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Hey, you don't have to call me a liar ...

Posted By: K on 2008-06-26
In Reply to: Not to belittle your post i anyway, but (sm) - sure sure sure

What I said is absolutely true for me. It may not be the case for other people, but my experience has been very positive with WMX. So, it's not a crock of sh##. I'm not trying to talk for other people, just telling about my own, true, actual experience.

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You are just a liar
You are making this up!
never said that- I am not going to subject myself to this anymore-- just love my job and that's that.
I am sorry if you took that I called you a liar, just thought you should share the info- I don't search this board too often. I was looking word help and thought I would jump on to see if there was any GOOD news about our direct deposit and ran across all this. Again, sorry if you felt that I called you a liar- don't know you to do that!
Well you called her a liar. We have a lot of new MTs
who appear to be happy. When you call someone a liar, you should be prepared to back up that claim. I am sorry they changed their mind on the trainer position. Perhaps they put it on hold. At least they told you that they decided not to hire anyone. Some companies leave you hanging.
or maybe you can't ADD. Liar. $20.00 in your dreams!
don't even think you'll make that kind of money there. They pay about 6 cents a line for typing and 3 for speech recognition editing. It's an insult.
Thank you. I am not a liar. I send the reports too
because I was warned with a written warning. So, I upped the ante and started doing the required line count and quality flew out of the window.
A person who has proven to be deemed a liar

No one has had to wait six weeks to start. You are a liar and a troublemaker.
We also do not supply equipment any more, so that is another lie. Unreturned phone calls? Another lie. All 8 people in the office answer the phone and take care of the person who called immediately.

You are a troublemaker and obviously have nothing better to do than post lies.

The only time posts get pulled is when someone calls someone out by name or gives away account or confidential information.

There is NO ONE that has slipped through the cracks. No one.
You called the owner a liar just because she changed her mind
about a position. What about that constitutes a lie?
Calling someone a liar is not a small thing. I am not defensive.
I know the owner and have for a few years. When I see someone call someone a liar, I want to know what constitutes a lie in your opinion?
Please stand by and wait your turn to be called a liar.
***hold music playing***
***(recording)*** Please continue to hold. There are *89* callers before you. Please hold...
Please stand by and wait your turn to be called a liar.
***hold music playing***
***(recording)*** Please continue to hold. There are *90* callers before you. Please hold...
well she is a liar then. the majority speaks and the truth has been heard. sorry, actions speak

Yes, call waiting works. I also have call forwarding from my home line
You can call it greed, I call it feeling like
I am back in the 80s with the money I am pulling in. SS, retirement check and my paycheck, cha-ching. Not planning on taking it with me, never. Love to travel and have 4 places planned for this year. High maintenance lady here. Ta-Ta.
Call them......
Since the Warminster office is being absorbed into the Northeast Region, the only ones who can answer that question for you is the Warminster office itself. I've worked for them for years and have plenty of work - my accounts haven't gone anywhere.
Yes. I get what they call
a tiered incentive on my checks and then get quarterly bonuses to boot. I was quite impressed actually. I started at 8.75 cpl and can earn up to 2 cpl incentive plus the bonuses.

We got Labor day incentives too...$40 for the first 800 lines and $20 for every 400 lines after that.

It may all fall apart but right now I'm happy.

If you truly cannot call, perhaps
it is time to find work with another MTSO/company? That way when one is slow, you will have another as a backup? This is, of course, assuming you are an IC. If you are an employee having communications issues where you cannot even call your employer, I would start looking elsewhere.
I could call and say
I could call and say I I couldn't work that day if I was sick or if my daughter was sick, things like that, but I've never done that with the exception of a few weeks ago when my husband had open heart surgery and I ended up not working for 3 days.
I could call and say
But the point is I would never do that. I have to have a very good reason why I wouldn't work.
Why not just CALL them?
of course call
but I would take this as a warning: If they don't follow up *before* they actually hire you...
So should I call them? (nt)
I had a guy call me to tell me he was going to
his MTs are earning money, but he would not tell me his company name. I did not answer the phone. That really made me nervous. I will not be giving my # out again.
Call and ask.
When I tried to call...
I got the message about the number being disconnected, so I emailed and got called back from another number.
You can call them and ask.
Really not sure, but I would just call them and ask.
Why not just call them?
If I get no work on an account, the first thing I do is call to make sure there is no technical reason for the lack of work. (like maybe I was fired? (locked out?) :))
I would call in and

talk to them.  There is certainly plenty of work and they don't want you to be unhappy.


I got the call too
I am concerned because this company does offshore and I looked at their website briefly and they are apparently looking to acquire more companies.
Definitely would call now!!
Call them!!!
I was afraid to pester the company I tested with, too, but after waiting 8 days I called yesterday and got hired.  If you want the job, pursue it!
they call you once and then
you never hear from them again!
I did call...sm
I was told the hospital was low on work today. I agree about communication being horrible.
I just got a call from them....
Yes, Synthescribe showed up on my caller ID and they are all the same people!!!! Makes me wonder what is going on.....
Why not call
And ask them yourself?  Maybe you can switch to a shift they are advertising for, or you can get more work on another account.  Seems to me, that your supervisor would know better than anyone on this board.  I don't plan to work there, but that is what I would do if I were out of work and they were hiring...Just IMO. Otherwise, best to assume they have their reasons and if you don't want to call and ask, well I have no other advice except to say I don't see why you will get any answers here unless of course your question is rhetorical. Good luck whatever happens!
Do call them.
Carol Gilbert is such a nice person and though I have not worked for her I have had dealings with her over the years. She is terrific. I think you would be happy you did get in touch with the company. Good luck.
Call them
I left them a few months ago. I had my refund in about 10 days. If it's been 3 weeks, that's too long - something got snagged up. Call HR or your old supv and let them know the situation - they are excellent about that sort of thing.
Why don't you call them and ask them?
Please call them
Whoever answers the phone will either answer any questions or direct you to someone who can. They are very, very busy with new accounts coming on board but will not mind helping you at all.
Yes call them
I was an IC for a hospital for two tax years - the first year (while I was still working there) I had to go directly to the personnel office after numerous calls to my supervisor, and then tell them how much I made so they could type one up by hand!  The second year (after I moved out of state), I had to call the supe twice to get it.  I had the feeling that if I had never asked for a 1099 they never would have reported it to the IRS, but since I was a good do-bee and had paid in my taxes quarterly as I should, I needed that 1099 to get any of it back!
I had gotten a call from....
The Impact Center, and I haven't been with that company for months now.  Isn't communication grand?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I still get E-mail too....go figure!
Can't you call them?
This is a great example why it is so important to include a telephone number on your resume!!
What exactly do you call the 30
day lag then if not a waiting period?  If pay periods are 1-15th and 16th-30/31 and one starts working for you on July 18th, why would they not be paid on the paydate immediately following the 31st?  Why wait an additional 30 days?  Why would you not call this a waiting period? 
I would call them on it
if they told me to pound sand. I would go to the Labor Board, to the IRS and to my private counsel and sue them for wrongful termination. We can be other than victims and--like most bullies--if they are called on their stuff--the will likely back down, as well they should. It takes backbone to stand up for yourself but rememeber--you deserve the kind of treatmentyou will accept. Don't enable their bad behavior. You are quite likely stronger than you think, Good luck!
Call them!!! sm
I started on one of their accounts and it did not work for me due to time, schedule, etc....they found me another account.  They are very helpful, everyone I have spoken with so far.
I would call them on it
Tell them to take it out or you won't sign that contract and state your reasons why it is unacceptable to you.
I was on that call...SM
I was on that call and I listened very well.  They laid off however many MTs, permanently, with no call backs.  And while they did what they felt they had to and no one can fault them for that, and they also gave us fair warning, those who got laid off are now going to be faced with finding other work in a bad job market and bad economy.  These are people with mortgages, kids, single incomes, and they are now adrift.  It is not a good thing.  If you are still at Amphion, then you are one of the lucky ones and I wish you well.  I, however, did not turn out so lucky. 
I would CALL them.
Call them and ask them what's up.