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or maybe you can't ADD. Liar. $20.00 in your dreams!

Posted By: ha! on 2008-12-23
In Reply to: When the low pay adds up to over - Anonomiss

don't even think you'll make that kind of money there. They pay about 6 cents a line for typing and 3 for speech recognition editing. It's an insult.

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everybody has different dreams
I left the Q -- with over 30 yr in the business -- and for me, my dream job is MDI-MD. Great people, ample work, consistent QA, no time clock, decent pay, etc etc. You just have to dig deep into the facts of these outfits, and make the gamble. No guarantee things will stay the way they once were...Like my mom used to tell me, nothing is constant but change...
In your dreams. I still don't even know if its TTD or
In your dreams........
You're so right about everybody having different dreams..(sm)

Actually, I worked  for MDI-MD in between the Q and where I am now.  I liked it a lot but I got into such debt by staying with MQ for much longer than I should have, and after several weeks I realized I wasn't going to make enough to pay my taxes AND pay for my own benefits at MDI.  They are a great company but I took another job to be employee status again with benefits. My biggest mistake was not leaving MQ sooner but I kept thinking things were going to get better.

Yeah, maybe in your dreams! LOLOLOL!
In our dreams we would get paid for downtime
Kind of like the office staff is still getting paid while the ones producing their income don't.
You are just a liar
You are making this up!
never said that- I am not going to subject myself to this anymore-- just love my job and that's that.
I am sorry if you took that I called you a liar, just thought you should share the info- I don't search this board too often. I was looking word help and thought I would jump on to see if there was any GOOD news about our direct deposit and ran across all this. Again, sorry if you felt that I called you a liar- don't know you to do that!
Well you called her a liar. We have a lot of new MTs
who appear to be happy. When you call someone a liar, you should be prepared to back up that claim. I am sorry they changed their mind on the trainer position. Perhaps they put it on hold. At least they told you that they decided not to hire anyone. Some companies leave you hanging.
Hey, you don't have to call me a liar ...
What I said is absolutely true for me. It may not be the case for other people, but my experience has been very positive with WMX. So, it's not a crock of sh##. I'm not trying to talk for other people, just telling about my own, true, actual experience.
Thank you. I am not a liar. I send the reports too
because I was warned with a written warning. So, I upped the ante and started doing the required line count and quality flew out of the window.
A person who has proven to be deemed a liar

No one has had to wait six weeks to start. You are a liar and a troublemaker.
We also do not supply equipment any more, so that is another lie. Unreturned phone calls? Another lie. All 8 people in the office answer the phone and take care of the person who called immediately.

You are a troublemaker and obviously have nothing better to do than post lies.

The only time posts get pulled is when someone calls someone out by name or gives away account or confidential information.

There is NO ONE that has slipped through the cracks. No one.
You called the owner a liar just because she changed her mind
about a position. What about that constitutes a lie?
Calling someone a liar is not a small thing. I am not defensive.
I know the owner and have for a few years. When I see someone call someone a liar, I want to know what constitutes a lie in your opinion?
Please stand by and wait your turn to be called a liar.
***hold music playing***
***(recording)*** Please continue to hold. There are *89* callers before you. Please hold...
Please stand by and wait your turn to be called a liar.
***hold music playing***
***(recording)*** Please continue to hold. There are *90* callers before you. Please hold...
well she is a liar then. the majority speaks and the truth has been heard. sorry, actions speak

QT lost jobs lost dreams
webmedx is hiring but they may already have enough people, I got a job there last week.  No matter what kind of bull you are hearing from management or otherwise is a lie.  The account is gone, please look for new jobs