, I stayed with my day job! To me, the 10 cpl and 11 cpl offers are like unicorns - I have looked and looked, but never found one and am definitely thinking they are mythical.
I applied....
for the pathology position.  Never heard a word!  I have 12 years pathology experience, so I know it wasn't because of lack of experience!
When I applied
They wanted this ridiculous itemization of where I worked as an IC over the past few years. Hello?

When I run into that type of red tape, I 'run'. (Because it's a sign of how they 'might' be if you were worked with them).

I don't have a problem providing a resume, and testing, but that was not enough to move the process along.
I have applied to several
I have usually always heard back.  But I don't go by the job seekers board and found out who  is advertizing for employment   I just read the company board and apply to the company I find has the better reviews.   It just seems to me that they are all always hiring. 
I just applied also!
I have never heard of this company, but orthopedics is my favorite specialit7. Sounds like a new company to me.
I Applied
I applied with them over a week ago and never got any response. I have 7 years of MT experience which included dermatology, so I'm not sure why I never heard anything.
Have you applied?
Hi Little Bear,

Thank you. Believe me, I am thanking my lucky stars in heaven for this one. I needed the benefits so badly and they just seemed like a wonderful place to work. I will definitely let you know how it turns out. Have you applied there?

I got one too and just applied! sm
They said the list was from AHDI.
I just applied
and missed 2 on the test.  I do not know if that is good or bad.
Anyone who applied
for the jobs posted recently by p.r.n. Transcription or Phoenix Medcom heard back from them yet?  I applied the same day they posted the jobs, but have not heard back and yet I am a very well-qualified transcriptionist.
I applied but don't know anything either