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Hear, hear! Read My Opinion's opinion.

Posted By: MsIndigo, aka InTheSameBoat on 2008-10-10
In Reply to: I'll give you sm - My opinion

Regarding Wondering's question, the company I work for is investing strongly in upgrading its MTs' and editors' skill levels (exactly what this says about need for us for ten years down the road I can't say). This morning I found an e-mail saying they would pay every one of us to attend an on-line class on making Expander macros to increase our productivity. Amazingly, I have to assume many employees were choosing not to attend the unpaid ones they had been offering...

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I would like to hear MQMTs opinion of the QA point plan that Amherst has decided we should all be
doing. I find the things they deduct for petty and ridiculous but I guess that is to make sure no one gets any bonus. Most of what they pick about is really not correct anyway. I wonder who came up with that idea. I think they had better go back to the drawing board.
Well, read on if you want an honest opinion SM

I have been doing the at-home MT thing for about 10 years now.  The companies you have already tried are very different as far as the staff/type of accounts - I do have to say that at least for Precyse and TransHealth, the level of work at both of them requires someone who has a lot of teaching hospital experience or tons of ESL experience.  I have heard that Focus has the same type of work.  If it makes you feel any better, Spheris and Webmedex both have the same type of work - very challenging to say the least.

What I would suggest is to either go back in-house locally or try a small company with only clinic type work.  You might have a more successful experience if you take a step down as far as the difficulty of the dictation.  Good luck.

After I read it, too late, but I did post my opinion about it so I
am no longer ill. I am one who will speak up about my beliefs as well as those of the people I know.

Have a good day.
Just go to MQ board and read, form your opinion from current employees (nm)
Anyone that applied with Kathy Kirby hear anything yet? I am wondering how long it takes to hear a
response back
LARTECH....anyone ever hear of them? Please read....
I am not sure, but I think they may be from India, but working in this country.  I think the company is in Houston, or is it?  Any and all info is appreciated.  Thanks.
I said MAY NOT hear, didn't say you wouldn't hear. There is
a difference, and many people have said they knew they didn't do well on the tests, but still feel like they should have heard from companies and haven't. 
Hear, hear! (Or is it 'here, here?') LOL

Thanks! I'm glad to hear that, I didn't think anyone used it anymore! I'm glad to hear so
I'll definitely check them out!
Best company to work for as an IC. I have been with them for 4 years. I could not imagine working anywhere else!  Management is great!  Never has a paycheck been late. Growing by leaps and bounds!
I've been at SS for 1 year now and am making decent at MT'ing. If you get a decent account and learn the ESLs you can make good $ - but watch out for the newbies- its hard and they change the rules constantly. There are new people making more than the old people and doing less for the money, management changes on a daily basis, and you never know who to write to because they don't send out updates or answer questions anyway.
I would wonder if it wouldn't be illegal for a company to use such a program (on your personal PC) unless they provide you with some sort of privacy agreement for you to sign stating that they possibily could be monitoring your Keystrokes while logged into their software. I don't see how they could do this legally without first notifying you that they have the potential to do this. Without such notification, especially on your own PC, I would say this is illegal to do such a thing. But that's my opinion. I may be wrong.
In my opinion I like it better. nm
just my opinion
i think they're e.mail's are rude "big'hurry."

This is simply the opinion of the person who wrote it.  That does not mean you don't have the intelligence to make an informed decision.  Obvious the person who wrote this had problems with 2 different companies.  That particular person may have problems with any company they work for.

When you read these posts, keep in mind that if everyone agreed with all of these posts there would not be a transcription company in business anywhere.

I do not know about OSi but SoftScript has treated me well, as will most nationals if you give them your best effort.  They want to hire good MTs and expect quality work. Give them that and you will be compensated fairly and treated well.

Likewise...this is simply my opinion. Take it or leave it.

Forget company #3. The problems you mention are valid. Try another one.

As far as QA, it depend. You don't have the flexibility as much as being an MT. One thing I myself kind of miss.

If your getting tired of typing all day, QA is better.

If you enjoy helping others and answering numerous questions and can see yourself as a mentor and teach people everything you have learned and are adaptable to many kinds of formatting issues, than QA is a good choice.

Sounds like #1 or #2 are your better choices.

Hope this helps!
My own opinion
Keep in mind, to use MQ as a reference in the future, I would depart with them nicely. To just up and leave, in my opinion, is rude.

I realize that many people dislike MQ for various reasons, but I like them and have had a positive experience.

Again, I think it is only appropriate to give 2 weeks regardless of the situation, again solely because you want them to give you a good reference if need be!

Hope all works out!

SM for just an opinion.
I'm certainly not going to tell you it's impossible - if you do a good job on the test, they may decide to take a chance on you.

However, it seems a lot of them nowadays want either 2 years' experience or graduation from one of the Big 3 schools, and I've heard many say they have a tough time getting their foot in the door.

I would talk to your school and see what they recommend, who hires their graduates, letters of recommendation, etc - get whatever assistance you can from them.

Good luck!
Your opinion is just that ...
it is YOUR opinion. I have my own. We don't have to agree!

Kudos to you for 8 years and 7 years' service. ??? I didn't ask that. I asked if you are upset with the companies you leave?

I didn't make this personal -- you did with posting your opinion of Spheris.

I don't think I need an answer to my question; I think I already know.

I hope you enjoy wherever you are at. Enjoy your day!
My opinion
You asked, Did I handle this situation wrong? You stated, I feel like a heel for not giving my best.

My answer: Yes, you handled it wrong. You were not upfront and truthful with YOURSELF, let alone with the company. Once you heard the words about offshoring, you should have made your opinion and position known clearly, definitively, and strongly, not taken the tests, not pretended anything, and made fast work to beat a path to the front door, and not waste your time. Your behavior was passive-aggressive, i.e., you pretended, you were not truthful. You should have taken yourself out for lunch after speaking your mind and standing up for yourself. Next time, do things different and learn from this situation.

That's my opinion!
My opinion...

I've worked for them going on 4 years now and plan on staying.  I've worked on the same accounts all 4 years (tough ESLs, but after awhile, you get them all and can get plenty of lines---plus nobody wants your accounts and work is plenty--something I have learned in my 25+ years).  The pay is good, it's always accurate and on time, PTO is great, and I love not having someone over my shoulder all the time.  I've done my rounds at other nationals and this has been my best experience.  Each company is unique, you have to see what works best for you. 

My opinion
If this sort of thing keeps up, I would most definitely start looking for another job.  There's no excuse for any company to do such a thing.  It's not right and highly unfair.  The minute I found another job, I'd quit and not even give them notice for doing such a nasty thing!! 
Everyone has an opinion and you are welcome
to yours but after 10 years of personal interaction with the woman, knowing her professionally and personally, you are wrong about her only being interested if you can help advance her situation.  She is very industrious and hard working and I think all of these negative comments, well, it doesn't matter what I think about them as it will not bring any of you any peace.
My opinion...
Personally, if I was an employer, I would not want to hire someone that was not confident in what they were doing. State the facts about your experience. Let them worry about whether you have enough experience!
KS in my opinion.....sm

In my experience the KS platform is easy to use, my rad account has plenty of work and great communication with team lead. Pay is on time and plenty of opportunity to make money.

Be careful with expressing yourself and getting answers with X-Press. I went through the interview process with X-Press over a year ago, they sent me manuals, ready to start but when I emailed my lead, asking the usual few questions about the company, (basically to ease my mind since the hiring process was SO long and had been told conflicting things)  she forwarded it to Mr. David and he in turn accused me of being a trouble maker and of slander!  It was all very strange. 


and that too is just an opinion and U know

My opinion
I agree with you pretty much, although I have yet to find great trained VR files. The worst is when ESL doing VR..It's just scary. You might as well retype the whole report. Every great once in a while I get a really clean editing job that does not require too much time to clean up, but that is not a lot of the time as I work a lot with ESL who try to do VR. If we cannot understand their English, then how can a machine. My opinion is that no one should do VR editing for less then 4 cpl at any time, or you might as well go work at Starbucks for minimal wage, although I hear their benefits are better than what any of the MT companies offer LOL
Just my opinion.
You said they sent a packet that talked at great length about patient and MD demographics that you would be responsible for.

For me, that's all it would take to turn it down. That's work you do not get paid for, usually.
Well that is just your opinion--sm
for whatever that is worth, but that does not give you the right to gode and harass someone who may feel differently. Personally I feel it is more unprofessional and bullying to try to make someone do what they do not want to do, and do not have to do just to pleast your nosey little mind, and then make an issue about it 150000 times on a public forum. Sometimes things are just better off left alone. Get off it already...you have stated your opinion thousands of times on this subject, run the poor woman off this board for eternity, and made yourself look childish and unprofessional. Guess you would beat a dead horse too. JMO.
TTS opinion
I recently joined them and I'm extremely happy there. The accounts I'm assigned are good. I'm doing mostly editing/recognized jobs on my account, I have 3 years experience on eScription so it's quick and easy work for me. Line rate is fine, both for typing and editing, I think it varies by account. Checks always on time, the staff are extremely helpful, set up and training was quick and painless !
Does anybody and an opinion about
The Data Entry Job that is posted on the Job Seeker's Board?
I'm just curious to see what all of you think of the pay.
In my opinion - no
My opinion
Outsourcing is not going to stop.  There are as many out there who don't tell they outsource as the ones who do (in reply to the comments on the other replies).  The benefits at this company I think are excellent, less out of pocket than other companies I have seen.  Everyone I've dealt with has been incredibly nice.  The Editor pay is good, hourly. I can't comment on the MT pay because I do not know.  Email me personally for any other information.
My opinion
I disagree with you that testing for a transcription position, especially medical transcription, should be simply a typing skills test.

While the testing method you've described is somewhat unique, this prospective employer is much more likely to discover when a candidate does not have the knowledge required to perform the job. I have tested for companies that require both a written test as well as a transcription test. The hiring process is not a fun/easy one, and this way there is less chance of making a mistake and having to do it all over again.
Just my opinion
I dont think bashing is always the case, some things said especially about this company are facts, maybe it is venting.  Like you said there are pros and cons about every company but there is no need to get upset by a post about a company that you do not even work for any more.
your opinion is

umm unusual.  I bet I can guess what network you watch and who your favorite anchorman/commentator is.  Reading minds and attributing such sweeping negativity towards workers. The spin is in your head.



In my opinion this
my opinion
Sloooooooow platform and nothing was autofilled, had to copy paste info from excel spreadsheet. Some great dictators but some HORRIBLE ones as well.
My opinion
I did not like working for them at all. Was not impressed by the owner at all.  Don't bother.
Very bad Co. in my opinion! Run...

When I was interviewed for the job, I of course asked many questions regarding work availability, pay, PTO/vacation benefits, supervisor communication, etc.  All my questions were answered, and even though I knew that companies tend to sugar coat things a bit, I was overall very pleased with the answers and felt the interviewer was extremely friendly and helpful.  So, I took the job the next day after giving it some thought.  Boy, did I get a wake up call very quickly with this company!  All the promises I was made, exciting incentives talked about, etc. by that friendly interviewer before I took the job just didn't exist entirely or had so many fine-print-type rules to obtaining them that made them virtually impossible to achieve!    Everything from baseline cpl rate and work availability to extra money incentives, equipment costs, and PTO/vacation was either less than I was told or I couldn't get due to certain standards I was never informed of. 

After the initial training phase, I started typing on my own.  During the first week or 2 after training, I started to asking questions about all of these things I was promised and was not getting.  I was given several reasons/excuses as to what happened with various things.  I was getting almost 2 cpl less than I was informed by the interviewer when I accepted the position.  The reason I was given for this is because the interviewer just simply made a SMALL mistake and didn't do it with the intention of misleading me.  After receiving my first paycheck (not the training pay period check paid by the hour but the first check of actual typing), I was very upset as I made a lot less than I had anticipated and didn't understand why.  I reviewed the check carefully and discovered I didn't get any incentives that I was initially told about and the cpl rate for about half of the work I did was wrong.  Again, I called to have this explained and fixed.  I was told that they must have simply forgotten to tell me that I was not eligible for the first incentive beause I reached the line count goals out of my regularly scheduled hours (I worked these off hours because they asked me to for coverage reasons).  The other part of my check for the higher weekend and afternoon/night cpl rate was again just a mistaken cpl rate quote from the interviewer, and they were sorry for the SMALL mistake again. 

After a month or 2 with this company, I had already experienced numerous broken promises, lower paychecks, surprise equipment rental fees, incredibly rude supervisors, unanswered e-mails and questions, etc.   One of the big problems, besides being completely lied to regarding cpl rates and pay in general was the communication, or lack there of, in this company.  Iwould send e-mails with questions regarding specifics of an account, how to do something for a particular account, why I wasn't getting paid an incentive, etc.   Supervisors and higher management just simply would not respond no matter how many times you asked or re-sent an e-mail..some of them never.  So, I would take the time to call certain supervisors, get their voice mail, and leave a message, but I never heard back from them that way either.  A few times I called the supervisors' supervisors, go through the same ordeal, never hearing back from them either!  It got ridiculous, always working in the dark because you had no clue how to do particular things and no one answered your questions.  The only time you did hear from them was if you did something wrong (usually something that you had asked a question about earlier and didn't get a response)!   

I do try very hard to find the good in something, even if it's mostly bad, and the only good thing I can come up with on this company was the initial training week and the lady who trained me on the system.  I cannot remember her name at the moment, but she was very kind and extremely helpful.  She made learning something a lot less difficult and was a very good teacher.  Too bad there are not more people like that working for the company.

I did not list everything  bad about this company because I didn't want this to go any longer than it already has, but I obviously do not recommend them at all.  In my experience, they are very shady, for the most part incredibly rude, and they are definitely not concerned about the success/failure of their MTs or what they think.  Good luck to you...I hope you do find the company that you are looking for that is a right fit for you, but I really don't think Transcend is it unfortunately. 

My opinion.
I think they are hiring. They start the pay at 4/9 and after 90 days goes to 4/10. I ran out of work once a couple months ago. This isn't an account I personally would use for full time work, but it is nice for part time. I keep it as a back up account in case something happens and have been there for 7 months now.
Just my opinion.
Just my opinion for what it's worth but I'd get out now.  I think you already have a gut feeling about it anyway.  If this is the way it's starting out, imagine what it will be like later?  Your gut instinct is usually right.  Good luck! 
my opinion
EXText is not the problem, it is the company you are working for more than likely. Not knowing, or caring, who that company is, but these companies can set the system to count the lines that they want counted; therefore, causing your line counts not to be very high.

I am a 200+ lph MT, easily, and working for one company on EXText was able to easily achieve that and more. I went to a different company and I was lucky to get 100 lph on the same system.

My suggestion, find a new place cuz your lines probably won't go up if they are fudging the system.
email me.. I have an opinion.
in my opinion
With so many people hiring, matchmaker does the recruiting for companies that cant advertise their name cause they would never get a hit - like D&L Typing. If a service advertises, they should say who they are recruiting for, why get stuck at a company you just left ?
Another opinion
You're entitled to your opinion, I guess, but I work there and I have no plans to quit. I make good money, have always been treated fairly, and have a consistent flow of work. Why the heck would I leave?? Yes, my account could be outsourced, and then I would reevaluate my options. But NOT all accounts will be outsourced; that is strictly up to the client and some will not allow their transcription to be outsourced.
Here is my opinion too....

I have to agree, you sound totally ungrateful for what the company has tried to do for you.  I work for TTS and my trainer was absolutely great!  She mentioned that she had children and apologized in advance if there were any interruptions.  She has followed me along and is still happy to help me when I need it, weeks later.

I understand it can be frustrating when you have technical issues and are unable to get started, but there is only so much they can do; only so many hours in a day. 

In my opinion...
it is very unprofessional for recruiters, management and owners to come to these boards and get involved in back and forths with MTs. The owner of KS used to do the same thing. KS leads have also done the same. Do you ever see posts here from recruiters from other companies, identifying themselves as recruiters and arguing with the posters here?

And, for what reason would someone want to intimidate you for posting here? Maybe that person was trying to prevent you from further humiliating yourself and simply offered their opinion of your behavior IN PRIVATE instead of posting here and making you look even worse. But, of course, being the non-professional that you are, you post a tacky message about the anonymous email that you received privately. I agree that it is very 'ignorant' and that it is a 'poor reflection' on KS when people who are not MTs come here identifying themselves as recruiters, owners and team leads and get into arguments with MTs.

Now, while you are spending so much time reading and posting on this board, why not go review some resumes since you guys are sooooo busy and need to fill soooooo many positions?

Additionally, if you are the recruiter who retypes email addresses (incorrectly) instead of copying and pasting the email address that is included in the email (like an efficient and smart recruiter would) that you receive via MTStars, maybe you should focus on learning this simple task to ensure that you are sending emails to the correct email address in a timely fashion.

Furthermore, maybe you should also speak to the owner about the possibility of MAILING new hire paperwork to new MTs and providing a means for the MT to MAIL it back to you expeditiously as opposed to having many MTs spend $1.50 per page in order to fax back up to 15 pages to you. Did you see the thread that addressed this? I did not see a 'KS recruiter' reply to that one.

Just a tip: It is the nature of message boards for people to gossip and post information that is inaccurate. Deal with it. Again, in my opinion, what you have done by posting what you posted here and identifying yourself as a KS recruiter is unprofessional. It does not matter if you have been an MT for 7 years. You are now a recruiter. You should learn common sense business practices and speak with the owner regarding how she wants you to handle such situations. I think she has learned her lesson regarding posting here.
Your opinion only
Not everyone who works there is unhappy. Because you didn't like it doesn't mean she won't.
My opinion sm
I think that the long distance posts were from one or two people who received the letter from their LD company, not a problem with the company but just asking for assistance to solve their dilemna. I have mine through my cable company and love it, but I have had it for many years, prior to my employment with Keystrokes.

It took me a while to decide between Keystrokes and another company that has a lot of posts here, after trying several that were horrible (with MQ for 9 years prior to that). I went back in the archives and the one thing that struck me was that while there some complaints and comments through the past few years about taking a few weeks to start (it took me 2 weeks which I need to work out my notice) and some organization problems, I found that there was one consistency about Keystrokes. They have grown and continue to grow, while so many companies have gone under or have no work, the complaints about Keystrokes all seemed to be about their growing pains. I was thinking that 5 years was a lot of time for growing pains but on doing some research found that yes, they have grown pretty substantially every year. I called them and asked the owner point-blank how much they have grown in the past 5 years. She gave me figures that matched articles that I had read about them, posts here and what friends told me.

Bottom line is that while Keystrokes is not perfect, they have treated me well and for all intents and purposes, everyting I have ever read agrees that they improve constantly, have a lot of work, continue to get new accounts and truly care about us (employees). I have worked there a year now and am glad I chose them. I have one account although I have a back-up account that I have never had to use and get paid well. I am happier with my job than I have been in a long time and before going there was thinking of leaving the field.

Just my opinion
I have worked for several companies in my 20+ plus years in the workforce. I was miserable and it was reflected in my production and home life. I am much more productive working with a company who values me as an employee and actually cares about me as a person. I also make more money with them than I have at the other MTSOs I have worked (MQ and CyMed/SPi). I think TT has found a niche in the MTSO market with confident and talented MTs. Not to sound like Pollyanna, but a happy MT is a productive MT. I firmly believe that what goes around comes around.