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Has anyone ever heard of Voice Systems from George. Any info would be appreciated.

Posted By: MQ2 on 2006-01-21
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Anyone ever hear of Voice Systems out of Georgia. Any info would be appreciated.
Any info on Sparrow Health Systems appreciated
Does anyone have info on Voice Systems, LLC in Albany, GA? Thx nm

Info on company Voice Systems in Georgia -- Anyone?
Have an offer to work with this company, must purchase DropChute for $200.  Anyone ever heard of them?
Voice Systems
What can anybody tell me about this company?  Good, bad?  TIA.
Voice systems
I would check this company out completely. I worked for this people just under a different company name about 4 years ago. The company filed bankrupcy and then reopened under Voice systems. Cindy and Lex have a reputation of being very unprofessional and they will bully an employee as well as a client. Just check them out thoroughly, they could have changed. I am trying to remember the name of the company, but I cannot off the top of my head. I will look into old tax records and see if I can find. They were based out of Albany GA at that time as well.
Voice Systems
I would not recommend Voice Systems. I had bad experience with them!!!
Voice Systems
Voice Systems of Ga.
Don't do it!!!!! Very unprofessional.
Voice Systems of GA
I don't think you would be happy with them.  Not very professional.
Voice Systems
There is an ad on mt.com for an orthopedic Transcriptionist by C. Adams of Voice Systems in FLORIDA.  I did a search in MT Stars and there were some very bad things about Voice Systems in GEORGIA.  This seems to be the same company.  I am glad I searched here before I applied!  I doubt if they have changed much.  
Voice Systems, LLC
Hi anyone and everyone.  Please give me any info on Voice Systems, LLC.  Searched but did not get much.  I can't afford to type and not get paid in this economy.  To all the ladies and gents out there who type and know what I mean, please school me on this company, supposed to start this weekend.  Thanks
Voice Systems, LLC
I can only find a post from over a year ago on them.  Do any of you have any scoop on the company?       
Voice Systems?
I know that some issues a few years back.  Does anyone know any current info on this company, I think out of Georgia?  Thanks for feedback.
Do NOT work for Voice Systems!

Do a search of these boards.   Nothing good ever said about them.  Bad company to work for.  The owners berate you, paychecks bounce, can't keep anybody.  Bad people to work for.  I would highly recommend you look somewhere else. 

Is this the Voice Systems in Georgia? nm
Voice Systems (this is a company)

Voice Systems, LLC, Albany, GA
What do you want to know? I've been working (sub contracted) to Voice Systems for a little over two years now. I'd be glad to answer any questions you may have. My personal Email is laurasemail123@yahoo.com
company named Voice Systems
What does anyone know about a company in Georgia named Voice Systems?  Are they a good company to work for?  Do they pay well?  Thanks very much.
I have not heard of George Soros, and don't know what Illuminati is. Oh well. nm
Looking for more opinions on Voice SYstems in Georgia. Anyone know about ability to make a living
here etc. Have already been told disorganized but would like more info.
Anyone know anything about Global Information Systems? Any information would be appreciated. nm

Any Axolotl employees willing to share info., platform, ESL %, etc. All info greatly appreciated. sm

Along with the platform, ESL %, pay range, lpd required, split shift or 12-24 hour window available, I would be interested in knowing your personal experience with this company, what type of relationship you have with supervisors and other coworkers, etc.  Otherwise, the all the 411. 


Has anyone heard of Transcription Systems of Illinois LLC. nm
Anyone heard of Probity? Feedback appreciated!

Does anyone have any feedback on Probity Medical Transcription? I've been offered a position, and want to check them out before accepting!

Need info on eMTS out of Florida. Any info would be appreciated!
DSG? Any info is appreciated.
Your info is much appreciated!..sm
I know what you mean about getting nervous when no work is available, I am the same way! The company I am with now offered overtime for this past weekend and for the past several weekends (which are my regular days) and I have run out of work on countless occasions. TT sounds great, think I will make the jump. Thanks again for your input.
Any info. appreciated
Anyone working for Gulf Coast Transcription out of Florida? 
Thanks for the info - appreciated! nm
Global Info Systems
Does anybody work for GIS? I just got hired and I am having problems getting set up or having anyone return my calls on a timely basis. Anybody have a similar experience?
Global Info Systems
out of Texas? Anyone have any info on them? I can't seem to find anything on here. All comments appreciated. Thank you.
Global Info Systems
Any feedback on these people - good or otherwise?  TIA!
For Global Info Systems MTs....sm

Beware and have something to fall back on.  Seems like things are changing.  VR seems to be about to take over soon while the actual MT work will be going to their India office. 

Of course, Indians own this company.  There is any any work and when there IS work, it is us asking not to use Expanders because the system is TRAINING the voice for CERTAIN dictatorS, mostly the very good dictators, and when there is actual transcription work, the dictators are the MOST AWFUL THINGS i Have ever heard.

TC Transcription. Any info appreciated...


Any info on Encompass would be appreciated!

Any info on AbleScribe would be appreciated.. nm
Any info on Van Belkum would be appreciated. nm
Transolutions? Any info appreciated sm
did a search and cannot find any recent info.  Do they pay for spaces?  One older post indicated they did not.  Also interested in Star team info.  Thanks!
Any info on Breitner (MA) would be appreciated! nm
Data-Med, any info appreciated
I tried a search for them and came up with zippo.  I found it strange however, that from the job seeker's board - and they have 2 ads up there, 1 for neuro/pain management and 1 for insurance interviews.  On one of those ads (forget which) it says for more details  1 will take you to a data-med nonmedical position listed in the career center - the other 1 will take you to a MT job posted under clinics (I think) for Focusmatics.  I wonder if they just made a mistake or if they are Focusmatics. 
What platform(s) do they use? Any info appreciated.
Any info on DTS/Digital Transcription Systems...sm

I was looking at testing, but was wondering if anybody had any information on them good or bad.  Thanks. 

Any info on Focus Informatics would be appreciated... Thank you! nm
I am also looking for information for this company. Any info appreciated! Thanks. nm

Probity? Anyone work for them? Any info appreciated nm
What's the latest on Axolotl? Any info appreciated!
ATSI - any recent info on them appreciated

Considering them and would like to know the scoop on them. 

Advanced Transcription - any info would be appreciated. sm
I checked the archives and couldn't find anything.  
Just hired by FutureNet any info would be appreciated. Thanks. nm

Any info appreciated on Professional Transcription Co out of NY
Any information on working there is appreciated.