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I e-mailed them and responded back almost immediately, offered low pay. 45 minute interview. nm

Posted By: sk on 2006-01-27
In Reply to: Has anyone applied to Webmedx, and if so, how long SM - question


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Hopefully, you will hear back. Unfortunately, I immediately heard back from MD-IT
but somehow with over 16 years of experience, I blew the test.  I was soooo disappoionted and yet pretty stunned.  I am by no means perfect but I haven't flunked a test in years.  I expected it in my early years but not this far down the road. I was so confident and they will not tell you which part you did not pass and why so it really just blew my mind.  I must have been in shock for like two hours after I got the email. Oh well, someone will want me....hopefully.  I was thinking about OSi but I don't think I could take another rejection if I never heard back. 
I was immediately offered a position with

Webmedx after the interview.   I didn't have to test based on my experience and score on the verbal testing. 

If you applied through TransHealth they still seem to be operating as two separate companies and dealing with a different group of people.  I applied to them before the merge and I never heard from them after submitting my resume. 

I heard back immediately

 I got a one sentence email saying I didn't have enough experience. Must be pretty difficult work. I have been typing all work types for 19 years, especially psych and radiology..the two on the list. I have also done ESL in every job I have ever been employed. Oh well, asked her to keep my name in the barrell!



I heard Back Immediately - Posted by Blossom
I am not at all surprised to hear this, as this has also happened to me. I was given some insight into this by an HR representative for one of the major companies...Many of the experienced MT/QA's do not view the AAMT-BOS as an absolute bible. This was meant as a guideline, but many companies embrace as if it is written gospel. Apparently, the most of experienced QA/MT's remember the times when we were actually paid, and if the lack of work was due to their fault, we were paid for downtime. I guess us old-timers have to just lay down and die because we are too old to retrain in another field.
Thanks..I just e-mailed you back..nm
I just e-mailed them back....
and told them that I have no idea how they got all of my information, but I have no interest in a position with their company and told them not to contact me again. We'll see what happens!
Did you ask them? I mailed mine back and they were OK with that. sm
They are very nice people to deal with. I have been there 16 months and am glad that I went with them over another company that is getting some very negative posts here and very few positive posts. Just as an FYI: I have not had to fax anything since, never had a need to. I mailed my 401k application and that is all I have had to do!
Same here! They got e-mailed me back within an hour or two to sending my resume!
Can't wait to talk to them on Monday!
Thanks..I e-mailed the AFLAC guy but haven't heard back yet (sm)
Meanwhile, I'm going to look for other affordable plans too.  My cousin is a dental hygienist and told me about 2 companies to check into..Delta Dental and DenteMax.  She said they had reasonable plans but I haven't checked them out yet. 
Whoa. Back up here just a minute.

Read the website info carefully.

If you are okay with any stranger having proof of your identity, your address AND A PICTURE ID, go right ahead and fork those babies over...no questions asked. A word of caution. Those two documents are really everything that anybody will ever need to steal your identity. The picture ID is icing on the cake. Sound paranoid? Not if it has happened to you a time or two. It's been done to me 3 times in the past 15 years. It is a really creepy feeling and a HUGE hassle to undo.

The only legitimate documents for proof of citizenship are U.S. birth certificate, a U.S. passport, a Certificate of Naturalization or a Certificate of Citizenship.

These new rules they talk about have only been effective since sometime in 2006. DL and SS prove only you identity...unless of course you are younger than 1-1/2.

You probably cannot avoid giving your SS#....but I agree with the other poster....copies of the rest of it only if you are hired. If it were mean, I would not hesitate to ask them exactly why they need them.
Actually, they offered for me to come back any time.
They hated to lose a good MT.
Offered me as well but when I applied back
I was offered 0.9 cpl, but recruiter never called back

The recruiter told me she would call me back later on the same day and never did.  I called her bluff.  How sad!!

Not the lowest! Was offered 2cpl back in April.



I went to another company that offered "much more" came back to Spheris because
I was offered a job months back, but the contract said they docked for errors.
Not my cup of tea! I never was docked pay for making a med error as a nurse. I would not have accepted that kind of treatment. I'm human, for crying in the corn, not a machine.
Ugh .. that's not good news. They offered me a position awhile back sm
but I went somewhere else.  Now they sent me a thing again, listing their benefits,and it sounded pretty nice.  I guess there is no such thing as the perfect job. 
1.70 regular minute, 2.25 stat per minute. sm
I do all cardiology.
Thanks to all who responded! SM

I will definitely ride it out, knowing about the time of year, and use it to build speed with the new work, etc.  Glad I posted; I'm a better frame of mind now about the lack of work. 

Thank you to everyone who responded!
I appreciate all of your responses to my dilemna.  I will give it more time and hold onto my old job for now also.  Thank you to everyone and Happy Holidays!
Thanks to all who responded....
Think I'll pass and not waste my time with the interview.
Thanks, I responded. :)
Thanks so much to everyone that responded, I did

Go and apply with this company and received a *ticket.*  I received a message that stated that they would be in touch with me when and if they started hiring and if I met their criteria, fingers crossed.  Are you working for them now? 

Thanks to all the wonderful MTs who have responded to the ads
as well as to all those who have been with us awhile. Sue and I, along with Wendy and Vikki, Nancie, Diane, Pat, and the rest of the staff are so grateful to everyone who helps make this a great place to work and a success. We are very happy that so many new MTs will be joining us.
I know I applied with them, and they never responded.
I responded privately, thank you.
I sent my resume and he responded
back with an email asking if I would be interested in testing. I emailed back and said I didn't mind and asked for their website. He emailed back with their website and said HR would be contacting me soon.

Guess I'll have to wait and see how long that takes! Good luck to you though.
Look further down this post. She responded
yesterday - Bright Universe.
Got your emails and have responded
Thanks so much! The information is truly appreciated. I sent you a reply via email, as well, and I hope you will respond. Thanks again!
Blackswan, sorry nobody has responded.
I have no idea about Orion, though I know there were recent posts here about them. Oracle has always had a negative response. I know I had signed on with them years ago and was so excited and thrilled. Then everything went wrong tech and set up wise. I remember I had to buy PC anywhere, something like that, and then never got my training, dates set and broken by them, etc. That seems to be the norm. Landmark - very low work volumes, and don't pay for spaces. MTs come and go regularly, as accounts seem to come and go regularly. I have always heard fine for PT, but not for full time.
I have not responded yet. It was suggested that
we should let them know when we were ready to train. I figure when It gets to the point when I am not getting my required lines for the pay period, I will left them know I need the training.
I responded for more VR and am getting less work sm
period on my primary account. I spend most times on my secondary and am just making the 11,000 line count per payperiod. I had been hoping to pick up enough extra to make the incentives but that is out of the question. My paycheck is really hurting. I can't work like this much longer.
I'm the person you responded to sm
the milk is for my daughter.  Should I have just told her there is no milk and have her use water in her cereal?  You are absolutely heartless to ridicule a situation like mine or any other person's.
To the person who responded RE: Key Transcription in ND
I looked in the archives and on MT Spot and didn't find anything.  Did you work for them previously?  If so, would it be okay if I emailed you?  If not, could you possibly provide a link to any past threads about this company?  I'd greatly appreciate it.  I've been offered a position with Key, but I'm having second thoughts, especially since I saw your post.  Thanks.
Sorry, I had not had coffee when I responded earlier ... sm
best of luck to you too. I'm sorry that you are having to go through all this. I think most of us just want to work hard and do a good job and be treated fairly by our employers. Seems so simple, but in my experience it has been hard to find. I'm moving on and hopefully will have found a better employer.
To Mary who responded by e-mail (sm)
Thank you.  I tried to send a brief message back to you at your e-mail address twice but it came back.  Thanks for the info. 
okay, your emails finally came and I responded
They responded to my resume within 24-hours and
within 3 days of submitting resume I had an offer.   I submitted resume through their website, was unsure if they were even hiring. 
Nandan has been told many times. He never has responded to
what he was told. They had a great team the Spring of 2004 and all left and what was left in management were the remnants with an owner of a co that they purchased from her, so she was it! Everyone else had to listen to her jibberish and kiss her b*tt!!

Good people got away, management caliber. Sad, but that's how they operate
I can only assume that the company which has not responded is either of the opinion that (sm)
if you are seriously interested in the position, you will find a way to take the test -- wav pedal or not, or just haven't had time to respond yet.  I've tested without a pedal and, while yes it is more time consuming, it can be done. As far as the dial up is concerned, I would think that if sent them an email requesting their system requirements, the information would be divulged, within a day or so.
Nice that they responded, but would've saved..sm
I get that they are relatively new, but with nothing at all coming up on Google search (not even a phone listing), it's understandable why people questioned. I still think it's strange there is literally nothing available online, even using her name and variations, but the address seems to be an office building of sorts, so that seems plausible.

Good luck to those who applied. I hope it ends up being a diamond in the rough. :)
I accidentally responded to wrong person
I got trigger-finger happy hehe
I emailed you before for info about KS and you have not responded. I am looking for information sm
on them, and you said that you had a reason for their high turnover. I am trying to make a decision this weekend. ***
Once upon a time, a surgeon responded to my concerns
The girls were tearing up the 3 surgeons up one side and down the other. And OMG, what they had to say about the office manager!!! I felt they were betraying the man who fed them. So...I went into his office and said, Dr., the morale is very low, the office staff are very upset, threatening to find new jobs and I thought it should be addressed during a staff meeting.

His response was: Do not pay attention to what they say. Venting is a necessary part of being a part of the work force (when you are an employee). The doctor brushed it off,did not want to hear the details and he did not really care who was the instigator. He felt that as long as they showed up on time, held up their end of the load and were pleasant with the patients (anorectal surgeons - ouch).

That office staff who whined and complained and ridiculed was with the surgical team for over 10 years - An RN, 2 front office, insurance cler and med Records gal.

Huge Bonuses (which say THANK YOU!) at Christmas brought momentary pleasantness but come mid January, they'd start again, feeding off each other, like a bunch of women at a Sewing Circle (have you seen the pic on this website depicting us as women in a sewing circle, dear?)

Bottom line - it is harmless. If money is there and then not there, without warning, a person who is not complaining about it is the one I'd be curious about.
Are you saying that you are immediately
no message
You will get set up immediately with
no problems and they are the best company I have worked for as far as helping solve problems immediately.
The one immediately above us. nm
I would be looking for another job immediately...sm
Good luck on the matter.
I think you know what I meant. That is not the problem as I responded directly to her email.

I am sure that any other company that tried to respond to her also had the same problem. I know it is sbcglobal.net but hey, I am not on here to get QA'd.  I in a very quick moment put up a message to an MT who wanted a job and did it very quickly in the middle of my busy schedule trying to be courteous and helpful.

Have a nice evening or was that eneving.  :)

Don't know if they even exist. I live right here in NY and they've never responded to my resum
Sure, we will all email you immediately. Are you really