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well she is a liar then. the majority speaks and the truth has been heard. sorry, actions speak

Posted By: louder than words on 2006-01-10
In Reply to: Update. All tests taken are for ortho. All who have taken and - Not Team Lead

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actions and attitudes speak volumes
ACTIONS speak louder than words. Traitor IMO.
she speaks the truth
I quit for the same reasons, but I knew how to spell everything LOL
The OP speaks the truth ...
They have severely overhired company wide to maintain stricter TAT's. We're literally sitting on top of each dictation as it comes in and scrambling for work. On my accounts (I have primary and backups) this has been going on for close to a year.

They're a good company to work for, but no work is no work, and as for me, my bills have to be paid. Good luck to those of you who are unwise enough to come here to work and don't have a backup income. The folks who are claiming that they have a ton of work are in the minority, not the majority.
Yes. She speaks the truth - every word of it. NM


She speaks the truth. No way to candy coat this company. Been There Done that.. and now just DONE...
and I am not alone.. Two other people I know also got another job.
Sorry..but if you speak the truth, you are
The archives and the history speak louder than your words
Speak for yourself. I tell the truth with my
applicants and I also play on the bad of the position so there are no surprises. Don't call ME a liar. I am out to hire a person because I know they are good, not to get a head in the door. You know not of what you speak and if you have dealt with a recruiter who does that, I am sorry, but not all of us are.

Some of us have ethics and would not treat you any differently than we would want to be treated and those who know ME know that and those who have dealt with ME know that. I also will not recruit for just any company. I have to believe in that company. I left a perfectly great paying job because I did not like the ethics of one company I recruited for and yes, there are some that want you to lie. I won't do it.

Anyone in this industry that knows ME knows that I will not do underhanded tactics to get someone in the door and they know my reputation. So please speak for yourself. When you say that, I know with certainty that I am not included in your words and to be honest, I don't believe you know what you are talking about.
you speak the truth 100%!!!
The recruiter tells you things she knows NOTHING about.  The platform is bulky, it is awful, you do NOT get paid for all that stuff you have to MANUALLY fill in with the demographics, and do not get paid for headers, etc.  That is the most stupidiest (is that a word haha) platform I have ever have to deal with.  It will take about 20 hours to get 1200 lines.  My fingers were about to fall off until I said NO MORE....and I bailed.  I was making NO money.
You speak the truth, but who knew?
I sure didn't, I started doing this in the early 90s and made pretty good money right off the bat but then it went up and up and now down, down with no bottom in sight.  When I started doing this, I thought, There will always be a need... but I guess they are filling their needs via cheaper alternatives such as we are all experiencing.  I would have never dreamed in a million years that this profession would come to this and now here I sit. 
The posters above speak the truth!

I have never been with the Q by the grace of God and I haven't had a lot of MTSO jobs, but I really have nothing to complain about at TT and plan to stay there unless I find something in-house which may happen when pigs fly.  I don't know about ADORING working there, I would ADORE to be independently wealthy but that also won't happen!.  You will be fine, you will like it, and yes, they will treat you like a person! 

Sure thing...M.M. Hate to trash a person personally but the truth is the truth. nm
Okay, whatever....I think your post speaks
Finally someone speaks up for the MTs...sm
and tells it like it is.  It's sad that the MTs, who are the mainstay of the transcription business, consistently get the brown end of the stick.  MTSOs and QAs are the only ones that have a right to make a living, right?  Our kids deserve to eat 3 meals a day, just like theirs do.  The busy MTSO and the QA who thinks filling in blanks or looking something up is beneath him/her needs to wake up.  Since when is their time better than ours?
You are just a liar
You are making this up!
never said that- I am not going to subject myself to this anymore-- just love my job and that's that.
I am sorry if you took that I called you a liar, just thought you should share the info- I don't search this board too often. I was looking word help and thought I would jump on to see if there was any GOOD news about our direct deposit and ran across all this. Again, sorry if you felt that I called you a liar- don't know you to do that!
That speaks volumes for the respect MTs have for
Well you called her a liar. We have a lot of new MTs
who appear to be happy. When you call someone a liar, you should be prepared to back up that claim. I am sorry they changed their mind on the trainer position. Perhaps they put it on hold. At least they told you that they decided not to hire anyone. Some companies leave you hanging.
Hey, you don't have to call me a liar ...
What I said is absolutely true for me. It may not be the case for other people, but my experience has been very positive with WMX. So, it's not a crock of sh##. I'm not trying to talk for other people, just telling about my own, true, actual experience.
or maybe you can't ADD. Liar. $20.00 in your dreams!
don't even think you'll make that kind of money there. They pay about 6 cents a line for typing and 3 for speech recognition editing. It's an insult.
Which speaks to/with the wal-mart spoof posted
in the comedy section (link below). It's the direction of the economy. Capitalism at its best and worst; inevitability.


"She speaks with forked tongue!"
Thank you. I am not a liar. I send the reports too
because I was warned with a written warning. So, I upped the ante and started doing the required line count and quality flew out of the window.
A picture/website speaks a thousand words.
Thanks for this input. It is definitely a wake up call.
Your positive attitude speaks volumes! Good for you! sm
I worked for JLG in the past and it was a stable, quality company. There are always bumps in the road for everyone--even for companies.

A person who has proven to be deemed a liar

or they know the truth and the truth hurts. NM
No one has had to wait six weeks to start. You are a liar and a troublemaker.
We also do not supply equipment any more, so that is another lie. Unreturned phone calls? Another lie. All 8 people in the office answer the phone and take care of the person who called immediately.

You are a troublemaker and obviously have nothing better to do than post lies.

The only time posts get pulled is when someone calls someone out by name or gives away account or confidential information.

There is NO ONE that has slipped through the cracks. No one.
You called the owner a liar just because she changed her mind
about a position. What about that constitutes a lie?
Calling someone a liar is not a small thing. I am not defensive.
I know the owner and have for a few years. When I see someone call someone a liar, I want to know what constitutes a lie in your opinion?
Please stand by and wait your turn to be called a liar.
***hold music playing***
***(recording)*** Please continue to hold. There are *89* callers before you. Please hold...
Please stand by and wait your turn to be called a liar.
***hold music playing***
***(recording)*** Please continue to hold. There are *90* callers before you. Please hold...
The majority
of their accounts are NOT online yet, most are still C-phone or Lanier.
The majority of them do. There are still some that
don't, but the list is growing all the time of the ones that do. 
I agree. I think since the majority SM
of the workers in this field are female, they are hesitant to take action to preserve their financial stability and just sit and wait for things to get better (they almost never do).
For the majority of tests, you HAVE to go by
BOS2. No way you can pass it if you are not following the rules.
Heartland - Majority of the US accounts
were sent to India. They lost the account I was working on (FL account) and now I am pretty sure we are going to get let go...
Majority of comments here are very negative about them. nm
The majority of them offshore. The list will be
much shorter if you ask what companies don't offshore. 
For a few works okay, but majority have problems sm
sooner or later. Can be fine one day and next day can be sick to death with vomiting, diarrhea, obstruction, on and on. Have seen it too many times. A friend I know had to stay in a nursing home for a year after her surgery from major complications. She still is not right, plus she is fat again.

I think this surgery is just a quick fix kind of thing and not anything that lasts for long. There are still too many unknowns about it and other risks over a long period of time.
It is 90 days, just like the majority of companies. (nm)
Sounds like TransTech and it's NOT how the majority of accounts are. nm
I wish the majority of sheeple in this country would wake up and
see the reality, but they won't until it's too late.
Even after years of doing this, it's NOT true for the majority of MTs these days. Look at how man
Majority of MTs say just give me the work and leave
Oh so true. The majority of recruiters I have emailed (sm)
either don't give you the courtesy of a reply, or when they do get around to it 6 months later, you're already working somewhere else. I like your idea, but I don't think it would succeed. If they can't take 15 seconds to reply to receipt of your email with an automated message, I highly doubt they would reserve time out of their day to give attention to us on boards such as these.
Actually, you should be MORE amazed at the fact that the majority of our profession has been
outsourced and to add insult to injury, we are expected to survive on what is practially tantamount to Third World wages?  Not only that, but as a MT for the last 25+ years, I am livid about the fact that our medical information is in the hands of individuals outside of this country not to mention SS#, etc.  IMO that particular issue among others I have listed should be a legitimate cause for concern....
I think majority of negative comments start when work is low and
they start looking for another job. I, for one, would rather be too busy and have to work an extra hour or 2 than not to have any work. Overhiring is the death of all of us, since we do not have a guaranteed income unless you are a team leader or hourly employee.

Failure to pay on time is another large problem that will produce negative comments.

If companies were actually above-board with the problems at their company before the hiring process is completed, a lot of this could be avoided.
A majority want 600 lpd for PT. Being able to put in extra hours varies from place to
Infinity makes the majority of the foot pedals, so to

ask if an Infinity pedal will work is too general of a question.  Do you need game port, serial port, USB, 9 pin, 15 pin, etc.  They can be configured different ways so just because it is an Infinity doesn't mean it will work. 

I use an Infinity pedal but it is specially configured to be compatible with only DVI.